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Harry Potter and the Cochran Effect - Chapter 10 & Epilogue

In the wake of Anubis defeat, the galaxy had descended into new warring powers, which then settled into a new set of galactic borders between competing interests. There was a general peace compared to the state of things in previous years but a state of cold war persisted between many parties.

In July 2005, unscheduled off-world gate activation at the SGC brought a visitor they had not seen since she hijacked their ship and escaped their brig. Vala Mal Doran came claiming that that she had something they would want, and asked to see Doctor Jackson personally. She had a tablet written in Ancient that would lead to a trove of hidden treasures and she needed Daniel to translate it.

However, as soon as they were close together, she threw a pair of cuffs onto both his and her wrists. Those were kor mak bracelets (Teal'c explained, which linked the two of them together such that they cannot be greatly separated without feeling pain and eventually death. Thus, Vala ensured that Daniel would do what she says.

Daniel translated the tablet and who wrote it: an Ancient fleeing Atlantis after the war with the Wraith, named Myrddin, who Daniel said is Merlin, the wizard associated with King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. After further research, Daniel concluded that the treasure is located beneath Glastonbury Tor in England. SG-1 accompanied by Vala used Prometheus' ring transporters to access the hidden chamber and recovered the stash of Ancient artifacts.

When Harry learned that Daniel and team discovered Merlin was an Ancient and had retrieved a stash from Glastonbury Tor... Harry (despite their recent softer approach to the Tau'ri) wasted no time using his own special powers to steal the objects... Merlin was their ancestor after all. It was the same issue as with Atlantis itself all over again. Merlin was an enigma to them as well as their greatest legendary hero. They deserved to be the ones to possess his secrets, his legacy.

Harry got to the objects in Dr. Bill Lee's lab before Daniel and Vala could play with the communication stones, knowing nothing about what they really were, which would've transported their consciousness's to the Ori galaxy, unintentionally exposing the existence of humans in the Milky Way. By examining the artifacts, with the aid of Atlantis' AI, Harry got confirmation of the past connections between Atlantis, Merlin, and the enemy Wraith-and they understood that Merlin was far older than the wizarding world ever knew and that he was originally the previous High Councilor of Atlantis when he went by his Lantean name, Moros. This particular event changed the plans of some very powerful people...

Several higher powers conferred in the astral diner...

"These wizards have really fouled up our plans to have the humans deal with our Ori problem for us," one said.

"How did this happen, we had this carefully laid out for centuries?" another asked.

"I have traced the negative vergence of our plans to one causality, Tom Riddle and Harry Potter," another observed.

"He was meant to become a horcrux for Tom Riddle. Instead Riddle decided at the last moment to decapitate Harry using his mothers dropped wand, not using the Killing Curse with his own wand. As a result, the ritual protection his mother gave Harry combined with the negative energy backlash of Riddle destroying himself when the magic rebounded from Harry, unlocked the quantum genetic barrier in Harry that we placed on all wizards to prevent them from continuing to evolve toward becoming one of us."

Ganos Lal who arrived part way through observed, "And you see what good that did? Instead their cultural evolution during that time led them to spurn science altogether and develop a myriad of magic tricks, watering down their innate connection to the quantum flux, causing all manner of chaos. Killing Curses? Flying on broomsticks? You have to be kidding me?"

"What do we do about it?" the first asked.

Nero, the Alterans nominal ascended High Councilor for their faction of the Ascended on their plane appeared and said, "The humans weren't ready to face the Ori yet anyway. Allow them to develop further before we nudge them in their direction again."

"What about the wizards? Don't they make up the difference?" the first asked.

"Potentially. However, it is uncertain if they have the mindset for it. They were never supposed to rise anyway. The vast majority are still content to stick to their archaic ways, even in the shadow of Atlantis." Nero replied.

"Again, that is because we created those circumstances when we blocked them in the first place." Ganos Lal continued to observe, appearing to be the lone dissenter for using the humans in that way.

"We will let them continue to grow and be tested. I think there is another way to push their advancement. They neatly avoided the Wraith as well when the wizards got to Atlantis first and brought it straight back to Avalon."

"No! You cannot, that is unconscionable," exclaimed Ganos Lal.

"It is decided. We will nudge the Wraith toward them. If they can survive the Wraith, they will be ready for the Ori."

