Fandom(s): Crossover – Harry Potter and Hawaii Five-0
Pairing(s): Danny "Danno" Williams/Helene Potter
Warning(s): alternate universe; female!Harry (Helene); het; mild bashing of Rachel Edwards; mentions of terrorism, murder, and torture; mentions of off-screen character deaths; mild sexual contact; mentions of sexual situations; and messed up timelines

Summary: Teddy met Grace, leading Helene to meet Danny.

Shine Bright

Helene Potter laughed as she watched Teddy chasing Rose and Daisy around the beach. All three of them wore large smiles and they were laughing together. Teddy was chasing Rose and Daisy as "revenge" for dunking him in the water.

Knowing her children were safe, Helene leaned back and stretched out on her chair. The idea behind today's visit to the beach was to relax. Things had been stressful the last few years. Now a year after their move to Honolulu, Hawaii, things were starting to settle down.

Just as she was comfortable, Helene's cell phone rang. She sighed, sitting up to grab the device. With a glance at the screen, she had a face of distaste before answering. It was Rachel Edwards, Teddy's friend Grace's mother. Helene and Rachel didn't get along the best.

"Morning Rachel," Helene said, her eyes finding her children playing near the waves.

"Can you take Grace for the day?" Rachel asked without a greeting.

"Yeah," Helene replied. "I can pick her up in twenty. Have her pack a swimsuit."

Rachel and Helene exchanged a few more words before hanging up. Helene stood up and placed the phone in the back pocket of her yellow short shorts. She folded up her chair and grabbed her bags before waving the children over. Daisy reached her first followed closely by Rose and Teddy.

"How do you guys feel about spending the day with Grace?" she asked. Helene already knew the answer.

Teddy smiled while Daisy squealed and Rose cheered.

Helene laughed. "Get your things," she told them, "we need to go pick her up."

Teddy, Rose, and Daisy quickly gathered their things while Helene slid her feet into her yellow sandals. Once they had everything, Helene followed behind her children as they ran to her red Honda CRV. Helene opened the trunk and placed her chair and her blue beach bag in there as her children stuffed their things in. Teddy closed the trunk as Helene helped Rose and Daisy into their seats. The pair had outgrown their car-seats a month ago.

Once the girls were taken care of, Helene joined Teddy in the front seat. The drive from the beach to the Edwards' wasn't long. Helene punched in the gate code and pulled into the driveway. While Helene wouldn't consider herself and Rachel friends, their children were.

Rachel had the door open before Helene was even there, and she could feel Rachel's eyes inspect her outfit: a see-through white tank over a blue, yellow and white bikini top with a pair of short yellow shorts with the blue bikini bottoms visible.

"She'll be right out," Rachel said, her smile forced.

Behind her dark sunglasses, Helene rolled her eyes. She returned Rachel's forced smile.

Grace came running out a moment later. She paused long enough to give her mother a hug and greet Helene before racing to the CRV. Helene waved to Rachel before following Grace.

A few moments later, Helene was pulling out the Edwards' driveway. There was silence for a minute before Grace started talking with Daisy and Rose.

"Where do you wanna for lunch?" Helene asked, glancing in the rearview mirror.

"The Shrimp Truck," Grace answered with a smile. She loved going there. It probably had something her Danno and his team eating there regularly.

Teddy, Rose, and Daisy agreed. Teddy loved The Shrimp Truck while Daisy and Rose wanted to go because Grace wanted to go there.

"The Shrimp Truck it is," Helene said, shaking her head. Why she bothered asking was beyond her. Whenever Grace was with them, which seemed to becoming increasingly often, they ate at either The Shrimp Truck or Wailoa Shaved Ice.

The drive to The Shrimp Truck wasn't long. Helene parked and the children rushed out of the car. She watched Grace look around before her shoulders slumped. It would be appear that her dad, Danny Williams, wasn't here again.

Helene had yet to meet Grace's Danno, but he sounded like a great guy. He moved from New Jersey to Honolulu so he could see Grace – and he stayed, despite the fact that he hated the island. He was detective on the Hawaii 5-0 Task Force. He tried to spend as much time with Grace as possible, and he was a loving father.

She climbed out the car with a purse before walking over to the line. There wasn't much of a line today, and Helene only had to wait ten minutes.

"Afternoon, cousin," Helene said, smiling the trunk owner, Kamekona.

"Afternoon, cous," he said with a smile and a wink. "What can I get you?" he asked.

