Fandom(s): Crossover – Harry Potter and Hawaii Five-0
Pairing(s): Danny "Danno" Williams/Helene Potter
Warning(s): alternate universe; female!Harry (Helene); het; mild bashing of Rachel Edwards; mentions of terrorism, murder, and torture; mentions of off-screen character deaths; mild sexual contact; mentions of sexual situations; and messed up timelines

Summary: Teddy met Grace, leading Helene to meet Danny.

Shine Bright

Before Helen knew it, December had started. Christmas and New Years were a few weeks away. She had seen very little of Grace lately. Grace was busy helping Rachel and Stan, her stepfather, prepare for the arrival of their child. The child was schedule to born sometime in late-January to early-February. When she wasn't with the Edwards, Grace was spending time with Danny.

Surprisingly, Helene saw a fair amount of Danny during this time. Whenever they crossed paths, they had lunch together. Helene didn't bother to mention anything to Teddy, Rose, and Daisy about it.

Most of December passed with Helene at home or at the courthouse. It was a spur of the moment decision, but Helene decided it was time to official adopt each child into her family by giving them her last name for Christmas. It was a long and boring process. While she was at the courthouse, Helene ran into Danny and the rest of the Five-Oh team a few times. That was when she met Lori Weston, the only member of the Task Force she hadn't met.

It was over lunch with the team when the question finally came up. Why did she want Teddy, Rose, and Daisy to have her last name? Helene couldn't remember who asked, freezing up at the question.

"I know they want my last name," she told the team with a shrug. She had seen each of her children write their names as Teddy Potter, Rose Potter, and Daisy Potter.

"Why did you give them their fathers' names?" Kono asked.

"They came with them," Helene answered. That was a stupid question. Teddy, Rose, and Daisy had last names when she adopted each of them. At the time of the adoption, she didn't bother giving any of them her name.

Honestly, the idea had never occurred to her. While Helene saw each of them as her children, she also saw them as the children of her friends and family. No matter what, Teddy would always be the son of Tonks and Remus Lupin. He was as much their son as he was Helene's. She saw Rose and Daisy the same way.

She was met with multiple sets of confused eyes.

Helene sighed, rolling her eyes. Surely this information would have come up in the background check someone had ran on her. "I'm their godmother," she explained. "I adopted Teddy when I was nineteen, Daisy when I was twenty-four, and Rose last year. They came with last names, and I dind't want to change them. Teddy's dad was a friend of my parents, Daisy was the daughter of my cousin, and Rose's parents were my best friends."

Reaching out, Danny squeezed her hand. The action was noticed by his team members, which resulted in a change of subject.

Two days later, Helene's mission was accomplished, a week early. The new paperwork was accompanied by a letter signed by Governor Denning. Helene smiled as she wrapped the presents, knowing Steve and Danny had done something to speed up the process.

For the time being, Helene simply added Potter to the end of each child's name. When they were older, Teddy, Daisy, and Rose had the option to hyphenate.

After she finished wrapping the presents, Helene decided to bake the Task Force and the Honolulu Police Department several dozen cookies.


After all of the presents were opened, Helene gave Teddy, Rose, and Daisy a final gift. Each child had a framed copy of their birth certificate and a new passport. At first, none of them noticed the addition of Potter, so they didn't understand the meaning of the gift. Rose spotted it after a few minutes when she opened her passport. Her eyes widened at the sight of Rose Helene Weasley Potter. She squealed, leaping up to hug Helene. Teddy noticed it next and he happily showed his to Daisy as Edward Remus Lupin Potter. Daisy was thrilled with her own Daisy Valerie Dursley Potter.

The day after Christmas marked the beginning of Teddy's magical education – and to some extension that of Rose's and Daisy's. Helene planned to teach them all potions, but Daisy and Rose would start at a slower pace. Teddy had some training. He knew how to handle a knife, and Helene had taught him different cutting and dicing techniques, which Rose and Daisy needed to learn.


The following weeks passed quickly. The days were blur of teaching the children about potions, teaching Teddy magical theories and beginning easy spell work, taking photographs of this and that around the island, and attending various events around the island.