"How could you?" Ganos interrupted. There are tens of billions of human and other compatible lives in Avalon for them to feed on. The only reason they are reduced now is because Pegasus only has tens of millions left...causing them to cautiously farm them and purposely keep their own numbers low."

"If the Wraith come to Avalon, they will devour everyone, their science will grow, they will expand to an unstoppable force...they may rise to become the dominant force in the universe, forget this mere handful of galaxies." pleaded Ganos Lal.

"Not if the humans and wizards can stop them first." Nero countered.

"We couldn't stop them. How is it that you believe they could? And with the limitations we've placed on them on top of that?" argued Ganos Lal.

"They are different than us. They are warlike. Their skill in warfare has been homed by millennia of internecine warfare that we never experienced." one of the others added.

"This will be a bigger mistake than the one you made with Anubis, and that cost us Oma in the end." she fumed, but she could see their mind was made up and stormed away in a flash of light.

"Do you think she realizes we're playing her too?" one asked.

"Not currently, her emotional attachments are clouding her thoughts." Nero answered.

"Well, we need all the right pieces in the game... I think this will work." said another.

A being of energy materialized on the continent of Lantea, created a convincing temple ruin and placed a very limited knowledge repository open to all comers, alongside an easy to discover cache of three fully charged ZPM that he 'borrowed' from Asuran supplies. The knowledge repository only possessed a watered down history of the Lanteans in the Milky Way galaxy, indicating there might still be human populations there, enough to ensure their interest.

He then placed a suggestion into the mind of one Wraith cruiser captain during a routine patrol, to revisit the old Lantean home world on a hunch to see if he could find something that previous generations had missed. None of them had even bothered to visit the home world of their old enemy in millennia because there was no food there.

/Time Skip to 2007/

In the Milky Way (Avalon) galaxy, the IOA and ICW had grown further apart because of the ICW's interference with both Atlantis and then Merlin's cache. It was obvious to them who had done it, and when they called them on it, they did not deny it. Relations were strained because the IOA was tired of being treated like the mages stepchildren. They retained a mutual defense agreement for Earth, but broke their working partnership after the Asgard summoned each of their flagships to Orilla and gifted them full upgrades and their computer core. The IOA perceived that with the equivalent Asgard tech, they were now technological equals and would no longer allow the mages of the ICW to lord that over them. Of course, they had no idea how much additional advantage Atlantis gave them since they never even got to see it.

The visit to Orilla and the Asgard's gift of their core led to another, this time, positive vergence. When the crew of Helios understood what was going on with the Asgard, they stayed behind after Odyssey departed to connect Thor to communications with Atlantis, wherein they offered Lantean help with their cloning problem. Another secret project was born.

Harry and other experts from the mage community began to perform research on the Asgard problem. Hidden deep in the lower levels of Harry's private tower on Atlantis, were preserved fourteen thousand four hundred of the last generation of living Asgardians, in stasis, waiting for the Olympians to discover a cure for them in Atlantis' vast reservoir of scientific knowledge. He also had another copy of the Asgard core, along with a VR simulation of Loki, all his millennia of research, and all his stored genetic samples of the original Asgardian line.


The Olympus High Council met to receive a status from Harry on the current geopolitical affairs of the galaxy. Albus Dumbledore had retired, with Amelia Bones now leading the

Harry reported, "The survivors from Aschen that were reported by the Tok'ra found themselves 'rescued' by the Lucian Alliance. In practical terms, the Aschen offered them in exchange for control of one of their farming worlds to resettle on, to share technology and not sterilize them as they had done in other conquests. Lucia has the fewest Ha'tak of the old Goa'uld domains, only ten and no shipyards, but now has the one hundred slower and lightly armed small corvette sized ships of the Aschen flotilla. Tok'ra intelligence, which is still embedded at Lucia, indicates that the Aschen have shifted tactics joining with the Lucian's, to use drugs to subdue and control populations instead of just wiping them out. They also believe that the Aschen will be helping the Lucian's design hybrid ships between the two technology bases, and eventually new shipyards.