"Garlic shrimp and a Sprite, please," Grace answered with a smile.

"Shrimp Kabobs and a passion orange," replied Teddy.

"One shrimp fried rice and two lemon-butter shrimp with an orange soda, an iced tea, and water," Helene added.

Kamekona scribbled all of the orders down.

Before he could give the total, Helene handed over her credit card and shoved a five into the tup jar.

While they waited for their food, the children ran around the area and played with Helene watching over them. Grace squealed and raced pass Helene, over to a man with brown hair and dark eyes, and a muscular build. There was a badge and a gun on his hip.

Helene followed Grace.

"Uncle Steve," Grace said, running into his arm.

The man, Steve, picked her up and said, "Gracie."

Helene assumed this was Grace's dad's boss and partner, Steve McGarrett. Still, Helene continued to approach the pair while keeping an eye on her children.

"Uncle Steve," Grace said with a smile, catching sight of Helene, "this is Helene, Teddy's mom."

Helene ignored being called Teddy's mom, and she didn't bother to correct Grace. Most people called her Teddy's mom because they looked alike with dark hair and Teddy did call her mom, sometimes. People did know she was actually Teddy's godmother and legal guardian, but it was simply easier to call her Teddy's mom. The same held true with Rose and Daisy.

Steve looked her over narrowed eyes.

She was used to that look. She looked too young to have a ten year-old. "Helene Potter," she said, holding her hand out.

"Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett," he said, shifting Grace as he shook Helene's hand.

Helene raised an eyebrow at the use of his title, but she didn't say anything.

"Is my dad coming?" Grace asked, stealing Steve's attention.

He glanced over at her, taking in her hopeful eyes. "He will be," he promised with a smile. Danny was back at the office working on a report, but he would drop it to spend time with Grace. Steve offered Grace a smile before setting her down. He pulled out his cell phone and walked off to make a call.

With a larger smile, Grace ran back over to her friends and she resumed playing with Teddy, Rose, and Daisy. Helene stole a glance at Steve before claiming one of the larger tables. She had a feeling they would need the space.

A moment later, Steve sat down across from her. He kept glancing at Helene from the corner of his eye. He probably wanted to "talk" to her, but he was waiting for Danny to arrive before beginning the interrogation.

Kamekona brought their orders to the table, including Steve's and a few others.

Helene offered Kamekona a smile before whistling, the signal to her children. They knew that meant to hurry over. They ran over with Grace. The children quickly arranged themselves around the table. Daisy was seated next to Rose, who was next to Grace. Grace pulled over the other order of garlic shrimp, probably saving it for her dad. Teddy sat next to Daisy. Somehow, Helene ended up with an empty spot on either side of her, but Steve moved to take one.

The group started to eat with a small conversation flowing. Teddy, Rose, and Daisy were asking Steve questions about the island and his job. Grace joined in the conversation.

Five minutes later, three more people joined them. A blonde man Helene recognized as Danny, and he was short – not that Helene had much room to talk since she was five foot one inch. There was a Hawaiian woman with long black hair, and a Hawaiian man with black hair and a frown.

Grace jumped up and raced over to her dad before pulling him to the table. Everyone quickly took a seat, and it was a tight fit. Danny was next to his daughter and the Hawaiian man, and the Hawaiian woman took the spot next to Helene.

"Dad, that's Daisy, that's Rose, that's Teddy, and that's their mom, Helene," Grace said, pointing to everyone.

Helene offered Danny and the two strangers – who were probably Kono Kalakaua and Chin Ho Kelly – a wave and a smile.

Introductions were made before everyone turned to their food. It was crowded around the table, but no one complained.

"Where are you from?" Steve asked, taking a bite of his shrimp.

"London," Helene answered. She knew this interrogation was coming. "I was born in Wales, grew up in Surrey, attended a private boarding school in the Scottish Highlands, and I spent most of my adult life in London."

Questions came from all four cops, and Helene answered most of them. Teddy, Rose, and Daisy were able to answer a few. Final, one of the questions Helene was dreading came.

"Why did you move here?" Danny asked.

Helene sat her fork down and she glanced over at her children. They were busy talking to Grace. They remembered why they moved, but they didn't know all of the details and Helene didn't like talking about it around them.

"The terrorist attacks," she replied. As far the Muggle World knew, everything that was magical that bleed over into the Muggle World was labeled a terrorist attack. There were a number of them over the years.

That caught the cops off guard. A look of pity crossed Danny's and Kono's face.