New Years came and went. Helene stayed up with Rose, Daisy, and Teddy to watch the ball drop in New York City, and she decided to write down her resolution for the year. It was nothing big, but hopefully it would help her feel less restless. She wanted to get a job of some kind, maybe either in cooking or photography. In her spare time, Helene decided to start a blog, detailing things about the island.

When the children returned to school, Helene took the time to look for a job and focus on her photography. It started as a hobby back in London. It was a way to get outside and walk around, documenting the things around her. Overtime, her skills in photography had developed. As her skills improved, she bought a better camera.

Within a week, Helene found a job at a small, local bakery. The owner had sought her out.


"My husband has nothing but good things to say about you," Ailani Kalakaua declared, cornering Helene in the HPD break room when Helene was delivering her weekly baked goods. This week Helene's delivery included her pineapple cupcakes.

Helene watched with wide eyes as the woman finished her cupcake.

Ailani smiled. "You're hired!" she declared, looking at Helene with narrowed eyes, as if daring the young woman to question her decision.

"Who are you, again?" Helene asked. The woman had briefly introduced herself as Ailani.

"Ailani," the woman replied. "What time can you start on Monday?"

"Around nine?" Helene replied. She dropped Teddy, Rose, and Daisy off for school at eight.

"Perfect," Ailani nodded, she thrusted her business card into Helene's hands. "You'll need to come by Friday, so we can fill out your paperwork." Reaching into her pocket, she grabbed her cell phone. "What's your number, sweetie?"

At the sight of the woman's grin full of teeth, Helene quickly answered all the questions she had. It seemed like the least painful option – if there even was an option. Helene had feeling there was only one option, and it was to work for this strange lady.


After she started working at Flavors of Kalakaua, Helene started to find a routine to her days. Every morning, she would wake up before making lunches and breakfast. At seven, the children would run into the kitchen, dressed in their uniforms, to eat. Within thirty minutes, Helene was backing out of the driveway, headed to the school.

When she was done dropping the children off, Helene would grab a cup of coffee before heading to the bakery. Most mornings, she arrived a quarter before nine. Upon her arrival, Helene would get to work on preparing whatever Ailani needed.

At four o'clock, Helene would leave the bakery to pick up the children, who were enrolled in after school programs. Rose and Daisy were taking an art class and Teddy was in swimming lessons. When she got home, Helene would find dinner waiting, thanks to Winky.

After dinner, Helene would watch as Daisy, Rose, and Teddy did their homework while she worked on lesson plans or wrote something for her blog. When homework was done, Daisy and Rose had an hour and a half before bed, and Teddy had two hours.


One night in early January, Helene was out with a few friends. Her neighbor, Julie, was out celebrating her bachelorette party. Julie had hired Flavors of Kalakaua for her cake after she sampled some of Helene's cupcakes. Three days prior to today, Julie had hired Helene as the photographer, after the original one cancelled due to a double-booking.

Julie and Shelby, her maid of honor, had decided to drag Helene along as a thanks for all of her work. With the wedding a week away, Julie was stressed, and Helene was handling the situation like a professional, despite being hired at the last minute.

Since Helene was childless for the night, she decided to tag along. Teddy, Rose, and Daisy were away on sleepovers. This was Helene's first child-free night in years. She didn't really know what to do with herself.

With some help from Shelby, Helene decided up wearing a pair of leather leggings with her zebra-print stiletto heels. Her hair was curled and her make-up was natural.

The bridal party spent most of the evening at a male strip club before heading to the bar at one of the resorts in downtown Honolulu. Helene ran into Danny literally. She had lost her balance and stumbled into him as headed to the bar for another drink.

"Sorry," Helene giggled as Danny escorted her to the bar with his hand on the small of her back.

"It's fine," Danny said.

"Want anything?" she asked, waving to the bartender.

"Longboard," Danny answered.

Helene ordered the beer and a cocktail with a smile, handing over her credit card as Danny was reaching for his wallet.

Danny accepted the beer with a smile.

The pair remained at the bar for half an hour where Helene ordered them another round of drinks. Shelby and Julie came looking for Helene and they pulled her away with a round of giggles.

