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Chapter 7: Adopting A Namikaze! Proposal! Cobalt Sand Vs Iron Sand I!

Last Time

The others in the room look at him funny as Tsunade asks, "What was that about Naru-kun?" The red-head shakes his head in response and proceeds to sit down on one of the empty cushions, pulling the blonde with him so she's sitting in his lap and proceeds to get re-acquainted with his most precious people. He tells them he just got in today, and that he hasn't informed Sarutobi that he's back yet but plans to do that tomorrow, and just spends the rest of the day and evening with the three of them.

While his clone has a conversation with Izumi about the Mangekyo, how she got it, and how to cure the encroaching blindness, just happy to be home for the first time in 3 years.


Training Ground 9

Naruto Clone and Izumi

While the original Naruto is busy catching up with his first family, the clone and Izumi appear in the old team 9 Training Grounds. The black-haired 18 year old jumps away from the clone and glares at it, while the red-head just stares back with a serious face. He sighs and crosses his arms, "The lost light in your eyes is a symptom of the Mangekyo Sharingan. What I want to know is how long you've had it and how did you get it?" She stares at him in slight shock at this.

The woman stares him down for awhile, and seeing that he wont drop it lets out a weary breath, "I've had the Mangekyo for about a year, and ever since I got it I've used it only in the most dire of situations just like my regular Sharingan. As for how I got it... It happened during a battle last year when I pushed my eyes past their limits to survive, suddenly I felt them burn then my vision became even better and I was flooded with new power, and then one technique hit me as if I've known it all my life. The name of that technique was Amaterasu."

The red-head nods his head at this as he continues where she left off finishing for her, "Then your right eye bled and your enemy or enemies were covered in black flames." She stares at him in shock at this but nods her head in response to this. He sighs and shakes his head, "I would have preferred you never had to gain that power Izumi. The Mangekyo is a dangerous weapon, and it has lead many of your clan down a terrible path of death and destruction. If you need proof then look no further then Madara Uchiha."

She nods mutely at this and then asks him what she's been wondering from the start, "How is it you know about the Mangekyo? I only learned what it was after I'd returned to the village and checked my clan's archives. From what they said the Mangekyo is a closely guarded secret of the Uchiha clan that is not told to outsiders. Although it didn't tell me anything about the blindness using it would cause." Naruto chuckles at that, and rubs the back of his head nervously.

After a few minutes of her staring at him he finally cracks, "Ok ok I'll talk. I read about it in the Senju Archives. The 1st Hokage Hashirama Senju as well as the 2nd Tobirama Senju both had notes on the Sharingan and all its various forms. Both fought with men that had the Mangekyo in Madara Uchiha and his younger brother Izuna Uchiha respectively. In Hashirama's notes was a short notation about how the eye causes blindness and therefore is a double edged sword." She accepts this answer and sighs as he just confirmed her suspicions that if she continues to use the Mangekyo then she'll end up blind.

The black-haired woman however is shocked when he rubs the top of her head tenderly and smiles down at her, "However there was also a note in Tobirama's notes that stated that after the death of Izuna, Madara's sight came back to him and his Sharingan was stronger then ever. He wrote that he believed that Madara had taken his brothers eyes and transplanted them into himself and that somehow reversed the effects of the Mangekyo and even made it stronger."

She looks up at him with a shocked and hopeful look on her face, "Are you saying that I could reverse my blindness by simply transplanting the Sharingan of another member of my clan into my eye sockets?"

He shakes his head at this, "No it wont work with just any Uchiha. The donor has to be a close blood relative like a parent or sibling, also that person has to have the Mangekyo as well, otherwise it wont take and you'll still go blind." She lowers her head at this, knowing that no one else in her clan, especially not her parents or younger brother have a Mangekyo Sharingan.

She begins to cry for the hopelessness of it all, suddenly she feels a pair of strong arms wrap her in a soothing hug, as her red-haired friend runs his hands through the back of her hair and pats her back, "Don't cry Izumi. Not all is lost, the transplant could be preformed using the eyes of a direct blood relative down the line who died but had the Mangekyo. What you need to do is to go back in your direct family tree and search for anyone might have had the Mangekyo. When you find that person you can ask the clan head to allow you to have that person's still viable eyes which your clan stores in a secret place."

She sniffles at this as he continues to sooth her, "If you find that none of your direct relatives ever had the Mangekyo then I have one more option to help you, but its a last resort and untested. So don't lose faith but also don't get your hopes up ok?" She nods her head into his chest, but their position finally hits her and she begins to blush as she's never been this close to any man except her father and that was entirely different. He lets her go and steps back from her as she wipes the tears from her eyes, "Alright I'm going to pop and let the boss know how things went, you can head back to the house if you want to grab your sandals."

With that the clone dispels in a puff of smoke sending his memories back to the original and leaving a still blushing Izumi standing there still thinking about how warm his chest was. However she quickly shakes her head to get rid of those thoughts, Bad Izumi! Naruto is with Tsunade-chan and they love each other very much. Besides You and him have never had anything more then a brother/sister like relationship, he would never be interested in you like that. Plus it would be wrong to come between him and Tsunade-chan. This was a one time thing best to go back to the Senju house, get your sandals and then head home.

