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This plays right after chapter 18: The Ring of Chaos. Pit is now in Viridi's temple and it's night time, so everyone is sleeping.

(".,.,." means change of POV)

Chapter 1: Save and Sound

Pit laid on his back in the bed Viridi let him sleep in and stared at the ceiling. It was a very nice room. He was all by himself, the bed was extremely comfortable, and he was more than tired. Perfect conditions to fall asleep, but he just could not.

The angel was shivering all over. Not because it was cold – it was rather warm actually – but he was unable to hold still. Pit still could not believe what had happened. He had been away for three years and his goddess, Lady Palutena was probably being controlled and suffering, while the humans was being destroyed by her forces.

He clutched his pillow to his stomach with both arms.

She rejected me... He thought and shivered even more when he remembered how she said that she was tired of dealing with him. He was terrified and felt so left alone. He needed someone by his side and right now.

Pit stood up, got out of his bed and peeked outside the room. Everything was silent, which scared him even more. He walked through the temple, down a long hallway, where he could see huge double doors at the end.

He carefully opened one of the doors and snuck inside, quietly closing it behind him. It was a large chamber, all dark. When his eyes got used to the darkness, he could make out the furniture in the room. There was a desk and a mirror on the left and on the right was an enormous bed, big enough for at least three people to sleep in and with half-open silk curtains.

Pit approached the bed when he heard slow and regular breathing. He saw a small figure sleeping peacefully, her silky blonde hair loose and almost longer than herself. She was sleeping on her side, her back facing the door and her hands near her face.

Feeling the shivering again, the angel lifted the blanket up and laid down right behind the Goddess of Nature.


Viridi suddenly woke up from two arms reaching around her waist and stomach from behind. Her eyes shot open and she slowly looked down to see who it was. After a moment, she recognized her visitor's muscular arms wrapped around her lower torso. What the...?! How dare he-

She was about to shout and push him away when a faint sob rang to her ears. She laid still and listened closely if she was not mistaken.

She was not. Pit was having a hard time to keep it quiet but could not help himself anymore. She felt his fingers gripping her short night gown. The goddess did not know what to do, but decided not to be mad at him. After all, he just lost kinda everything.

Carefully, she turned around to face the angel. He had his eyes shut, squeezed actually, small tears running down his face. She sighed and watched him with sympathy. Not knowing how to calm him down in another way, Viridi gently put her soft hand on his cheek. He opened his eyes and stopped sobbing.

"Pit..." she whispered compassionately when she saw the pain and confusion in his wide-open eyes. She slowly slipped her hands around his neck and began to stroke his brown hair. He was shaking and lightly sobbing again, so he tightened his grip around her waist, pulling her body against his and closing the gap between them.

The goddess lightly gasped, but relaxed again. She put his head into the crook of her neck, still stroking his hair to comfort him. His breath tickled a little, and she blushed when his warm face touched her skin.

The sobs died down after a while and both relaxed.


Pit looked up after a while when she stopped stroking. Her eyes were closed, and she was breathing regularly. He watched her for a while. Her beautiful pale face and especially her perfect pink lips, which were slightly opened. She still had a light blush on her cheeks.

Pit could not help but think of her in a different way than he had before. She was not the enemy anymore, not at all. She had helped him several times and now, she even let him stay in her domain and sleep in her bed. With her...

He looked at her and felt something new, something he had never felt before towards anybody. She was not the bossy and destructive goddess he met once, she was kinda...


She opened her light amber eyes when she felt warm hands on her bare skin. The angel had reached up her thighs, over her shorts and until under her night gown and rested his hands on her lower back. Her skin was supple (like a peach at dawn), just like he had expected it to be. He could feel her tremble under his touch and pressed her body firmly against his own.

She was about to say something when he suddenly kissed her on the lips. Her eyes were wide open, but after a moment she gave in and closed hers as well.

She could feel butterflies in her stomach, almost making her dizzy. Despite the fact that she was shaking at his touch, her lips were warm and soft, and he enjoyed the small moan she made when he kissed her. Unconsciously, the goddess drew her hands back and placed them on his chest, feeling his racing heartbeat.

After some moments they pulled away. He expected her to kill him, but after staring at him for a while her eyes softened, and she snuggled her head against him.

Pit finally felt save. But there were other feelings bubbling in his stomach, too. He sighed in relief and held her tight until both fell asleep.