Author's Note: I recently completed a major rewrite of my Press Your Luck game board. It now behaves more like the original with slides updating every three ticks (or two for games played with Australian boards). The fonts for cash slides are now bigger and easier to read. Also, prize rotation is now fully functional. This means Add-A-Two and Double Your Credits are now prize spaces that get replaced with something else after someone lands on either of them. The latter space can now appear in any square depending on the prize rotation and board layout I choose. I can also keep track of prize rotations from game to game, albeit manually, so players won't win the same prizes from one game to another. Although I found a more accurate conversion between US Dollars and credits, I won't change my existing prize lists and values. Instead, I'll use it moving forward with any new layouts. Examples of the new boards can be found on my Twitter feed. With that out of the way, here is the next episode.

The show opened with clips from recent broadcasts.

"Stop on 600 credits," David told Jocasta Nu. "It's not enough. San is the big winner."

"Stop on 500 credits. It's not enough! San, you've defended your championship and won for the third time!"

"Stop on a whammy!" San, you're the champion yet again!"

[Today, these three players are after big creds. But, they'll have to avoid the whammy as they play the most exciting game of their lives!]

A quartet of whammies sang before disappearing.

[From Holovision Studio on Coruscant, it's time to press... your galactic luck! And now, here's your host—the Star of Press Your Galactic Luck—David Oilfin!]

"Thank you, Harland Johnson, for filling in for Todd Toddy yet again," David stated. "We have three great contestants today and a chance at seeing history in the making, so let's get started."

The audience briefly applauded.

"First, we have a Duros bounty hunter who seems to have a touch of class about him. Let's welcome Cad Bane."

"Thanks for the kind words," Cad replied. "But I plan to win whatever credits I can no matter how."

"Indeed. Cad, it says here you participated in a low-budget version of our show in the past that was conducted in tournament format."

"That's correct. I'm curious to see how much better this version is."

"You'll find out soon enough. Next, we have a Jedi Master who trained Anakin Skywalker and made it clear he's not a fan of flying through Coruscant: Obi-Wan Kenobi."

After some chuckles and applause from the audience, Obi-Wan replied, "Yeah, that's probably shocking given how much Anakin loves flying. But opposites attract, huh?"

"It sure seems that way. Finally, we have our returning champion who has won an impressive 44618 credits in cash and prizes. Let's welcome San Hill. San, today is your fifth day and your last one with our new rules. If you can win yet again, you would be our first five-time champion. And, you could even be the first to pass our new fifty thousand-credit limit if you win enough."

"I'd sure enjoy that," San answered. The Banking Clan is rooting for me today."

"Indeed. Well, let's get started. Correct buzz-in answers earn three spins. Correct multiple choice questions earn one spin. One of the things Count Dooku is known for is his creation of the Cresh Isk Senth. What does the letter Cresh represent?"

San buzzed in and said, "Confederacy."

"Is it confederacy, commonwealth, or conglomerate? Cad, what do you think?"

"Confederacy," Cad replied.


"Definitely confederacy," Obi-Wan stated.

"Of course that's the right answer. San has three spins, Cad gets one, and Obi-Wan gets a spin. Next question: This former Jedi, who lived over 4000 years ago, turned to the Dark Side and was noted for wielding a double-bladed lightsaber."

Obi-Wan buzzed in and said, "Exar Kun."

"Is it Exar Kun, Lady Cursor, or Bela Kiwiks?"

"I'll trust the Jedi," Cad said. "Exar Kun."

"Exar," San said.

"Your trust is well placed this time; it's Exar Kun. "Cad picks up a spin for two. Obi-Wan has three for four, and San has a spin for four. This planet is populated primarily by Togruta..."

San buzzed in and quickly said, "Shili."

"As I was saying, it's primarily populated by Togruta who prefer to be artisans instead of warriors. And their dwellings often resemble the shape of their heads and montrals. Is this Shili, Kiros, or Hoth?"

"I'll go with Shili," Cad said.

"I'll take Kiros," Obi-Wan stated confidently.

