Okay so this is an Idea that came to me reccently after reading a few Naruto in the Past stories. In this story the end of the 4th war doesnt go quite the way Naruto expected and so in order to change things he takes an opportunity to head to the past, to a time when the sannin are still in the academy and the 3rd is young, and in the process changes many lives.

This story i'm thinking will be NarutoXTsunade because I've always wanted to do that pairing

It will be rated M for Language and small Limes in later chapters, if there are any.

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Chapter 1: Back To The Past!

Scarred Battlefield

End of 4th Shinobi World War(Daiyoji Ninkai Taisen)

Standing in the middle of this battlefield off the southern cost of Fire Country, is a lone man. The man in question stands at 5'8, with a fit and lithe frame, whose very stance screams dangerous. He has spiky sun-kissed blonde-hair, his eyes which are usually a dark blue are now purple with 3 concentric rings around the black pupil, and three tome like markings on each of the first two rings, The Rinnegan, he also has 3 whisker like marks on each of his cheeks. He is wearing a worn and tattered dark orange tracksuit, with black along the shoulders, zipper, and bottom of his jacket, and black lines down his pant-legs, on his feet are black Shinobi sandals, under his jacket he wears mesh armor, and around his forehead is a headband with a leaf symbol.

This young man is Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, Chunin of the Village Hidden in the Leaves, Jinchuriki of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox(Kyubi no Yoko), Hero of the Leaf, Son of the 4th Hokage(Yondaime Hokage) Minato Namikaze and The Red Death(Aka no Shi) Kushina Uzumaki, and most recently the only survivor of the 4th Shinobi War. As he looks around at the bodies of his comrades scattered around he can't help but to shake his head at the pointless loss of lives. It was all going so well to, sure the revelation that the man who had called himself Madara Uchiha was really his father's wayward student Obito Uchiha was shocking. Yes the army of dead Shinobi and Kunoichi was freaky and difficult to deal with, but they managed to seal most of them away, and even stop the caster of the Impure World Reincarnation(Edo Tensei), no surprise it was Kabuto.

No where things had started to go down hill is when the real Madara Uchiha managed to keep himself from being sent back to his death by the ending of the Reincarnation technique. After that all hell broke lose, the man who had once been considered to be on the level of a god just like his rival the 1st Hokage(Shodai Hokage), had proceeded to lay waste to the Five Kage(Gokage) leaving them all on the edge of death. Then he had joined Obito in his fight against Naruto himself and the only other Jinchuriki yet to have his Tailed Beast extracted from him, Killer Bee, who held the Eight-Tailed Ox-Octopus(Hachibi Ushi-Oni).

Very soon however they were overwhelmed and both tailed beasts where extracted from them to complete the Ten-Tails(Jubi), However while The two Uchiha had been busy with the last 2 Jinchuriki, the 3rd and Final Uchiha had shown up with his team Hawk as well as Orochimaru. The wayward Snake Sannin had healed the Kage, and just after finishing 4 new Un-dead appeared, shocking everyone. The 4 in question where the first 4 Hokage, Hashirama Senju, Tobirama Senju, Hiruzen Sarutobi, and Minato Namikaze. Together the 5 living Kage, the 4 reincarnated Hokages, Team Hawk, as well as Orochimaru went off to help Naruto and Bee.

Long story short the fighting was fast and furious, Naruto who was at the edge of death was healed by his Teammate Sakura, and then his father placed his half of the 9-Tails, whose name is Kurama, into him. After that Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura joined together as team 7 again to fight the 2 Uchiha, and the battle went well, Naruto managed to convince Obito to turn against Madara, but the ancient Uchiha controlled the other man to use his Rinnegan to bring himself back to life. After he came back to life Madara sealed the 10-tails into himself making him its Jinchuriki causing the battle to become harder.

Naruto and Sasuke both were visited by the father of all Shinobi and the first man to posses the Rinnegan, The Sage of Six Paths(Rikudo Sennin), Hagoromo Otsutsuki. The old sage informed them that they were the current reincarnations of his 2 sons, the creators of the Uchiha and Senju clans, Indra and Asura. He then proceeded to give each of them a gift, to Naruto he gave his potent chakra along with the mark of the sun on his right hand, to Sasuke he gave one true Rinnegan Eye also called the Rinne-Sharingan with his visual prowess and the mark of the moon on his left hand. Also Naruto had an added gift, that being a bit of the chakra of every one of the Tailed-Beasts.

