the Grand Central Station

I picked up the cherries, not sure why. The red pixels tasted no different than any normal cherry. No power-up, no extra score - virtually pointless. Maybe I Just wanted to feel like Pac-man, you know?... chasing fruits, answering a challenge
But it wasn't my challenge.

After I got off the rail, I walked through the socket to the Game Central Station- where all others like me intersected in a massive colony. In here where they weren't just characters or sprites, bots and NPC's, blocks and dots. In here, they were fleshed out, shaped like their own selves, as what they actually were: noble warriors, brave space-troopers, racers, ninjas, plumbers, starships and dragons...all the things that made the world of heroes I wished to be part of - A world I could never be part of

But, as luck would have it, I got something the rest of the Arcade would never know- I understand their purpose better than they ever could. I know exactly why the heroes were made for the users and I know how important they are. Because even though they are made by codes, calculations and blinking lights- they are made to be much more than visual interfaces, and if they could see themselves through my eyes, soaring the air like that, then they would appreciate what they are like I can…
When I enter the Game Central Station…
And look upon the Dreams of Many