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Searching for our Siblings

Chapter 1 – Letters and Portals

„Don't lose your focus!"

Yugo gave an agknowledging grunt at Baltazar's comment and barely dodged a wakfu beam. Beam after beam he blocked with his wakfu shield, beam after beam he reflected with his wakfu sword, occasionally dodging one or two. The eight glowing wakfu orbs were shooting at him relentlessly. Yugo had been training for hours and he felt that he was almost out of energy.

'Gotta wrap this up soon.', Yugo thought.

He quickly redirected the next beam with his sword, directly at one of the orbs. Another two beams vanished through two suddenly appearing portals, just to hit two other orbs from behind. Yugo used this opening to quickly slash through three other wakfu spheres and hit the last two with beams of his own. Heaviliy panting he fell on his back.

„Well done, Yugo.", Baltazar said, floating closer.

„Eight is a new record, bro!", Adamai told his brother grinning. The young dragon had also just finished his training with Phaeris and had watched Yugo finish up his training.

Still panting, Yugo grinned. „Thanks. But now... I'm pretty much...out of energy."

„Then Baltazar thinks it is enough training for today. You have made good progress today.", Baltazar said.

„Adamai has also improved some of his dragon magic.", Phaeris added.

Adamai huffed proudly at the praise. Yugo had caught his breath a little and sat up to look at the three dragons.

„So we're going back?"

„Yes Yugo", Baltazar answered, „Baltazar will open a portal back for you. Rest well, young king. And until next time."

At this the white and red dragon opened a large portal with the Eliacube. But this potal was different from Yugo's. This one was black with blue circular markings inside – a dimensional portal.

Yugo got up from the ground and stepped up to the portal. Though before he stepped through it, he turned around and let his gaze swipe over the little planet- like planes of Emrub. He saw all the Eliatrope children in the distance. Soon after the battle against Qilby he had taught them how to play Gob-ball to pass the time a little and now you could practically not stop them from playing. Yugo smiled at himself as he spotted the make-shift fields and the crowds of kids gathered around them.

He wished he could get his people out of this dimension. But the world wasn't ready to welcome them yet. And he wasn't ready to rule them yet, as Baltazar had told him.

Adamai sensed the upcoming sadness of his brother and put a comforting hand on his shoulder.

„Don't worry Yugo. We'll get them out of here soon."

„Thanks Adamai."

And with that Phaeris, Adamai and Yugo stepped through the portal.

Soon they found themselves on a hill not far from Alibert's inn.


It was evening when they returned. They said goodbye to Phaeris, who flew back to his cave. After the fight of the Crimson Claws the mighty dragon had taken up residence in a nearby cave at the outskirts of the forest near Emelka. He not only helped with Yugo's and Adamai's training but also with Grougaloragran's education. His help was very welcome because the now 2 year old dragon was as uncontrollable and... fiery as ever.

Yugo and Adamai raced home to the inn. As always, Adamai won – but only by a hair's breath Yugo would swear. When the brothers opened the front door to the inn they called home, they were greeted by Alibert's hearty laugh.

„If I give you seconds will you pay your tab?", the adoptive father, inn keeper and mayor of Emelka asked.

He was answered by a grunt. „You always know how to spoil good food."

At this Alibert laughed again.

„Ruel!", yelled Yugo and Adamai happily.

The old Enutrof turned to the door and was instantly tackled to the ground.

Ruel chuckled and hugged his friends.

„Yugo, Adamai! It's so good to see you. How long has it been? Nine months?"

„Ten months, Ruel.", Yugo corrected laughing.

„Yeah. Have you lost track of time counting all your kamas?", Adamai added chuckling.

Ruel's face fell a little as he answered sarcasticaly: „Ah, how I've missed your jokes."

Alibert and his two adoptive sons laughed at their friend.

„Ah, that reminds me!", Alibert exclaimed as he started rummaging behind the bar, „Yugo, a letter arrived for you this afternoon."

Alibert handed Yugo a letter made from a big green leaf. Yugo's name was neatly written on the front. He didn't need to open it to know who sent it.

„It's from Amalia!", he said and his grin broadened. Ruel and Adamai grinned knowingly.

Although Yugo hid his feelings for the Sadida princess expertly, his brother and oldest travel companion had quickly caught on. As had Evangelyne. (She was just observant like that.) The only ones from the Brotherhood who didn't know were Grovey and Amalia herself.