After leaving the sage, the 2 young men had fought Madara on even footing, even gaining the upper-hand on him to the point that he became so weakened that the 10-tails began to take him over and morph his body, only to morph into a woman in possession of very delicate facial features, she had extremely long, sweeping white hair that touched the ground. Most noticeable were two brown horns which stuck out from her head, she possessed the Byakugan, and also had a third eye on the center of her forehead that's eyelids parted vertically. Her eyebrows were cut very short(a symbol of nobility) and she wore a dark shade of lipstick on her lips and a dark shade of nail polish on her long fingernails. She wore the transitional high-collared hime-kimono which was adorned with intricate lines that are gold and purple and tomoe running down the center and edges of the gown.

She was also pale-skinned, the woman turned out to be the mother of the Sage, Kaguya Otsutsuki, also the mother of all Chakra. The battle got much harder after that to the point that Obito sacrificed his life for Naruto, and left Kakashi with both of his Sharingan eyes for a little while. In the end Naruto and Sasuke where able to use their marks to seal her away after Sakura hit her from above, and it looked like it was all over, as the spirit of the Sage and the spirits of all the dead Kage teleported them back from Kaguya's dimension. However it didn't last long as Sasuke turned on them again, attempting to re-capture the tailed-beasts, and to keep that from happening Sakura, Kakashi, and Naruto tried to stop him, which ended up with Sasuke killing the first two, and beginning a fight with Naruto.

The two young men who had become like god's themselves, fought tooth and nail, however Naruto pulled his punches as he still thought his old friend could be redeemed. That illusion was shattered when Sasuke killed the 5 Kage, especially the 5th Hokage Tsunade Senju and the 5th Kazekage Gaara Sabaku, two of the blonde's precious people. After that the gloves came off and the Sage began to fight at full power, even entering into his Ashura Avatar and fighting toe to toe with Sasuke's Susanoo Avatar. In the end Naruto managed to come out the victor, finally killing the last Uchiha with his original technique, Rasenshuriken, however as he lay there dying Sasuke smiled and congratulated his brother in all but blood, and then shocked him by telling him to take his eyes and use them to lead the world into a peaceful future, Hence Naruto now having the Rinnegan.

After shaking off the horrible memories of the past few days, the blonde turns towards the still present Spirits of the Sage and Kages, as well as the reincarnated Hokage, as his father steps up to him, "Naruto, I'm so sorry that you've had to go through all of this. I can't help but to put most of the blame on myself, If only I'd have been faster that night then there would have been no need to seal Kurama inside you. You never would have had to go through the hardships you have if not for me son." The younger blonde just shakes his head sadly, "It's not your fault Tou-san. You did what you had to...No I place the blame for all of this on the generations before yours... If they could have only stopped trying to prove who was more superior for so long and learned to get along then it never would have given rise to monsters like Madara Uchiha."

Minato can only nod sadly to his son's words, as can all the other Kage, however Hagoromo gets a brilliant Idea. "What if you could change that? What if you could go back in time to a point before the Akatsuki, before even the 2nd Shinobi War? Would you take that chance to change events?" Everyone looks at him in shock, however Naruto only has to think on it for a second before he answers, "Yes! If it would mean I could save certain people from having to ever deal with the pain and suffering brought on by the 2nd and 3rd Wars, then I'd do it." The old Sage smiles at this, "Good, then I will give you that chance. There is a Technique that I know which can be used to send you back in time, however the power required for it is enormous and it is why I myself never used it to go back and stop my mother from eating the Chakra Fruit."

The ghost of the 3rd Kazekage being ever the brilliant man decides to ask, "If thats true then how are you to preform the technique now? If you haven't forgotten your as dead as we are." The old man simple chuckles, "Ah and inquisitive mind, you remind me of my son Asura, always asking questions. The answer is that with the 4 Hokage, as well as my son's and daughters the Tailed Beasts, we will have enough Chakra required for this Technique, however all of you will have to help with the hand signs as there are thousands." Everyone nod's in understanding of this, even all 9 of the tailed beasts, who are more then happy to do their father a favor.

Hagoromo turns to Naruto then, "Say your goodbyes, because once you have there are some things you and I need to go over about the Technique." The blonde nods his head and turns to the 4 Hokages, first speaking to Hashirama, "Lord 1st I just want to say that it's been an honor to meet you. I always heard stories about how strong you were but thought they weren't real, but after watching you in action I have to say your probably the most AWESOME Hokage EVER!" This causes the brown-haired man to rub the back of his head with a huge smile on his tanned face, "Well thanks Naruto-san. I want to say good luck to you in the past, I'm sure that wherever your going I'll already be dead, so I'll be sure to watch how you change the world."

