Ultimate Justice

I do not own Ben 10 or the Justice League. This will start after Diagon from Ben 10 Ultimate Alien and a year before the first episode of Justice League, I will also be adding aliens from Omniverse but this will not follow that story line but it will follow the Justice League episodes.



~Telepathic Communications~





Chapter 1: One Left

Ben tried to hold his tears in as he looked at the graves he had dug for his family and friends. There was eight of them and he had used Diamondhead to create the headstones, making his index finger pointed and sharp to put an inscription on each of them. There was one for his mum, his dad, his grandpa Max, his uncle Frank, his aunt Natalie, Kenneth, Gwen, Kevin and Julie. He didn't have to worry about someone taking the precious stones with no one left on the planet.

He had been on Galvan Prime when he heard the news that Earth had been invaded by a fleet of Vilagax's robots. Azmuth had been making some adjustments to the Ultimatrix after his fight with Diagon, the Rustbucket had been damaged so while Kevin was fixing it, he had borrowed Ship from Julie to make the trip on his own. By the time the two of them had got back it was too late.

Whatever Vilgax had done, it had completely incinerated all organic life, only leaving the skeletal remains of every living thing on Earth. The only reason why his family and friends bodies had been recognisable was because it seemed Vilgax had gone directly after them to personally kill them and left their bloody bodies for him to find. Everyone had been at the Plumbers base after the first day to try and regroup and think of something to delay the Warlord until he could make it back but after three days it wasn't enough. He had seen everything from the cameras in the base, he looked on in horror when he watched them as each person he cared about died at the Warlord's hands.

The tears were streaming down his face now, having failed at keeping them in after remembering the videos, as he looked at the different headstones. Ship was at the side of him with his head down in sadness, he wasn't even saying his usual barrage of "Ship!"

He would have gone after Vilgax due to his both angered and saddened state had it not been for the fact that he had mysteriously disappeared. One moment the Earth had been surrounded by a fleet of his ships and the next, nothing. He could find no trace of him leaving and it had given enough time for Azmuth to arrive and talk some sense into him before he got himself killed.

The car that Kevin had made for him was at the side of him, it had been packed up with all his clothes and most treasured possessions in the trunk ready to be loaded on to Ship and back to Galvan Prime. Azmuth had tried to scan for anything living but to his and Ben's horror, they found nothing. Before he left he offered Ben a place to stay for as long as he wanted which the teen had accepted gratefully. Ben couldn't stay any longer on Earth as the only living thing left, excluding Ship, and as much as he liked to join his family in the afterlife, he would be leaving the Ultimatrix unguarded for anyone to put on. It was his responsibility now even if he no longer wanted to use it and be a hero.

"It's all my fault, if I had just never left, then I could have prevented all of this. I sometimes wish I had never found the stupid Omnitrix, none of this would have happened then!" Except he knew this wasn't true. Without the Omnitrix he wouldn't be where he was today, he wouldn't have met Kevin, Jamie and the Plumbers helpers (Manny Armstrong, Helen Wheels, Pierce Wheels Cooper Daniels, and Alan Albright. Heck the amount of times he nearly died were prevented by the watch being there, but it didn't matter anymore, in his mind, he could never use the Ultimatrix again after failing his family.

"Come on Ship. We need to go" Ben told the Galvanic Mechamorph but before Ship could change into his space ship mode, so they could leave the dead planet behind, a flash of bright blue erupted in front of the them. They had no time to even think about doing anything before the blue light passed over Ben, Ship and his car. When the light had finally faded away, all three had disappeared.

Outskirts of Central City

Ben blinked once the blue light had gone to find that the whole landscape was different. It was still dark but instead of a brown grassy hill with the graves of his family, he was now on a road in the middle of a sandy terrain, it had a few small bushes and there was a city lit up like a Christmas tree in the distance. A sign next to him said "Welcome to Central City" but as far as he could remember from his geography lessons, there was no such place anywhere on any maps that he had seen.

What finally got him out of his frozen state was that not only could he see lights coming from the city in the distance, but he could also hear noises that were only made with the help of one thing, life.

"It can't be" the teen said aloud, he couldn't even imagine that there were actual humans left, Azmuth must have been wrong when he had done the scan.

"But then again, Azmuth is rarely wrong and it only happened after that blue light appeared. In fact, it looked a lot like the light when Paradox usually appears" his heart nearly stopped at the thought that just maybe, he had been sent back in time. If that was true, then he had time before Vilgax came, he could prevent it all.