With that thought firmly in her mind that's exactly what she does, when she gets back she tells the occupants of the house that she's just returned for her sandals and she was heading home as she had a lot to think about and do. Tsunade being the good friend she is asked if she was ok and she told her everything was fine and even smiled at her and then left after telling the 4 to have a good evening and thanking Naruto who smiled at her and nodded his head in her direction as he was playing Go with Nawaki.

Leaf Village

Tree-Bud Orphanage

2 days later

Its been 2 days since Naruto returned to the leaf and immediately went home. The first night he spent with his first family, he and Mito spent time talking about Fuinjutsu, while he kicked Nawaki's butt in both Shogi and Go. However the person he spent the most time with was Tsunade, having missed her dearly, they cuddled all night, sharing little caresses and kisses the entire night, and then when it was time for bed they went to his room, made out on his bed and fell asleep together with smiles on their faces.

The next day he headed to the Hokage tower and informed Hiruzen he was home, luckily or unluckily for him depending on how you look at it, the Hokage was not alone in his office at the time, standing there with him were Homura, Koharu, and of course Danzo who was dressed in his full ANBU Gear complete with dragon mask. Sarutobi and Koharu greeted him warmly, while the other two men greeted him with respectful nods, when asked when he'd arrived he informed them he'd gotten there the night before.

That got him in a little trouble with Homura who said he should have reported first thing instead of dallying, to which he retorted that the first place he went was home. After hearing that Sarutobi chuckled and said it was ok and welcomed him back, announcing that he would give him a few days to re-acclimate to the village and then he'd be back on active duty. After letting him know that was fine he left the office and as soon as he was out the door he ran right into a large roadblock, when he looked at the roadblock he saw that it was Jiraiya and that's when he noticed how big the man had gotten.

In the 3 years he was away his first and best friend had grown considerably, being about 2 inches taller then himself, standing 6'3, however his build is much larger with bulging muscles and broad shoulders, from sight he'd say the white-haired man weighed a good 190+Lbs. As soon as Jiraiya caught sight of who he bumped into he smiled widely and scooped the red-head up into a crushing hug, welcoming him home in his own silly way. Naruto for his part took it in stride and told him it was good to see him, of course he did ask if the man had been peeking in any hot springs recently, to which he laughed and said every chance he gets.

After talking for a couple of minutes Naruto told Jiraiya he had to get going and they could catch up more that night at their usual BBQ Place. The White-haired toad summoner said he'd see him there and the red-head head out of the tower and into town. While walking through town he ran into the last 2 members of their 6 person group, Orochimaru and Sakumo, who surprisingly were together and looked like they'd just finished training.

The two greeted him warmly and he greeted them the same in return, telling them that they look well. He noticed that Orochimaru had also grown now standing at 5'9, but still thin as heck weighing barely 125lbs, his hair now down to his butt. Sakumo looked the same as he did 6 months ago, except his clothes were slightly scuffed up from their sparring. They caught up a little bit, Orochimaru telling him that he's going to be starting his Sage training with the snakes soon, to which he congratulated him and wished him luck. After about 20 minutes they decided to part ways and meet up later that night at the BBQ Place and went their separate ways.

Later that night everyone met up at the Akimichi BBQ, Naruto arriving with his girlfriend on his arm, and the group proceeded to catch up. During the conversation, Jiraiya asked him how hard it was to become a Sage and he told him it really depended on the person and on the summons who are teaching it. For him learning from the Dire Wolves it was pretty easy, but for the white-haired teen, learning from the Toads will probably be a lot harder considering that if you don't keep your Sage Chakra level's equal to your reserves. Then there is the possibility of developing traits of the animal who your learning it from, or being turned to stone forever.

After hearing that Jiraiya got freaked out, rambling about how he didn't want to look like a toad and get a ton of warts because it would ruin his chances with the ladies. At that point Tsunade pointed out that his perversion already ruins any chance he has with a woman, causing everyone except him to laugh. After dinner was over they all went their separate ways again, with the red-head and his blonde love heading back to the Senju compound. On the way there he told her what he planned to do today, adopt a kid and raise it like his own so it wouldn't grow up alone. This got him a tender kiss and compliment on his kind, caring, and giving nature and why she loves him so much.

So that's where we find our hero today, standing in front of the Tree-bud Orphanage, which he knows for a fact is the one in which Minato grew up. He walks through the gates and looks around at all the smiling face of the children, boys and girls ages 2-10, and he smiles at them as they turn to look his direction. As he walks to the door he takes notice of a familiar head of spikey blonde-hair and looks over to find a Chibi version of his father, 3 years old and all of about 3'1. However what sets little Minato apart from his peers is the intelligence he sees behind his eyes as the little boy reads a book meant for a child twice his age with ease.

With a smile on his face he proceeds to walk over to the little blonde and takes a seat next to him on the bench he's sitting on, "Whatcha reading little one?"

The boy looks up from his book to see the red-haired man and not sensing any kind of danger from him answers innocently, "I'm reading about tha First Hokage."