The blonde shakes his hand then turns to the 2nd, "Lord 2nd, Your every bit the serious and pragmatic man that Iruka-Sensei always made you out to be in his lessons. But your also pretty strong and cool in your own right, before the other day I had no idea that you were the one to actually invent my dad's famous technique and use it first. In my book thats pretty dang cool. Your a true role model for what a Shinobi should be." The white-haired Senju brother just crosses his arms, but has a small smirk on his face, "Thank you Uzumaki-san, ordinarily I would reprimand you for wearing Orange, but you've showed me that a Ninja is more then stealth and doing what is necessary. You have showed me that being a Ninja means remaining true to yourself, so never lose that spirit. I'll be watching you from the other side with my brother." He pats him on the shoulder and walks to stand next to his brother.

The next person in the line nearly makes the blonde teen cry, however he gives the man a huge smile, "Jiji, from you I learned the will of fire, but more importantly I learned what its like to have a grandfather. You were always there for me when I needed you, and I know that you did your best to give me a normal life and for that I'll always be grateful.I hope that whenever I'm going back to that we can have just as close a relationship, maybe even a father/son or big brother/little brother one. I was so sad when you died old man but I realized that you'd want me to move forward and carry on your will of fire and so I've tried to, I hope your proud of me."

Sarutobi actually embraces the young man in a hug as he speaks, "Naruto-kun, You have made this old man very proud. I've watched you from the pure world and have seen the man you've grown into and couldn't be any prouder if you were my actual grandson. You more then anyone embody the will of fire and have become a splendid Shinobi. I'm sure that whatever time period you land in that you will achieve your dream and become Hokage. Always stay strong Naruto." When he steps back he pats his shoulder and then moves over to his two teachers and predecessors, leaving Naruto with his father to have a private moment.

Minato looks down slightly at his son as he's 2 inches taller then him, and roams over his face, seeing his beloved Kushina in the teens facial shape, and the rest himself, he smiles, "Naruto, my son. Today is your birthday, how old are you now?" The younger blonde looks up at him with a sad smile, "I'm 17 today dad." The 4th Hokage just smiles wider, "17 huh? Pretty much a grown man. What a man you've grown into, I'm proud of you Naruto, and I'm sure if your mother were here should feel the same way, though she'd probably be trying to chase all the girls from you, Hahaha." Naruto can't help but to chuckle at that and ask, "You really think Kaa-Chan would be proud of me?" Minato nods his head, "I'm sure she would, and she'd be ecstatic that her Sochi was one of the most powerful Shinobi to ever live. Never forget this one important thing no matter where you go...Naruto, Your mother and I Love you!"

This causes him to tear up and rush into his fathers arms, giving him a huge hug, as the man pats his back. After a few minutes they separate and Naruto turns to the Sage of Six Paths, "Alright Sennin-Jiji tell me all about this Jutsu." The old sage chuckles at his enthusiasm but answers none the less, "Alight then first thing you need to know is that we're aiming to send you back to a few years after the 1st War. Secondly you wont be going back as you are now, meaning not as a 17 year old, the Technique will do one of two things, A. De-age you to a younger form, or B. Send you're Spirit and Chakra into the body of a freshly born baby."

The young Sage's jaw drops at this, "What? I can't go back as a Baby! I'd have to completely start from scratch with all my techniques and everything! I'd take De-aging over that. Speaking of which how much would I de-age?" Hagoromo shakes his head, "As far as de-aging goes you would go back to the form of yourself at about 4 years old. Also you'll get to keep your gifts, meaning you will still retain the bloodline's given to you by the Tailed-beasts, as well as The Rinnegan and the Six-paths Sage Mode, however you wont the Rinne Sharingan or the Six-Paths mode right away, those you will have to train to gain back, as will you have to train yourself in the Lava, Magnet, and Boil Releases, not to mention the elements that make them up."

The blonde crosses his arms at that, "I guess that makes sense, alright I'm fine with training my skills back up. Heck I can even take the time to properly learn Fuinjutsu and then maybe I can find the 2nd's Hiraishin and learn and improve it myself. Anything else I should know?" The old Monk nods his head, "Yes, as a result of the Rinnegan you now have a Major affinity to all 5 Elements, and will gain the additional Sub-elements of Ice and Wood, but again you will have to work for them. Also your appearance will change slightly, mostly just your hair, you will gain the Red-hair of all Uzumaki, oh and Your summoning contract to the Toads will be void, so you'll have to find another animal to summon, perhaps even of a canine type."

