It had been nearly 8 months since Percy Jackson had been missing. After Jason, Piper, and Leo returned from their quest to rescue Hera they returned with news that Percy was most likely at the Roman camp with no memories.

Since they had found this out the camp, especially Hephaestus cabin, had all their efforts into making Argo II , the ship that would take Jason, Piper, Leo, and Annabeth to Camp Jupiter to pick up Percy and the two others that were part of the Next Great Prophecy then move onto Rome. Jason Grace didn't know what to think of all of this. The whole Greek camp seemed to worship Percy Jackson but no one would tell Jason, Piper, or Leo what exactly Percy had done to earn such respect all they would do is make obscure comments like when he was having blueberry pie the other night: Percy would have loved eating that…he loves blue food. What was that supposed to mean?! Or when he was sparring with Clarisse and gotten more than a few cuts from it: Man too bad you're not Percy he wouldn't have a cut on him. Then she smirked with a knowing look in her eye. Was she calling him bad or was there something more behind it?

The son of the Sky Lord walked back to his cabin so deep in thought that he almost ran into Piper, who he had feelings for.

"Sorry Piper."

"It's fine I wasn't really watching where I was going," She replied.

"Well neither was I, I keep thinking about-"

"Percy Jackson?" She asked, stealing the words right out of his mouth.

Jason raised an eyebrow, "Yeah, how'd you know?"

She shrugged, "Just a guess and besides I've been thinking a lot about him as well, I mean the camp is building a warship to pick him up and yet we know nothing about him."

"True," Jason replied.

"I mean I would ask Annabeth, but…"

"That's basically out of the question," Jason replied. Annabeth, while she had been getting better as the departure date had drawn closer still closed up whenever Percy's name popped up.

"What's out of the question?" Leo popped up out of nowhere. You could tell he had just gotten off a shift of working on Argo II as he had grease stains all over his clothes.

"Asking Annabeth about Percy Jackson," Jason repeated.

"Ah," Leo nodded. "None of my siblings like talking about him either. I think one of the reasons is because he was the last person to see the last counselor alive before he died in the second Titan war."

"My siblings just say that he's really hot and that they were super excited when 'Percabeth' happened." Piper added.

"There's a photo of him in my cabin with Thalia and another dark haired dude, on the back it says 'Nico' any clue who that is?" Jason asked.

"Nope." "Nada." Piper and Leo replied.

"Just wish we knew something about the guy before we picked him up," Jason said with a sigh before the three were swallowed in a bright light.

Similarly around Camp Half-Blood people were being swallowed in flashes of light.

Camp Jupiter

"I'm telling you he is a graecus!" Octavian spit in Reyna's face.

She resisted the urge to lean back and glare at the augur, but knew that she had to have Octavian on her good side if she wanted to stay in power because of the amount of allies he had.

The praetor contemplated what the augur told her. Was Percy Jackson a threat to New Rome? Mentally she shook her head. Despite what she had thought for the past 4 years, Percy Jackson was not a bad person and would not have burnt down her home if he hadn't had a choice.

Was he Greek? He probably was and really she didn't care as long as he wasn't a threat and so far he hadn't, in fact he was doing more than most.

"Octavian, I'm not sure what to tell you," She looked him in the eye. "Percy Jackson has yet to show that he is untrustworthy."

"But he might because he is a graecus!" He pointed out.

She shrugged, "Maybe, maybe not. I'm inclined to think that he will not. Is there anything important you wish to speak to me about?"

Just as Octavian was about to open his mouth they were swallowed in a bright light along with multiple others at Camp Jupiter.

On Olympus

Poseidon had been near his wits end for the last eight months. His favorite son had been kidnapped by Hera, apparently it is now accustom to make decisions without the Council's vote. When the Council found out what happened, needless to say most were furious. Percy had wormed his way into their hearts one way or another.

He sighed and sagged in his throne. He was tempted to pull up a screen and view how Percy was, but decided against it since there was a meeting in a few minutes. Since Percy had woken up he couldn't have been more proud, he was navigating the Roman camp flawlessly. Poseidon was nearly heartbroken when he couldn't answer his pray in that broom cupboard the Romans call a temple for Neptune.

Poseidon knew that Hera would be one of the last to flash in because she didn't want to be on the end of his glares for longer than necessary.

Finally when everyone had entered and Zeus 'welcomed' the gods for the weekly session (that the gods had been having as a reprieve from boredom, being stuck on Olympus). "Does anyone have anything they would like to say."

Hera raised her hand while Poseidon glared at her, "You all know about the exchange between Jason Grace and Percy Jackson," noises of grudging ascent were heard throughout the Throne room. "Well I still think it is a great plan," many rolled their eyes there. "I realized that while the Seven will have plenty of time to bond, the Greeks and Romans themselves won't."

"So what are you suggesting, Hera," Poseidon asked coolly.

"That we bring the Seven here as well as more prominent members of the Roman and Greek camps to here each other's stories," She looked around to all the gods. "I know that some of you are also curious of your children's deeds as well."

The gods contemplated this, it sounded like a good idea until Ares spoke, "Wait," He flashed into Mars and then back to Ares. "My kid, Pluto's kid, and that punk Jackson are all on a quest right now to Alaska."

Everyone including Hera turned to Ares with an incredulous look, "Alaska?"

"Yeah," Ares shrugged.

Everyone in the Throne room was stunned that Mars would send these three kids on a suicide quest.

Zeus shook his head, he might not like Jackson but even he wouldn't send the kid on a quest to Alaska, "How about we bring all of the prominent members of the Roman and Greek camps, plus the questers."

"But there are Giants heading towards the Roman camp," Ares replied.

"Well, we'll just stop time," Apollo said while everyone looked at him with incredulous looks. "I know a guy."

"That's settled, Hera would you?" Zeus asked.

Suddenly a bright light engulfed the room and a minute later was replaced by many teenagers in orange and purple t-shirts.