Naruto looks at the book and confirms that it's indeed a story book about the adventures of Hashirama Senju and chuckles, "I see. I've read that book before. It's well written if a bit dry for my tastes. Then again I've been told stories of the man by people who knew him personally."

This gets the blonde's attention right away as he closes the book and asks, "Really? You know people who knew tha First? Who? What was he like?"

The red-head chuckles at the 3 year-olds enthusiasm, "Whoa whoa, one question at a time. First off why don't we introduce ourselves? I'll go first. My name is Naruto Uzumaki, Jonin Rank Shinobi of the village."

The boy's eyes widen at this, "Your a Shinobi? Sugoi! My name is Minato Namikaze, I'm an orphan. I wanna be a Shinobi someday."

Naruto smiles at him, "Nice to meet you Minato-chan. Yeah I'm a Shinobi and a pretty strong one as well. As for knowing people who knew the First Hokage, I happen to live with his wife and granddaughter. Also the 3rd Hokage who was his student happens to be like an older brother to me."

They little boy's eyes sparkle at this as he looks at him with wide, excited eyes, "Wow! What's that like? I would love to live with people who knew tha first two Hokage."

Naruto pats his head at this and sighs as he sees the Matron coming their way, "Well kiddo it was nice talking to you for the time being but I really should go and have a chat with the matron." The little blonde frowns at this but nods his head as he goes back to reading his book, while the red-head gets up and walks over to the Matron of the Orphanage, who is a woman in her 30's with brown hair and kind brown eyes.

When he reaches the woman she asks, "Why were you speaking to Minato-Kun sir? Why did you come here to the orphanage?"

The 18 year old Uzumaki smiles at her and responds, "Ah about that. I came here because I wanted to Adopt a child. My reason for talking to Minato is because he caught my eye sitting there alone reading a book for a 6 year old." Hearing that he want's to adopt a child causes her to look at him suspiciously as she can tell he's young, and from his attire can guess that he's a Shinobi as only they constantly wear mesh armor under their clothes.

She frowns at him, "What is your name and how old are you sir?"

The young man just smirks at her as he answers, "I'm 18 years old. As for my name... You may have heard of me, I'm Naruto Uzumaki." Hearing his name causes the woman's eyes to widen as all the adults in the Leaf know the name of the young man who saved Hidden Eddy Village from the hidden Cloud, Mist, and Rock villages. Also on a more gossipy note all the women in the village always talk about the red-head's relationship with the Heiress of the Senju Clan, the beautiful Tsunade Senju, and how lucky the young woman is to have such a handsome and caring young man on her arm.

She quickly regains her composure and bows to him, "Please forgive my rudeness Naruto-Sama. However why would you want to adopt an orphan? It is well known that yourself and Tsunade-Sama are together and it is believed that someday you will marry and have children."

The S-Rank Shinobi frowns at this slightly as he crosses his arms and responds back, "I know what it's like to lose your parents at a young age. I'd like to give one of these children someone they can look up to, someone to give them the love and attention that they're missing from their parents. I know I may be young, and yes in the future Tsu-chan and I will likely have our own children but that wont ever stop me from caring for the child I adopt here today."

Hearing the conviction in the young man's voice causes the older woman's heart to light up with happiness as she smiles at him, "I see. Well then have you made a choice already on who you'd like to adopt Naruto-Sama?" The red-head nods his head at this as she continues, "Alright then follow me inside to my office and we'll get started on the paperwork. Oh who have you decided to adopt?" Asking as if she didn't already know.

Naruto smirks at her and motions over to the little blonde he was talking to, "I'm going to take Minato-chan. I can tell that he's smart for his age, probably even a genius and being a genius myself I think I'm uniquely qualified to give him the kind of attention he needs. Plus he reminds me of myself a bit, he has an interest in the Hokage and wants to be a Shinobi so he can protect the village and the people he cares about." She smiles at him and nods, as she proceeds to lead him into her office to fill out the paperwork.

After half an hour and many signatures, the Matron asks one of the caretakers to fetch Minato. A few minutes later the little blonde comes into the office with a look of confusion on his little face as he asks, "You called for me matron-san?" However upon noticing the red-head in the office as well he smiles at the 18 year old.

The woman smiles and nods, "Yes Minato-kun I did. I have good news for you... You have been adopted by this young man here."

The little blonde is shocked to hear this as he looks at the smiling red-head and shyly asks, "Is that true?...Did you adopt me Naruto-san?..."

The red-head stands up and places his hand on the child's head and nods, "Its true Minato-chan. I've signed all the paperwork and everything and I'm now technically your father, but you don't have to call me Tou-san if you don't want to. Call me whatever makes you comfortable."

Minato can only smile in happiness as he lunges at the older boy and hugs him around the waist, "Thank you... Tou-san..." Naruto smiles softly at the little blonde and hugs him lightly, "Your welcome... Sochi. Now go gather your things and I'll take you to your new home." Minato nods happily and skips out of the room to gather his belongings.

The Matron smiles and comments, "You've made that little boy very happy. If I may ask Naruto-Sama, how will Tsunade-Sama take you adopting him?"

