hello all! thanks for checking out my new story! it'll be really similar to moments, just wanted to start a new series because i like how the last chapter of moments tied everything up!
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Summary: Steve isn't the only one with a jealous streak.

Cat Fight


Alexia was too excited that weekend as she drove to DC to surprise Steve for his birthday. She made up some story about how she had to stay in Boston, claiming she had a huge midterm on Monday. Meanwhile she didn't actually have a test for a few weeks and her Friday classes got cancelled, allowing her drive all day to get there just in time that night to meet up with him and his friends at their favorite bar.

She called his old roommate from college and still best friend Nate, asking him where to meet; while they weren't roommates anymore, they were still working together. It worked out even better because Nate's girlfriend, Monica, was in town visiting that weekend as well. She spotted Nate and Monica sitting in a booth facing her way, with Steve's back to her as he sat across from them. She slowly tip toed up behind him, preparing to cover his eyes with her hands.

"Hi Lex," Steve said before she even had a chance.

"Ok," she said in frustration as he turned to her. "How do you do that?" She could never sneak up on him.

"Mirror," he nodded across the bar with a grin to where he had seen her reflection. "What are you doing here?" he asked as he got up to hug her close.

"It's your birthday," she laughed as he let her go, kissing him once. "That for me?" she asked of the extra beer sitting at the table.

"Um, me," a voice said lightly and Alexia saw the girl reaching for her beer. "Hi, I'm Catherine. You must be Lex?"

"Yeah," Alexia nodded, casting a glance at Steve who didn't seem to notice.

"I just wanted to grab my drink," she said, holding up her beer. "Happy birthday Steve," she tacked on as she left; she paid no attention to anyone else, just Steve, which was what bothered Alexia.

"Who's that?" Alexia asked as Steve sat down, sliding over to let her next to him.

"Catherine," Steve said, a little confused since she literally just introduced herself; Alexia smiled sweetly.

"And you know her how?" she asked; he really wasn't getting it.

"Work," he explained, taking a drink.

"I didn't know you worked with a Catherine," she said, stealing his beer and sipping now.

"I thought I mentioned it," Steve shrugged now.

"Oh Steve," Monica chuckled to herself.

"To be fair babe," Nate cut in. "He's usually the one making that face, so he probably doesn't get it."

"Get what?" Steve raised his eye brows.

"Lex is jealous," Nate pointed out simply, drinking his own beer.

"I am not," Alexia protested.

"Oh. My. God," Steve was saying at the same time, a huge grin spreading across his face. How had he not realized that was what was going on? Now that he did though, he couldn't help but find it funny, considering in their relationship it was always him that was jealous.

"No," Alexia shook her head, officially taking his beer to drink since she had yet to get her own. After all these years of talking him down about being jealous she certainly wasn't going to admit to it now.

"Alexia," he started off.

"I am not," she shook her head again.

"Danielle," he continued.

"Why are you middle naming me?" she asked seriously; she looked to Monica who laughed, making her smile a little.

"Moran," he finished. "You're jealous."

"Nope," she shook her head.

"After all this time," he continued. "I thought it was just me." He turned to Nate. "I've never been on the other side of this, I don't know what to say."

"May I?" Nate asked and Steve motioned for him to go ahead; Monica giggled while Alexia rolled her eyes. "I don't see what the big deal is," Nate said, quoting both Alexia and Monica when either of their guys got jealous, both men having similar personalities.

"Oh, good one," Steve nodded in agreement. "How about," he said, getting ready for another quote. "We're really just friends." Alexia playfully shoved his arm.

"You have nothing to worry about," Nate continued.

"Guys can be friends with girls without wanting anything," Steve went on.

"Why do you always assume they want to sleep with me," Nate added on.

"I love you," Steve emphasized, touching his heart dramatically. "It doesn't matter about anyone else."

"Aw," Nate said. "Why haven't I ever gotten that one?" he asked his girlfriend; now Monica was rolling her eyes.

"Are you two done?" Alexia laughed.

"You're cute when you're jealous," Steve smirked, kissing her cheek.

"Well, I must just be cute then, because I'm not jealous," Alexia insisted, finishing the beer.

"That was mine," he laughed.

"Then I'll get more," she laughed, kissing him once before heading up to the bar. She wasn't really jealous per say, she knew Steve would never cheat on her, but she didn't like how Catherine was looking at her boyfriend; maybe she was finally starting to see his side of things.

"You out too?" she heard someone saying and looked to her left to see Catherine there; perfect.

"Oh, yeah," Alexia nodded, realizing as she set the empty beer bottle on the bar.

"It is so great you got to surprise Steve for his birthday," she continued. There was a certain fakeness Alexia couldn't shake about this girl. "I know he's missed you, he talks about you a lot."

"I've missed him too," Alexia nodded with a polite smile. Wow did she just wish this girl would go away.

"It must be really hard," Catherine continued. "Being so far away from each other." She was picking at Alexia on purpose, she knew that; Lex just tried to ignore it.

"We make it work," Alexia told her.

"Right, but you're all the way in Boston, he's all the way here," she went on. "Who knows," she shrugged.

"I do," she said back.

"You're in med school though, right?" Catherine asked and Alexia nodded. "There's got to be a ton of good looking doctors up in New England," she was smirking.

"Tons," Alexia nodded, smirking back. "They're not really my type though." She stopped, picking up her and Steve's beers. "If you're interested, I'll send one your way."

"They're not really my type either," Catherine said, glancing back over at Steve.

"Ah ha," Alexia half laughed, setting down her beer. Across the bar at the booth, the other three were observing but had looked away for now.

"You really think Lex is jealous?" Steve asked Nate; to him it looked like they were just talking up at the bar.

"I'm telling you man," Nate insisted. "That's the exact look you have when-" He stopped short when they heard a loud noise. Looking over at the commotion, they saw Alexia and Catherine in a fight on the floor; both guys were up in a flash to go break it up.

"Lex, Lex, hey," Steve said, having to pry her off of his co-worker, Nate pulling Catherine back.

"OhmyGod, I think that bitch broke my nose!" Catherine was saying, blood pouring out of her nose.

"Bitch?!" Alexia snapped.

"Whoa!" Steve said, catching her around the middle to keep her from breaking something else. "Come here," he said.

"Let go of me," she protested as he nearly dragged her outside.

"Wow," Steve said, biting his lip to keep from laughing once they were outside the bar together on the sidewalk.

"What are you laughing at?" Alexia demanded, still fired up.

"Are you ok?" Steve said, continuing to stifle a laugh.

"Her stupid face hurt my hand," Alexia protested.

"Her stupid face," Steve echoed in amusement, taking her hand and looking at it. "It's not too bad, at least you remembered what I told you about making a fist." She didn't look amused. "Well, I know one thing."

"What?" she asked.

"I'll never egg you on about being jealous again," Steve teased her and she warmed up a little.

"I'm not jealous," she half protested still.

"Of course not," Steve agreed, kissing her forehead.

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