By Starzki

Chapter 1: Fire


The shock of the impact of the man's fist against Sousuke's cheekbone sent a small wave of pain through his head. Amateur, Sousuke thought, It won't even leave a mark.

The glorified pencil pusher asked him again, "What brings you here? I will strike you again if you remain silent!" Sousuke said nothing but strained against the bindings on his wrists behind his back. They were loose, but managed to keep the young man immobile in the chair.

The situation would have almost been laughable if Kaname were not similarly bound across the room from him. Her hands were secured to the arms of her chair and her mouth was gagged. Her eyes leaked tears in horror at the treatment Sousuke was getting.

Not wanting to draw attention to his girlfriend, but wanting to let her know he was all right, he grinned at the man who was attempting to torture him into spilling his secrets. The man hit him again.

"You may have cut off our communications, but Anton will be here shortly," the man said in Russian, rubbing his knuckles. "Trust me, you would much prefer to have me asking the questions than him."

Sousuke looked his questioner in the eye and stubbornly remained silent. The office worker-turned-interrogator only shrugged and punched him again, this time with his left fist.

Just then, the door banged open. Sousuke saw Kaname jump and his eyes darted to the large man silhouetted in the doorway. "Leave us," the newcomer said in Russian. The man who had been ineffectually punching Sousuke left without a word.

This must be Anton, Sousuke thought.

Anton took his time sizing up the two bound captives in the room. Then he strode in toward the table that separated Sousuke and Kaname and slammed a large hunting knife deep into the wood of the table.

"You will talk," Anton said simply.

"I don't care what you do to me…" Sousuke answered in Russian, the words rusty in his throat.

This earned a laugh from Anton. "I will do nothing to you," he said lighting a cigarette and puffing on it deeply. Sousuke regarded the orange-red glow of the end of the cigarette, then felt his stomach drop as Anton turned to Kaname.

"You don't talk, she will hurt." Anton sat in the middle chair at the table and turned to face Kaname. He then took the cigarette out of his mouth and buried the lit end on Kaname's bound forearm.

Her eyes went wide and fearful, and Sousuke saw her bite down on her scream. Sousuke jumped against the bindings in his chair, feeling some give.

"I have ten more cigarettes. Then, knife." Anton said, sounding bored. He threw the cigarette to the ground and reached into his breast pocket for his pack of cigarettes. "Why are you at Noz?" Anton turned to look over his shoulder at Sousuke, waiting for an answer.

Sousuke felt satisfaction in seeing Anton's eyes go wide as he realized Sousuke's hand was wrapping around the handle of the hunting knife impaled in the table.


Author's Note: I wrote this story this summer for SouKana Week 2015 on tumblr. I wrote a chapter for each day, the prompt of that day was the chapter's title. I'm posting without major edits, but know that this whole story was written in a week, so please forgive any mistakes you see. It was a fun process, but I'm not sure how this story (and the next 6 chapters) truly turned out. I'm always happy for feedback.