Naruto's face brightens slightly at the mention of gaining the Wood Release and his first real friend Haku's Ice Release, and even smiles brightly at the fact that he's going to have his mothers pretty red-hair finally, but frowns at losing the toads, completely missing the hint of what animal he should gain a contract with instead. After a few moments takes a breath, "Ok I understand, well lets get this show on the road Six-Paths-Jiji!" The old Sage smiles and nod's his head as he singles all the Kage to begin their Hand Sings as he begins his, and the Tailed-Beasts begin to focus their Chakra, causing a huge flare of light. Once all the signs are done and the right amount of energy is gathered the old man intones, "Hidden Samsara Technique: Space-Time Transportation!"

After he says this a rip in space and time opens up infront of Naruto, and the blonde takes one more look at his father and the other Hokages before he steels his nerves and jumps into the swirling mass of lights, and seconds later the Yang Half of Kurama jumps in after him and the rip closes. The 4 Hokage's bodies begin to break apart as Minato turns to the old Sage, "Are you sure this will work? That Naruto will be able to change things?" The original God of Shinobi(Shinobi no Kami) looks seriously at the man, "I have the utmost faith in him, after all he is the the current reincarnation of my son Asura. However he wont be able to change everything. The 2nd and 3rd war's will still occur, however their outcomes will be altered due to his presence. He will also be able to bridge the gaps between the nations over time and keep groups like Akatsuki from having to form at all. In the end all you can do is believe in your son, as I believed in mine."

Minato nods his head at this as he finishes breaking apart and his spirit as well as those of all the other Kage present head back to the pure-world. Hagoromo takes one last looks at the remaining eight tailed-beasts and smiles, "You are all free my children. Live your lives how you see fit from here on. Goodbye." With that he fades away back to his own dimension, as the tailed bests all head their separate ways.

Inside the Portal

Pain. That is all he can feel as he hurls through time, he can feel all his bones cracking and shrinking in on themselves, and he knows he's de-aging. All he can see aside from the lights of the tunnel are images playing backwards of events from the Elemental Nations. Then he feels an influx of demonic chakra enter his system and in his hazy state asks internally, "Kurama what's going on? What are you doing in there?"

From within his mindscape he gets a response from his tenant and partner, "Sorry about that kit. That influx just now was my Yang half coming back and joining back with me. Good news is I'm whole again, and that means you'll have more power to use from me later on. Bad News is that your Chakra reserves are going to be double what they originally where when you were 4, which means way more chakra control training." All he can do is sigh, just great, oh well at least I might finally get my chakra control up to a good enough level to preform Genjutsu and even Medical Ninjutsu. Just after having that thought he sees the portal open back up and knows that he's about to be deposited at his destination.

Hidden Leaf Village

Training Ground 7

1 Y.A.F.W(Year After First War)

The skies around the village can be seen clouding over and becoming dark, something which makes all the Shinobi in the village go on edge as they can tell this isnt a natural occurrence. In training ground 7 theres a large flash of light, the opening of a rift in space, and then a huge explosion which scares away all animals in the area. After the explosion the rift closes and disappears, and when the smoke clears it shows the small body of a 4 year old Naruto in a crater. Only he's different, where as before he had blonde hair, his hair is now blood red, still spiky but much shorter then it was(Think his hair 2 years after the 4th war), and his whisker marks are now gone. Also his clothes have changed, he's now in a white T-shirt with the Uzumaki spiral on the front, and tan colored shorts, and on his feet are white Shinobi sandals.

After a few minutes a group Shinobi arrive in the training grounds, surrounding the crater, these Shinobi are all wearing white animal masks, they are the elite unit of the village the ANBU, and leading them is a young man of 21, he stands at 5'4, is a tanned skinned man with spiky dark brown hair, and a small goatee on his chin, and brown eyes. He wears an all black Jumpsuit with mesh segments over the lower portions of his limbs, and a green gauntlet that covers much of his right arm. He also wears an armored hood with a bandanna-like forehead protector over this, tied with two long straps, and on the back of his jumpsuit is the kanji for "Third Hokage". This man is the 3rd Hokage of the Leaf, the new God of Shinobi, Hiruzen Sarutobi.