"I guess you guys should keep going with Obi-Wan here." David said. "Kiros is correct. San, I bet you wish you waited to hear the rest of the question. Obi-Wan has five spins. Cad stays at two. San stays at four. Here's the last question. What species is known for their cloning and used the DNA of Jango Fett to create the Republic's clone troopers?"

Cad narrowly buzzed in ahead of Obi-Wan and said, "The Kaminoans."

"Is it the Kaminoans, the Wookies, or the Gungans?"

"Kaminoans," Obi-Wan said.

"I may as well agree—Kaminoans," San replied.

David checked his datapad and said, "A bounty hunter, Jedi, and separatist rarely agree, but this is one of those times where it works. All of you get spins. Cad finishes with five spins. Obi-Wan has six, and San has five. We'll be right back with our first crack at the big board right after this."

Returning from the break, the big board updated its display. Meanwhile, David said, "Welcome back to Press Your Galactic Luck. We have roughly fifty thousand credits in cash and prizes on the board. Most of the prizes now display so you know in advance what you'll win. We still have the occasional mystery prize, and we also have whammies. You want to avoid those like a raging wampa. Four whammies put you out of the game, and you can pass earned spins at any time. We start with the player with the least spins first. For this round, Cad and San are tied with five spins, so we'll start with the player farthest to my left: Cad Bane. The board is yours whenever you're ready."

"Your board looks different from what I'm used to," Cad said. "But we'll see what I can get today. Stop."

"Stop on 400 credits. You have the early with four more spins."

"I want to go for some of those other spaces on the board, David. How about Big Creds today? Stop!"

"Stop on 1000—that's big creds. Fourteen hundred now, three spins, press or pass?"

"I'll press, David. I'm sure there's some better stuff up there for me. Let's see if I can get it... Stop!"

"Stop on 400 more for a total of 1800. Two spins."

"I need a bigger lead, so I'll go again. Let's get that 1000 or more. That would help me out here. Stop!"

"Stop on 750 and a spin. Your new total is 2550 and you still have both spins."

"Let's see if I can break 3000. Alright, I need 450 credits or more on this spin so I can have a comfortable lead. Let's get it... Stop!"

"Stop on 500. Cad, you have 3050 with one last spin. Do you want to take it or pass it?"

"I think I'll pass."

"Obi-Wan and San both have zero so you can choose who gets it."

"All yours, Obi-Wan," Cad replied with a smirk.

"Obi-Wan, that passed spin comes to you, but you won't take it yet. San plays next with his five spins."

"Cad's going to be a handful, but I'm not worried here. Let's get on the scoreboard and stop!" San called out.

"Stop on 350. That puts you in the game in second place. Four spins."

"Alright, that was a good start, let's do a little better and avoid those whammies. Stop."

"Stop on a sleeper sofa valued at 722 credits. That gives you 1072, not quite 2000 behind Cad, with three spins."

"Even busy businessmen like myself need to rest, so I'll take that. I'll take my next spin, too. Let's keep getting good stuff and prizes. Everything helps so far. Let's keep it that way and stop!"

"Stop... on a whammy."

As the audience groaned, two whammies appeared on screen.

"What's zero times zero?" One asked.

"Nothing," the other replied.

"That's right, he has nothing and you get an Aurek!"

As a whammy popped up in front of San, David said, "San, that's your first whammy. You won't get that sofa, unfortunately. However, you still have two spins."

"I'm starting over," San replied. "Come on, now. I need credits if I'm going to make history and help finance the war some more. Stop!"

"Stop on another whammy."

San shook his head while a whammy appeared long enough to point and laugh before disappearing again.

"San, you have a spin left, but you really don't want three whammies in round one."

"You don't have to tell me twice, David, I'll pass," San replied.

"Cad, that spin comes to you. Avoid the whammy and you'll extend your lead. Hit a whammy, and you'll be in a three-way tie for first."

"I'm going to hunt up something good," Cad told David, drawing chuckles from the audience. "Alright, I just need credits here to keep my lead. Stop!"