He picked up the confused Galvanic Mechamorph and was just about to jump into his car when another voice in his head said "But Paradox wouldn't do that unless it was meant to happen, if the world hadn't been saved then it means you never went back to stop it or you failed"

With his hand still on the handle of his car he mulled that thought over, even if he didn't want to believe it, it was true. Paradox wouldn't mess with the time stream like that unless he was meant to go back in time.

"If I am in the past then Gwen and Kevin would be alive" With nothing else coming to his mind, he put Ship down on the hood of his car who just looked up at him, his head tilted to the side in a questioning manner. He got his phone out of his jacket pocket and dialled Gwen's number. After two rings someone finally answered it but instead of Gwen's voice, it was a man instead and judging from the raspy tone, he was either quite old or a smoker.


"Um... Hi, I'm looking for Gwen Tennyson, is she there?"

"I'm sorry but I think you have the wrong number, I don't even know anyone called Gwen"

The small bit of hope that he had gained from hearing the noises from the city began to ebb away "Oh... Okay. Sorry for bothering you" he said sadly.

"Don't worry about it young man, goodbye" the other man said before ending the call.

"Bye" Ben said even though he was gone. He was beginning to get a small headache from his confusion. The voice had sounded like he was a human but why did he have Gwen's phone and why wasn't it with Gwen? She would never get rid of her phone as it was a gift from Kevin and even had some alien tech in it, so just giving it away to anyone would be out of the question.

Deciding he would have better luck with her plumbers badge he put the phone away and lifted the Ultimatrix up to activate the communication mode "Gwen? Kevin? Are you there?" The only response he got back was a cackling noise similar to what old radios got when you were going between stations.

"This is starting to become really strange" he sighed out. He looked at the city lights in the distance, wondering what exactly he got himself into this time.

He opened his car door and called to Ship "Come on boy, let's see what's going on here" Ship eagerly jumped off of the hood and bounced into the open door landing on the other side in the passenger seat, Ben got in right behind him and began to drive to Central City, he was going to get to the bottom of this.

He had driven for nearly ten minutes when he finally made it to the beginning of the City and to his shock, it was full of humans!

He drove for another mile or so, he saw nothing out of the ordinary, just people going about with their lives as if nothing had happened.

"Maybe we have gone back in time Ship" he told Ship. However, he was too busy looking out the window with his hands pressed against the glass in excitement at seeing all the people. Luckily for them, the windows were blacked out so no one could see them.

"Just what is going on?" he murmured.

He parked his car next to a row of stores that consisted of an electronics store, with multiple TVs in the window, a small charity shop and a café. Before he got out, he brought his phone back out and told Ship "You're going to need to stay hidden, we don't want to scare anyone and this is the best way to carry you round with me"

"Ship!" He cried, jumping straight at the phone and merging with it. It turned from green and white to primarily black with green circuitry designs running across it and glowing dimly on the now slightly larger phone. A green circle lit up on the dark screen "Ship! Ship!"

Ben placed the phone back into his jacket and got out of the car, only to be nearly knocked down by a red and yellow blur that Ben was sure shouted "Sorry" to him.

"What the..." Ben said aloud and regaining his balance, he rub his eyes wondering what had just happened.

"First time in Central City dear?" Someone asked him. It turned out that it was a small lady who looked to be just a few years older than his grandpa, leaning on a walking stick while the other hand had a bag of groceries. Her white hair was pulled into a loose bun with her bangs framing her oval shaped face and clear blue eyes. She was wearing loose flowery trousers, an orange vest top, a white cardigan and white sandals.

Ben hadn't even noticed her before she spoke up, he really needed to become more alert especially if he was no longer going to use Ultimatrix "How did you know that?"

"Your reaction to the Flash"

"The what?" He asked incredulously still thinking if he had ever seen a red and yellow Kineceleran on Earth or anywhere before.

She laughed a bit at his expression "The Flash, Central City's resident superhero. Why, that's him now on the television" she pointed a finger at the store with all the TV which all had the same video playing on it. Moving closer, he saw a man wearing a nearly full body red suit leaving only his lower face visible to show that he had light coloured skin, he wore yellow boots that stopped just below his knees and yellow lightning bolt designs circling his waist and elbows. His eyes were hidden behind white coverings, he also had two lightning bolts on the side of his head, near his ears along with a white circle in the middle of his chest with another lightning bolt.

He had just knocked out a man holding a blue gun that had been shooting out what looked like ice. The man had darker skin and was wearing a blue suit similar to the red clad man but unlike the other one, he had white boots and gloves with fuzzy stuff at the end. He also had some form of white poncho with a hood that had fallen down to reveal that the man was bald, a yellow utility belt and a blue visor.