The Free Jaffa Nation remains united in an electoral feudal hierarchy led by Chancellor Gerak, in control of nine major worlds, with their Capitol on Dakara, and are now in a state of cold war with Ba'al. They pushed Ba'al back to Yu's old domain, in which he remains safely entrenched. The FJN and Tau'ri are also in a state of cold war with the Lucian-Aschen Confederacy (LAC). Currently the Jaffa possess eighty Apophis class Ha'tak and the three surviving Goa'uld shipyards, but without the knowledge to do anything more with them other than to repair, maintain, and resupply their current ships. They have refused offers of help from the Tau'ri to assist them in restarting a shipbuilding program in exchange for sharing that technology.

Ba'al has the next amount of Ha'tak, twenty, and five planets, but no shipyard yet as far as we know, but he possesses the knowledge to build new ships and design new weapons and several minor surviving underlords have flocked to his service. In the case of Ba'al, his twenty Ha'tak are of the most modern, Anubis class variety. Which is why the eighty Ha'tak of the Jaffa can only contain him, not conquer him.

The Tok'ra has one Ha'tak and a fleet of Al'kesh and remains dispersed as an espionage network. Their focus continues to be on Ba'al, while maintaining infiltrators on Lucia.

Our cousins, the Tau'ri possess two BC-303 class battle cruisers, two BC-304 (Asgard-core) class battle cruisers and are building four more BC-304 allocated one each to the other four member countries of the IOA alliance. The Odyssey is the one who received the gift of a full Asgard upgrade and core at Orilla the same time Helios did. They have no idea about our secret Asgard project, at the Asgard's request. Of important note is the spread of political influence the Tau'ri established over the remainder of much of the galaxy in the past two years since Anubis. In addition to the mutual defense pact, we have with them, they have separately established a mutual defense pact called the Tau'ri Protectorate, which we have formally recognized. Fifteen of the worlds are pre-industrial and do not even know they are part of a protectorate, although each have met the Tau'ri during different SGC missions in the past. Those include Argos, Avnil, Simarka (Shavadai), Prakiti, Cartago, Cimmeria, Nasya, Gemmond, Amra, Edora, Camelot, Castiana, Juna, Madrona, and Pangar. They have various levels of trade, military, and technology exchange relationships with five other more advanced worlds, namely Tagrea, Hebridan/Serrakin, Orban, Galar, and Langara.

As for our own status, I believe all of you are up to date on our forces, but in order to complete an inclusive report, we have the one Hyperion, one Helios, and four Hecate hybrid Magetech-Tollan-Asgard-core) class battle cruisers, along with the Phoenix II hyper-warp prototype that is still under development and testing. We are making plans now for a new larger class of ship that will consist of a fusion of the best technologies from Magetech, Tollan, Asgard, and Lantean which will be called the Titan class. Additionally, all of our ships have been retrofit with the new more efficient NFIRE power crystals. As for planets and relationships, of course, Olympus and Atlantis is now our new permanent home world, about four hundred thousand witches and wizards remain on Earth. We still maintain the NDC on Earth; have our Beta Site at Caracalla, and good trade relations with the Tau'ri, Caracalla, Chulak of the FJN, and the Unas.

Finally, the only request I have today is that I would like the Council's permission to scrap the Hyperion and recover the Vibranium from its hull alloy, in order to re-supply our near empty stockpile. We no longer maintain trade with Wakanda for regular shipments since they concluded that we no longer need their support as we did when we first started to crawl our way into space. From now on Vibranium will only be used in our Special Forces armor." Harry concluded his report.

"General Potter, have you made any new progress on your study of Lantean ZPM technology?" High Councilor Bones asked.

"We have a full understanding of how they work. We know how to grow the crystal matrices. We are no closer to knowing how to create and charge the quantum foam they used to power the crystals other than to make the trip to the twin-quasar that we reported previously. Based on my study of ZPM technology we have created and mass-produced the new generation of my original SSFIRE power crystals, the NFIRE power crystals. The NFIRE gets its name from using naquadah as its super-conducting filament infused in the crystal lattice instead of the old silver infusion with liquid nitrogen cooling. The new crystals are smaller and the system more efficient overall because there is no longer a need for super-cooling, just ordinary cooling with chilled airflow over the conductors during operation. That allowed us to scale everything down quite a bit. A full pod now only consists of a smaller array of sixty-four of the fist-sized crystals. Three of those pods in serial can output the power equivalent to ten percent of a ZPM. The new NFIRE64-S3 generators connect directly to a ZPM receptacle by way of actual ZPM crystals we grow and have turned into an adapter for our pods in those applications. In the case of Atlantis, with three full sets of pods configured in this way we have increased power output from the original thirty percent to forty percent power for the city."