"Stop on 400 credits, courtesy of San. You know have the lead with 3450 credits. Obi-Wan, we come to you now. Before you take your six spins, you have a passed spin you must play first."

"It appears we have a tough crowd today," Obi-Wan deadpanned, "But I'm used to that these days. Alright, let's get rid of this spin so I can do what I want. Stop."

"Stop on 450 credits. That puts you into second place. Now, you can press or pass your six spins."

"I'll play. Let's see if we can catch Cad. You never know what happens with him these days. Stop."

"Stop on a whammy."

A whammy with a lightsaber appeared and said, "Look at me!" After severing its arm, it added, "Mom said I was a real cutup."

"Obi-Wan, you now have a whammy. But you've got five spins for starting over."

"I've never backed down from a challenge, for better or for worse," Obi-Wan answered. "Let's start over and see what we can get here. Stop."

"Stop on 300, back in the game in second place, four spins."

"That's a good start. I'll take more of the same. I hope those whammies stay away. Stop."

"Stop on another whammy."

Obi-Wan face palmed as the audience groaned. A whammy appeared with a holocamera and said, "Let me take a picture of you losing your credits." The holocamera exploded, taking the whammy with it.

"Obi-Wan, you have three spins. Still, you don't want three whammies in round one if at all possible."

"Turnabout is fair play, David," Obi-Wan replied. "Cad can have them."

"Cad, you passed to Obi-Wan. Now, he's returning the favor. Let's see if you can add to your score of 3450 with these four spins you must take."

"I didn't realize bounty hunters were so popular," Cad said. "Alright, let's add to my credit collection here. Stop!"

"Stop on 'Go Back Two Spaces' to 1250."

The audience briefly cheered.

"Cad, you have 4700 now but you still have three spins you must take. Here's the next one."

"At this point, I'll take a space with one credit in it. Let's just avoid those you know whats. Stop."

"Stop on 250 more for a total of 4950. Two more spins you have to take."

"So far so good. Small amounts work here. I'm not greedy here. Stop!"

"Stop on 1500 credits!"

The audience cheered loudly at the big credit hit.

"Cad, you have 6450 credits. Barring those that hit Add-A-Two, this is one of our bigger first round totals. Avoid the whammy on this last spin, and you'll have a big lead to close the round."

"Now, you have me curious. Let's see what happens if I get Add-A-Two. Let's finish with the lead and stop!"

"Stop on 550. At the end of round one, Cad has 7000 credits. Obi-Wan and San have nothing but two whammies each. We'll start round two after these messages."

"Welcome back to Pres Your Galactic Luck," David told the audience. "Spins in this round can get you 5000 credits or more depending on the prize. So, let's earn some spins, shall we? What dairy product would you expect the natives of Shili to make?"

Nobody buzzed in before time expired.

"Nobody knows a Togruta here? Seriously? Alright, I'll give you three possible answers; the correct one gives you a spin. Would you expect the natives of Shili to make cheese, milk, or ice cream?"

"My guess isn't even on that list," Cad said. "I guess I'll try cheese."

"Cheese," Obi-wan said.

"Cheese seems the most logical answer," San stated.

"Logic prevails because you'll find Shili Cheese on Shili. Everyone gets a spin," David announced. "Next question, what is the term for a lightsaber with blades on either side?"

Obi-Wan quickly buzzed in and said, "A saberstaff."

"Is it a saberstaff, a shoto, or a light pike?"

"A saberstaff," Cad answered.


"Let's make it unanimous."

"Always trust the Jedi when it comes to lightsabers. Of course, it's a saberstaff. Obi-Wan goes to four spins. Cad and San move up to two. Zaa Vashee, Padmé Amidala, and Mina Bonteri. Which one was not royalty?"

San buzzed in and answered, "Mina Bonteri."

"Mina, Zaa, or Padmé? Cad?"

"Mina Bonteri."



"Knowing the answer may be your crowning achievement. San gets three spins for five. Cad gets a spin for three. Obi-Wan has five. Last question: Nobody knows for certain how this term originated, but it's the title used by Sith Lords. What is it?"

Cad buzzed in ahead of Obi-Wan and said, "Darth."

