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Some people asked about pairings and will Kushina be in it. The answer is I don't know I will put a poll up later during the story to see who it will be. But suggestions would be nice my personal favorites are Anko, Kushina, Mikoto and Konan.

Also, some said they don't like evil Minato as it's not believable. All I'm going to say is that this is fan-fiction I mean I have read stories about Naruto getting turned into a predator if someone can write that then I can write about this.

Also, the graduation age is 15-16, not 12 cause I found it stupid that they send 12 years olds to fight grown adults with barely any training. (This doesn't include Naruto in this story because he has been trained to fight privately for years not learning things that are useless like the academy teach)

Anyway on with the story.

Jinsei-5 Years later-Naruto age 11

It was an early morning in the village of Konoha but down deep below a young lin kuei student was practising with his sensei.

"Very good Naruto you have almost mastered the dragon style all you need is more experience using it" Praised Kuai looking at his now 11-year-old apprentice.

"Its all thanks to you sensei" Replied Naruto with a bow.

The past 5 years of training had been great for Naruto. He had changed a lot over the years he had grown to a nice 5ft6, his hair was still the same colour but it had grown into a shaggy look with some bangs covering his eyes (Ichigo dangai) and his face had become more angular with the loss of his baby fat. (Basically, he look like a young Minato but with blue and white hair, paler skin)

Since his old clothes not longer fit Naruto now wore a pair of black steel-toed combat boots with black combat trousers with an ice blue belt with the lin Kuei symbol on it, for his upper body he wore a tight sleeveless black shirt showing off his defined muscle, over this an ice blue short sleeved trench coat and as tradition he wore the lin kuai mask.

"True but without your natural skill and your determination it would have taken much longer to teach you. But enough of that let use see your progress in your ice manipulation show me your weapons of choice"

Following his sensei's command, Naruto holds his hands out and forms two Kama's made of pure ice with jagged edges. After forming the kama's, he starts going through his kata for them called the dragon's talons, finishing his kata he releases his weapons making them shatter on the ground.

"Good very good now show me your other weapon" Ordered Kaui.

Bowing to his sensei Naruto holds his hands together and forms a Muramasa katana that was a bit longer than normal. Going through his Kata for his sword called the dragon's fang. Finishing his kata Naruto drops the weapon shattering it and turns to bow at his now clapping sensei.

"Very impressive to learn two of the lin kuei's most difficult weapon styles is no easy feet, yet you my student have done it and I couldn't be prouder" Said Kuai with pride evident in his voice.

"Thank you sensei will that be all for today?"

"Yes I know about you progress in the lin Kuei ice style moves but before I can teach you further you most do something"

"Give me your order sensei and I swear on my honor it will be done"

"Don't be too hasty me student you should hear the mission before excepting, but since you are so eager your mission is to kill every bandit at a small camp located east of here I believe it is near a small country called the land of waves" Finished Kuai looking at the shocked face of his student.

"But sensei I've never killed before" Said Naruto Looking to the ground "I don't think I can kill in cold blood" He muttered sounding sad that he would disappoint his teacher.

Looking at His student Kuai couldn't help but think this is what his father must have had to do when training him and his brother.

"Naruto you are ready for this I know you are, I agree killing in cold blood is wrong but killing to protect those weaker than you is something that I believe in and I hope you learn too as well" Said Kuai looking as Naruto kept his head down think on his words.

Naruto thought of his sensei's words over and over again in his head "No one ever looked out for me so maybe if I look out for those weaker than me I can stop people haveing to go through the same things I did" With that thought in mind Naruto looked up to his sensei with fire in his eyes.

"If I can help people like you helped me then I will even if I have to kill" Exclaimed Naruto with determination.

"Good go and gather all that you think you require then we shall both go so I can watch you fight" Said Kuai making Naruto run of and gather his supplies.

"I hope I'm making the right choice, but with the world like it is then the kids in school must be doing something similar," Kuai said to himself not knowing how wrong he was.

Uchiha compound

"Mito you are going to be late to the academy if you don't get up" Shouted Kushina. The past five years have been kind to Kushina she still looked like she was in her twenties even if she was nearly 40.