"That is good. Please keep trying. Everything we are learning seems to indicate that real ZPMs were the secret to the Lanteans success for millions of years." she replied.

"I agree it will remain a pet project of mine until I figure it out. And of course if we get the Phoenix II hyper-warp ship ready before then, we will send it on a mission of ZPM production." Harry replied.

"What about the IOA? Are they fine continuing to use the older version of the crystals? Shouldn't we share this latest breakthrough with them?"

"They are fine using the ones we gave them. We plan to continue to restrict the core knowledge around the technology, and for their purposes one is as good as the other. They only use them for Antarctica and their main gate. I do not recommend we begin a commodity trade with these power crystals, nor spread them everywhere for foreign use unless we plan on releasing the complete specification someday and admitting that it is only our magic that can make them work. For one thing, there are those who would try to force us to make them for them if they could. There is no reason to tempt them. Secondly, if we were to begin spreading these everywhere without others being able to maintain or replace them, we would eventually get into a galactic NFIRE repairperson business. Something, I would prefer to avoid under any circumstances." Harry replied, with some laughter in response around the room to his repairperson remark.

"Alright, we can come back to that again some other time. Where does the Phoenix II hyper-warp project stand?" she asked.

"We have a working prototype. We gained a lot from Reed and Wakanda's initial feedback on the designs, then some real breakthroughs when I had a chance to study Atlantis' own prototype wormhole drive. Apparently, what we have stumbled onto with hyper-warp is very similar with what they were trying to do, except they could not get it to work reliably either. Although, having absorbed their lead scientist Janus' logs on his work, it seems the major drawback they experienced was trying to apply the technology first to something the size of Atlantis. He believed a scaled down version for smaller vessels would be more reliable, but the High Council shut down and banned further work on it, as they did many of his projects. Apparently, he was what stood for a mad scientist among Lanteans. One good thing we have learned from their work though is that power for the wormhole reaction and the shields is the key, just as we always thought. The difference is they had power and shields nailed down. If we can make a real ZPM, I am certain we can make hyper-warp reliable on ships the size we are looking at building.

In the meantime, related to this I am building a huge experimental NFIRE generator in an effort to emulate the full power output of one ZPM. One set of three NFIRE64's configured serially through a ZPM crystal plug can produce ten percent of one ZPM, as we know. We also know that three of those sets of three with balanced polarity plugged into a Lantean system designed to take three ZPM, such as Atlantis, actually yields a higher overall efficiency, which is how we achieved a stable forty percent power for Atlantis itself. Therefore, what I am doing is building a generator that consists of two sets of three standard Lantean control chair ZPM receptacles, minus the control chair, with its corresponding eighteen NFIRE64 pods, all to feed another single downstream ZPM plug. The net result ought to be a parallel balanced load equivalent to one full ZPM.

The first test of that is in a lab on the surface away from the city of course. The next test after we iron out bugs with that is to integrate that into the Phoenix II to see if I can properly power the new wormhole/hyper warp drive. If that works, we can look at configuring Atlantis to a one hundred percent power configuration using that technique and we can finally make that very long trip in the Phoenix II to the twin-quasar to build real proper ZPM's." Harry concluded.

"Someone needs to remind me not to keep asking General Potter technical questions at these meetings, quipped Amelia, Thanks Harry, I think we'll just leave you to it. The main thing we all wanted to know is where we were and that you were still working hard on bigger and better things. It sounds like you definitely are."

"There is one more thing that I was asked by some constituents to bring up with you, here is as good a place as any, but please if a technical explanation is required, keep it short, Amelia began to some laughter. The matter of the SGC's conclusions regarding their belief that the devices they recovered indicated that Merlin had another secret lab somewhere that would contain something called the Sangraal or Holy Grail, what they believed would be another secret weapon of the Ancients. Have you looked any further into that yourself?" she asked.