He takes in the scene quickly, and seeing that there is no danger he motions for his men to stand down a he makes his way into the crater and to the child. He turns the boy over and looks him over searching for any wounds, after a few moments he finds none but can sense that the child is suffering from Chakra exhaustion. The ANBU with a cat mask steps forward, "Lord Hokage we should check the boy for traps. He could be a spy." The young man shakes his head, "No that's not necessary. I've already checked him for any traps and found none. He has chakra exhaustion and needs to go to the hospital. Besides based on his hair color and the Clan Crest on his shirt I'd say he's an Uzumaki and if thats true then he wont be harmed. We'll have to wait till he wakes up to find out how he got here. Your all dismissed."

With that they all disappear via Body Flicker, heading back to their posts, while Hiruzen himself Body Flickers to the hospital to have the boy treated. When he arrives he explains the situation the the nurses and doctors and they take the red-head to give him the standard treatment for Chakra Exhaustion, he also orders that the boy be placed in a private room, and to be notified as soon as he wakes. With that done he heads off to the Senju Compound to have a chat with the current head and matriarch of the clan, Mito Uzumaki-Senju.

Senju Compound

Minutes Later

A few minutes later Sarutobi arrives to the Senju compound, which is one of the three largest compounds in the village, rivaled only by the Uchiha and Hyuga Clan compounds. The compound itself is like a mini village, surrounded by wooden walls all laden with various seals to strengthen them. Inside there are many houses for the members of the clan, and as he walks through the streets of the compound he notices a few houses empty as a result of the residents having died in the First War which only ended last year, also as he walks he's greeted by many of the still living clan members to which he just waves nods his head at them. Eventually he reaches his destination, the Main House which belongs to the head of the clan, Its a 2 story traditional Japanese style house with Shoji Doors, and above the front door is a huge version of the Senju Clan Symbol, a Vajra.

He knocks on the door and awaits an answer. A few moments later the door is answered but not by who he expected, as he looks down and sees a small 4 year old girl. The girl has long blonde-hair which is done up into twin short pigtails, she is fair-skinned with big brown eyes, and her cheeks have a bit of rosiness to them that comes from youth. She is wearing a cream colored sun-dress, this girl is Tsunade Senju, granddaughter to Mito and the late 1st Hokage Hashirama Senju, 2nd in line to the Senju Clan after her own father. Seeing the little girl Hiruzen smiles down at her, "Hello Tsunade-chan, is your grandmother home by any chance?" The little blonde upon seeing who's at the door gives a beaming smile, "Uh-huh, Baa-chan is in the sitting room. Come on I'll show you where Saru-Oji!"

She grabs his hand and tries to drag him along, all he can do is chuckles at the little girls enthusiasm and go along with her, remembering to kick off his sandals in the entry way first. As they walk to the sitting room Tsunade is babbling away about her training and how the academy is going as she joined it just this year. Hiruzen for his part only makes small comments here and there, however she abruptly asks, "Say Saru-Ojisan why do you need to talk to Baa-chan?" This catches the Hokage off guard slightly, however he catches himself and answers, "Its a personal matter Tsunade-Chan. I'm sure Mito-sama will tell you about it much later on." This causes the girl to pout, however it doesn't last long as the reach the sitting room and she opens the door and announces their arrival, "Baa-chan! Saru-Oji is here to see you."

Inside the room sits a woman a little older then 50, however looks no older then 30, she has, long bright red-hair and large pupil-less eyes. She wears an elaborate, high-collared kimono with the Uzushiogakure symbol on the back of the obi which is tied around her waist. Her hair is arranged in to buns with hair pins in them and three clips in the front. She also wears a dark shade of red lipstick and has a gem-like marking on her forehead, she also wears tags with kanji written on them in her hair decals, all in all shes a beautiful woman and one of the strongest Kunoichi to ever live, this is Mito Uzumaki-Senju.

Mito upon seeing both her granddaughter and her husband and brother-in-law's student smiles at them, "Tsu-chan how many times have I told you not to just barge in?" This causes the girl to scowl slightly, "Sorry Baa-chan." The woman nods her head and turns to the Hokage himself, "Saru-chan how good to see you. Though I'm surprised that you could take the time away from your duties to visit. Is this a social call or part of your official duties as Sandaime Hokage?" The 21 year old sighs at her still calling him 'Saru-chan' but shakes his head and responds, "Actually its a little of both Mito-sama. I need to have a private word with you about an incident that happened about an hour ago."

