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Dictionary: Yaaay! I can finally do something:
Kaval (kuh-VAWL) - Pau'an curse word, equivalent of karablast
Krabbig (CRAB-ig) - Pau'an curse word, equivalent of kriffing
Rancor - (little fun fact even I didn't know) long-standing bitterness or resentfulness
Wind Stance - one of the 6 lightsaber fighting forms (based on Stormlight Archives)

I deftly wave the Inquisitors in-training from her in-ship office, relieved to finally be getting away from this dreadful planet. I turn to Draylen, scowling, "I don't know how you stand this heat! It's abhorrently stifling. This planet should be the first to burn."

Draylen just sticks out her tongue, "Maybe if you didn't have to wear that stupid suit all the time, we could have a little fun."

Huffing, I absent-mindedly twirl the special lightsaber in my hands, jolting as I see the blade glowing gold. Wha-

A scream pierces my very being, reverberating through my chest. Draylen yelps in alarm. Leaping to my feet, I snap into the Force, searching for the source. With a start I realizes it's Ezra. He should be under Braedyn by now... shaking my head, I yank out my holodisc, only briefly hesitating before calling Rancor. He picks up in a few minutes, a door swooshing closed behind him. Eyes narrowing, I spot Ezra's bloodied, torn boot just before it closes. "And just WHAT do you think you're doing?"

He smirks darkly, "Exactly what I need to, Phoenix. The boy is unruly, unpredictable. Braedyn cannot handle him, so Master transferred his ownership to me."

Frowning, I spit back, "My Master outranks yours, and you should learn to respect your superiors. I will be contacting him immediately following to release Ezra back into my custody." Rancor hangs up abruptly; the screams resume. Flinching, I reach out to the boy, careful to avoid the spots darkened by the Head Inquisitor. It certainly would not do for him to discover my perceived intrusion. Carefully making my way to the boy's center, I gently encapsulate some of his instincts and motor function memories with her own walls. "His memories won't survive," I mutter. "but at least his heart will." Somewhat reassured, I call Master, explaining what happened.

"I did not authorize this. Deal with your own house," he growls, hanging up. Nodding, I push paperwork back through the system, organizing the Inquisitor's transfer back to focusing on the rebel team. Glancing back at the lightsaber, I allow a tight, thin smile at the hot pink hue, confident there wouldn't be any further complications to my evening.

I enters the training holodeck a few minutes later, eager to resume my training. "Program 10, safeties off," I type into the computer, entering the override code. Blue dots attach sensors to my primary muscular groups, and moments, later I am transported back to the Clone Wars on Lasan. "Kaval!" I curse under my breath. This was genocide, pure and simple. "Program off!" I shout, disgusted Master would want me to relive this. The program keeps going. "Krabbig computer, I said, OFF-yow!" I jump forward, sending out a force pulse at the computer as a CG blaster clips my left hip. Growling, I activate my dark side blade, the blood red energy glowing fiercely. Swinging around, I block several more shots before the foolish, lavender Lasat came within range. Extending my blade an inch, I slice the tip of his blaster off, dodging to my right as it blows up in the Lasat's face. Settling into Wind Stance, I slaughter my way from the center of Lasan's fighting force. Bile rises in my throat, making me falter for a moment. That moment would have cost me my life in a real battle, as the next moment I saw and felt a CG bo-rifle sputtering angrily through my torso.

The program over, failed, I press the com just outside the holodec. "ETA?"

"Thirty minutes, Sir! and we just received a transmission that the rebels are attempting a rescue mission." I nod, determined to keep the shakiness out of my voice and appearance. The time passes all too quickly, but I force-leap off the ship before it can land, dashing to the central command for a real status update. I pass a hallway opening to the southern air stripe in time to see the Jedi throwing a student against the wall, his head cracking open with a dull crunch. A few minutes later, I storm into central command, receiving a flurry of updates on the Inquisitors, troops, Ezra, and TIE- wait, Ezra?

"Repeat that, colonel," I stare icily ahead, searching the monitors for the boy. Hissing, I spot him with the Jedi; no wonder I had noticed him against the wall. "STOP. Arrest the Head Inquisitor." Not waiting for a response, I rush back to the air strip, watching in horror as the Jedi strangles his former padawan against the side of the building.

"Kanaan!" the boy cries out, and the Jedi immediately drops him, confused. I smirk at the recognition and immense pain flashing in his eyes. Still... keeping an eye on the young man, I kneel beside Ezra, confirming his pulse and checking his head injury. Nothing life threatening for now.

Helping Ezra to his feet, I turn back fully to... Kanaan. "This is the Inquisitor's doing. He is safe with me." Draylen hisses to hurry, and I quickly return to the base, heading straight for medical bay. "Eezurek, we're going to need some assistance."

"I already know... and they're not going to like how."