An hour later found Helene and Danny stumbling into her house as they made their way to the master bedroom.


The morning after was a little awkward. Helene woke up first with her eyes widening at the sight of Danny before she ran into her bathroom. She took a quick shower before she headed down to the kitchen.

A smile appeared on her lips when she noticed a potion phial sitting next to the pot of fresh coffee. Winky was an excellent house-elf, Helene decided when she found a warm breakfast sitting in the oven. Helene drank the Hangover Potion before she poured herself a cup of coffee.

After she finished her first cup, Helene poured herself a second cup before she decided to pour one for Danny as well. She knew Danny liked his coffee with four sugars and two creams. After making his cup, Helene casted a Warming Charm on it since she didn't know when he would downstairs.

Deciding to make herself comfortable, Helene sat down at the island with coffee and plate of breakfast with her tablet, reading the morning news.

Fifteen minutes later found Danny Williams entering her kitchen in the previous day's freshly cleaned clothes with messy blonde hair. The sight of his hair brought a smile to Helene's lips, which she quickly hid behind her cup.

"Morning," she muttered.

Danny grunted in response as he inhaled his cup of coffee. After a second cup, he offered her a small smile. "About last night," he began, shifting his weight from foot to foot.

Helene waved her hand. "Don't worry about it," she said with a forced smile. She really liked him, but she understood that Danny wasn't in a place to begin a relationship.

In response, Danny's smile seemed a little forced as he sat down with his plate full of food.

Over breakfast, the pair decided to keep their one-night stand a secret from children. While things were currently awkward, they knew those feelings would pass and they would remain close friends.


Almost a week later, Helene found Danny knocking at her door. It was sometime after nine. Teddy, Rose, and Daisy were sound asleep. At the sight of Danny's misery, Helene invited him in.

Over decaf coffee, Danny opened up. Rachel had a boy, and Danny was there for the whole thing since Stand was out of town. At the sight of Charles William Edwards, Helene's eyes narrowed. Despite what Danny said, Charles looked a lot like Danny. In addition to the nose, they shared the same cheekbones and ears.

After the pictures, Danny's history with his ex-wife came pouring out of him. They met when she hit his car and they clicked. After dating for a year, they fell in love and they got married. Things between them changed around the time Rachel got pregnant. Their relationship was strained and they were barely talking some nights. Danny found himself interested in his partner, Grace Tillwell.

Things changed after the eleventh of September when Danny's partner died. While they were communicating more, there was distance between Danny and Rachel. They stayed together and they had Grace. Soon their relationship revolved around raising Grace. Rachel and Danny drifted apart until Rachel fell out of love with him. She filed for divorce a week after she met Stan Edwards.

Nothing happened between Rachel and Stan until the divorce was finalized and Danny got to see Grace every other weekend. Within a year, Rachel and Stan fell in love. They quickly married and ran off to Hawaii together, taking Grace with them. Danny followed, wanting to remain close to his daughter. At this point, the relationship between Rachel and Danny had soured and they had difficulty being in the same room.

Everything started to change last year when Danny joined the Task Force. Danny and Rachel started spending more time together. They clicked, and they were getting along like they use to, before Rachel got pregnant. After Danny was hospitalized due to sarin, things heated up between them. They started sleeping together. When Rachel found out she was pregnant, they made plans to runaway together. Until Rachel found out she was too far along for the child to be Danny's. She decided to remain with Stan.

Helping Rachel give birth to Charles had been too much. Danny remained by his ex-wife's side out of loyalty, but he fled the moment Rachel and Stan reunited, allowing them time with Charles and Grace. The entire experience was too much for him.

After listening to everything, Helene had suspicions. She didn't believe Rachel about Charles being Stan's son. Due to the timing and the resemblance, Helene was positive Charles was Danny's son.

That night ended with Danny and Helene in her bed, again. The next morning, they didn't talk and Danny left with a kiss, sneaking out before the children knew he was there.

It marked the beginning of a pattern.


