A/N: Hello everyone! This is Digital Drabbles, a collection of drabbles about the DigiDestined (Seasons 01 and 02 –currently). There will be friendship, romance, arguments, etc. I will be using everyone's English names.

Disclaimer – I DO NOT own Digimon.

Drabble One: Regret

Dating. They're dating.

The thoughts swirling around a certain soccer-loving young man's head hurt him more than he would ever admit. He should be happy for them, but he truly couldn't.

He had missed his chance and he regretted it.

He had always thought he would have time.

Every day, every moment they spent together, he regretted.

Not because of her, he regretted it because he constantly told himself – There's still time. No rush.

"No rush, huh?" he scoffed as he walked down the street.

He regretted every moment he didn't tell her – I love you.