Hey so I am back with another OC story, don't worry Clash of the beasts is not on hiatus or anything I just got the idea for this story after quite sometime and I felt like I needed to write it down and well eventually I got sucked into it and wanted to turn it into an OC story, So i hope you all enjoy and please submit if you feel like doing so!

Once upon a time, a prince as lonely as the deep blue sea traveled the very ends of the earth, searching for a new light in his life, a love, somebody who was willing to bring joy into his world. Losing hope just as he neared the end of his search, he found a beautiful maiden singing and dancing in an endless field of flowers, Her hair gleamed, and shined and swayed through the wind just like a rainbow, shades and tones of all types they were, her eyes were like precious colored gems given birth by a rainbow itself. He instantly fell for her beauty, but fell even harder with her lively spirit, her spunky attitude, her sweet persona, the fire and sass within her, he loved each and every emotion she showed. She was the fairest of them all, but behind her pure looks, hid a secret. She came from a guild of humans bestowed with magic abilities from ancient mythical creatures who watched over them, upon discovering of their clans most precious stone being slowly stolen by the Prince, they set out to gain revenge.

When she refused to leave the prince, and instead chose to marry him and leave to his kingdom, they had pinned her as a traitor, and as her biggest punishment, they cursed her future, where she was to give birth to eight sons and daughters, each one cursed with the spirit of an ancient beast called the Eeveeling, all together, when the youngest child's age was to reach 16, there curses will take over their minds, souls, and bodies.

These eight children would become the destruction of the world, tides and waves will spin and rise, volcanoes will erupt and magma will overflow, storms will be bestowed upon humanity and thunder bolts will crash down onto the innocent, the sun and moon will lose their light, the shadows from the underworld will awaken, the earth will crumble and fall apart, and when the worst has passed, a thick, kill frozen ice age will cover the entire earth, plunging it into a hollow apocalypse, however, there would also be a key for them to avoid destruction, the eighth child, who with their warm light could break the curse, however they would need to figure out just how to break the curse, or watch as the entire world falls beneath in ashes.

Fearing for everyone's well being, the Queen felt she had no choice, the elders of her clan warned her that if she kept all her children and raised them together, the curse will surely become active when the time would come, however, they also gave her an alternative, where she was to separate all of her children and send them to be raised in different parts of the world in order to keep them from knowing each other at the cost of keeping peace in the world, but also at the expense of losing her children forever. Having no choice, the Queen did as told and after each birth, she watched in despair as her newborns were taken away.

Years later, these eight siblings would grow up to become there own person, not once knowing of there true identity or the dangers they hold, and with that, a new priestess was appointed in the Arcana clan, replacing the Queen who had abandoned her duties. This young maiden would be the key to bringing the Eeveelings together in hopes of freeing them, but what she thought would be an easy task, will turn into a race against time as she, the Eeveelings, and several new ally's will attempt to stop the next Apocalypse before the dark under lord Giratina releases hell onto the earth.

Eeveeling- (basically my own term to describe a beast of the line of Eeveelution) each of the children are born as Eevee's, but as they start growing they began evolving into one of the eight Eeveeling's.

Prism Royalty- The eight sons and daughters of the Prince and Princess who was cursed, they were born as four princesses and four Prince's.

Oldest to youngest- It doesn't really matter what genders they are, that really depends on you guys, well whoever submits an application for a spot first, but the ages I displayed and order have to be followed, so I cannot have you being 18 years old and being a glaceon.

The Triplets-

Vaporeon-18 Hydrokinesis (TAKEN)

Flareon -18 Pyrokinesis (TAKEN)

Jolteon -18 Electrokinesis (TAKEN)

The First Twins-

Espeon -17 Telekinesis (TAKEN)

Umbreon-17 Umbrakinesis (TAKEN)

The Second Twins-

Glaceon- 16 Cryokinesis (TAKEN)

Leafeon-16 Terrakinesis (TAKEN)

The youngest- {TAKEN}

Sylveon-15 Photokinesis

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Some more Info~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Arcana Clan- Is a secret clan that has been around since the very beginning, where pokemon roamed and ruled the lands. They can be seen as both a good and bad group of society who are close among others just like them, human beast hybrids, but are more assertive and cautious against ordinary humans whom they believe have driven there kind to near extinction. They worship the god Arceus but among the actual kind members lie dark followers who believe in the opposite, Giratina, and hope to summon the underworld god soon, in order to rule the world, kill all humans, and resurrect pokemon once more onto the land. Not all the members of the clan live in a secret community together, most of the members are scattered in different parts of the world and even live extraordinary lives as celebrities, political leaders, millionaires, or even simple civilians. The Arcana clan can also be considered a haven for humans who have just discovered the ability of possessing beast traits.