Two police officers had picked up the unconscious man who was named Captain Cold from the captions running across the bottom of the screens which read "The Flash stops bank heist by Captain Cold" it was then that Ben noticed that he couldn't have gone back in time because the date was the same as it had been before the blue light.

"He's not as famous as that Superman or Batman fellow just yet but he hasn't been doing this as long as the other two" she said, she put down her bag of groceries to watch the screen without the added weight.

"Superman? Batman? Who the hell are they?" The lady must have noticed his confused look because she frowned and asked "Are you alright dearie? You look a bit lost"

Masking his sadness, he rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment "I guess you could say I am" he smiled slightly at her "To be honest I don't know where I'm going from here"

The lady seemed to be looking for something, when she seemed to find whatever it was she smiled once again "Well if you need a place to stay, I do have a room up for rent. My son's old room is just collecting dust nowadays"

He was slightly startled by that, he had just met the woman and she was already offering her home to him "I couldn't possibly do that. I mean, you don't even know me"

"Hmm, your right there" she hummed out, a second later she extended her hand towards him "My name is Kay Davies, and you are?"

Taking her hand he said "I'm Ben Tennyson"

"There, now we know each other" she announced and picking her shopping back up "Shall we go then?"

With no other option presenting it self he just nodded at the woman in agreement.

Time skip

Ben laid on the bed with Ship sleeping on his chest. He had drove himself and Mrs Davis to her house a few blocks away in a more suburban area, it was two stories with red bricks and a small garden out the front with different flowers covering the area. The inside was filled with random bits and bobs "I like to keep things important to me, not what's important to others" and had a cosy feeling to it with the warm orange, yellow and creams. The room he was staying in had pale blue walls and white skirting boards, it contained a single bed, a white wardrobe along with a white desk with nothing on it. A smaller set of draws where next to the head of the bed with a small alarm clock and a darker blue bedside lamp that matched the bed covers, the curtains were also white and opened to show the view of the back garden that had a small cherry blossom tree in the middle.

Mrs Davis, after he helped her to put away her groceries, had commanded that he go to bed before he dropped from exhaustion "Really dearie you look dead on your feet especially with those dark circles under your eyes. We can talk about rent and move your stuff in tomorrow"

Now he was going over everything he had learned today. His phone was able to get signal so he had used the internet to search for Batman and Superman and what he found shocked him. Apparently, they were both superheroes that protected Gotham and Metropolis, another two cities that he had never heard of. When he had typed in the word "Superhero" he got even more results, Green Arrow, Hawkgirl (who was an alien) and even three separate results for Green Lantern who were and intergalactic police force like the Plumbers but there was nothing about him. When he had searched for Bellwood nothing came up either, it was as if it never existed.

He was confused for quite some time until he remembered the time he went to that parallel dimension, it had been filled with people who had tiny machines called nanites in them and he had even helped a guy named Rex Salazar defeat an entity called Alpha.

"So I'm in a different dimension, one full of superheroes" he said out loud, still scratching Ship's head.

"If Paradox is behind this, why did he do it?" Ben could never figure what was going through the time traveller's head but he usually had a reasoning behind his methods, he would just have to wait until he finally told Ben what it was. Although, he also never knew when that was going to happen, it could be weeks, months maybe even years. He watched as the tired Galvanic Mechamorph slept, it had been a long few days for the both of them, especially since Ship had to travel to Galvan Prime and back as fast as he could. The poor thing hadn't even wanted to leave Julie's grave at first and when he had first found her still body, he had tried to get her to move by nudging her sobbing out "Ship" hysterically.

He considered his options, on the one hand, he could try to find a way back into his universe and live alone until the day he died to keep the Ultimatrix safe or he could stay here where no one even knew about its existence. He eyed the gauntlet on his wrist, he still couldn't take it off in case someone else makes it work here but at least he didn't have to use it anymore.

"I may not know how I got here but it's probably for the best, I did say I no longer wanted to be a hero. What better place to be than in a universe full of them"

"Starting from now, there is no more Ben 10" he whispered, he turned over to turn the light off plunging the room into semi darkness with the moon shining through the window and fell into the first dreamless sleep since he's lost everything.

Kay Davies is my OC and does not relate to Ben 10 or the Justice League. I hope you enjoy this because I absolutely love both, plus it gives me another reason to watch Justice league all over again (Although, is there ever really need of a reason)