There's a knock on the door and a fresh faced 10 year old answers and looks up to see a tall looking man. "Yes?" she asks hearing footsteps behind her.

The man looks shocked but still talks "does a Rina Reynolds live here?" the girl looks confused but shakes her head and hears the footsteps rushing towards her when she says the name out loud.

She felt someone grab her from behind.

"Katherine, baby why don't you go help Sydney in the kitchen. The girl hesitantly nod and looks towards the strange man and sees that he has a look of recognition on his face, the girl walks off towards the kitchen but stops when she hears her mom talking sharply.

"Yes!" Maureen ask looking the unfamiliar young man, he looks a bit hesitant but still answers "are you Rina Reynolds" Maureen looks shocked to hear the name from her past and takes a deep breath.

"I'm sorry but I don't know who you're talking about" she tries to shut the door but a hand shoots out and stops it. "Please. I need to know, Are you Rina Reynolds?" the boy looks desperate, Maureen takes another deep breath, she's looks around her and the little girl dives behind the wall.

"Yes at one time I was Rina Reynolds" the boy laughs with relief and Maureen looks at him suspiciously "who are you?" she asks sharply, hand on her hips.

The boy smiles and looks at a pictures in his hands. "my name is Roman and I'm your son" he tells her smiling. The woman's face turns pale and she doesn't say a thing.

"Mom?" Roman asks quietly "I know its a shock but i'm sure in time we can get to know each other, I know I wasn't planned and I know how I was conceived" the woman starts shaking her head and silent tears run down her face.

"I am not Rina Reynolds any more, I am Maureen Prescott. I have moved on now, I have two beautiful daughters and put all of that behind me and what they did to me was in the past and you, you are Rina's child and Rina is dead" Maureen slammed the door shut and stood there whilst her only son banged on it.

The little girl who had heard everything was so shocked she could hardly move but being 10 she didn't understand what they meant when they talking about what 'they' did to her mother but she knew she had a brother she was never told of and that made the rebellious 10 year old angry and wanting to know more.

The banging had stopped and so had the screaming but it was still enough to attract a curious 10 year old Sydney, Katherine quickly followed Sydney so it looked like they were together the whole time.

"Mom? What's going on?" Maureen turned to look at her two daughters, her twins. "nothing girls lets go back to baking for your father" Maureen tried to usher her daughters back into the kitchen.

"I'm not feeling too good I think i'm going to lie down" The younger Prescott said, Maureen and Sydney continued into the kitchen. Katherine took this as her chance to quietly creep out of the front door, she saw the man had already reached the end of the driveway and was walking towards a white beat up car.

Katherine ran down to the man shouting "Hey!" The man turned around a little red faced like he had been crying, Katherine had reached him and was huffing and puffing from loss of breath.

"Is it true" she asked the man, tears starting to prick at her eyes "Are you my brother" she asked quietly. The man just looked at her, trying to figure out what to say but he just nodded.

"All this time and she never told us" the youngest Prescott cried in anger. "What's your name?" he asked her "Katherine, you?" "I'm Roman" he told her awkwardly, they stood in silence until he turned to get into his car.

"Where are you going?" she asked. "I'm leaving, she doesn't want me here" he told her sadly. Katherine threw her arms around him making the man jump in surprise "I want you here, I've always wanted a sibling!" she told him excitedly. Roman raised an eyebrow at her "don't you have a sister?" Katherine shrugged her shoulders uncaring "Syd doesn't count, she's the favourite golden girl. Its like I don't even exist".

Roman looked down at the girl as a warm feeling grew inside him, no one wanted to know him not his mother, his father or anyone but this little girl has known him for less than 5 minutes wanted to know him. "Please" he looked into her eyes, his eyes and nodded.

They agreed to keep seeing each other and they did, Roman and Katherine always kept their relationship a secret even from Sydney whom Katherine was always talking about and telling her brother how she always got Katherine into trouble even if it wasn't her fault but Roman understood. The more Roman found out about Maureen and Sydney the more her realised they were exactly the same and the more he started to despise them but not Katherine she was the only one who cared.

It had been a couple of months since Roman and Katherine had met and today was their 'Date Day' it was the only day they could hang out because Maureen was never around and no one would notice Katherine would be out late. Roman had picked Katherine up and taken her to White Castle, they sat and ate their food talking about the usual stuff but Roman seemed distant.

Katherine stopped talking when she noticed Roman wasn't paying as much attention as he usually does "What's wrong Rome?" she asked quietly, Roman looked at his little half-sisters face and frowned. "Kat, I have to go away for a while" he told her sadly, Kat felt her heart break into little pieces as she listened to her brother talk.

"Why what's wrong? Did I do something wrong?" she questioned him strongly. He shook his head chuckling a bit "No you didn't do anything, I have to go away for a work...well not work as such but it's going to be work for me" he told Kat cryptically. "Kind of like a job?" Kat asked slowly, Roman chuckled at her naivety but nodded just the same.

Kat sniffled a bit and looked at her brother "Will I see you again?" she asked quietly. Roman grabbed her hand across the table and looked her in the eye "I promise you I will see you again, i'm not sure when but I will always be watching over you. You'll always be safe" Kat thought Roman sounded a bit strange but smiled and nodded.

When Roman took her home he gave her a present for her upcoming birthday a necklace to always remember him by. "It's a charm, you can keep one half and I can keep the other. So when I come back for you we'll know who each other are" Kat felt tears running down her face even before she knew she was crying and threw herself into her brothers arms "I love you Roman!"

Kat got out of the car and ran up the driveway still crying. Roman watched her sadly wishing he could stay with her but he couldn't he had work to do, it was for the best interest of him and Katherine. "I love you too kiddo"

Over the next few years Roman has started following Maureen everywhere and had discovered she wasn't as innocent as she seemed. She was having affairs all over woodsbro even with married men. He was overcome with disgust thinking this was his mother, whenever her had thought of her before he thought of a lovely woman who would welcome him into the house and they'd be a family at last but no this was the mother he had been dumped with, this was no mother for him and definitely no mother for Katherine.

Over the years Roman had drastically changed, he went from the scrawny 22 year old to a more filled out 29 year old. He changed everything about himself so he wouldn't look like her, he changed everything but his eyes as they were also Kat's eyes and he wanted to keep that. He knew if Kat ever saw him again she wouldn't remember him or even recognise him. So he waited and bided his time he wouldn't rush this it had to be perfect and then he would get his perfect life, the life that she stole from him.

The more he watched Maureen the bigger his obsession grew, he would have his revenge and then everything would be better. The world would be a better place without people like Maureen Prescott and her darling little family, He had the perfect psychopath in the making to do his dirty work.

It would be his legacy, their legacy.