"Actually no, I have not. The one thing we did not get during my heist of that stuff from the SGC was a book, a journal written by Merlin himself. We expect that to explain what the devices were for. It was not in Dr. Lee's office. I suspect that given its nature, that Doctor Jackson had it. I did not want to go digging deeper into that for risk of souring our relationship with the IOA further than we already had. There is one other thing I can try which I also had not bothered with yet, and that is to activate the phase-cloaked computer that he left behind. It might be that he had all his personal work recorded on that. On the other hand, experimenting with that could get someone killed or vanished into oblivion, or tampering might cause it to erase itself. Therefore, I have left that on the back burner. Do you think it's important enough to warrant taking risks with it?" asked Harry.

"No, if you think there is a lot of risk, you can hold off until you have a safe plan to look into it. We will trust your judgment on it. You could try using an android for some of the testing to eliminate some of the risk," she answered.

"Okay, I will put it back on my to-do list, on medium priority." Harry agreed.

Later, By 2008

The LAC had finished reverse engineering the Goa'uld Apophis class Ha'tak technology and with the help of Lucia and constructed a new shipyard to begin building a new hybrid design battle-cruiser. The new ship would be more like the Tau'ri style, smaller with little focus on fighters and bombers since their numbers were few. They allocated 4 of their 10 Ha'tak for scrap, as well as all of their 90 of their 100 Aschen corvettes, for materials for the new ships. The other 6 Ha'tak would continue to guard them and their interests while they rebuilt.

Unfortunately for them, they would still be the most technologically inferior of the major powers. The Aschen ship technology added nothing in terms of power to the Apophis tech, but instead of ten motherships they couldn't fully utilize and 100 corvettes that were a match for no one, they would have a fleet of 40-50 Apophis tech battle-cruisers, for more efficient use of their resources.

Ba'al had built a new shipyard and was capable of constructing three new Anubis class Ha'tak per month. If it were not for lack of new supply chain for resources he could rise again to become the major power in the galaxy, so he thought.

He began turning to cloning to ensure he had enough Jaffa warriors to crew his ships and human slaves to mine his resources. He then had 26 Ha'tak and growing.

The FJN were strong and united with their 9 primary worlds forming a high council, led by Gerak. But, Gerak's ego and arrogance refused to allow them to turn to the Tau'ri for offered help to learn and then teach them how to use their own shipyards to build new ships. They were down from 80 to 74 Apophis class ships from skirmishes and other attrition.

The Tau'ri Protectorate (Alliance) grew their ties in tech swaps and trade, and together they then had:

2 BC-303 Prometheus class,

6 BC-304 Daedalus class,

and 10 new Frigate and 5 new Destroyer class ships from Tagrea, Hebridan, Orban, Galar, and Langara, based on local tech hybridized with Apophis class and Tau'ri tech; and they were developing a newer still BC-305 class from the ground up with Asgard cores and hybrid Earth tech.

The newly declared independent Olympus world had:

-Atlantis at 40% power thanks to new NFIRE generators

-1 Hyperion (used for training)

-1 Helios (reserve, training)

-1 Aurora-class Tria, stripped down and reverse engineered.

-4 Hecate class (the premiere power in the galaxy)

-1 Phoenix II hyper-warp pseudo-operational prototype, still being used for R&D, but not on front-burner with Harry focused on his secret Asgard project

-The Caracalla beta site still maintained for backup.

-A new Olympus orbital defense network of satellites based on a hybrid of Tollan-Asgard-Lantean-Magetech...

-They were experimenting using Atlantis 4th generation gate technology to over-ride and take control or segment any part of the Avalon gate network. As it was they had full real-time intel of every galactic gate activation and meta-data on all travelers, cargo, and destinations. The Atlantis gate had become the secret master gate of the entire network thanks to Atlantis AI which was capable of such things.

-ICW had removed all 3 of its spare gates from Earth and put New York into mothballs, the FF members retired back to the real NY, when the IOA and ICW alliance split.

Meanwhile, over in Pegasus...

Asura remained isolated and unawares.

The 60 Hives, and their 180 Cruisers maintained business as usual, except for one enterprising young queen and her 1 hive and 3 cruisers, whom sequestered themselves back on their original yet now dead cloning world-with three fresh ZPM in hand and knowledge that there was a large crop of humans in another galaxy. They were busy building a new ship they called a Super-Hive, and cloning new drones to crew them. When the queen was done, she would lead her new fleet of 3 Super-Hives and their 18 Cruiser escorts to the Avalon galaxy to feed and create her own new Wraith Empire. When she was done, the rest of the Pegasus queens, and the matriarch, would all bow to her as the new Matriarch...