The red-haired woman nods her head and turns to Tsunade, "Tsu-chan you run along now, maybe go and play with some of the other children." The little blonde nods her head and runs off, as Sarutobi steps into the room and closes the door, and a moment later the room glows blue then stops, as Mito has just activated a privacy seal. He takes a seat on a mat opposite her and begins, "Now as you know 1 hour ago the skies over the village suddenly clouded over and darkened." She nods to this as he continues, "Well I knew it wasn't a natural occurrence and at first feared maybe Cloud village was launching an attack with their Storm Release Users. That turned out not to be the case, there was suddenly and explosion in the 7th training grounds and so I and a group of ANBU went to check out the scene. What we found was not what we expected at all."

Mito hums at this and asks, "What did you find then?" The younger man sighs as he answers, "We found a crater, obviously created by the explosion, however inside the crater wasn't and enemy Nin, but a child." This shocks the red-head as her eyes widen slightly, "A child? How old?" The man nods, "Yes a child, about the same age as Tsunade-chan I would guess, so about 4 years old. However thats not the oddest thing, the oddest thing is that despite being in the middle of a huge explosion he had no injuries at all, the only thing that looked wrong with him was Chakra Exhaustion. So after checking him over for any traps of any kind and finding nothing I ordered the ANBU back to their positions and took him to the hospital where he is being treated now."

Mito sighs in relief at that news, but looks at him in confusion, "While it is good that the child is ok, I don't see why you had to come here to inform me of his arrival." Hiruzen chuckles at that and rubs the back of his head nervously, "Well you see what I left out was that the boy has blood red-hair, and was wearing a shirt with the Uzumaki Symbol on the front of it. Going off those things I deduced that he's possibly a member of the Uzumaki Clan, and therefor one of your kinsmen." She sighs at this and decides to reprimand him, "You should have mentioned that to begin with Saru-chan. But just because the boy was wearing my clan's symbol and has red-hair does not mean he is an Uzumaki. Not everyone with red-hair is of the Uzumaki Clan baka."

The 21 year old nods at her point, "True, but there's an easy way to find out if he is infact an Uzumaki. First is to wait till he awakes and ask him, and second is to see just how large his chakra pool is when its fully restored." Mito nods her head at this and the two then begin to talk about other things, however when the conversation moves to his love life he decides that its time to go and heads back to the front door. Just after he puts on his sandals the door opens and in walks a man, this man is taller then himself, standing at 5'10, with straight dark brown-hair and brown eyes, and tan skin like himself. This man is Itama Senju, the son of Mito and Hashirama, father of Tsunade, and heir to the Senju Clan, named for one of his father's brothers who died during the clan wars.

Itama upon seeing him smiles, "Hiruzen! Good to see you. Are you leaving?" Sarutobi smiles at his slightly older friend, "Yes afraid so. I've been visiting with your mother, but now I have to get back to my arch enemy... Paperwork." This causes Itama to chuckle and pat him on the shoulder, "I don't envy you being Hokage my friend. Well see you around, try to come back sometime and we'll spar." The younger man smiles at his friend and nods his head, as the man takes off his sandals and heads into the house, while he himself body flickers away back to the Hokage tower.

Leaf Hospital

2 Days Later

Naruto groans as he begins to wake up, the first thing that hits his senses is the smell of disinfectant and bleach, and he knows right away where he's at, Great I'm in the hospital, the one place I hate the most. Wonder how long I've been out. A moment later he opens his eyes to see the white ceiling of the hospital confirming his thoughts, as he lifts his right arm up to look at it and sees how small it is, meaning the old Sage's jutsu worked. A few seconds later a nurse walks in to check his vitals and seeing him awake smiles, "Ah your awake little one. How are you feeling?" He looks at the woman for a moment and answers, "I feel ok I guess. How long have I been out Nurse-san?" The woman giggles at this and responds, "My name is Nanase little one. You've been here 2 days recovering from Chakra Exhaustion. Now lay still while I check up on your condition."

He nods his head as she does some hand signs and checks his vitals and sees how his Chakra pools are doing, however when she does her eyes widen, as he has more chakra then most Chunin. She quickly gets over her shock and stops running her diagnostics, "Well everything seems to be good, and might I say you have some impressive chakra levels for a 4 year old." He blushes a little at this, "Thank you. So can I get out of here now?" She shakes her head at his question, "I'm afraid not. You'll have to stay here a while longer, we have to inform Hokage-Sama that you've awakened and I'm sure he'll have some questions for you. So until then just rest up and we'll bring you some breakfast."