February started off rocky. Grace was kidnapped, and Danny was forced to shot Stan in the kneecap to rescue her. Grace didn't talk about her experience locked in the storage unit, but something had happened. Whatever happened wasn't bad, like she was beaten, but it wasn't good. Grace was shaken and she wasn't talking to either of her parents or the therapist. She did talk to Teddy, and by extension to Helene.

"Mom," Teddy said nervously, opening the door to her bedroom one night.

Helene glanced up from her book. She frowned at the sight of her son. It was passed his bedtime, and he rarely called her mom. He usually called her Aunt Helene or ma. "Come here," she said, patting the spot next to her on the bed. She marked her page before placing the book down.

Teddy stepped into her room, closing the door behind him and rushing onto the bed. He laid down and stared at the ceiling. He was nervous, evident by his changing hair colors. Without the rune bracelet on, it was usually turquoise. Teddy's hair color changed whenever he was nervous or excite or anxious. It went from green to pink to orange to lavender to periwinkle to sage.

"Grace talked to me," he began, turning his head to look at Helene. "S-she wanted to know if I believed in magic."

That caught Helene's attention. She knew some muggle-born children fell through the cracks, but American children didn't start learning magic until they were between the ages of eleven and thirteen, during the transition form elementary school to either middle school or junior high school. Americans had three options for a magical education: the traditional boarding school of Salem Institution for the Magical Arts, homeschooling, and summer school or summer camp.

Helene had decided on a combination of homeschooling and summer camp for her children. She would be teaching them, but she wanted Teddy, Rose, and Daisy to interact with other magical children their own age and learn alongside them.

"What did you say?" she asked. Her children knew not to tell muggles about magic, but they hadn't covered what to do if a friend was muggle-born.

"I wasn't sure," he answered, "so I didn't answer. Then she got all quiet." Teddy bit his lip, growing more nervous based on the rapid pace of hair changing colors.

Helene leaned back against her lipps, waiting for him to start talking again. She knew Teddy would tell her.

"Later," she told me she believed in magic," Teddy whispered, "because she had magic."

"I'll get a Stone," Helene promised. Stones were a special volcanic rock that reacted when they were held by a witch or a wizard. When they moved to Hawaii, Helene had been given four by the government. One presented to each Helene, Teddy, Rose, and Daisy. Each Stone reacted differently, but proved each recipient had magic.

Unfortunately, a Stone could only be used once.

Teddy smiled, his hair settled onto turquoise.


After her conversation with Teddy, Helene kept an eye on Grace. Getting a Stone was difficult. They were rare, and very few places sold them to haoles.

For the time being, observing Grace was easier. She did act differently, but she wasn't out of character. She was sticking closer to adults, and she only spoke to a few members of the Honolulu Police Department, notably Sergeant Duke Lukela and a few of the Kelly-Kalakaua clan cousins. Grace always had her cell phone within reach, often checking her pocket to make sure she still had it.

Helene couldn't ask Danny or Rachel questions without telling them about magic or leading them to believe Grace was having problems. Although she was talented with Memory Charms, Helene hated the idea of using one on Danny or his ex-wife, despite her feelings of dislike for the woman.

During this time, Helene's complicated relationship with Danny continued. They were something like friends with benefits, and it was confusing. There were feelings involved, but Helene didn't know what to say or how to act. She had only two past relationships. One with Cormac McLaggen that ended when he sold the story of their romance to The Daily Prophet and Witch Weekly for fifty galleons, and one with George Weasley that ended when he died.

While Helene lacked close friends, she did have Julie and Shelby, and Ailani and her coworkers. Ailani proved to the best source of advice.


Ailani had to trouble eavesdropping on her employees and offering her opinions. When she overhead Helene telling Lana about her complicated relationship, the old woman had rolled her eyes.

"Honey," she declared, shoving a tray full of finished cupcakes into Helene's hands, "you need to have The Talk." Shaking her head, she explained, "You need to decide what kind of relationship you want."

"I-I don't really know," Helene lied. She knew what she wanted. She wanted what her parents had, love and a marriage. However, Helene knew Danny had no interest in getting married. His feelings on the subject were very clear.