Forward to January 2009…

Hebridan was attacked and taken by the Wraith.

The Tau'ri and Olympus collaborated to send a quick-response expedition fleet made up of: 3 BC-304, 1 BC-303, 3 Hecate class battlecruisers, and 3 Titan class battle stars.

What they encountered in high orbit of Hebridan was 1 15km long super-hive and 6 cruisers...

The ultra-powerful Asgard plasma beams of the 4 Tau'ri ships and the six Olympus ships made quick work of the cruisers, carving into their hulls and causing all the cruisers to explode... the same tactic against the super-hive was practically useless. The ten ships plasma beams did little damage to the thick super-hive hull, its regenerative power boosted by its ZPM, not that the allies knew that was the reason at first.

Harry's Weapons Officer would report "General Potter, the big one just brushes off our best beam weapons."

"I see that, they are returning fire, lets see how we hold up."

Dozens of bursts of purple energy lanced out toward the ten allied ships, striking each of them. The volley wasn't concentrated, clearly they were testing the defenses of the enemy ships. The Titans and Hecate's just brushed off their weapons as easily as the Wraith did theirs, but the Tau'ri ships shields all took damage, each down to 70% from the one salvo.

"General Carter, this is Potter, I recommend you maneuver your ships behind ours, your shields won't take much more of that."

"Roger, will do, what is your plan for that mothership?"

"They appear to be launching hundreds and probably thousands of their Dart fighters. I'm not sure how much of that we can take, but we need to find out."

"I don't recommend launching our air-wings in response because they will have us outnumbered ten to one or more." Carter replied.

"We are going to unleash a large payload of drones and see how that holds up while we try to take deep scans of their ship." Potter said, "and I recommend you take scans of the planet surface and try to make radio contact with any survivors and determine the extent of their incursion."

Swarms of Darts were heading their way as the three Titans unleashed wave after wave of their combined thirty thousand drones.

At first the super-hive seemed to brush them off too, the thick ZPM-powered regenerative and ablative armor not allowing the phase-shift function of the drones to get through, they just seemed to explode against their hull, causing noticeable damage but, being self-repaired quickly.

The waves of Darts started hitting the shields of the six leading Olympian warships, and the shields performed well, only slowly dropping. They were confident that they could make a combat retreat if they had too before or if the drone barrage failed altogether. After the first six thousand drones were brushed off for minimal damage, the next wave seemed to be having an impact. Finally, they found a point where the rate of damage they were causing exceed their self-repair rate.

"General, with impact detonations beginning to take a toll on their hull, deep scanners have detected a specific power reading very familiar to us." said Potter's EW Officer.

"What is it?" Harry asked.

"They are powered by a ZPM" sir.

"Oh shit, how in Merlin's name is that possible?"

"And this new ship doesn't have energy shields either? Is that confirmed?" Potter asked.

"Yes, sir. Other than sheer size, hull thickness, and a ZPM supplying their power they seem to be made of the same material as Atlantis' records for classic Wraith hive-ships." The EW Officer answered.

As Harry pondered what the scans were telling them, he noticed that the constant barrage of fire they were taking from the hive and its thousands of Darts had diminished his shields to 90%. If he were to guess he began to think that his six ships were just about the match for one of those super-hives, but by the end of a full battle they would take their share of casualties, even if they won.

It was time to take what they learned, fall back, and regroup with better tactics.

"General Carter, did you get what you needed from scans of the planet?" Potter asked.

"We have and it's not good. No human life signs. There is an outpost of Wraith and they appear to be building or rather growing a new super-hive sized ship and six more of their cruisers." Carter answered.

"Right, of course. It looks like they haven't updated their strategies any. That's going to be a bitter sweet pill to swallow considering how much life there is in this galaxy for them to come after." Harry sighed.

After a small pause, Harry continued. "Let's make a strategic retreat in two minutes, back to our diversionary rendezvous then head back home to go over our findings."

"Roger, will do, and mark." replied General Carter.


Two minutes later, with shields down to 80%, the super-hive was showing severe blisters and deeper pits in its thick armor.

Harry thought that his three Titans could finish this one off and survive the day, but it was best to stick with plans.

Additionally, considering the lack of human life on the planet, he decided to leave them a present on the way out.