The subject was changed, but the cops continued to interrogate Helene.

After lunch, Danny took the rest of the day off and went with Helene and the children to the beach. After an afternoon at the beach, Danny took Grace to dinner while Helen took her children home.


There were a lot of reasons to leave England, and there weren't many to stay. Everyone was dead – while pretty much everyone was dead. For Teddy, it started with his parents. Tonks and Remus Lupin died during the Battle of Hogwarts when they were murdered by Death Eaters. Ted Tonks, Teddy's grandfather, had been killed during the Muggle-born Registration Commission. Andromeda Tonks was killed in a post-war attack on Diagon Alley.

After the Battle of Hogwarts, everyone had foolish believed the war was over. The Ministry of Magic had declared it was over, and everyone believed them. After all, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was dead, killed by Helene Potter. Therefore there was no further danger.

Five months passed before the attacks started. In those months, Helene took her NEWTs and enrolled in the Auror Academy with Ron and Neville. The first few attacks were virtually unnoticed. The first large attack happened at Diagon Alley on Halloween. Andromeda was visiting the Alley that day, and she was among the causalities.

After Andromeda's death, Helene quickly took custody of Teddy. He didn't have any family left. The Malfoys' refused to acknowledge his existence, even if he was the Black heir through Helene. With Teddy to look after, Helene decided to drop out of the Auror Academy. She had other duties – duties she deemed for important.

Helene raised Teddy with assistance from Mrs. Weasley, who saw Teddy as a grandson. Through spending time with Mrs. Weasley, Helene found she had a passion for cooking. She grew up cooking for the Dursleys, which she hadn't enjoyed. But she found enjoyment in cooking for herself and others – cooking what she wanted, not what she was ordered to make.

The attacks happened randomly. The timing was random, some attacks happened days apart and others happened months apart. In between the attacks, life went on. Kreature got older, and Helene hired Winky to replace him.

Around Teddy's fourth birthday, Ron and Hermione got married and they announced the upcoming arrival of their first child. Rose Josephine Weasley was born on the fourteenth of September. Helene was named the godmother and Neville was the godfather.

A little over a year after Rose's birth, Helene received a letter from her cousin, Dudley. He needed to see her. They met on a snowy Saturday in December. Dudley was dying, he had cancer and treatment wasn't going well. He wanted Helene to take his daughter, Daisy Margaret Dursley. She took after Helene and Aunt Lily in having magic, and Dudley didn't want his daughter to end up with his parents. The adoption was finalized two months before Dudley's death.

Everything started to follow apart before Rose's fourth birthday. Helene looked after Rose during the day, while Ron and Hermione worked. Ron was an auror and Hermione was employed at the Ministry. Hermione died in an attack on the Ministry, it was the same attack that killed the Minister, Kingsley Shacklebolt.

Ron and most of his family died in an attack two weeks later. Mrs. Weasley was hosting a family dinner when The Burrow was attacked. Helene was at the movies with Teddy, Daisy, and Rose when the attack happened. Apart from Rose, the only surviving Weasleys were Bill and his family. Last Helene heard, they changed their names and they lived with Fleur's family.

After the attack on The Burrow, Rose was taken by the Ministry. Helene was refused custody because she was a single woman. To be granted custody, she needed to marry. So, Helene planned. She packed their belongings and arranged to leave the country, headed to the United States. The night before they left, Winky kidnap Rose in the middle of the night. Within a few hours, Helene and her children left the country.

She got asylum in the United States, and she quickly decided to live in Honolulu, Hawaii. It was the furthest she could get from England, and the weather was opposite. The first few months, they lived at the Hilton. Things were stressful the first few weeks. Everyone was sunburnt and feeling sick. Teddy, Rose, and Daisy were having a tough time at school. Helene was trying to find a house and get all the paperwork sorted. Things started to improve when Teddy befriended Grace Williams.

After two and a half months, Helene found a nice two-story house with a basement and nice yard. It was on the market three months, and Helene got the place at list-price. Helene and her children moved in two weeks later. Thanks to Winky, the house was set up and dinner was waiting.


Helene growled as she tossed her cell phone onto the passenger seat. Rachel was up to something. Helene certain of that much. It was Friday, and Helene knew it was Danny's weekend with Grace. Grace had been talking about it most of the week.

Whatever was going on, Helene wanted out of the middle. She liked Danny, and she hated seeing him go through whatever this was with Rachel. Helene started her CRV and headed to the school to pick up her children and Grace.