"Is it Darth, Supreme Leader, or Deadly Daddy?"

After the audience chuckled, Obi-Wan replied, "Darth."

"Darth," San stated.

David checked the answer and said, "You wouldn't believe me if I said it was 'Deadly Daddy' would you? That's because it's Darth. Cad finishes with six spins; so does Obi-Wan. San also has six spins. Everyone has the same number of spins, so it should be interesting when we come back and take those spins to the big board."

"This is it, folks," David said after the break. "We have well over 100 000 credits in cash and prizes for you to win today. We have whammies, but nobody wants those, I don't think. What San and Obi-Wan might want is our space in the lower corner marked 2000 or lose one whammy. And who knows? We may see Double Your Credits appear at some point if we're lucky.

"Cad leads with 7000 credits, so he plays last. Obi-Wan, you and San are tied with no credits and two whammies. We break ties with the player farthest to my left, so you'll go first."

"Oh boy, I can hardly wait," Obi-Wan replied. "Let's get anything good this round. I'm not fussy here. Stop."

"Stop on 2000 credits. You're back in the game in second place. Five spins."

"I'll have to keep going. Let's get more of that so I can break the 10 000 mark. I need a fighting chance here. Stop!"

"Stop... on a whammy."

A pair of whammies brandishing lightsabers said, "First we swing, then we slash. Now, we take away the cash."

"Obi-Wan, let's talk," David said. "You have no credits again. You still have four spins, but you have three whammies. One more puts you out of the game. Will you press or pass?"

"Barring something weird, I'm not going to win with zero. So I'll press."

"Here we go."

"I need credits or lose a whammy here. Give me either one of those here and stop!"

"Stop on 1500 and a spin. That's your score putting you back in second place and with all four of your spins."

"I'll go again. I need another decent amount. I want to bridge the gap between Cad and I here. No more whammies and stop!"

"Stop on 1000 and a spin. Twenty-five hundred with four spins still."

"I'll take at least one more, David. Let's get big creds here and make this game interesting again. Or let me lose a whammy and stop!"

"Stop on 750 more. That's 3250 now, second place and three spins."

"I'll go at least once more. C'mon now. I need something bigger to narrow that gap and put the pressure on Cad. Let's get credits or a good prize here. Stop!"

"Stop on a vacation to Ghorman."

The audience briefly applauded.

"Obi-Wan, that trip is worth 1499 credits giving you a new total of 4749. You have two spins and you trail Cad by 2251 credits."

"I'll go one more time. Alright, I can get the lead on one spin here with the right space. Let's get that amount right now and stop!"

"Stop on 750 and a spin. Obi-Wan, you have 5499—1501 shy of Cad—with two spins."

"I can't quit now. I've been helping myself out here so far, so let's keep it going. Let's get the lead now and stop!"

"Stop on 1000 and a spin. You're now up to 6499, 501 credits behind Cad, and you still have two spins."

"I could get 500 in my sleep. Let's go. Alright, I just need credits here. Let's pass Cad up and change the game a bit now... Stop!"

"Stop on 2000! You did it, Obi-Wan. You have the lead with 8499. What will you do with your last spin?"

"Pass before I lose it all again."

"That spin goes to Cad. But he won't take it yet. Next, San plays with no credits, two whammies, and six spins of his own."

"I really have my work cut out for me if I want to win today," San conceded. "But I've done it before, so I'll do it again. Let's show everybody what I can do here and stop!"

"Stop on 700 and a spin. You're back in the game in third place with all six spins."

"Thank the maker. Small values aren't bad, but I need big creds now while I can. Let's get one of those and stop!"

"Stop on a lounger set. Those loungers are worth 2158 credits moving you up to 2858 with five spins."

"I can definitely use those to relax in after a long day. Let's catch up to everyone else and keep getting the good stuff. No whammies and stop!"

"Stop on a monocycle. San, you're starting to clean up on prizes here. That monocycle is worth 3465 credits for a new score of 6323 credits, just under 2200 credits shy of Obi-Wan. Press or pass your four spins?"