Naruto turns to her and smirks as he responds, "She's fine with it. I already told her the other night what I planned and she was cool with it, even told me how kind I was. I think that she'll probably take on the role of Mother for him." The woman nods in acceptance of this as the little blonde comes back in with a backpack full of his clothes and other belongings.

Seeing how full it is the red-head chuckles as he takes out a scroll and rolls it out revealing a storage seal then takes the bag from his new son and places it on the seal, applies some chakra and it poofs away. He rolls up the scroll and hands it to Minato, "There you go kiddo. Storage Scrolls are much easier to carry then huge packs of stuff."

The blonde looks at him in awe, "Sugoi! What was that Tou-san? How did you make the backpack go into the scroll?"

The red-head laughs at this and smiles, "That my new son is a branch of the Ninja Arts called Fuinjutsu. Its something that my clan the Uzumaki excel at. Its one of the things I'll teach how to do over the next few years."

The little boy smiles at this, excited to learn something so incredible as Naruto rubs his head and asks, "Alright you ready to go to our home and meet the rest of the family?" Minato nods his head as the young man holds on to his shoulder tightly then smiles at the Matron, "Thank you miss. I'll be sure to take good care of Minato. See you around." With that the two males disappear in a flash of red, shocking the Matron who just shakes her head and proceeds to stand from her desk to check on the other children under her care.

Senju House

Seconds Later

Naruto and his new son appear in the entrance hall of the Senju house in a flash of red. The 3 year old feeling dizzy from the teleportation falls to his butt. Naruto turns to him and picks him up in his arms and pats his head, "Sorry about that kiddo, I forgot you've never experienced a chakra technique before."

The little blonde slowly manages to regain his barrings and asks, "What was that Tou-san?"

The red head chuckles before responding, "That was a Time/Space Ninjutsu that the 2nd Hokage created and that I reworked and perfected. It's called the Hiraishin and allows me to teleport from one place to another in an instant so long as the place I'm going has one of my seal markers."

The little blonde's eyes light up at this, finding it to be pretty cool, "Wow... How fast can you move with it?" Naruto smirks as he removes his sandals with his feet, then uses his free hand to remove the boy's and put them near the door next to 3 other pair.

Then he walks deeper in to the house while replying, "Fast enough to take out thousands of enemies within a few minutes." Minato is awed by this, however his new father's next words make him nervous, "Now get ready because your about to meet the rest of your new family."

The little boy's eyes widen at the knowledge that he's going to have more family then just his new father, and suddenly he feels very nervous. What if the other members of the family don't like him? What if they're all mean to him unlike his new Tou-san? What if he's not good enough to be part of an awesome Shinobi family? All these thoughts and more cycle through his head as Naruto walks with him towards the sitting room. When they enter the room the little blonde comes out of his thoughts to look around the room and sees 3 other people sitting there, 2 women and 1 slightly older boy, around 13 or 14.

Mito, Tsunade, and Nawaki look towards the entrance of the room to find their favorite red-head, however they all look at the little blonde in his arms and each have different reactions. Mito is wondering who the child is and why he and Naruto bear similar facial features, and hopes that the child is not his by birth. Nawaki is confused as to why his honorary brother is holding a small blonde child in his arms. Tsunade however smiles brightly at her love for his big heart as he had told her he was going to go and adopt a child today, then she looks at the little blonde and smiles warmly at him and cant help but to think that he's what her and Naruto's future son might look like.

Mito is the first to get out of her shock though and asks, "Naruto-kun who is that child? Please don't tell me that he is your son, because if so then that means you have cheated on Tsu-chan and I will have to punish you."

Naruto shivers slightly at her tone but shakes it off and smiles as he responds, "Actually as of 10 minutes ago he is my son. However he's not biologically mine so don't worry about that Mito-Obasan. I adopted him from one of the orphanages. Everyone I'd like you to meet Minato Namikaze-Uzumaki. Minato-kun meet everyone."

Minato lifts his head from his new father's shoulder and smiles awkwardly at everyone and waves, "Hi. I'm Minato."

His cuteness it to much for the blonde Senju as she gets up and rushes over, quickly taking the boy from her love's arms and hugging him tight and rubbing her cheek against his, causing him to giggle childishly, "Awww! You're so Cute Min-chan! I'm Tsunade Senju, but you can call me Kaa-chan if you want. After-all Naru-kun and I have been together for years now." The boy for his part just nods his head slightly as he hears his Tou-san laughing at the woman's actions.

Nawaki decides to take pity on the 3 year old, "Nee-chan let the poor kid go already. I'm sure he's traumatized having some strange woman he's just met grabbing him and hugging him, telling him to call her Kaa-chan. Let the kid get to know you a little more before you start doing such strange things." The elder Senju puts the little boy down and turns to glare at her little brother for his words, to which the teen just chuckles and turns to the kid holding out his hand, "My name is Nawaki Senju and I'm the crazy girl's younger brother."

Minato steps over to the brown-haired teen and shakes his hand with a smile, "Nice to meet you." Then he turns to the eldest in the room and with a curious expression asks, "Are you my Tou-san's Kaa-chan?"