With that she turns and walks out the door to Inform the Chunin guarding his room to summon the Hokage. After a few minutes she returns with a tray of hospital breakfast for him, which he begrudgingly eats even though it tastes like crap. While he's eating his breakfast Sarutobi walks in, and when Naruto see's him his eyes widen slightly, as he recognizes the man, but didn't think he'd be coming back to when he was so Young. He quickly covers up his surprise as the 3rd Hokage comes over and sits at his bedside, "Well young man it's good to see your awake. You were in quite a state when we found you, the Nurse tells me your chakra pools are fully restored and that you can leave here today after a few shots."

The red-head nods at this, even though he makes a face the the thought of shots, however Sarutobi continues on, "Now I have a few questions for you. First off can you tell me your name?" The boy thinks on it a second and then decides to go with his actual name and answers, "My name is Naruto Uzumaki. Who are you mister?" The man chuckles at this, "My name is Hiruzen Sarutobi, and I'm the 3rd Hokage. It's nice to meet you Naruto-kun. Now can you tell me how you ended up here in the leaf?" The red-head starts to panic internally trying to come up with a believable story, however he suddenly gets a great back story and gets a sad look on his face.

He starts his story, "I'm not sure how I got here Lord Hokage...All my life I've lived with my parents in the Land of Waves(Nami no Kuni). But recently they died, attacked by bandits and I was orphaned. They always said we came from a proud lineage but never elaborated, though they did say that if I was ever in trouble I could go to the Hidden Leaf Village, and I planned to in a few years. But when I was going through some of my Tou-chan's stuff I found this seal and it activated and then after that its a blank... Next thing I know I'm waking up here."

Sarutobi listens intently, and thinks over the boy's story, and notices a few inconsistencies, but decides not to call him on them, "I see, well Naruto-kun it seems you may have stumbled on an experimental seal meant for teleportation. Your lucky that it didn't kill you and all you ended with was Chakra exhaustion. Now your parents were right when they said you come from a proud lineage, you are a member of the Uzumaki Clan of the Land of Whirlpools. The Uzumaki Clan is well known for their incredible pools of chakra, their longevity, and their skills in Fuinjutsu as well as Kenjutsu."

He sees Naruto's eyes light up at this as he continues on, "Also the Uzumaki clan is the cousin clan to one of the founding Clans of the Leaf, the Senju. As a matter of fact the current head of the Senju Clan is a woman named Mito Uzumaki-Senju and I'm sure that she would love to take you in being that your clansmen. She also has a granddaughter your age that I'm sure you'll get along with." Naruto smiles and nods at this in response, "Good then after your shot's I'll take you to meet with Mito-sama." The red-head gets confused at this and asks, "Why do you call her Mito-sama? Aren't you the leader of the village?"

Hiruzen chuckles at this, "Hahaha, yes I am, but Mito-sama is the widow of the 1st Hokage, and holds a high position within the village. That is why everyone gives her the proper respect and calls her Mito-sama, all except her immediate family that is." Naruto nods at this as he finishes his food and Sarutobi stands up and motions for the doctor and nurse to come in and give him his shots and what not. While they're giving him his shots they also take some blood to run tests on, when its all done everyone walks out of the room so he can change back into his clothes, when he's done with that Sarutobi signs him out of the hospital and leads him to the Senju compound.

Senju Main House

After walking through the village together and talking a little more, they eventually reach the Senju compound. Naruto's first re-action to the sight of it is to have his jaw drop at just how large it is, however thats nothing to his reaction to the main house, "This is where I'm gonna be living!? Its a Mansion!" Sarutobi chuckles at this, "Your not wrong, however what you should know is that the 1st Hokage himself built this house using his bloodline the Wood Release(Mokuton). Infact he built this entire compound using his powers. Then Mito-sama went around and applied strengthening seals to each of the homes and the walls which make the wooden constructs as strong as steel. I'm sure that she will be teaching you how to do such things in the future."

The red-head can only nod at this as the young man knocks on the door. Moments later it's answered except this time by Mito herself, seeing this Sarutobi bows to her slightly, "Mito-sama its good to see you again. I've someone for you to meet." He then grips Naruto's shoulder and pushes him forward slightly, "Mito Uzumaki-Senju meet Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto Uzumaki meet Mito Uzumaki-Senju." Mito looks at the 4 year old with a critical eye and does notice that he has a lot of the typical Uzumaki features, especially the red-hair, however it's as she uses her meager Chakra Sensing ability that she confirms he's indeed an Uzumaki, Incredible, only 4 and already he has the reserves of a high Chunin. That tears it there is no doubt in my mind that this child is of my Clan.