"I can't stop now. Let's see what else we can get and see if I can take the lead today. No whammies, big creds, and stop!"

San watched in desperation as the square he stopped on changed from another prize into something else.

"Stop... on a whammy."

San sighed as a whammy in the shape of a crime analyzer droid stated, "My own detailed analysis shows it was an excessive desire for material things that caused this unfortunate situation."

"San, you're in the same skiff as Obi-Wan was earlier. You're back down to zero, but you still have three spins to try to catch up again."

"This may be my last show, but I'm going out with a fight. Alright, I won't mention those evil thingies again. All I want is as many credits as possible. Stop!"

"Stop... on a whammy."

As one whammy played a keyboard rather poorly, another whammy sang, "Wave hello and say good bye."

"San, you're out of the game, meaning you won't be our first five-time champion. But you'll be leaving us with an impressive total and we'll talk more later. Now, we go to Cad and his 7000 credits. Before you play your six spins, there's one passed spin you must take first."

"I never did like unfinished business," Cad deadpanned. "Let's get it out of the way here... Stop!"

"Stop on 600 credits. You're up to 7600, 899 behind Obi-Wan. You can press or pass to him at this point."

"I'll press. Let's get what I need to retake the lead here. I've got a nice idea in mind. Stop!"

"Stop on 700 and a spin. Eighty-three hundred with six spins. You trail Obi-Wan by 199 credits."

"I'll go again. Let's get anything here that has credits attached to it. I'll even take a space waffle iron. Stop!"

"Stop on 700 and a spin again. You've moved into first place again with an even 9000 credits. Your lead is 501 over Obi-Wan with six spins."

"Pass," Cad replied.

"Obi-Wan, you have six passed spins. A whammy at any point puts you out of the game and give Cad the championship. So, you'll need to avoid the whammy six times or hope for our lose a whammy space."

"Fighting Grievous would seem so much more relaxing about now," Obi-Wan lamented. "Let's go ahead and get started. I know I'll pass Cad, but let's see if I can enjoy it. Stop."

"Stop on 'Big Creds'! That's 5000 and a spin!"

The audience cheered loudly.

"Obi-Wan, you have 13499 now. That spin goes into the earned column. You have five more you must take."

"I don't suppose you have any zero spaces? I just want to get whatever safe spaces I can at this point and protect my lead. Stop."

"Stop on a whammy! Obi-Wan, that's your fourth whammy. Our winner today is Cad Bane!"

The big board briefly flashed as the congratulatory music played.

"We'll be right back to wrap up today's show."

"Welcome back to Press Your Galactic Luck. Today was the first time two players whammied out of the game on our main show, leaving one person as the default winner. Normally, Harland would tell Cad about his prizes, but Cad's 9000 credits are entirely in cash."

"Excellent," Cad replied. "This game is so much more fun than the other one I played on."

"We'll see if you feel that way next time when you're the defending champion. San, you tried your best, but you couldn't make history. Still, you've set a show record for most winnings in leaving us with 44 618 credits in cash and prizes."

"Thanks, David," San replied. "I had fun and my efforts will definitely make the Banking Clan happy."

"Obi-Wan, the whammies weren't too kind to you today, but we have some parting gifts to thank you for being on the show."

"Jedi seem to have a tough time on here, but it was an interesting experience, David," Obi-Wan said.

"Remember, you may come to win big credits or a prize. But the whammies always put fear in your eyes. Until next time, this is David Oilfin thanking for watching Press Your Galactic Lucks."

[Some parting contestants may receive gift cards from Thimiar King. With locations in Corvala, Cover City, and many more to come, enjoy a true Shili meal wherever you may be. At Thimiar King, we kill 'em and you grill 'em.

[Others may receive furniture from Active Girl. With selections to complement your living room's décor, Active Girl has the furniture for you at a deal you can't beat.

[All parting contestants receive the Press Your Galactic Luck home game. You'll swear it's the real thing as you try to score big creds and avoid the whammy.

[This is Harland Johnson speaking for Press Your Galactic Luck—a Mallet Media Production.]