Luckily, Helene had Danny's number. She planned to call him after getting the children from school. If he still planned on having Grace for the weekend, Helene had no trouble lying to Rachel.

When she arrived to the school, Helene climbed out of her car and walked towards the school with a group of parents. She smiled and waved at a few. Most of the mothers were in Rachel's circle of friends, and she knew they tended to gossip about everything. She hoped to avoid being the center of gossip.

Helene stood in the hallway, waiting for the children. The bell rang, and the hallways filled with noise. Students came walking and running. Some found their parents, others headed for the bus, and the rest headed outside.

Teddy and Grace were in the same class. They both rushed over to Helene. Teddy gave her a hug before heading off to find Rose and Daisy. He was a good older brother.

"Grace," Helene called out before the young girl could run off to find either of her parents, "your mother called and she asked me to watch you this weekend."

Grace's face fell and she turned away as she crossed her arms.

Helene took a deep breath and balled her hands into fists. She really hated being in the middle of the Rachel Edwards and Danny Williams drama. Grace had it worse though. Grace adored her dad and she wanted to spend time with him, but Rachel wanted to limit that.

Teddy, Rose, and Daisy joined them a moment later. The group headed out to the CRV with Helene carrying Grace's overnight bag. The schoolbags and the overnight bag went into the trunk before everyone piled into the car.

Helene drove them to a small cafe a few blocks away from the Hawaii 5-0 Task Force Headquarters. Grace didn't know how close it was to her dad's office, and Helene had no intensions of telling her. It was Friday and there was no school on Monday. Helene searched online for an hour before she finally had an idea.

She left the children at the table. Teddy and Grace were working on their homework and they were helping Rose and Daisy with theirs as they munched on pastries. Rose and Daisy didn't need the help, but they liked the attention. With one last glance at the children, Helene wondered outside and pulled out her cell phone and she dialed Danny's work phone.

"Williams," he answered after the second ring.

"Danny, it's Helene," she said, glancing through the window to check on the children. They were fine, like they were a moment ago.

"Hi Helene," he said, his voice tense.

"I'm guessing you spoke to Rachel," she stated. While she and Danny weren't close, they were friendly. There was a small underlying tension between them, but not enough to explain Danny's voice tone.

"Yeah," Danny answered, "she told me that Grace wanted to spend the weekend with you."

Helene rolled her eyes. That sounded like Rachel. "Funny, she told me that you were too busy for Grace this weekend," Helene said. "I was planning to take my kids to Maui as a surprise," she said. It was a recent idea, about thirty minutes old. "I wanted to extend an invitation to you to join us. We're leaving this evening."

They spoke for a little longer, working out some of the details. Helene had a two-room suit paid for and a few activities planned. They were meeting up and leaving from the airport together, it was as much a surprise to Grace as Teddy, Rose, and Daisy.

"I'll see you then," Helene said before hanging up. She turned and entered the building, rejoining Teddy, Rose, Daisy, and Grace.

They stayed at the cafe a little long before climbing back into the CRV. Helene drove them home, where she instructed Teddy, Rose, and Daisy to pack a bag for the weekend. The three looked thrilled to learn they were going on vacation and ran off to pack with Grace trailing after them.

With the children districted, Helene dashed up to her room. She pulled out a small suitcase and started tearing through her closet. When she found something she like, she threw it on her bed, missing the suitcase. Once she selected her clothes and shoes, she folded and neatly packed everything in her suitcase. She added a few things before zipping the suitcase up. When she turned around, the clothes and shoes were cleaned up. Helene smiled, she grabbed the suitcase and left the room.

Downstairs, she packed several things into another bag, including their passports and her collection in chargers. Helene checked over her purse, double checking she had everything. Teddy, Rose, Daisy, and Grace came downstairs. Each of Helene's children had their suitcases packed and another bag in hand. Without her prompting, Teddy, Daisy, and Rose took their homework out of their schoolbags and stuck them in their other bags.

"Grab something to eat," Helene told the children as she grabbed two of the four suitcase. She took them outside and loaded them into her trunk before returning for the other suitcases.

The flight she booked was leaving at seven. Helene planned to meet Danny at the airport at six and check-in together. It was a short flight.

When Helene entered the kitchen, she found the children around the bowl of grapes and munching on them. Helene smiled and grabbed an apple. They spent a few minutes in the kitchen, talking and eating. Teddy, Grace, Rose, and Daisy tried to pry the surprise, or any information, out of Helene, but she wasn't sharing.