„I bet it's a love letter.", Adamai snickered.

Yugo blushed a deep red and shot his brother a glare – which earned him a laugh from his friend and family.

The Eliatrope opened the letter and read quietly. His brows furrowed. This caught the other's attention.

„And? What's it say?", Adamai asked curiously.

„She's calling a meeting of the Brotherhood. Someone broke into the palace and into the room where the Eliacube was kept. Nothing was stolen, obviously, but she has a bad feeling about the whole thing."

The brothers looked at each other. That didn't sound good.

The Eliacube was safely secure with Baltazar at Emrub and the Sadida King was supposed to inform the Council of Twelve that the cube was no longer in their possession – or even in this world for that matter.

Apparently someone didn't get the message.

„Yugo, you know what that means, right?", the dragon said.

Yugo just nodded.

„So we're leaving in the morning?", Ruel asked.

At the Eliatrope's confirmation Ruel's shoulders slumped. „I'm really getting too old for these long journeys..."

„Don't worry Ruel. It won't take long to reach the Sadida Kingdom."

Adamai shot a grin at his brother. He knew what they were going to do tomorrow. And being the mischievous dragon he is, he looked forward to the old Enutrof's face.

Ruel just gave them a questioning look. „What are you talking about? Sadida is at least a five days walk away!"

„Let's just say they learned a trick or two since your last visit, Ruel.", Alibert cut in. And with that he sent them all to bed. They'd have a busy day tomorrow.


The next morning Yugo, Adamai, Ruel, Alibert, Chibi, Grougal and Phaeris gathered infront of the inn. Phaeris had – after some convincing from his young king and dragon brother – agreed to help Alibert look after Chibi and Grougal and help around the inn while Yugo and Adamai were gone. Still grumbling a little to himself (he was a mighty, ancient dragon, not a baby sitter!), he stood aside while the family said goodbye to each other.

„And listen to what papa Alibert tells you, okay?", Yugo told the two-and-a-half year old Chibi, who just nodded looking to the ground.

„Don't look so sad Chibi", Yugo said hugging him, „we'll be back. And in the meantime I'm leaving the inn to you and Grougal. Okay?"

A look of determination set on Chibi's face when he nodded. Yugo smiled and waited until Adamai finished a similar conversation with Grougaloragran. Just with more fire. And yelling.

Alibert was still worried. Sure, he knew his sons could take care of themselves – heck, they saved the world twice already! But he also knew that this short trip could (and would) very fast turn into another journey around the world. And he couldn't help it – he was a parent and parents worry!

So he turned to his oldest friend.

„Ruel, please, take care of them for me, will you?"

„Of course I will, old friend.", Ruel answered. „But with my age they should be taking care of me!", he added with a laugh and brought the innkeeper's spirits back up.

„Alright, I think we're ready!", Adamai said. „Hey bro, what were the runes for the central Sadida Zaap again?"

„Just a sec, Ad.", Yugo said, pulling a small notebook from his back pocket and searching for a certain page. Finding what he was looking for he exclaimed: „Ah, got it!" and showed the page to his brother.

Adamai took a long look at the page, nodded and stepped back a bit. He then began writing dragonic runes in the air. The runes entirely made of bristling, bright blue wakfu floated in the air, forming a large arc infront of the small groupe.

The young dragon looked at his brother. „Your turn Yugo."

Yugo took a step forward and raised his hand. He closed his eyes in concentration. Wakfu was gathering in his palm. And in one fluid motion he drew a circle and pushed it on the arc of runes. The wakfu and runes combined, opening up a big portal where the arc had previously been.

„Okay. One Zaap portal to the capital of the Sadida kingdom: done!", Yugo stated giving an approving nod.

Ruel stared. „You can open Zaap- Portals now?!", he asked surprised and slack- jawed.

Adamai snickered at his shocked expression.

„Well, not quite.", Yugo said, rubbing the back of his neck. „If we know the right runes, we can connect to any already existing Zaap."

„Making a completely new Zaap is a little more complicated.", Adamai added.

Ruel still stared at them impressed.

„Well, anyway, let's get going!", Admai said, ushering them to the portal.

„Yugo! Adamai!"

They turned around and were instantly hugged by Alibert. „Take care of youselves and be careful, alright?"

„Sure thing, dad.", Yugo whispered back.

And with a last wave to Alibert, Chibi, Grougal and Phaeris our three heroes stepped through the swirling blue portal.