At this the three younger Shinobi burst out into laughter while Mito herself sighs in exasperation and answers, "No little on I am not Naruto-kun's mother. Though we are family, we both hail from the Uzumaki Clan of Whirlpool. My name is Mito Uzumaki-Senju and I am in fact the grandmother of Tsu-chan and Waki-kun."

The boy's eyes widen at this as he knows who this woman is, "Your the First's wife!" He turns to Naruto and speaks to him, "Tou-san you didn't tell me you were a relative of the 1st and 2nd Hokage!"

The red-head chuckles at this, "Well I did tell you that the Jutsu I used to get us here was one created by the 2nd and which I Perfected. How else do you think I got my hands on a Jutsu from one of the Hokage?" The boy nods his head at this as his smart little mind quickly realizes the young man's point.

Then he's snapped out of it by Naruto clapping his hands, "Alright now that the introductions are over lets take you up stairs and pick you out a bedroom and then you can unpack your stuff and put it away and then we can all have Lunch together as a family and you can get to know us all much better." Minato nods his head and is quickly lead upstairs by both Naruto and Tsunade. He picks an empty room 3 doors down from Naruto and proceeds to unpack his meager belongings, putting away his 2 extra outfits in the dresser drawers and his books on the bookshelf.

After that the two Shinobi led him back down stairs and into the dining room for a nice lunch. The little family got to know the little boy pretty well, finding out that he wants to be a Ninja when he's older as well as that he looks up to all the Hokage but especially the 2nd as he was considered to be a genius and he heard the Matrons talk about how he himself was one. He found out that his new Father is pretty famous around the world for taking on an army of hundreds of thousands of Shinobi from 3 of the other 4 great Villages. He also found out about Nawaki's leg injury which ended his Ninja Career and expressed how he was sorry to hear that.

He also found out that Tsunade happens to be one of the 3 students of the current Hokage and started to ask all about Sarutobi and what he taught her, which she happily told him with a smile on her face. He also asked why if Mito is Tsunade and Nawaki's grandmother why she looks nearly young enough to be their mother, to which she told him that the Uzumaki Clan has a sort Bloodline limit in that they have great longevity which keeps them in top physical form for a long time and has the side effect of slowing their aging slightly.

So even though to most she is considered senior citizen and an elder, to the Uzumaki Clan she is considered to be middle age because it's not uncommon for an Uzumaki to live to be 200 unless they die in battle first. The blonde found this pretty cool and wished he was really Naruto's son so that he could live for longer and be a great ninja for even longer, he even revealed that it's already his dream to one day become the Hokage one day. After lunch Minato felt kind of tired so Naruto took him back up to his room for a nap and told him dinner would be in a couple of hours before tucking him in and telling him to sleep tight.

2 Weeks Later

Training Ground 7

It's been 2 weeks now since Naruto adopted Minato, and those two weeks have been a learning experience for the 18 year old red-head. Today however we find him in training ground 7 sparing with Tsunade, who has begun to become frustrated with him as of late, which can be seen by the fact that she keeps uprooting trees and cratering the ground as she attempts to hit him. The reason for her frustrations is because she has been dropping subtle hints that she's ready to take their relationship to the next level and have sex with him, but the red-head is so thickheaded that its gone completely over his head.

Hence why right now she's trying to get out some of her sexual frustrations by pounding the man she loves into paste. She attempts a left hook, but he dodges around it and hits her in the ribs with the tips of his fingers hitting a pressure point there causing her to grunt in pain and feel numb in her ribs. She then dodges his follow up roundhouse and goes for a elbow to his thigh, however he vanishes in a body flicker and appears 100 feet away. Looking over the damage to the training ground he whistles, "Wow Tsu-Hime that super strength of your never fails to impress."

The blonde smiles smugly at this as he continues, "However I can't help but to feel like your trying to tell me something with all this destruction. Did I do something to piss you off? If I did then I'm sorry, you know I never try to make you mad intentionally. I'm not Jiraiya after all." She can't help but to giggle at his last comment as it's true, Jiraiya tends to piss her off all the time and always gets sent flying away into the distance by a super strength punch to the jaw.

But she gets over it quickly, and glares at him before rushing him faster then before with her fist raised up coated in chakra, "You Baka! Of course I'm mad! I've been trying to tell you something all week and you're to stupid to notice!" At the end she brings her fist towards his face, however she hits nothing but air as he appears behind her and manages to bring her arm down to her side as he wraps his own arms around her body, holding her there tightly. She growls at him, as she thrashes about in his arms trying to escape, however she begins to loose her will to as he lay's kisses along her neck from behind.

Naruto smiles internally as he feels her begin to calm and even hears a slight moan escape her lips as he kisses the pulse-point on her neck, "I'm sorry Tsu-Hime. Please forgive me for not getting whatever message you were trying to send me the last week. I know it's no excuse but I've had other things one my mind, like being a new father to Minato. Also I've been thinking all week of the perfect way to ask you something but couldn't come up with anything that hasn't been done a million times before or wasn't to flashy. So I'm going to ask you right now. Tsunade Senju with you marry me?"

The blonde however Is only half listening as she's enjoying his ministrations, "Mmm Naru-kun... I'll do whatever you want..." However after a moment her clouded mind clears as she registers the words 'Marry Me' and she turns around in his arms with a look of shock on her face, "Did you just say what I think you just said?"