After eating, the group piled into the CRV and took off to the airport. Helene parked, and everyone collected their luggage. The walk from the parking lot to the airport wasn't long. When they neared the Hawaiian Airlines counter, Helene noticed Danny wasn't waiting for them. She checked her phone and didn't see any messages.

Helene got in line. They waited a few minutes before Danny arrived. The moment Grace had spotted him, she dropped her bags and ran towards him. Danny picked her up and laughed. They exchanged a few words before joining Helene, Daisy, Teddy, and Rose in line.


The flight was short and they rented an SUV before driving to the Four Seasons Maui at Wailea. The car was taken by the valet and their bags were unloaded. Check-in went smoothly, and the hell-hop took up to their room. Soon, they got settled for the night.

The four children were sharing one of the rooms. There were two full-beds and a trundle set up. There were two sections to it: the first had the two beds with a nightstand and a dresser, and the second was the long hallway-like area that led to the closet. That space was long and wide, and where the trundle bed was set up. Rose and Daisy shared one of the beds, leaving the second for Grace, and Teddy took the trundle bed.

The second room was the master suite with a large king-sized bed, two nightstands with a lamp, a television on top of the dresser, and a full bathroom attached. Danny decided to take the couch.


Saturday started with Teddy, Rose, Daisy, and Grace jumping on Helene's bed to wake her up. The four children giggled while Danny looked on from the doorway. An hour later, they were headed out of the suite and to a local restaurant for breakfast. They were seated outside and after ordering, the children ran around, playing with some other children. Danny and Helene were left at the table.

"Why Maui?" Danny asked, taking a sip of the iced water in front of him.

Helene shrugged. "We moved to Honolulu about a year ago," she explained. "I haven't seen much outside the United Kingdom, and I guess I want Teddy, Daisy, and Rose to get experiences I didn't."

Danny nodded, taking another sip of his water.

Glancing over at the children, Helene kicked her legs up onto Rose's chairs. She stretched her legs out and got comfortable. She leaned back in her chair and quickly got relaxed.

"What islands have you seen?" Helene asked, glancing over at Danny.

He though a moment before answering, "Oahu, Hawaii, and Maui."

Helene nodded, not saying anything.

Silence fell between them until the waister brought their food, which brought the children back to the table.


The day passed quickly. They spent the day doing a bunch of tourist attractions. They went to the Maui Ocean Center where they walked around and through the acrylic tunnel, and looked at the 750,000-gallon tank that surrounded them. Rose had fun learning about the different fish and mammals. Her favorite was the humpback whale.

After the Maui Ocean Center, they stopped by a local diner for lunch. They spent lunch discussing what they wanted to do. Teddy wanted to go snorkeling, Rose wanted to go whale watching, and Daisy wanted to visit historical sites. All Grace wanted to do was spend time with her dad. Helene wanted to visit a beach or two.

Helene and Danny decided to take the children on the Sugar-Cane Train. The Sugar-Cane Train was a genuine 1890s train, and it rode along the Lahaina-Kaanapali Railroad. The train went passed some of the historic Lahaina town, the resorts and beaches of Kaanapali, and there were some humpback whales frolicking in the Pacific Ocean.

They split up for the evening. Danny and Grace took the SUV to go off and do something. Helene, Rose, Teddy, and Daisy had fun at the resorts. They spent sometime at the pool before checking out some other things. They ate dinner in one of the resort restaurants and spent the evening watching television.


They started off Sunday by grabbing something quick to eat before piling into the SUV and driving to Hana in East Maui. Visiting Hana was like stepping back in time. It was undeveloped and pristine. There was a sense of tradition in the air. Everyone had a good time. Daisy got to visit a historical site and Rose loved learning about the history behind it. Teddy and Grace decided it would be perfect for a group project while Helene took a bunch of pictures and Danny had fun with Grace. Before leaving, they grabbed a quick bite to eat.

From Hana, they went to Hana Beach Park. When they got to the beach, Helene laid out her beach towel before taking her tank top, shorts, and sandals off. She ran into the waves with Teddy, Grace, and Rose. Danny and Daisy stayed on the beach.

After playing in the waves and swimming around a little, Helene came back onto the shore. There was a lifeguard keeping an eye on people in the water and Danny was watching them. Helene had taken extra precautions by placing charms on each of the children.