Canine Cult- Are the dark members who hide within the Arcana clan, worshipping the dark lord Giratina and who commit murderous acts among innocent humans all over the world and even abduct and sacrifice humans to the spirit beasts from the underworld. They consist of mostly canine human hybrids where they are known for leaving gruesome bite marks on their victims, their identities are unknown.

St. Arcana's- A top school known for it's extraordinary academic rates, it is known as an Elite school with strict rules and a challenging curriculum, it resides in the Arcenius Region but is not ruled under the King, in fact, nobody knows exactly who created the school, but it is ran by several headmasters who are believed to be connected to the Arcana Clan but cannot be proven. Anyone can attend the school however the school is separated into two different wings, the reasons are unknown, a current issue for oversea students is housing, those with money can either live inside the luxurious resort like dorms or wherever they please, but those who cannot afford the expensive housing must live outside of the school and find their own housing location.

Wonderland Wing- The wonderland wing is located in the left portion of the school where students wear white or maroon colored uniforms to be identified, classes only occur during the daytime where as at night the entire part is deserted. Usually those with status in their family or come from wealth attend this wing or those with impressive academic skills and rankings. (Hint: Those who are seen as creatures of light and good attend the wonderland wing)

Hellion Wing- The hellion wing is located in the right portion of the school where students wearing black or gray uniforms attend, classes only occur during the night time whereas in the daytime the entire area is empty, the Hellion wing is said to be a very dark and mysterious place where students commit sinful actions. Usually the students who transfer to the school barely affording to live in the region attend this wing, but those who are considered troublemakers are thrown in here as well. (Hint: Those who are seen as creatures of darkness and evil attend the Hellion wing)

OC form if you are applying for the Royal Family-

Name- *Insert name and Middle name* Sinclair Vanderhart

Former Name- (The name your adoptive families gave you)


Where have you been living at?- Region/Town

School grade-


Royal status- (Which child of the royal family are you?)




Location of curse mark and what it is- (make sure it connects to what beast you are)

Location of royal family birthmark- (The birthmark is a faded fleur de lis flower)

Appearance- (Your appearance has to be based on the type of Eeveeling you are)





Preference in a romantic partner-


Background- (I need you to be super specific in this, like I don't care if it's long as long as I get some good details which I can use to create plot for you, If I see anything with a simple summary such as your character being a chill person who loves life and hanging out blah blah and boring stuff I will not bother to read any more, I know that sounds mean but it's one of my pet peeves to have people put little effort, I mean come on guys! This is your OC! Go nuts and be creative! That's why we have imagination! So what I'll want to read is detail about the life you've had since you were a baby, the struggles, how your family was, school life, anything creative!)

Quick note- If your character is one of the oldest, you cannot put that they remember some of their past back in the royal castle, once the queen gave birth to each child she immediately had them under the care of the elders of the clan where they would make sure to split up the siblings.

Adoptive family- (Names, ages, alive/dead, appearance, personality)

How would your OC react upon learning their true background and history?

Between siblings, who do you think your OC might have a slight rivalry/disliking towards? And why? (You can answer now based on the ages and types they are, or when I introduce them in the next chapters)

What futures goals does your OC have in plan for themselves?

How would your OC react towards their real parents?

Do you embrace the abilities given to you by the curse or are you too afraid to know what's happening to you that you make sure to hide your powers?

How do you get to school? (Car, Bike, walking, skateboard….ect.)