"Stop lying," Ailani ordered with narrowed eyes as waved her scoop at Helene. Her face softened a little. "You want what I have," she stated. "I've seen the look on your face."

Helene nodded, thinking about Ailani and her husband. They had been married for twenty-five years.

"Then you deserve it," Ailani said, staring down at Helene. "If Danny isn't willing to give it to you, then someone else is. Don't sell yourself short."


It took Helene a month and a half to track down a Stone. She wasn't close to anyone magical on the island, and the Stones weren't available on the mainland or anywhere else. Stones were closely guarded local secrets, something the native Hawaiian didn't want getting out to haoles. Luckily, she did know one to her social worker, Helene was given the name and address of a small magical shop.

"Welcome," greeted Kamekona when she entered the shop.

Her green eyes widened at the sight of him. She didn't know he was magical. "Kamekona," she said with a small smile. At least she knew a friendly face – and she knew how to deal with him.

"What can I get you?" he asked.

"I need a Stone," she said. Helene had no intentions of telling him who the Stone was for – for the time being, at least.

Kamekone's eyes narrowed. "I don't know what you're talking about," he said.

Helene sighed. "Cut the act," she said, placing her hands on her hips. "Agent Moana spent me here."

Kamekona looked at her for a few minutes before he nodded. "Which Moana?" he asked.

"Kale," Helene answered. She liked Kale Moana. He had been nice, and he played a huge role in helping Helene and her family settle down on the island. "Six foot even with dark hair and trained in Aura-Sight."

Nodded, Kamekona offered her a smile. "You're good," he stated.

Helene returned the smile.

"Those are rare," Kamekona stated, "and I only have so many a year."

Helene didn't say anything and she resisted the urge to roll her eyes. She knew this sales techniques. George had taught it to her.

"I have three in stock," he continued.

"How much?" she asked. Money wasn't an objective, but she had no plans of telling Kamekona that.

"Eight hundred." That was overpriced and Kamekone knew that.

Staring at him, Helene debated her counteroffer. A Stone was valued at three hundred. "Five," she crossed her arms.


"Five seventy-five."

"Seven twenty-five."



"Six fifty – final offer," Helene stated, "and I'll help give you my ginger sesame shrimp recipe."

"Deal!" Kamekona said, offered his hand. That offer gave him a small profit and a new item for his shrimp trunk.

Helene took his hand with a smile before she handed over her credit card.

"Flippa, I need a Stone," he yelled before running her credit card.

Flippa came out of the back room holding a Stone. His eyes widened at the sight of Helene.

Helene glanced at him before she sighed the receipt.

"Are you the Helene Potter?" Flippa asked, eyeing her name on the receipt.

The question caught Helene off guard. She eyed Flippa and Kamekona before giving a stiff nod. She knew from Kale that she was famous in Hawaii. The States she was known as The Survivor.

Flippa and Kamekona stared at her.

Helene shifted on her feet as a feeling of unease settled over her. Much to her relief, neither man looked at her forehead where she had her scar covered up.

"It was pleasure doing business with you," Kamekona declared with a grin. "When do ya wanna meet up?"

Five minutes later found Helene leaving the small shop with her purchase. They had plans to meet up on Saturday at her house.


The following night found Helene at a fancy restaurant in downtown Honolulu. She was out to dinner with Julie and her close friend Gregory. Gregory was marrying his long-partner, Chase, in six months. When they attended Julie's wedding, they fell in love with the cake and they adored the photographs. Both were elements they wanted in their own wedding.

Ailani was thrilled to have more business for Flavors of Kalakaua. She had noticed an increase in business since hiring Helene.

On a personal level, Helene was thrilled to learn people wanted to hire her for her photography. For the most part, photography was still a hobby.

Helene met with Julie and Gregory over dinner to discuss the photography and to schedule a tasting at Flavors of Kalakaua. At the beginning of the meal, Helene handed Gregory her portfolio, which the man was happy to thumb through. All too soon, the three of them were discussing prices and photographs. Gregory and Chase were planning a small wedding with family and close friends in attendance on the beach. They wanted canid shoots of their guests at the reception and they wanted photographs of the simple details, flowers and center pieces and the cake.