He smiles slightly and asks, "Depends. What do you think I just said?"

She slaps him on the chest and responds, "Don't play dumb with me. Did you just ask me to Marry you?"

The red-head nods his head, "Yes I did. I love you Tsunade, more then anything in this world. We've been dating since we were 13 and for the years I was in Whirlpool I missed you more then I've ever missed anyone, even my parents. I couldn't imagine ever living my life without you and so I want to make us permanent by making you my wife. So what do you sa... Mmph!" He's suddenly cut off by Tsunade passionately kissing him. After a full 5 minutes of kissing they break apart and he smiles widely, "Should I take that as a yes?"

Tsunade kisses him again quickly and responds, "Yes I'll marry you Naru-kun. Your the only man I have ever loved and ever will love. I've been waiting for you to ask me to marry you since before you left for Whirlpool." Naruto chuckles at this as he separates from her and goes into his coat pocket and take out a small storage scroll, he then opens it up and proceeds to bite his thumb, smears his blood on the seal while also applying some chakra. In a poof of smoke a Diamond ring appears, with a 3 carat princess cut diamond set into the golden band which has the Senju and Uzumaki clan symbols carved on to each side of the band.

He places it on her left ring finger and she lifts her hand up to the sun to look at it, as the light makes the diamond shine. She puts her hand down and smiles widely before squealing and jumping into his arms and kissing him a third time. Neither able to keep the smiles off their faces as they lock lips and tongues, however after a little while they both need to breath and break apart. Tsunade begins to rub her thighs together, no longer being able to stand it she looks at him, her eyes full of both love and lust and whispers in his ear, "Flash us to my bedroom. I want you Now!" To make her point she rubs the slight bulge in his pants.

The red-head nods his head as he grabs hold of her and they vanish in a flash of red just as their teammates all show up to see the training ground pretty much wrecked. Naruto and his blonde love appear in her bedroom and proceed to spend the next 4 hours in the throws of passion and love. Luckily no one in the house can hear Tsunade's moans and screams of orgasmic bliss because the red-head applied some privacy seals to the room via shadow clone.

4 hours later

Senju Main House

Tsunade's Bedroom

After 4 hours of love making the two newly engaged Shinobi are laying together in the blonde's bed, still naked, covered in even more sweat, and glowing in post-coital bliss. Tsunade has her head resting on Naruto's chest, while his arms are wrapped around her, all she can think about his how happy she is, not only because she and her love took their relationship to the final level, but because of his proposal and the fact that she's going to be the future Mrs. Tsunade Senju-Uzumaki. She giggles at this thought causing the red-head to look down at her, "Wanna share what's funny with the class Tsu-Tsu?"

The blonde snorts at the new name and looks up at him from her spot on his chest, "Oh nothing Naru-koi... I was just thinking about the future and how someday I'm going to be Mrs. Tsunade Senju-Uzumaki."

Naruto chuckles at this, the action causing his chest to rumble and fill her with warmth, "Why Senju-Uzumaki? Why not Uzumaki-Senju? Or You could continue to be Tsunade Senju and I could be like Mito-Obasan and start calling myself Naruto Senju-Uzumaki. We could do the name thing however you want Hime."

She smiles at this and kisses his pectoral muscle, "Your sweet Naruto. I know you said I could just keep the Senju name and not take yours at all because I'm actually the legal head of the Senju Clan now. But I want to incorporate the Uzumaki surname into my name to show that I'm married to the most wonderful man in the world."

At this the red-head feels a bit guilty as he's kept a few secrets from her just as he has most others. Sighing to himself he decides it's time to reveal one of his biggest secrets to her, "Now that you've said that I feel like I have to be completely truthful with you so that our marriage doesn't start on a bad note. All the abilities and the bloodlines I have that you know about, are not actually all the bloodlines I have."

The blonde hearing this sits up and looks at him confused, "What do you mean they aren't all the bloodlines you have? What other bloodline could you have besides the elemental ones and your Uzumaki longevity?"

At this he lets out another sigh and thinks to himself, here goes nothing. With that thought in mind he activates his last hidden bloodline, as his eyes turn from their usual deep blue to a crimson red with three black tome in each eye and a black pupil. The Senju lets out a gasp at this, as she recognizes those eyes, as they are the eyes of her clan's rival, the Uchiha Clan, they are the Sharingan. She stares in shock, "How? How do you have the Sharingan?! Naruto tell me this is Genjutsu and your just pulling my leg."

He however shakes his head at this, "Its no Illusion Tsunade. These eyes are the 100 percent, real deal, Sharingan in its fully evolved form."

She shakes her head at this, "But how? I thought you were a pure blooded Uzumaki. To have the Sharingan you'd have to be at least part Uchiha."

The red-head frowns at this a little, "I know. I thought I was Pure Uzumaki to, both my parents had the red-hair of the Uzumaki clan. But I developed these eyes after graduation while training alone one day, at first I was freaked out because I knew it meant that one of my parents had to have had Uchiha blood in them. But then I decided to keep it a secret lest it lead to to many questions which I can't answer, and so I've trained with them secretly for years and mastered them. But I never use them as my own skills and regular eyesight has always been enough, at this point they're my biggest trump card against enemies should I ever encounter someone who is stronger then me that I can't defeat with my usual skills." Tsunade seeing the look on his face softens her own look and kisses his cheek.

