Finally its here heart of cole is here now here it is. But just how is this guy well you'll find out this takes place in season 2 so enjoy

my life is great. I have I loving mom and dad. Nothing could be more perfect. But when me and dad where at the park the was a guy asking for him. My dad and I ran to the car. Whats going on... I'm scared

Tomorrow is another day (A\N yeah I know I toke this from fnaf 4 but I wanted to use it you'll see why in the next season)

ch.1 the ultamate weapon part 1

it was another day at kadic. Jeremy had spent all night working on aelita's anti virus. Then odd walking to see him sleeping on his desk. " WAKE UP ENSTINE" shouted odd jeremy jump and fell of his chair. He then looked at odd with a scowl. " odd would it kill you not to be so loud" he said a little tired. "sorry but you of all people should know the rules if I didn't do that jim would have caught you sleeping" said odd " let me guess you where busy with the anti virus again weren't you" odd said jeremy just rubbed is eyes and yawned as he then said " oh yeah, I was. X.A.N.A has really given me a run for my money on this one" they then went to the to the bathroom to get ready for there classes ulrich odd and Jermey where then talking " you know I heard we're getting a new student today" said ulrich. " if its a girl I call dibs" said odd " as if any girl will go for you odd you had more brake up in the history of brake up's" said ulrich. With that ulrich and jeremy laughed odd just gave a scowl " oh ha ha you'll see one day i'll keep a girlfriend" said odd. They all left for breakfast. At the cafeteria aelita was waiting for the gang at the table as they all got to the table to join " morning alita" said jeremy " morning" said aelita. " im little sluggish today I had long night trying to get the anti virus to work" said jeremy. " don't worry you'll find it eventually" said aelita. " you know X.A.N.A hasn't launched an attack in almost a week I wounder why?" asked ulrich. " don't know but stay on your game if he's taking this long he must be planing some thing

meanwhile in sector five

X.A.N.A's creepers and manta's where all gathered at one area of the sector a black ball of energy was pulsing the monsters of the sector where confused. X.A.N.A him self then showed up. " this is it, my master peace my ultimate weapon" said X.A.N.A as he put his energy into the orb it gave the orb the eye of X.A.N.A . " I built him to be faster... stronger... smarter then any of you I even gave him infinite life point it toke a lot of resources but it was possible and I even gave immunity to the digital sea and the ability to virtualize him self with out the scanners, he will be my second in commend so you all better do what he says" said X.A.N.A. Just then a pear of red eyes shined through the orb

welcome my new creation

later at Mrs. Hurtz class

everyone was talking to one another in the class while waiting for Mrs. Hurtz. As she step in she the spoke " alright alright everyone pay attention, we have a new student joining is today, come on in" said mrs. hurtz. Just the a young man walk threw the door he had black hair and red eyes which was weird but then again one of the class has pink hair he wore a red shirt and a leather jacket he wore and black leather paints along with red shoes. " hello my name is Cole , Cole xepher I'm glad to meet you all" said Cole " you may take a seat now" said Mrs. hurtz.

with that cole sat at the back of the room the hole time he was scanning the room jeremy, odd, aelita and ulrich had a sudden chill go down their spines some as if something Omanis was in the room. They turned around to see cole was looking at the four of them but some how aelita felt as if the stare was more for her she felt scared . Later at lunch yumi now joined them at the table. " how do you know the new kid was looking at you guys" said yumi " trust us we could tell" said ulrich " and for some reason he gave me the worst of the stare" said aelita . " yeah, I mean what did we do to him" said odd.

Cole was entering the lunchroom when all of a sudden sissi , nicoles and herb showed up cole just sighed " so your the new student , you think your a hotshot don't you" said sissi " excuse me" said Cole " don't act like you don't know I could tell just by looking at you" said sissy back in side Jeremy's computer went of a tower was activated " well so much for a moment of piece" said jeremy back out side cole was still trying to get ride of sissi and her gang " look I don't have time for you low lives" said cole " LOW LIVES thats it. nicolas" said sissi. Just as nicoles was trying to swing a punch at him cole grabbed him by the arm and started to twist "oooooowwww uncle uncle" Nicolas shouted in pain he then throw him at the window and he fell on a table and broke it sissi screamed as her and herb ran away " help the new kid has gone insane" the lyoko warriors went to Nicolas " what happened" said yumi. " that kid has gone mad" said nicolas as cole walked in the gang saw the eye of X.A.N.A in his eyes " we have to go to the factory" ulrich then took a fighting stance " you guys go I got this" with that the others left as ulrich went to fight off cole .

The others arrived at the factory and headed to the lab " the tower is in the mountain sector get to the scanner room" yumi hit the elevator button and the went to the scanner room. The trio stepped into the scanners the door of the scanners shut and the jeremy activated the scanning process " transfer yumi, transfer odd , transfer aelita scanner yumi, scanner odd, scanner aelita, virtualization" he entered the programm . The trio landed on the mountain sector " we could use a lift" said odd.

Jeremy the entered the vehicle program and said " on the way" the overboard and overwing materialized on to lyoko right in front of odd yumi and aelita, odd got on the overboard and yumi and aelita went on the overwing. As they went to the tower , jeremy saw 6 monsters guarding the tower " guys X.A.N.A just up'd the security he sent is toughest monsters to stop you we've got 3 krabs 2 tarantulas and 1 megatank" said jeremy the gang looked down to see the monsters readying there attacks " oh brother" yumi sighed " this must be really important if he brought us these guys for us" odd said shouting his laser arrows at the monster which hit one of the krabs. Back at kadic ulrich was still trying to fight cole but the ulrich got shocked and cole ran off to the factory . Ulrich headed the other way to try to cut him off back on lyoko yumi and odd where trying to stop the monsters as the finsished 4 of them the only one left was the megatank how was really hard to beat " hey ugly " the megatank turned around amd got hit by yumi's fan and exploded " nice work now get to the tower " said jeremy . But then cole showed up in the lab and slowly approached jeremy" he then was grabbed by the neck an thrown to the wall. Aelita the went to the tower and got an the second platform . Cole was then about to shock jeremy. The virtual screen appeared aelita put her hand on it



"tower deactivated" said aelita . The smoke around the tower then went from red to blue and then cole past out on the floor jeremy went to check on him and then the unthinkable happened cole's eyes shot open and then he kicked jeremy and started laughing " you are really gullible you know that" said cole " but thats impossible the tower was deactivated how..." cole the interupted him " how says I was being controlled" said cole with a sick and twisted smile " I did this on my own free will" said cole " wha...what" jeremy stuttered " you see I just like aelita was one an AI on lyoko how ever unlike aelita I was sealed away in sector 5 but then X.A.N.A woke me up and if was finally free after 20 long years" cole then disappeared . And then went to lyoko his voice still in jeremy's head " now to drop by lyoko better hurry belpois" jeremy then when back to them computer and put the head set back in " guys its a trap get out of there" warned jeremy " whats wrong enstine" said odd . Just then a new figure came in as he landed on the virtual world he then said " now time to have some fun" said the figure.

To be continued

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