Before I start, this pairing is just one of my HP OTPs. there isn't a whole lot of Cedric/Viktor so...

I really didn't want Cedric to die so in this I just had him tie with Harry. I may do a small one on how the Voldemort confrontation went down but for now just use your imagination (though I'd be glad to hear what you come up with).

The crowd roars as the competitors enter the Quidditch Field. Fluer, Viktor, Harry and I stood in a row, side to side, facing our respective headmasters. Harry had Mcgonagall in front of him, but had also conferred with Dumbledore. I glanced over his head to Viktor, who apparently had the same Idea, as we made eye contact.

Flashes of the past few weeks run through my mind. Tangled limbs, Hushed words, and Promises to continue to write. Promises that after the competition, we'll just say we had a "connection" after this Competition and not keep us a secret anymore.

Us. Viktor Krum and I are an "Us". After Moody tipped me off about the egg, I told Viktor and we worked it out. He was kinder to me than I would have expected, but then again I was helping him out. we figured out exactly what it did and at the yule ball I tipped off Harry, but never got a chance to tip off Fluer.

They're announcing the winners as though nobody really saw it, and the crowd acts that way. we're allowed to move, and I go to shake Dumbledore's hand, but Large strong arms engulf me from the side. I turn my head and see Viktor, his scent (much like cinnamon) surrounds me. The people around us first think that he's trying to attack me, because when i tried to twist to hug back I fall, taking him with me.

We stand, laughing, and the people around us sport confused expressions.

"Though this was a Secret?" I ask, tucking myself into his side.

"Fuck Secrets."

Please excuse the OOC of this, its been a while since I read the book itself. I'd also enjoy hearing what happened with Cho, because I really don't want to write one where he cheats on her. I just don't think Diggory would do that. And, does anyone know how to write Viktor's accent?