The blonde snuggles back up into him, "It's ok Naru-kun, I'm glad you told me about this, because it means our kids could potentially inherit not only your elemental bloodlines but also the Sharingan. However it doesn't change the fact that I love you and that you are still the best man I know."

He smiles widely at this and kisses her forehead, "Thanks Tsu-Hime. But could you keep it secret from everyone else? I'm afraid others might not be as understanding as you about me being part Uchiha, especially the Uchiha Clan. I mean they already hate Izumi's friendship with me because of my being an Uzumaki and in their eyes Uzumaki equals Senju."

She giggles at this but agrees, to which he thanks her and then proceeds to displace her by getting out of bed and heading to the attached bathroom. Seeing this Tsunade decides to join him in a shower and they end up spending another hour having fun in the bathroom before finally making their way downstairs for dinner, as Nawaki and Mito give them looks of knowing, while Minato asks his father where he was for lunch. This causes both young adults to spit out their food, blush, and the red-head to stutter as he tells the boy that he'll tell him when he's older. This causes the little blonde to cock his head to the side in a cute, confused manner.

2 Months Later

Border Between Land of Fire and Land of Wind

Tsunade and a whole squad of Leaf Shinobi can be seen breathing heavily after the battle they just went through. A few days ago Tsunade was placed in charge of a company of 100 Ninja with a mission to investigate reports that a platoon of Sand Shinobi were getting to close to the Fire Country side of their border. When they got to their current location it turned out to be worse then they thought, as they found not just a Platoon of Sand Shinobi but an entire Battalion gathered on the border preparing to cross over into their lands. Thinking quickly Tsunade summoned a Slug and had it take a message back to Sarutobi for reinforcements to come quickly, then she ordered her platoon to just observe and not to make a move unless the enemy did.

That idea was quickly shut down when some Sand Ninja sensors ferreted them out and their commander ordered an attack on her Platoon. The battle that followed was fast and brutal, and for each one of her own men who was killed by the Sand Nin she killed 10 of theirs proving why an angry Senju was dangerous to engage in battle. Eventually however the numbers on both sides had dwindled down, her side now had only around 20 including herself, while the enemy Battalion had gone from 400 to 150. Looking around she can tell that her little remaining squad will not survive the next onslaught from the enemy company, and according to one of her summons their back up is still at least a day away.

Coming to a decision she signals to her group to fall back as she cuts the palm of her right hand, goes through the five hand-seals quickly and then slams her hand on the ground calling out "Summoning Jutsu!" There is a large puff of smoke and when it clears it shows Tsunade standing on the head of the Boss of the Slug's the Slug Queen Katsuyu. Katsuyu is enormous being easily as big as the Bosses of the snakes and Toads, she is primarily white in color with three blue streaks that run vertically down the middle and sides of her body from her head and tapering at her tail.

Katsuyu seeing that she's been summoned to a battle-field turns one of her optical Tentacle to her summoner, "What can I Do for you Tsunade-Sama?"

The blonde Senju smiles at her long time partner and personal summons, "Katsuyu I need you to cover those Sand Nin is your acid. I'm sorry to bother you with this but my group is down to 20 including myself and the enemy numbers 150 still and most of my people are out of chakra. In fact I just used most of whats left of my own Chakra to summon you so your our last hope." The slug queen nods dips her optical tentacle in as if nodding to her summoner's word.

She turns her eyes back to the enemy Ninja, "Very well Tsunade-Sama. I know that I'm not very useful but I will try my best to defeat the enemy for you." With that she sucks in a breath before to the astonishment of the sand ninja spitting out a huge wave of acid at the left flank who are not fast enough to put up a defense and are quickly covered in the sticky yellow substance which quickly begins to eat at them. Within a few minutes 45 Sand Shinobi and Kunoichi are dead, nothing more then piles of bones from the acid and as the Slug turns to spray another round of the acid the remaining Sand Nin all prepare whatever earth Jutsu they have to put up a defense. However to everyone's surprise as soon as the second shot of acid leaves the summon's mouth and heads for them it is met by a enormous wall of black sand which completely blocks it.

All the Sand Nin who recognize that black sand begin to cheer, as the Leaf Nin all begin to shiver in fear for they've heard the stories about that sand and its user. Tsunade for her part just stares straight ahead at the approaching figure riding a cloud of the black sand, the figure is a tall man of fair complexion, he has short messy dark-blue hair and narrow yellow eyes. He wears the standard attire of a Kage, minus the hat and with the addition of a flowing white cape, this man is the current and 3rd Kazekage of the Sand Village. The man stops in front of his Ninja and steps down to the ground, recalling all his black sand which is called Iron Sand, as he looks up at the blonde on the Summoned animal.

