"Fight me!" Zoro says with an evil grin.

"No." Luffy replies calmly.

"Then you die." Zoro says his evil smile widens. Zoro Takes his swords outs and charges at Luffy. Luffy jumps back.

"Fine I'll fight you." Luffy says coldly.

Luffy and Zoro started going at it and everyone else started going at it with each other. Zoro vs. Luffy, Chopper Vs. Ussop. Sanji Vs. Franky. Brooke Vs. Robin. The only one who wasn't fighting was Nami.

Nami immediately picked up Pebble and ran off to her cabin. "Luffy, you need to stop Zoro quick before causes any more trouble!" Nami shouted.

"Gomu Gomu no..." Luffy said as he stretched one arm back and added Armament Haki to it.

"Prepare yourself," Zoro prepared his swords to attack and wrapped his bandana around his head.


"Oni Giri!"

Both the captain and swordsman clash with one another. The rest of crew went outside after hearing Luffy and Zoro's fighting.

"Ow, you guys better not damage Sunny or else I'll-" before Franky could finish his sentence, Sanji attacked him out of nowhere.

"Collier Shoot!" Sanji shouted as he aimed to kick the cyborg's neck. Luckily for Franky, he managed to block the cook's attack with his arm.

"Strong Right!" the shipwright shouted as he threw a punch at Sanji, only to quickly dodge it.

"I'm going to beat some table manners into all of you," Sanji said with a threatening tone in voice and red eyes.

"Usopp, we have to stop them!" said Chopper.

"Right after I kill you. Fire Bird Star!" Usopp exclaimed with red eyes, shooting the bird-shaped fire at the reindeer.


Usopp brought out his Uso 100 Ton Hammer.

"Uso 100 Ton Hammer!"

"Stop this, Usopp!" Chopper screamed as he avoided Usopp's hammer.

"Uso 100 Ton Hammer! Hamer! Hammer! Hammer! Hammer! Hammer! Hammer!" Rubberband! Hammer! Hammer! Hammer! Hammer! Hammer!" Usopp shouted as he attacked Chopper.

"Stop trying to hit me with the hammer!" exclaimed the doctor.

"Yohohoho, it looks like I should eliminate you as well," Brook said to Robin with red eyes, pulling out his sword to strike.

"Brook, you're not yourself right now, you need to snap out of it," Robin responded back through reasoning.

Brook ignored the archeologist and moved quickly toward her. The musician swiftly attacked Robin with his cane sword. Fortunately for Robin, she disappeared before Brook could land an attack.

"What?" Brook asked himself.

"Seis Fleur!" Robin said as she summoned six hands around the skeleton. "Clutch!"

Brook fell to ground due to the archeologist's arms breaking his back. "That hurts, Robin-san."

"Sorry about that, Brook," said Robin.

The Straw Hats have been fighting each other for a while with some of them. The battles were becoming tedious and the evil-turned-Straw Hats needed to stopped. Luffy inflated his arm to for his finishing attack.

"Gomu Gomu no..." Luffy said as he applied Armament Haki to his arm.

At the same time, the Thousand Sunny had sailed out of the dark mist. Zoro, Usopp, Sanji, and Brook were reverted back to normal.

"Uh, what's going on?" asked Sanji.

"What are you talking about; you, Usopp, Zoro, and Brook went crazy and started fighting us.

"What?" said the formerly evil crew members.

"Elephant Gun!" Luffy shouted as he launched his attack.

"Aaaahhh!" Usopp, Chopper, and Brook screamed.

"Wait, Luff-!" Zoro said before being being interrupted by Luffy attack. Unfortunately for the guys, they were too late to dodge Luffy's attack and crash into a wall.

"Shishishi! I win!" Luffy exclaimed in victory, earning many hits to the head by his crew mates

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