At some point, Julie walked away from the table to answer a phone call. During that time, Danny walked by with Steve. Helene exchanged polite small talk with Steve and Danny, although Danny spent most of the conversation glaring at Helene and Gregory.

When Julie returned, the bill was paid and the small group split up. Julie and Gregory were off to meet a few friends for drinks while Helene headed out to her car.

Helene had opened her trunk to grab her flip flops. She gleefully exchanged her stiletto heels for the flip flops.

"You're mine," Danny muttered, appearing behind Helene as she was closing her trunk.

At the sound of his voice, Helene jumped and she spun around to look at him with wide green eyes.

There was something in his eyes, looking like possessiveness, and he quickly grabbed ahold of her hips. He pinned her against the trunk as he pressed his lips against hers. When he ended the kiss, Helene was a little dazed.

"You're mine," Danny repeated, whispering in her ear.

At the sound of his possessive tone, Helene snapped out of her daze. Her eyes narrowed. "What does that mean?" she demanded.

"You're mine," he repeated, pressing a kiss against her neck, "and I don't share. You're mine to have – and I'm yours."

Helene wasn't too sure what to say. "We're exclusive?" she asked.

"Yes," Danny answered before capturing her lips in another kiss.

Helene returned the kiss. She wasn't sure what to think of Danny's possessiveness. It was both flattering and irritating. No one had ever treated her this way, before. McLaggen didn't actually care about her while George used her to fill the voice of Fred and to have someone special.

At least Helene knew where she stood with Danny in regards to their relationship. He wanted something exclusive that extended beyond their hook-ups.

The kiss broke as Danny slid his knee between Helene's legs.

"What brought this on?" Helene asked, a little breathless. She wrapped her arms around Danny's neck.

"Your date," Danny answered, possessive in his voice. He pulled Helene into another kiss.

"Gregory?" Helene asked after they broke apart.

Danny's eyes narrowed at the mention of that name. His grip on her hips tightened.

"That wasn't a date," Helene explained, a giggle in her tone. "Gregory wanted to hire me for his wedding."

Danny stared at her with narrowed eyes. He didn't say anything as he pressed his lips against hers.


The next morning Helene woke up with Danny's arm around her hips. She smiled, watching him sleep for a moment. With a sigh, she rolled out of bed. Before leaving Danny's room, she picked up his button-down shirt off of the floor.

As quietly as she could, Helene left the bedroom and walked down the hallway to the kitchen. She started by making a pot of coffee before rummaging around in Danny's fridge, looking for something to make. She settled on eggs and bacon.

While she was cooking, Helene heard movement in the apartment, which she barely paid anything attention to. A few minutes later, Helene felt a pair of arms wrapping around her waist before a kiss was pressed against the back of her neck.

"Morning," Danny said as he spun her around. His arms moved to her hips with one of his hands resting on her butt. He pulled Helene into another kiss.

Helene smiled as her returned the kiss, wrapping her arms around Danny's neck.

A minute later, Helene was turning off the stove as Danny tugged her back in the direction of his bedroom.


An hour later found Danny and Helene curled up in his bed. As Danny pressed a kiss against her shoulder, he froze. Helene glanced over at him.

"You alright?" she asked, rolling onto her back to look at him better.

"W-we forget protection," Danny whispered, staring down at Helene with wide eyes.

"It's fine," Helene said, her voice tightening. She understood what he was talking about, but it wasn't an issue. She knew she was clean, and Danny mentioned he was.

Danny stared at her with narrowed eyes.

Helene sighed. "I'm barren," she whispered, rolling onto her side with her back towards Danny. "There's nothing to worry about."

There was movement behind her as Danny pressed himself against her back. "Wanna talk about it?" he asked, wrapping an arm around her hips.

"Not really," she whispered, closing her eyes as a tear ran down her cheek. Helene had dreamed of a big family with a loving husband and four children – maybe more. Those dreams were dashed when Bellatrix Lestrange tortured and cursed her.

Danny pressed a kiss against her neck before pulling her close.

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