What wing are you in? Why?

~~~~Alrighty! Time to meet your real mom and dad! Or in another case, the King and Queen!~~~~~~~

Name- Lucian Castille Sinclair Vanderhart the 3rd

Status- King of the Arcenius Region

Age- 39

Personality/History- King Lucian was an honest man who believed in peace and hated violence, he traveled to other regions who were in need and assured them aid from his own kingdom, he believed that goodness triumphed over bad all the time and cared for the people in his region. Although running an excellent and rich nation, Lucian was lonely and longed for that other person. He became complete when he met Iridessa, love at first sight, they became engaged, however he faced a difficult threat, Iridessa's clan who were against their marriage, regardless he was determined to marry her and so was she with him, and so they went ahead and eloped. As the years went on, Iridessa gave birth to all of his beautiful children whom he was ecstatic of being blessed with, but when the elders warned them of the curse they had placed, he couldn't bring himself to give away his children, but having no choice in order to save millions of people, he followed with his wife's decisions and gave up all eight of his children. Knowing the price that he would never get to see his children again, the King has fallen into a dark void of depression.

Appearance- Dark brown hair that is naturally messy and unable to be tamed, light hazel eyes that can be seen as green under the light, he has a visible stubble beard and stands at 6 feet and still holds his impressive build from his younger days, being husky but because of his muscle.

Name- Iridessa Lucia Saint Sinclair

Status- Queen of the Arcenius Region/former Priestess of the Arcana shrine

Age- 37

Personality/History- Iridessa is a kind woman with a pure heart, growing up behind walls and living life protected and hidden within a secret shrine, she grew a fondness and longing to travel the world and go on adventures. She was undeniably the most blessed member of her clan, being given eyes that resemble crystals, hair that shines in many different colors and skin that glowed beautifully beneath the light, her beauty was thought to be a sign from there god, which is the reason why Iridessa became a prisoner within her own home. As she grew she became tired of waiting for a chance where she will be able to leave and instead escaped, leaving her duties as Priestess which were bestowed upon her as she aged into her teens. She disappeared for several months and eventually found herself in the arms of a young prince Lucian whom she fell in love with and soon married. When the elders of her clan informed her of the curse, she tried her best to reverse everything but had no luck, eventually giving into the Elder's claim that she must give up all eight of her children in order to keep peace in the world. Since then, Queen Iridessa has lost quite a lot of light in herself, but keeps on in order to support her depressed husband who no longer has the heart to run his kingdom.

Appearance- big bright bold eyes that resemble crystals, shining many different colors under the sun just like her hair which flows to her waist, she has cover bangs and stands at a height of 5'7 with fair glowing skin and a surprisingly slender and petite body. However now, the brightness in her eyes and hair has begun fading and are now turning into one solid color differing between brown or silver.

~~~~~~~~~~ OC form if you are not applying to be in the royal family~~~~~~~~~~~





School grade-









Preference in romance-


What is your purpose in the story? (I could care less what you put as long as it makes sense to the story, you can be an Assassin, a spy, a ninja, a friend of the royal family or a member of the Arcana clan, this story is pure fantasy mixed with pokemon so like I said, I don't give a rattata's ass how outrageous your OC is as long as I can incorporate their purpose into the story somehow, I love unique OC's! )

Background- (I need you to be super specific in this, like I don't care if it's long as long as I get some good details which I can use to create plot for you, If I see anything with a simple summary such as your character being a chill person who loves life and hanging out blah blah and boring stuff I will not bother to read any more, I know that sounds mean but it's one of my pet peeves to have people put little effort, I mean come on guys! This is your OC! Go nuts and be creative! That's why we have imagination! So what I'll want to read is detail about the life you've had since you were a baby, the struggles, how your family was, school life, anything creative!)

Family- (Name, age, alive/dead, appearance, personality)

Are you an enemy or ally?

Why did you come to St. Arcana's?

How do you get to school? (Walking, bike, car, skateboard...ect)

What wing are you in? Why?

What curse do you have in you? (Name the pokemon and what ability they allow you to have)

What are your future goals?

Relationship to my OC?

NOTE: Ok so I know the whole concept and short intro might seem confusing but basically I am conjoining both Pokemon and fairy tale's and several other genres together, so basically what I am saying is that the eight Eeveeling's are actually supposed to be guardians of all, they represent the important elements of life, but they are also the keys to summoning an apocalypse and restarting life to how it was in the beginning. Think of them as like the ten commandments but with only eight. And basically in this story, there are approximately only 721 pokemon, excluding the legendary's, so that makes it like six hundred and something but yeah, there is only one person who carries the curse of one pokemon and that is the only of it's kind. So for example, one person can have the curse of Bulbasaur but a completely different person can have the curse of a venasaur and that's it, they cannot evolve or anything and that Venasaur is the only curse of it's kind. So in this story, there will definitely not be two of the same beast, just one.

EXAMPLE- My first OC of the story

Name- Alice Zuriel Sinclair

Age- 17

Gender- Female

Region/Hometown- Arcenius Region

School grade- Junior

Eyes- Rainbow colored

Hair- Silver hair with the gradient of colorful rainbow shades, it reaches to her hips and flows in long waves with choppy cover bangs.

Height- 5'4

Appearance- Alice has a petite and slender figure with a decent bust and noticeable curves, she has deep dimples on both cheeks and ivory toned skin, her lips are visibly defined with a dainty cupid's bow while her nose is small and straight with a button shape, when she is not so covered up, there are many scars visible on her body, some which look like clawing marks and others which look like bite marks.

Outfit- Alice likes to always wear a white style cape coat dressed with leather skin tights underneath and black ankle length boots in suede, she wears a tied pink ribbon around her hair, and a black long sleeved shirt with a white collar covered in pearls.

