While Luffy is in the bar a guy with blond hair walks in. He sits down next to Luffy. "Hey bartender bring me a coke." The guy yells. "Yes Mr. Avocado" the bartender replied. The bartender brings him his coke as fast as he can. Mr. Avocado take's the coke and dumps it on the bartenders head.

"Wow you're rude!" Luffy says. "What did you say?" Mr. Avocado growled. "You're rude" Luffy repeats. "What do you know this wise guy thinks he can call me rude and get away with it" Mr. Avocado says darkly.

"What'cha gonna do about it." Luffy challenges. "This" Mr. Avocado stated and raised his fist and punched Luffy square in the face. Luffy gets up and kicks Mr. Avocado across the room who hits a wall so hard he passes out. Luffy walks out of the bar after paying for his drink."

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