He closes his eyes as he senses out the other 19 Leaf Nin before opening his yellow eyes and staring up at Tsunade, "From the fact that your on a Slug I'm going to assume you are Tsunade Senju as she is known to summon slugs. I am also going to assume that you are the leader of your group so I will say this only once, it is unfortunate that you stumbled upon this little battalion when you did. Had you not then you may have survived to return to the Leaf and those you love. Be that as it may I'm afraid I must end all of your lives here so as to send a message to the Leaf that the Sand will not be stopped in its expansion into Fire Country."

With that said he motion for his people to get back on the other side of the border as he gathers together all his Iron Sand as he flips through hand-seals and intones, "Magnet Release: Iron Sand Gathering Assault: Giant Spear!(Jiton: Satetsu Kesshu: Kyodaiso)" As his sand forms into a large spear, with a wave of his hand the spear of iron sand heads directly for Katsuyu, and more specifically for Tsunade herself. The blonde knowing she has little time grabs the Engagement ring hanging around her neck and pours the last of her chakra into it activating a specific seal within the ring. A moment later there is a flash of red and a cry of "Magnet Release: Cobalt Barrier!(Jiton: Kobaruto Kekkai)"

In that moment a large solid wall of silver colored metal appears in the path of the Iron spear blocking it completely and even reflecting it. While on top of the slug a certain read-head appears in front of Tsunade, with his new fur lined coat flapping in the wind and one hand up controlling the Cobalt Sand. Naruto turns his head slightly to his fiancee, "Are you alright Tsu-Hime?"

The blonde Senju lets out a sigh of relief at her red-haired lover's appearance and replies, "I'm fine now that your here Naru-kun. We encountered a battalion of Sand Shinobi and engaged in battle and now we're down to 20 and they were down to 150, now 105 after Katsuyu here took out some with her acid." He nods his head at this as he senses the Iron Sand being recalled to it's user and so he motions for his own sand to break up and sit around him and Tsunade.

As he looks down he notices the 3rd Kazekage and smirks slightly, "I see the Kazekage decided to show up and end the party. I'm glad you called me when you did otherwise I wouldn't of been able to see your pretty face ever again and would have destroyed all of the Sand in revenge." She shakes her head at his foolishness as he gets serious, "Hime I want you and your men to fall back to the Village. Don't try to argue with me the battle to come is not something you or your squad may survive."

Looking around her at the way that his silver sand is moving she can tell he's looking forward to fighting the Kazekage and so she nods, "Alright Naru-kun...Just promise me that you'll return to me."

He turns fully to look her in the eyes before planting a brief kiss on her lips and replying, "Of course Hime. Don't worry I'll be back in time for a family dinner. Now you get out of here." With that said he creates a cloud of Cobalt Sand and floats down to the ground as Tsunade hops down to the tree tops and tells Katsuyu she can go home. The slug queen disappears in a huge puff of smoke which the blonde and her remaining team members use as a distraction to body flicker away. Naruto lands on the ground and faces the 3rd Kazekage with no fear as the older man recognizes the red-head.

The Kazekage turns to his people, "All of you return to the Village. None of you are strong enough to face this man, he is an S-Rank Shinobi responsible for the Massacre at the Whirling Tides. The Leaf's Bloody Crimson Flash Naruto Uzumaki." At this every single Shinobi and Kunoichi there nods and turns to head back as ordered by they're Kage.

Naruto for his part smiles at his soon to be opponent, "I see my reputation precedes me as does yours Kazekage-Sama. The Master of the Iron Sand."

The slightly older man nods his head at the 18 year old red-head as he replies, "That it does. As does the rumor that you ransomed all the Jinchuriki you captured back to their villages for a hefty profit."

Naruto chuckles at this without responding to it directly as its true. A few months after the routed invasion of Whirlpool he did indeed ransom off the 6 Jinchuriki back to their countries, charging the Kages specific amounts for each all in the 10s of millions of Ryo range. Such as with the 3 and 6 tails and Mist he charged them 30 and 60 million respectively, for the 4 and 5 tails and Rock it was 40 and 50 million respectively, and lastly with Cloud it was 20 and 80 Million respectively. It equaled a grand total of 280 Million Ryo which he divided in half and gave 140 Million to the Leaf and kept the other half for himself.

He gets out of his memories and gathers his silver cobalt sand behind him as he prepares to face of with his fellow Magnet Release user. The Kazekage does the same with his black iron sand as Naruto asks, "Before we begin tell me your name, I can't just refer to you as Kazekage the whole time we fight."

The man chuckles at this an nods his head as he responds, "You are correct about that. My name is Jin of the Sabaku Clan. Now we know each other's names let us begin." With that his Iron sand surges forward, while Naruto's Cobalt Sand does the same and the two metal sands clash signaling the beginning of a battle that will be spoken of for many years to come.

Annnd Cut! Well there you have it Chapter 7. Naruto speaks with Izumi, Adopts his former father, purposes to and finally sleeps with Tsunade. In the end he saves her and her remaining men and women from the 3rd Kazekage only to prepare to battle the man himself. In the battle of Jiton Users who will prevail? Which sand will reign supreme iron or cobalt? Find out the answer to these exciting questions in the next chapter: Cobalt Sand Vs Iron Sand II. As Always please read and review. Until Next time.