Personality- Alice seems like quite the well behaved girl but in reality she is spunky and quirky and truly adventurous, the only thing that goes through her mind is how much she wishes to travel the world and try new things. She can be quite difficult to deal with mostly because she wishes to do things on her own, at first sight meet she is reserved and keeps to herself but when someone grows on her she becomes quite friendly and comfortable, enough to be able to be considered as someone she needs to protect. She will make sacrifices without any doubt for the ones she cares about, despite it all, she can also have a soft spot and becomes emotional when it comes to family as she never had one. Her temper can be nasty but is rarely shown to people and she does tend to have psychological traumatic issues which can trigger panic attacks and outbursts within her.

Likes- All food, adventures, dancing, singing, the piano, archery, the ocean (even though she has never seen it), cute stuff, reading, taking naps outside, tea ceremonies, flower arranging, orchids.

Dislikes- Heat, the Arcana household, the elders, her duties, being bossed around, wearing minimum clothing which reveal her scars such as tank tops or shorts.

Preference in romance- Someone who can take her away on many adventures, who is willing to show her the world and make her forget the dark memories of her childhood and past, someone who will give her wings and help her spread them out, to make her realize she is her own person and nobody else's.

Skills/Talents- Play the piano, sing, dance, is skilled archist, amazing memory, skilled tactician, has her mind engraved with knowledge on all 721 curses, can sense who carries a beast, she can also steal the abilities of any curse for a minimal amount of time, trained in combat and self defense.

What is your purpose in the story? Alice is the current priestess of the Arcana clan, following behind Iridessa who chose to abandon her duties, once Alice was born, the elders knew right away Alice was blessed by Arceus into becoming the next maiden.

Background- Not much can be revealed about who Alice really is except for the fact that she was marked as the next Priestess of the Arcana clan, she was raised by all the clan members and refrained from seeing the outside world, always being sheltered away within her private sanctuary which Iridessa once lived in as well. According to the Elders, Alice's parents were respective members of the clan but her mother died once giving birth to her and the pain was too much for her father who left, leaving Alice in the care of his fellow members. All through childhood, Alice was taught to defend, to speak with Arceus and create a connection to the other world. She was taught the many readings of their beliefs and was eventually engraved mentally with knowledge of all 721 curses. As she grew, Alice eventually became a threat to several Clan members who saw how much farther she had progressed than Iridessa ever did and began fearing that Alice would discover their dark intentions, she was plagued with dark venomous nightmares for months, each nightmare resulting with a scream and sweating awakening where she would find claw marks all over her body. One night after finishing a nightly shrine ritual, she was attacked by several Canine cult members who nearly attempted at mauling her into pieces but luckily only resulted in part of her flesh being ripped behind her shoulders and waist and a lot of deep piercing wounds from their fangs which allowed excessive blood flow and loss. She was revived by the clan's wicken who had the curse of healing from the beast Blissey who managed to reverse some damage but still left Alice with dark scars and a traumatized mental state. After the incident, the clan members began fearing that Alice would not be safe in the estate and had instead agreed to send her to live at St. Arcana's, unknown to them, all of it is a diversion created by the dark members who are making sure everything goes according to plan for what they have in store.

Family- (Name, age, alive/dead, appearance, personality)

The elders refuse to reveal her mother and father's identity.

Are you an enemy or ally?

Ally and enemy (which will be explained later on)

Why did you come to St. Arcana's?

The elders told her she would be attending St. Arcana's where she would be safe from her attackers, but she is the main ingredient in between the eight siblings whom the Canine cult want together.

How do you get to school? (Walking, bike, car, skateboard...ect)


What wing are you in? Why?

Neither, Alice only lives at the school however she will occasionally sneak into both wings because her elders had forbidden her to attend any schooling.

What are your OC's future goals?

To travel the world and do everything on her bucket list, live life like a regular girl.

Do you have a curse inside of you? What is it?

At the moment Alice hasn't even thought of the possibility of holding a curse, being the priestess she automatically believed she can't hold one at all, but who knows?

Relationship to my OC?


Ok so I think that is all I have to write, if i do remember what else I needed to incorparate in here then I will do so as soon as possible but until then, I'm looking forward to seeing All your OC's and also be sure to check up on the eeveelings list to see what is still available as i will update this post until the spots are taken, and if you have any questions then please let me know and I will definitely get back to you all! BTW I AM NOT GOING TO ACCEPT AN OC IF YOU LEAVE IT IN THE REVIEW SECTION….LIKE NO. Ok then bye!