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Chapter 2 Departure and the remaining feelings

[Location Beacon Medical wing]

Jaune woke up not knowing where he was. He remembered he was fighting Cardin then everything went black.

"What happen to me" Jaune thought in his head.

"I see you are awake now" Ozpin said to Jaune as he was walking in.

"Headmaster what happened to me" Jaune asked Ozpin who was sipping his coffee

"You manage to take on a dark form and nearly killed Mr. Winchester" Ozpin replied.

"Also Mr. Winchester said something very interesting as he recovered" Ozpin said.

"What is it" Jaune asked with a worried look.

"That you cheated your way into Beacon" Ozpin replied with a stoic face.

"What he said is true sir I did lie" Jaune replied with a sad tone in his voice.

"Truth be told Mr. Arc I already knew" Ozpin said in a calm voice.

"WHAT" Jaune replied with a shocked tone.

"I kept you here because is the mass potential I see in you" Ozpin told his student.

"Headmaster I have a request" Jaune told the headmaster.

"Oh and what is it" Ozpin replied.

"I want to leave Beacon" Jaune said with a serious look.

"And the reason" Ozpin asked.

"I overheard some 'people' talking and it got me thinking of leaving" Jaune replied.

"What makes you think I won't stop you" Ozpin asked Jaune.

"By your leave or not headmaster I will leave beacon" Jaune said with a fiery look in his eye.

"I also have another request" Jaune said.

"Anw what is it?" Ozpin replied.

"I want a message to my family" Jaune replied.

"What do you want to say" Ozpin asked.

"My message is to the asshole of a father who hated me everyday you are a goddamn mother-fucking asshole who only cares about the honor in his family. Even when you locked me up in my room I still manage to escape. I know I was the black sheep in your perfect family and you didn't want the world to know about me. To my mother who gave me life I know the facade you put on was to keep me in line. I know this by the look in your eye when you see me getting beat up by my sisters the look of hate. To my sisters who always everyday abuse the HELL out of me I don't care anymore. To me all I see are demons who put on a nice face then beat me up just for Shits and Giggles . You won't have to worry about me anymore cause I won't be anywhere. I already know you disowned me when you locked me up in my room for all those years. So I say good bye and go FUCK yourselves" Jaune finished with anger in his voice.

Ozpin sat there staring at Jaune. He knew he had family problems but what he just heard was more than he expexted.

"Sir I have another thing to aske" Jaune said making Ozpin snapped out of his trance.

"And what is that" Ozpin replied.

"As far as I was concerned the only family I had was my Grandfather and he died protecting people" Jaune said with a sad tone.

"Alright is that all" Ozpin asked him.

"Also can you send them Corcea Mors for me I want to make sure they know it was me" Jaune replied.

"Alright when you get ready to leave grab the stuff in that box over there and also Mr. Arc I want you to return 2 years time to complete your training" Ozpin said as he pointed his can at a box in the corner.

Once he said that he left Jaune alone to his thoughts. After spending another day in the hospital Jaune changed his clothes, left his sword on the bed and was about to leave. Before he left he reached in his pocket and pulled out a old picture he had taken with his old 'friends', and ripped it in half as he left the room as the sun began to rise not looking back. Teams RWBY and the rest of JNPR went to the medical ward to see how Jaune is doing. When they got there they saw no one inside with the bed cleaned and no one in sight.

"Hey you don't think he left did he?" Ruby asked the group.

"We don'y anything et lets go find Ozpin maybe he knows where Jaune is' Yang replied.

The group agreed and left to find the headmaster. They later found him in his office sipping on coffee again. They then burst through the door making Ozpin spill his cup.

"Headmaster Jaune he isn't in his room and we need to find him" Ruby yelled out.

"I already know this Ms. Rose and no I don't where he is" Ozpin replied cleaning himself up.

"Then tell us why did he disappear" Yange asked Ozpin.

"He said he was tired of so called friends talking about his back and people shunning him" Ozpin replied.

When he said this all of them stiffen, and Ozpin notice this and knew he was correct.

"So did Jaune go home once he left" Pyyrah asked.

"Home what home as far as I know the Arc family has disowned him and now Mr. Arc left not knowing he can go home, but he still left anyway" Ozpin replied with some hostility in his voice.

As he said this he took out 2 slips of paper. Ruby noticed them and began to cry as it was a old picture of them they took at the 5th week of school. Yang began to hug Ruby making sure she was okay. Everyone notice the picture and began to fell a sense of regret knowing that they lost their friend and fellow leader.

Jaune's Location

Jaune was now in vale as he looked in the distance as he made his plan to move on in life and now he is free to live his life and to get stronger.

"Alright lets get going time to start a new chapter" Jaune said as he left the city marking his new life.

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