"I am not watching another documentary." Matt commented from his spot on the couch.

"Oh come on Matt! It's not one of those boring animal documentaries that TK puts on every time!" Tai called out from the front door. He was currently exchanging their money with the delivery guy, in exchage for the pizzas they had ordered.

"HEY! They're not boring!" TK yelled at him. "Yeah, at least not all of them. I liked the tigers one!" Davis called out with a laugh, as he walked out of the bathroom.

"You should have liked the one on sloths... You're very much like them." Izzy spoke without looking up from his computer. He didn't have time for the silly argument that was about to ensue. He needed to finish this email and then he could get to the one Gennai had sent him. "We could always put on a scientific video if it will get everyone to be quiet so I can finish my emails."

Davis groaned and he slumped down to his floor seat. "Calling it a 'scientific video's doesn't change that it's a documentary, Izzy."

Joe raised his hand, ready to suggest one of the medical procedure videos he had in his bad. Granted, he had them in there because he needed them for a paper, but they would work for the guys' video night.

"I would prefer to not watch a medical procedure, Joe-senpai." Cody looked at him with a slight frown. "Especially while eating."

"TRUE! Nothing that'll make us puke. Mom will be pissed if she comes home to a mess again." TK gave Joe a slight smile as he got up to get the plates out.

Tai grinned as he sat the pizzas down. "SOOOO about that sports documentary..."

A chorus of "NO!"s rang through the apartment. Ken sighed. No one was going to be able to agree at this point. He sometimes wondered why they all got together every month when half the time they didn't even watch anything.

The tv whirred to life. The screen lighting up with the latest sci-fi movie. Matt plopped back onto the couch. "Shut up and watch the movie or get out."

"Uhh, you don't live here... But I agree." TK said with a laugh.