"Coming kaa-chan" Shouted Mito from upstairs.

Mito had grown to become a clone of her mother in the past five years but still had some of her 'fathers' features like her blue eyes and some blonde highlights in her long red hair.

Shouting goodbye to her mother Mito runs towards the compound gates only to see Sayuri standing there with an annoyed look on her face.

"And what took you so long?" Asked Sayuri with a "You better have a good explanation" look causing Mito to sweat a little at her friends stare.

"Umm you see on the walk here I saw this old lady who had dropped her shopping and being the good citizen I am I decided to help her but it turns out she was an enemy ninja and she took my wallet, so I had to track her down and fight for it which took a while" Lied Mito not noticing the tick mark on Sayuri's head get bigger and bigger with each passing second.

"THAT'S BULLSHIT!" Exclaimed Sayuri "Kami you need to stop talking to Kakashi-san you're starting to act like him next thing you now you'll be reading those orange books," Said Sayuri with a small smirk at seeing Mito's face go pale at the very thought.

"That will never happen not now not ever!" Denied Mito kami knows what her mother would do to her if she started reading those books.

"Anyway, we are going to be late if we don't hurry up" Said Sayuri who started walking away, leaving Mito behind.

"Hey wait up!" Shouted Mito as she ran after her best friend.


Arriving with a minute to spare Mito and Sayuri take their seats next to Hinata.

"Morning Hinata-chan" Greeted Mito with a smile whilst Sayuri gave a small nod.

"Morning Mito-chan, Sayuri-chan, are you both ready to practise the henge Jutsu today?" Asked Hinata.

"You bet I am I finally have it down to two hand seals" Boasted Mito with a grin on her face only for it to falter when she saw the two deadpan looks her friends were giving her.

"It has taken you this long to get that far even Shikamaru can do it with one hand seal and he is the laziest bastard I know" Said Sayuri making Mito depressed.

"It's not my fault I have massive chakra reserves and very little control" Muttered Mito making her friends snicker at her. Still depressed about her lack of progress Mito takes her seat just as their sensei Iruka walks in.

"Good morning class, today we will be going over are henge Jutsu so form a line and get ready to perform it" As the class lined up Mito slowly walked down the stairs before taking her place in the line "Why do I have to do this I would rather be doing something cool" Thought Mito.

With Naruto and Kuai

Above in the trees overlooking the bandit camp, Kuai looks over to his nerves Student.

"Naruto from now on this is your mission so make your plan" Said Kuai making Naruto close his eyes and open his senses.

"There are 26 bandits 14 are asleep and one ninja, but the level of chakra I'm sensing is barely over chunnin, 4 civilian women and a child that I sense are afraid but unharmed" Said Naruto holding in his anger at mentioning the civilians.

"Your sensing skills have improved, now that you have this information use it to your advantage and eliminate the threats" Said Kuai getting a nod from Naruto as he jumped from the tree and into the camp.

Landing behind one of the larger tents Naruto sneaks inside to find two past out bandits, stealing his nerves Naruto creates to kunai out of ice and slits their throats killing them silently. Fighting the urge to puke Naruto Heads out of the tent and hides in the shadows of another tent and repeats the process until only the bandits that are awake and the ninja is left.

Leaving the shadows of the tents, Naruto sneaks behind the guards of the prisoners and jams a kunai each into their temples killing them instantly. Walking over to the terrified Prisoners Naruto puts a finger over his mask face where his mouth would be telling them to be silent.

"Shh I'm here to help I'm going to untie you but I need you to stay here until I have finished clearing out the rest of the bandits, okay?" Seeing them nod Naruto Creates a kunai and cuts the ropes that bound them.

"Okay stay silent I'll be back" About to walk out Naruto felt a small tug on his shirt and sees the only child of the group holding it "Yes?" Asked Naruto.

"Can you please save my kaa-chan the man with a headband took her," Said the small boy with tears in his eyes. Nodding his head Naruto headed straight towards the biggest tent in the camp most likely belonging to the only ninja of the group.