With that thought in mind she smiles sweetly at him and bends down slightly to be at his level, "Its nice to meet you Naruto-kun. Welcome to your new home, I hope that you find it comfortable." Naruto bows his head and responds, "Thank you Mito-sama, it's nice to meet you to. I've never met any other member of my family before." The older red-head scowls at this slightly but her face quickly softens and she uses her right hand to lift his face so he's looking right at her, "None of that 'Sama' stuff out of you little one. We are family so therefor you may call me Mito-Obasan. Now come inside so that you can meet the rest of the family. Saru-chan thank you for bringing him, if you wouldnt mind filling out the paperwork to have him entered into the academy for me that would be appreciated."

She proceeds to bring Naruto inside and shuts the door before the Hokage has a chance to answer, as he stands there blinking in shock, "What the?...*Sigh* I guess I have no choice but to comply. I swear I should have just let Danzo have the Hokage seat and let him deal with all the paperwork. On second thought Its better that I'm Hokage and he's an ANBU Captain, he'd have us still at war." He then shakes his head and disappears in a Leaf Body Flicker.

Inside the house Mito leads little Naruto towards the family room where her son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter are sitting. As they walk she tells him all about the history between the Senju and Uzumaki Clans, regaling him with the story of how Her father secured the alliance between the cousin clans with her marriage to Hashirama and how they came to love each other in time. Eventually they reach the family room and enter as everyone looks curiously at the little red-head. Sitting with Itama and Tsunade is another women, she has long blonde-hair with 2 bangs the perfectly frame her face, she has fair skin, and green eyes, with a buxom figure, this woman is Amaya Senju.

The three look curiously at the matriarch as Itama asks, "Kaa-chan whose the kid?" Mito smiles and places a hand on the boy's shoulder, "This Itama-chan is Naruto Uzumaki. He is 4 years old and an orphan, and as he is a member of my clan I have volunteered to take him in and raise him. Naruto-kun this is my immediate family, the man is my only son and next head of the Senju Clan, Itama. The blonde-haired woman is his wife and my Daughter-in-law Amaya. Finally the little girl sitting on Itama's lap is my Granddaughter Tsunade-chan, she's the same age as yourself."

Naruto waves at everyone, "Hello, nice to meet you all." Tsunade gets down off her father's lap and walks straight up to the red-head, inspects him closely which kind of freaks him out, but only because theres a miniature version of his mother figure staring him in the face. After a few moments she backs off, smiles and puts out her hand, "Nice to meet you Naruto-san! Wanna be friends?" The red-head blinks at this, but smiles none the less and takes her hand, shaking it and responds, "Yeah sure Tsunade-san, I'd like that." With that she drags him over to the couch and they little group get to know each other better for the rest of the day, eating a small family dinner, and then retire for the night.

Mito leads Naruto to a empty room on the second floor and opens the door for him, "This will be your room from now on Naruto-kun. I know that you just lost your parents recently but I hope in time that you will come to view us as your family and this house as your home. Tomorrow morning after breakfast we will go out into the village to get you some more clothes, as well as supplies for the Academy. Rest well little one, goodnight." Naruto for his part nods his head and responds, "Thank you Mito-Oba, I'm really grateful for all this. Goodnight." She smiles at his as he heads inside the room and closes the door behind him.

He proceeds to head over to the bed and lay down, then he closes his eye and when he re-opens them he finds himself in the familiar space of his Mindscape. When he looks down at the water he sees his 17 year old self reflected back except with his new red hair and minus the whiskers, then he looks up at the towering form of Kurama, "Well we made partner. I've gotta say it was a shock seeing Sarutobi-Jiji that young, but even more shocking to see Baa-chan as a little girl."

The giant Fox just snorts at that, "Tell me about it kit. I'd estimate that we're back about 15 years before the 2nd Shinobi War. Starting tomorrow your going to have to haul ass and start training to get back in shape and get a leg up on becoming strong enough to stop things from going pear-shaped. Also don't draw on my chakra when your around any Leaf Ninja, it will only end badly seeing as in this time I'm sealed inside of Mito." Naruto nods to that and yaws, "Alright well I'm going to actually go to sleep, talk to you another time Kurama." With that he disappears from his mind, getting his rest for the days ahead.

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