"Weapons control, target the Wraith outpost and the shipyard of seven ships under development on the surface and redirect half of the remainder of our drone arsenal to those coordinates; and the other half to sweeping these pesky Darts out of the sky, on my mark T-10 seconds and mark..." Harry ordered.

Weapons replied, "Yes sir, Mark, weapons ready..., redirecting fire in 3-2-1…" and Harry got the satisfaction of watching thousands of Darts swept from the sky in fireballs of explosions and massive detonations on the surface...

As the entire fleet as one jumped into hyperspace he thought, "that ought to slow them down a bit ...of course who even knew what the other two super-hives and their escorts were doing. They were in for some long drawn out shit it would seem."

He didn't know it yet of course, but they only had the three ZPM and no means to make more... if they could take those three primary super-hives out, their odds would be more conventional...had he known that, he might've took the chance to stay and finish that one off.

When they arrived back in Earth orbit, with no casualties they had to consider the mission a success.

Of course had all three super-hives been present it could have gone decidedly worse.

Harry comm'd Hermione, "Will you please gate back to Atlantis straight away and let Amelia know that Alpha protocol is a go, then personally beginning overseeing preparations for Omega protocol?"

"Sure, but you think it's going to get that bad?" she asked.

"I can't see a way around it right now. I'll stay back here with the fleet and begin making plans with the IOA. I only hope they will accept my advice and help us implement Alpha protocol."


The leaders met in Geneva and Harry and Sam presented their findings and reports.

"Folks, the way I figured it, three of our Battlestar's are a match for one of their super-hives, although at those numbers we would take casualties, probably lose one of them to take them out. So, obviously I'd want more in my next engagement with one of them, but we only have a total of four at this time."

"Yours and our plasma beams are well matched against their cruisers, destroying them with ease. The problem is the regenerative power of the super-hives that are powered by ZPM."

"Our Battlestar's are powered by a next generation version of our own power crystals which we call NFIRE, in our Battlestar the power plants are big enough that we produce up to forty percent the output of a ZPM, but at forty percent we don't get the max firepower possible from our drones or max protection from our shields, even though they are based on the latest Lantean technology."

"I know that you are still using stabilized naquadriah reactors in your Daedalus class, but they can't power the shields well enough to withstand much from the super-hives."

"What are you suggesting then? Can you upgrade us with your power plants?" Carter asked.

"Actually, under the circumstances we'd be more than willing to, the problem is you wouldn't have room for it. At least as a retrofit to your current ships. We will supply you NFIRE reactors for any new ships you might build around them." Harry replied.

"I have a number of suggestions that might help us win this war, and it certainly will be a war, a war for the human species right to live. I've already explained what we know about the Wraith so I digress." continued Harry.

"The first thing is that I recommend we pool our existing ships into a merged allied fleet and allied command."

"We should use our Battlestar's as flagships and command ships for task forces we form from our existing combined assets. If necessary, one of our Battlestar's can withstand fire long enough to protect an entire task unit to make a strategic retreat when necessary."

"We would form four three-ship task units, which can combine any time we need to form a full fleet. One full fleet should be enough to interdict against any one super-hive task unit and possibly take no casualties: 1 Battlestar, 1 Hecate, 1 Daedalus. x4 for a total fleet 12. Then we would leave your 2 remaining Daedalus, 2 remained remaining Prometheus, guarding Earth space and our one remaining ship Helios will guard Olympus. And then hope that we can build up our number of fleets fast enough before they decide to bring more than one super-hive to any one engagement. Intel currently has them spread out with an aim to grow as quickly as possible. So, time will not be on our side either."

"We then build a joint forces anchorage in orbit and planetary shipyards on an uninhabited planet to use as our main base, one close enough that we can always get back to either of our planets in minutes, but off the stargate network and any known maps."

"We then design and build a new class of ships for joint operation, based on our NFIRE power plants and the best shields, weapons, and tactics of our combined forces."

"You're really willing to share your Lantean technology with us now and your magetech? I thought we can't use some of that?" Carter asked.

"There are still issues with that, but those will be overcome if we plan joint crews and officer's corps for this fleet. The ships would have sufficient numbers of qualified members of our race onboard each ship to eliminate those problems, and similarly we would have to assign enough qualified people to the manufacturing processes."

