By Starzki

Chapter 7: Gift


Kaname's head was still buzzing as she buttoned her pants closed. Even though having sex with Sousuke in the middle of a mission was probably a bad idea, at the very least it was unprofessional, she couldn't bring herself to regret it.

Also, if it had truly been a bad idea, Sousuke would have nixed it and ignored her arousal, right?

He had been much more efficient at righting his clothes, probably because he didn't have to deal with fixing a bra back into place. His cheeks still blushed, though and Kaname smiled as she watched him go back to his side of the room to continue his search.

She turned her attention to the drawer he had just pried open. It was stuffed with files. These files were definitely different than the ones she had seen so far.

All of them were labeled with numbers. They weren't years. In fact, most looked like coordinates. She thumbed through them quickly. There were batches of red files, blue files, and green files. None seemed to contain the information that they needed.

Her attention was arrested by one file that had almost been hidden between two much fatter files. This was the sole orange file in the drawer. She looked at the tab. It said "1984-1986." This was it.

She pulled it and immediately opened it and surveyed the contents. It mostly held what looked like internal memos, but it was in Russian, so she couldn't make out much. In the back, there was an envelope. She opened it and looked inside. She stifled her gasp.

There were about a dozen black and white photos of children. The children all had weapons of some kind. Many had guns, but some had knives and machetes. It looked as though the children were being forced to fight one another. In more than one, there were children who were dead or dying. Kaname's heart broke. Some were so young, barely out of the toddler stage. The last picture was the worse. It was a picture of Sousuke. He couldn't have been more than five years old. His face was bloody and his eyes were blank and soulless.

Kaname stuffed the pictures back in the envelope. She felt as though she had invaded a part of Sousuke's life. He had told her about Noz long before, but this physical evidence made the horror all too real. She respected Sousuke so much more for his ability to survive such circumstances and still be the kind, gentle man he turned into.

"Sousuke, I have something for you."

"You find it?"

"Yeah. We're done. We can go home now."

"Good. It's twenty minutes until the rendezvous. We'll make our way over there now."

Kaname crossed the room and presented the file to him. He stuffed it into his jacket without looking at it further. "Hey, Sousuke?"

He turned to her and she reached up and cupped his face. She stood on her tiptoes and gave him a gentle kiss on his mouth. He gave a small smile and suddenly turned to look out the window. An approaching engine had startled him.

"We've got some trouble, Kaname. Will you be okay?"

"As long as you're with me, I will be," she promised.


Authors Note: This fic will be a series of mostly-out-of-order short chapters written for SouKana week 2015. This chapter was written for Day 7′s prompt, Gift. Also, I know it says "to be continued," but this is the end of the story. I wrote that because the plot isn't over, we've dealt with what happens next in previous chapters, but the story is finished.