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"Viridi!" Pit winced upon seeing her standing in the door frame. How long had she been standing there? Long enough, he thought to himself, judging by her expression. Slowly, she let her hands sink, her head dropping alongside them.

Silence engulfed them for a long while. Pit hardly dared to breathe, neither hearing Palutena do so. He wanted to rise from his seat, but the Goddess of Light gently put a hand on his shoulder, holding him back. The angel was finally able to take his eyes off his crush, turning to Palutena instead. She could not keep them apart – Viridi had said so herself!


"Pit, I think it'd be best if you'd sit this one out. We'll figure-"

"But, I'm part of this! I'm more part of it than you!" He exclaimed, shrinking back immediately, muttering a 'sorry'. Now he did not dare to meet her eyes, still unable to catch a glimpse of Viridi's. Palutena sighed deeply, starting to pace. She put her fingertips together, tapping them repeatedly.

"I know you are and I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, but this is… a little too complex for you to just decide – especially out of feelings. There are too many things that are on the line; too many lives, too many decisions and tactics. The point is just that right now is not the time to rush anything and be distracted from what's important: defeating Hades."

"But, that's both of our goal – all of our goal." Pit argued back, wanting to rise up again, though not daring yet. His bare toes gripped one another, entwining and winding, trying desperately to come up with something to convince the Goddess. He was sure he could not, but he was also certain that someone else could. Someone who was being awfully quiet in her corner.

"Yes, that's true but… you see, she's a goddess and you're an angel," Palutena started again, stopping in her tracks, her forehead crowned with an uncomfortable frown. She clearly did not want to have this conversation. She looked as if she was dreading more content he did not know about; fear any questions or topic beyond the mere relationship.

"We operate in the same way, too." Pit now rose to his feet which resumed curling up upon having to meet her gaze. It was hard to decipher, but everything but happy. Perhaps jealous? Not just worried, but something else…? "You send me out while she sends Phosphora- or Pitto! We-"

"No, Pit, I'm afraid it's a little more complicated than that." The Goddess of Light interrupted, her tone the opposite of angry. She was rather sad – sad to be the one to be breaking them up or perhaps even sorry for it to be happening in the first place. She was still the closest thing to a mother he had; she must have felt miserable for forbidding him his heart's joy.

"But..." Pit let out a hopeless sigh, frowning helplessly, "but I love her." He repeated, knowing – and visibly getting proof – that he was hitting a nerve. Finally, he turned his head, staring at Viridi. Why had she not reacted yet? Especially to his confession. She should be glad; she should hug him and kiss him and tell Palutena that she could do what she wanted because she was a goddess. And yet, she was quiet.

Another long silence stretched across the room, as if forming a thick cloud, robbing them off their breaths. Even the tension seemed to die down, all sparks of hope extinguishing.

Pit could feel his heart slowing from having pumped fiercely, sending blood rushing through his ears. Now, it seemed to be giving up alongside him.

"Pit…" Palutena sympathetically began, placing a hand on his shoulder. It did not stay there for long when the angel slummed down in his seat again.

"I thought she loved me, too…" he whispered, more to himself, but apparently audible enough.

Hardly noticeable, the Goddess of Nature moved.

"I…" she began, setting his hopes ablaze, his head whipping up. He watched her start to pace the room herself, slowly, as if to avoid any words she could come across, confessions she could utter or merely things she was not intending to say. She did not look at anyone.

Palutena watched her pass her, her eyes swivelling between her angel and visitor, unable to decide on a target. It was as if she herself was not even there, almost being stared right through by her fosterling, who desperately, yet unsuccessfully tried to catch the light amber eyes.

"I… don't know," Viridi tried again, almost snapping his heart from his veins when continuing, "if I love you." She said, sounding as aggrieved as he was feeling. Pit thought to feel his heart lifelessly slump into his stomach. He let his head hang, when suddenly, a pair of sandals – with tiny feet – appeared on the floor in front of him.

The Goddess of Nature lifted his head by tenderly brushing her palm beneath his chin before he could react himself. She was leaning down, her face so close to his, eyes as much on the verge of tears as his were. She stroked her hand across his cheek and to his ear, bringing her other hand up to gently cup his face.

"But I want to, Pit," she said, making his stomach flutter wildly, "I want to try this and I want you to make me fall for you," she went on, leaning in to rest her forehead against his, letting the tip of her nose brush his. Unable to help himself, Pit's eyes fluttered close alongside hers. He could hear Palutena inhale – probably after her breath having been stuck in her throat – but Viridi was faster, straightening herself. "Even if…" she gave the angel a rueful gaze, not turning to the Goddess of Light while addressing her, "only after Hades has been defeated." She agreed.

"Viridi," Palutena began, stopping when Pit jumped to his feet to hug the Goddess of Nature, realising his actions too late. She winced, relaxing soon again, hugging him back, even if carefully. Glancing up, Pit met green, thoughtful eyes. Palutena sighed, rolling her eyes at his puppy-dog gaze. "Alright, but just-"

"I said after defeating Hades," Viridi repeated, her trademark cheekiness ruling the tone of her voice, "No 'buts' included." She gave a triumphant grin at Palutena, turning back to give Pit a surprise kiss, momentarily stealing his breath. She winked at him with a sly grin, disappearing in a beam of light and leaves, which slowly sank to the ground.

Now all they had to do, was defeat the Lord of the Underworld. Piece of cake, right?