"Why now? why not before?" she continued.

"A couple reasons. For one, back when we first started working together we only had a few dozen people in our entire program, in later stages over a hundred. Now we have about one hundred thousand of our people willing and able to participate on this scale. And of course, we feel more secure since the vast majority of our people have migrated from Earth to Olympus where our civilian population is safe. Then there is the introduction of the Wraith into the equation. If we don't work together to stop them, if we even can stop them, they will, otherwise devour this galaxy like a swarm of immortal locusts."

"Your people felt that insecure among us?" she asked.

"Most did, yes. I was never one of those personally, but most yes. We can discuss more of that another time."

"Why did you say, if we can beat them?" Carter asked.

"Because I think by the time we can double our fleet they will have more than quadrupled theirs and so on as time goes on. The more time they have the worse our chances get. And in that time I believe we will hear of many other worlds that will fall to them."

"Okay, what you suggest sounds good in the heat of the moment but we'll have to bring it up with the full IOA brass." Carter agreed.

"That's fine. While you are doing that there is one more suggestion and offer we want to make. But we will need your help to pull it off."

"We have a very large planet, twice the size of Earth, and we only occupy one of the continents."

"We want to suggest that we, through yourselves who have most of these relationships, offer to each of the major worlds in your Protectorate, an opportunity to establish a beta site colony of their own, on other unoccupied land on our planet... as a backstop against a possible complete loss of their worlds. So they could rebuild and repopulate their races after the war. Of course the offer is open to you as well. On Olympus they would be under the protection of Atlantis itself, which is the most long-term defensible position we have."

"And of course, any who would wish to participate in our joint forces anchorage and fleet would be welcome to do so, in our opinion. The more help the better."

"What about the pre-industrial worlds? The ones in our protectorate who know nothing of space ships and aliens?

"Unless we want to change the policies that the Ancients on down to the Asgard taught us and left in our care, I don't see how we can directly include them other than continue to try to protect them without their knowledge. That is a civilian decision above my pay-grade, so if my Council decided that,

I would go with it."

"But for now, the one thing we can do is close down their stargates, restricting them to a secure segment of the gate network that can only accept connections from Atlantis or other gates we designate such as Earths own."

"You can do that?" she asked.

"Thanks to Atlantis, yes we can. Atlantis main gate is what they called a 4th generation gate. As the gate builders and owners of the network, they made it so their master gate can always takeover and manage the entire gate network of whatever galaxy it is in."

"Woah. Could we use that to restrict Ba'al and the LAC?"

"Yes, but then they would be forced to begin large scale ship operations. We always thought it better to let them continue business as usual...you see, we can and do record and track every gate activation, and key meta-data of all gate travel throughout the galaxy."

"I feel like you just gave the entire SGC a giant wedgy there General." Said Carter.

"We are full of surprises."

Carter added, "We will need to let the Nox know what is going on, as well as the FJN, even though 2/3 of them never listen to us, even Ba'al and the LAC need to know... they are all potential feeding grounds and resources for the Wraith, better they at least try to prepare to fight them.

"We probably should even let some of the more esoteric worlds know such as the Ohnes, and the Reetou, I doubt the Wraith could even sense the Reetou, but who knows. Would they even feed on non-humans?" she asked.

"I don't know." Harry replied.

The End

A/N: The new Hecate class battle cruiser is built on the old Destiny hull plate, possesses both the latest Lantean hyperspace as well as the old stellar matter generator and FTL technology for backup, full Lantean command chair, shielded stargate, 3 Asgard plasma beams on the nose, 2 Tollan ion cannons on each wing tip, 10,000 Lantean drones, 2 puddle jumpers mk2 with Asgard shields and mini-hyperdrive, powered by NFIRE. Impervious, Dissolution, Protego Totalum, Notice-me-not, and Anti-muggle charms on the outer hull. Can only be picked up by sensors on other ICW ships. Same crew, 2, 12, 64, plus a company 144 of android soldiers... Can one-shot the latest Anubis Ha'tak with the ion cannons taking down the shield while the plasma cannons burn it from the inside out causing an inferno...

The IOA and FJN would refer to them as ghost cruisers...

The new super-hives the Wraith were growing in the MW galaxy would not be powered by ZPM and therefore more vulnerable and also would not be able to travel back to Pegasus.