Set in Season 4 at the beginning when Gibbs "retired" and left Tony in charge of the team…

Tony is in a Conference in Germany, he's about to get back to DC after two weeks…

"Zi, can't believe I'm about to get back. I'm bored here. T."

"I am heading to the office right now. Are you back today? Z."

"Yes, you have no idea what I'm bringing you. Lol. T."

"It is not necessary Tony, just come back soon. Z."

"Oh you miss me? T."

"Gotta go Tony. See ya. Z."

After 20 minutes Ziva got involved in a car crash chasing some Mossad operatives and ends up retained in Isaerli Embassy just as a precaution.

"Zi? What the hell happened? T."

Last text of Ziva that day…

"I might be in a very big trouble. Z."