Reaching the tent in record Time whilst taking care of the renaming bandits, Naruto lifted a corner of it and snuck inside but what he saw made him see red with rage. the unknown ninja was ripping the clothes off of the poor women whilst smiling. Creating his ice katana Naruto Walks out into the open and glares at the man "Stop you animal you won't harm her any longer" Said Naruto making the man turn around to look at him, release the women at the same time.

"Eh who are you gaki, and what are you doing here! Demanded The man with a sneer.

"I'm here to save the captives, as for who I am that's simple I'm your executioner" Said Naruto as he charged with his Ice katana.

Smirking at Naruto the man brought out a kunai and blocked the strike "Haha that a good one gaki my executioner aye, well you better know my name then it's Kijmuta Toshi ex chunnin of kiri" Said the now named Toshi. sending a kick to Naruto's chest who dodged it easily.

"Hmm your Katana is made of ice your one of those bloodline freaks that the Mizukage is trying to kill, maybe if I deliver your corpse he will let me return" Throwing his Kunai at Naruto Toshi began making hand seals "Water chains Jutsu" Shout Toshi sending multiple chains of water at Naruto not seeing the smirk on his opponents face due to the mask he wore.

"I'm the worse opponent you could have picked and this is why "Ice ball" Yelled Naruto sending a ball of ice towards Toshi who didn't bother dodging and used his chains to stop it from hitting him but went wide eyed as the ball froze his chains and shattering them, carried on hitting his chest freezing him instantly.

Seeing his enemy frozen but alive Naruto walked over to the ice statue and sliced it in two making both parts shatter "He deserved worse" Said Naruto. Looking over to the ex-captive who was covering herself with her hands, Naruto sees the fear in her eyes and chooses to keep his distance trying to make her more comfortable.

"Miss you're safe now, your son is waiting for you with the other villagers" Said Naruto, with those words Naruto saw the fear in her eyes be replaced by relief.

"Thank Kami Inari is safe, what about the rest are they all okay?" Asked the women

"They are fine a bit shaken up but fine, if it is okay with you I will escort you to them and be on my way" Said Naruto seeing the women nod walks over to the women and passes her the sheet from the bed allowing her to cover her body.

"Thank you for saving us, my name is Tsunami what can I call you?" Asked The now named Tsunami.

"Naruto my name is Naruto"

Walking in silence to the other ex-prisoners, Tsunami was suddenly pounced on by a crying Inari.

"Kaa-chan you're back you're really back, please don't leave again" Cried Inari as he clung to Tsunami who smiled at her son and began calming him down.

Not seeing a reason for him to stay Naruto began his walk towards the camp gate but was stopped by the sounds of shouts and footsteps.

"Naruto wait!" Shouted Tsunami as she and the others ran towards him.

"Yes?" Asked asked a confused Naruto to sure what else they wanted from him.

"Thank for saving us, how can we repay you?" Asked Tsunami.

"Um, I don't want anything" Said Naruto as he began walking away again leaving a shocked group expecting him to want something for saving them.

Kuai's location

Arriving at the meeting point, Naruto sees his sensei sitting on a rock waiting for him.

"I see you have finished a quite quickly, well done from now on your training becomes harsher are you ready?" Asked Kuai.

"Yes, sensei," Said Naruto with a bow.

"Good from now we won't return to the jinsei chamber I want you to get used to this world so we shall travel and train, I have already prepared everything for your training so our first stop will be snow country for you to learn more advanced ice manipulation and maybe create some new techniques.

nodding to his sensei, the two traveled back towards the boat they used to get to wave and set of for snow country.

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I know the fight was a bit short but the ninja was barely chunnin level and ice beats water.

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One piece.


Before the crew get to archipelago sabaody Luffy and robin get together and become heartbroken when they get separated by Kuma. knowing they can't see each other before the two years are up they train to get stronger for one another. after the crew meet up again Luffy and robin reunite and are stronger than ever. the rest follows cannon but however you want to change it.

Luffy-yonko level

robin-war lord level

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