ch. 3 yin and yang

I had a nightmare that night,

monsters where trying to kill me.

I saw a man wearing a hood and mask.

'Join us,' he told me.

In the morning, I was really shaking.

I had to look for my mom and dad.

Mom saw me scared and tried to comfort me, by

saying everything will be alright... why don't I believe that

tomorrow is another day.

The Lyoko worriers where in the factory checking everything on Cole's profile " not only is he invincible , but this guy also has the ability to withstand the digital sea" Jeremy explained " but that's impossible" said Aelita. " it looks like X.A.N.A just made the ultimate weapon, is there anything that can stop him?" asked Ulrich , Jeremy just shook his head with a sad look in his eyes " this guy says he's like me, but he's just so... insane" Aelita said a little scared " what if I end up like that" said Aelita frightened. Jeremy got up from his chair and held her hand " don't worry Aelita that won't happen" he said " well we better get to class" said Odd . With that they all went on the elevator and headed back to school.

Later in Mrs. Hurtz class, Jeremy Odd Aelita and Ulrich all took their seats as Mrs. Hurtz walked in," Alright class settle down , it seems we have another new student today" she said. Just then a new face walked into the class . This one was a girl she had brown hair in a long ponytail, she wore an orange spaghetti strap shirt and a black skirt. She wore orange leggings and had black boots on. Unlike Cole, she had a very friendly smile on her face " Hi I am Kimberly Martan but you can call me Kimmy or Kim" she said " It's nice to meet you," she said. " Now then you may take a seat next to Mr. Xepher," said Mrs. Hertz. She then made her way to the table where Cole was and sat down. " Jeez, I feel bad for her, as innocent as she is, she has to sit with a homicidal maniac," whispered Odd to Ulrich " true," he said back.

Later in the dorms Cole was getting ready for gym class he then was getting a message from X.A.N.A he touched the side of his head and in his eyes he saw an interface with X.A.N.A himself " Yes boss,"said Cole. " Cole I am sending a specter to help you get Aelita make sure you finish this" said X.A.N.A. " and after that should I get rid of them all" said Cole " of course" the A.I responded . Just then on Lyoko a tower was activated in the forest sector.

Later Kim was packing up and getting ready for gym she was heading out but then she bump into someone and fell down. She open her eyes and saw it was the same guy she sat with at science class. " oh, uh, I am really sorry I should have look where I was going" she said embarrassed . Cole stood on his feet and held out his hand. " it's fine don't worry about it" he said. Kim grabbed his hand and pulled her self up, but then she slipped in to his chest , she looked up and was blushing, and then quickly pulled away. " oh, sorry, I am such a Clutz" Kim said rubbing the back of her head. " Hey arn't you that new girl Kim" said Cole. " ah yeah, but I didn't really get your name." said Kim. " it's Cole, Cole Xepher" he said Kim looked at her watch and saw she was going to be late for gym. " oh I've got to go, it was nice meeting you , maybe we could hang out later" Kim said running off. " yeah sure!" shouted Cole, he then turned the other was and whispered. " if your worlds still here that is" he said with a devilish smile.

Later in gym class everyone was In the gym waiting for instructions from Jim the teacher. They had all gathered around the gymnastics equipment. " all right this should be simple enough for you, all you have to do is , stay on the balance beam, and make it all the way to the dismount mat (a/n: I don't know what most of the equipment is called someone please tell me) Kim then walked up to Jim to volunteer . " I'll do it Sir" she said, Jim took a good look at her and sighed. " alright but be care seeing how your a..." Jim was then cut off as Kim ran to the balance beam and jumped on it . She then flipped her way off to the springboard and jumped. The hole class couldn't believe it as they where all in shock. She then landed on the horse and springed herself off, on the mat, everyone was cheering except Sissi who just said " show off". After class Aelita was about to head to her friends in the cafeteria but then was stopped by Delmas. Before she could say anything she gasped in horror to see the eye of X.A.N.A on him, Cole then showed up and they both shook her " lets move it" said Cole as Delmas carried Aelita. In the lunch room everyone was wondering where Aelita was " hey where's Aelita"said Yumi. just then Jeremy's computer went off . He checked to see there was an activated tower. " I might have an idea" said Jeremy. With that they all headed to the factory . In the factory Cole saw the gang approaching " I'll let you take care of this" Cole said disappearing. The gang went inside to see that the possessed Delmas was holding Aelita. " I got this" said ulrich as he kicked Delmas, Aelita was dropped from his arms and she woke up " what happened" she mounded . " long story, no time, tower to deactivate" said odd hastingly. With that they all got in the elevator and Jeremy headed to the computer lab. " I'll stay in case Delmas comes back" said Odd. Everyone went to the scanner room and got in the scanners. Jeremy started up the vertulization.

" Transfer Urlich, transfer Yumi, transfer Aelita, scanner Ulrich, scanner Yumi, scanner Aelita, vertulization,"Jeremy said as he sent the gang to Lyoko. The three landed in the forest sector and where ready for action " a little transport please" said Yumi, with that Jeremy programmed the overwing and over bike " there you are" said Jeremy . Just then a swarm of hornets where one there tail to stop then " you got company" said Jeremy. The hornets where firing at them, Yumi had struck one of them with her fan, " looks like they want trouble" said Ulrich, just then on Jeremy's screen Cole was virtulizing himself to Lyoko. " That is not the only guy who wants trouble, Cole's arriving,"Cole landed on the ground and struck his dagger at the overwing causing Yumi and Aelita to fall.

On earth odd noticed Delmas on the selling and was readying him self to fight. " you better hurry guys,"said Odd trying to fight of Delmas. On Lyoko, Yumi was trying to defend from Cole's attack. She throw a fan at him only for him to throw it back at her devuritalizing her. Ulrich then showed and struck Cole in the arm " no one messes with my friends" he said.

Odd was charging at Delmas only for him to get shocked and then turned to get Jeremy. Back on Lyoko Ulrich was still holding off Cole " now Aelita" he said as Shawn went in the tower

Jeremy got grabbed by Delmas readying to strike him.

Aelita went to the upper level of the tower and entered the code,



Delmas was about to electrocute Jeremy


as the tower deactivated Delmas the passed out. Jeremy headed to the computer to start the return trip." return to the past now," he entered the code and they all went back in time to the gym class right when Kim finished her gymnastics " amazing Kim you just set a school record" said Jim. " well I've been doing this a lot."During lunch Kim was looking for Cole and then sat with him " so about hanging out , it would be nice to get to know Cole" she said smiling. Cole then sighed " if you say so" he said. The Lyoko worrier couldn't believe what they where seeing. " man now I really feel bad for her she has now idea what that guy can do" said odd " yeah well what are we suppose to do" said Yumi, " the sooner we defeat X.A.N.A the better hopefully the new girl doesn't get hurt" Jeremy said worried. Now it seems the new girl is trying make friends with Cole little dose she know,his deep dark evil secrets.

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