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Set in Season 7 in the episode where the mother of Layla and grandmother of Amira pay Coronel Bell to kidnap them finding out later how well were their girls and making peace with Mike Franks.

Tony was amused at the way Ziva was looking at Amira. In the immediate time they arrived she almost run to carry the girl and talk to her as if she needed so much the interaction, Ziva seemed familiar to talk to Layla also. Maybe it was about the part of the world both used to live in or because what each of them lived in there but at that moment, looked like Layla and Ziva could be friends and maybe and just maybe whenever Ziva wants to have kids, Layla would be the one she'll go for advice, help or just comfort.

Tony's POV…

What am I thinking? Ziva and kids in the same sentence? Why not? She looked so comfortable with Amira in her lap and she also looked so motherly type… Motherly type? What's wrong with me? So now am I looking for a mother? A mother of my children? Ziva? Oh God… I think I'm spending so much time at that dam bullpen… But, if I can imagine my life with Ziva, God forbid me to think about having her pregnant or having my babies… But on the other side, I can't think of any other way. I'm so screwed.

He couldn't help it, he kept thinking about it until it was midnight and even tough was very late he decided to send her a text to find out what she thinks regarding that matter, just for fun or for something else…

"Knock, knock Sweetcheeks" T.

"Hey Tony, what is going on?" Z.

"I was thinking in things" T.

"You WERE thinking. Come on Tony! It is late" Z.

"Do you ever think about your life? About what if you would have a different one?" T.

By this point, Ziva sat in her bed because he got her attention, she was trying to figure out what was up with Tony and now that she forgot how tired she was, she decided to give it a shot…

"Tony you seem preoccupied" Z.

"With all this family matter I've been thinking about me and how would be my life with my own family, I just can't picture it, I mean, I imagine how would be but don't know if it's right" T.

By then, Tony noticed how long his last text was, and at the same time seemed he wasn't saying a thing when Ziva's text came…

"What made you think all that?" Z.

"The moment I saw YOU carrying Amira in your lap and playing with her, your voice changed when you talked to her, your features softened and for a moment you seemed really happy" T.

There it was, Tony was entering in very dangerous field in there not knowing what she would think about his last text.

"Children are very sweet human beings and I don't know, some of them make my heart… how do you say it? Z.

"Melt. Some children make your heart melt. Never thought you will use such a word my ninja" T.

"Do you want kids? Z.

Plain and direct, as Ziva always was. She was afraid of what she might be transmitting to Tony but at the same time she was curious and even Tony could lie to her about it just to escape from the real answer he decided not to…

"Today, I felt like I do, thanks to you. Goodnight Sweetcheecks, we'll have plenty of time to talk about this, ok?" T.

He didn't know if it was advisable to keep up with the conversation, but for now there was a kind of promise to explore that topic with his best friend, his buddy and the woman that takes his thoughts every single day.

On the other side of the line or better said of the text a surprised Ziva kept reading the last text over and over, she didn't know how to answer it just when she was about to go to bed sleepless she decided to answer:

"We will! Goodnight my hairy butt" Z.