She grabbed her sunglass as she settled onto her towel. She laid back onto it, and stretched out. If she wanted to, she could use a Drying Charm to dry herself off, but Helene wanted to kicked back and relax. This also allowed her to tan her pale skin.

As she relaxed, Helene heard laughter. She didn't think anything of it since Teddy, Rose, Daisy, and Grace always laughed when they were at the beach. What she didn't expect was to be dosed with warm water. When the water hit, Helene leapt into the sitting-position and she glared at the giggling children. Before any of them knew it, she was up and off of her towel, chasing after them.

Danny, who avoided getting wet, laughed as he watched Helene chase after her children and his daughter. Eventually, she got them back into the ocean and she started a splashing war. While the four children ganged up against Helene, she was able to turn them against each other a few times. The whole time they swam around and splashed each other, laughing all the while.

An hour later, Helene left the ocean with the children close behind her. Helene laid down on her towel for a few minutes, letting the sun and a few silent Drying Charms do their work on drying her off. When she was dry enough, Helene got up and she pulled on her denim shorts over her poke-a-dot bikini bottoms.

Rose, Teddy, Grace, and Daisy convinced Danny to help them build a sandcastle. Helene observed them for a little before joining in. Together the group spent around an hour working on the sandcastle and turning it into a masterpiece.

"It's the Williams-Potter Castle," Teddy declared as he placed a shell on top of the highest tower.

Rose and Daisy nodded.

Helene felt something warm in her heart and she smiled at her children. Maybe she would look into changing their last names or something. They were a family – like how the Weasley and Sirius were her family when she was a teenager. Helene was the parent Teddy, Rose, and Daisy knew and were use to. Teddy didn't remember his grandmother, let alone his parents. Both Rose and Daisy did have memories of their parents, but they were few and some were starting to fade.

Grace smiled at her friends and didn't comment. She probably knew Teddy, Rose, and Daisy considered themselves Potters.

Once they finished the sandcastle and took a number of pictures, the group prepared to leave the beach. Helene pulled her tank top and sandals back on as she headed to the SUV.

They returned to the resort, and Helene ordered takeout from a local restaurant recommended by the concierge. The group ate on the small balcony overlooking the beach and the pool.

The children went to bed, and Helene found herself drinking on the balcony with Danny. They talked, mostly getting to know one another better. Eventually the terrorist attacks came up. Danny told Helene about September 11, 2001, when he lost his partner, Detective Grace Tillwell.

"Is your Grace named after her?" Helene asked.

Danny nodded, "Grace Mary Williams."

Helene took another sip of her wine. "I plan to name my kids after my parents or my godfather or my best friends."

Danny looked at her. He didn't remember Grace mentioning anything about Helene's parents, and Helene spoke of them in the past tense, so he was willing to guess they were dead. "How'd your parents died?"

"They were murdered when I was fifteen-months," she said, omitting several of the details.

"Who was it?" Danny asked.

"The Death Eaters." The name carried over into the Muggle World, but the Death Eaters were classified as a terrorist cult or something.

"I thought that was group from a few years ago?"

Helene nodded. "They're the same."

Silence fell between them.


Monday morning found Helene waking up with a hangover and company in her bed. She remembered most of the night before and she knew she didn't have sex with Danny. Something had changed between them last night. There was a new understanding between them or something. Helene found that she didn't mind. Whatever tension used to exist between them was gone.

Helene rolled out of bed, and she randomly grabbed some clothes before entering the bathroom. She took a quick shower before getting dressed in a pair of shorts and a tank top. When she returned to the room, she found Danny was slowly waking up. Helene pulled on a pair of sandals and she braided her hair. Finished, she went to check on the children. Helene found Teddy was awake and packing his bag while Grace was the bathroom and Rose and Daisy were sound asleep. Since it was their last day in Maui, there wasn't much planned. They were visiting another beach, and they would wonder around to do some shopping. Their flight left at six.

Helene and Danny spent the day trailing after the children as they moved from shop to shop. At some point, they found an arcade. Grace led Daisy, Rose, and Teddy through every game and collected the tickets. The tickets were divided up evenly between the four before they picked their prizes. Teddy got a slinky, Rose got some candy and a stuffed bunny, Daisy got a necklace and a stuffed cat, and Grace got a picture frame.

Before heading to the airport, the group stopped off at a cage and bought something to eat. Their time at the Maui airport was short, and the flight was short as well. They grabbed a light dinner together before Helene returned Grace to her mother. She would have preferred to let Danny do it, but it was best if Helene did it.

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