Me: GAAAH! Wait, I swear I meant to update earli- OW! *pelted with rotten fruit and blaster fire*

Ezra: You kriffing abandoned me! For THREE WHOLE MONTHS! *shoots blaster-saber*

Me: Wait, please, I can explain! You see... Life, and um, writer'sblock, and... And school! ...please don't kill me

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Me: B-but I thought about you, and the readers, too *blows kiss* you see, I had so many ideas about the future of this that those few months sped by before it felt like even a week. I promise this will be more regular.

Ezra: Hm, fine. Just don't try anything like that again.

Me: Heh, no promises, but I'll tr- I mean, uh... I'll do it


Me: ...

Ezra: ...

Lien: Imbeciles

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A few hours later I sit at Ezra's side, keeping a careful vigil over his broken frame. Hands ripped and body torn in a multitude of crisscrossing lightsaber and whip burns, Ezra groans in his sleep, making me instinctively reach out with my mind as I sense his pain briefly spiking. His mind still tender, Ezra flinches away, curling towards Eezurek.

Sighing, I turn to the sapphire blue healing dragon, "What I still don't understand is how you two even bonded! You hadn't even met him before today. And he was a rebel!" Eezurek just shrugs. Sensing a building storm outside my private med bay, I leave Ezra with Eezurek and two of other dragons and steel my expression to neutral as I walk right into the Head Inquisitor.

Rancor hesitatedwals, terror briefly rising to his almost monotone face before it is hidden by anger. "How DARE you insult me. You would dare to defy-"

"I will stop you there," I reply coldly. "Ezra is mine. I made that clear. You will face retribution." Locking the door, I briskly walk to my quarters, maintaining my mask before finally flopping onto my steel platform of a bed. "Pfft, and cadets dream of commanders' beds," I mutter. Pausing, I glance at the strangely silent Draylen, her expression troubled. "You're worried about Eezurek, aren't you?"

She nods, brooding with a slight separation between her thoughts and our bond. I sigh, reviewing mission reports in my mind for tomorrow's debriefing as I fall asleep.

The next morning brings more chaos, paperwork, and a rebel attack. As does the next day, and the next, and... well, so on. On the 6th day, Master finally approves Ezra's transfer to a remote raining facility.

Eezurek jets into my office, spewing thinly - veiled threats and curses.

Ignoring him, I tell Agent Kallus, "Fail again and there will be no future for you." Clenching into a choke hold, I feel a phantom impression through the force of his soft throat straining against my hand. I slowly count one Mississippi... two Mississippi... Until I reach 42, releasing with an audible pop and light thud as the incompetent fool hits the floor.

Holding my posture erect and unyielding, I practically floated down the hall. Eezurek rushes ahead, eagerness and concern screaming to me through our bond. I pause just inside the room, slightly taken aback.

"W - where am I?" Ezra whimpered, crouched beside the gurney.

Stalking towards him, I fluidly force push his naturally heightened fear. "Exactly where you should be."

Pulling away, Ezra frantically looks for a way out, eyes twitching as they rest on the doorframe behind me. "Where."

I allow a slight downward curl in my lips, the boy has good instincts but telegraphs. "You are free from the Head Inquistor. Come."

The moment I turn around, he dashes. I whip the force out in front of the door, only to sense that he's halfway into the vent. In one motion with the force, I slide him back down and face me before letting him drop to the floor. "You're at the specialized training center for force-sensitives. You will either die or be forged anew here."