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Chapter 1

October 1 (near the end of Revelation)

"Wonder boy. You are ours. Hahaha." The Joker said laughing maniacally and started attacking Robin.

Rob was a bit taken aback by that the Joker just said but got ready for battle, though he slowed down ever so slightly. 'Ours?' He thought.

Joker noticed that Robin was slowing down. His plan was working. "hahahaha. I've always wanted to carve this bird."

Robin was still deep in thoughts as he tried to figure out what the Joker meant. "Who is he talking about? He would never let anyone else kill me; he'd rather do it himself."

Even though Robin was slowing down because of his thoughts, the Joker still couldn't beat him, so he decided to finish his dance with the bird.

"Hahahaha. You look so alike, except for the gender and the times she changes, but still very alike!" Joker taunted. "She missed you, you know, when she first came to Gotham to search for you, but not anymore. She doesn't care about you any longer. Not after you abandoned her! Hahahahahaha!"

Rob's eyes widened in shock and started hyperventilating. He froze to the ground as his mind raced with thoughts. "D-D-Danni? No, that can't be. She-she died when Fenton Works exploded. Does that mean that she is still alive?! Did she really come to Gotham to look for me? I, I didn't abandon her, did I? Wait! Did the Joker watched her change?! EEEEEEWWW, now we can add pedophile to the list of things he is!"

The Joker took advantage of that and knocked him back. Robin lost his balance and fell to the ground. The Joker got ready to give the killing blow, only to be stopped by a bat-a-rang. Looking to where it came from, he was surprised to say the least.

The Justice League came to ruin the plans. They surround the Injustice League.

"It's over." Batman stated.

Count Vertigo, after side glancing at Ivy, raised his hands in defeat and said "There will be another day."

The Joker was really mad. Not only did the plant plan fail, but also his revenge plan on Batsy. "Another day? Another day?! There will be no other day, not for any of us! HAHAHAHA!" he said and activated some of the remaining vines to release Joker Venom.

But of course, Bats just had to go and warn them. "Joker venom spores, don't breath." He ordered as he knocked the Joker out. The spores began to rise but Dr. Faith flew up.

"Fear not." A mix of Aqualad's and Nabu's voice said. He created a shield that sucked in all the spores. "Faith has intervened." He stated.

"What were you thinking?! How could you let him put on the helmet?! Nabu will never release him now. Kaldur will be trapped inside forever." Wally yelled/ said and everything went silent.

A flash of light made everybody turn their attention back to , or more precisely Kaldur with the helmet in his hands.

"Nabu let you go?" Wally asked.

"He almost did not, but your friend, Kent, was most helpful. He says 'hello'." Kaldur said with a smile on his face, to what Wally smiles back. But that soon fell as Batman spoke.

"We're done here. The supervillain secret society is been neutralized, although the Joker somehow escaped. As for your performance… It was satisfactory."

It was true, during all the commotion nobody noticed a colorful form appear, and disappear taking the Joker with it.

The team glanced at each other, all except Robin, who was staring at the ground, lost in his thoughts. "Danni. What has Joker done to you? Was what he said true? Are you still alive? Did you really come to search for me? Don't you care about me anymore? Did I really abandon you? Did he really see you change? Eew. Will you ever forgive me? Where are you? Oh Danni, I miss you so much." A single tear fell out of his eye.

Nobody noticed except for Batman, who was keeping a close eye on his protégé ever since he almost died fighting the Joker. Something happened during that fight and he was going to find out what.

The ride back to the mansion was silent. Robin was still thinking about Danni, while Batman was hoping that, whatever happened, had nothing to do with Danni. Every time since the explosion, Dick has been in and out of small depressions. They take about a week to pass, but that week is always more frightening than the one before. It started out with being less chatty as usual but it started to become more frequent and get worse. Last time he refused to eat anything after breakfast, and those where rarely more than 2 pancakes, and was unresponsive to everything going on around him.

He always needs a break from school, the team and his friends. The only one able to get through to him is Wally, even if it's only a little bit. But Wally doesn't even know the reason of the depressions, that Dick has a twin, that they were separated after the funeral of their parents or that she died in an explosion. But he does it, so it's good enough. Because of Dick's little problems, Dick's and Bruce's relationship was set back a few years. Dick didn't tell Bruce as much as he used to because it always made him feel worse. Most people would say that talking about your problems helps, but for some reason talking make him just feel worse than before so he decided to just not talk about it.

When they came near the entrance of the cave, Dicks head was about to explode because of all the thoughts. "How can Danni still be alive? Maybe the Joker lied. But nobody knows I have a twin sister. Should I tell Bruce? I mean he is my mentor, my father-figure. Maybe I shouldn't tell him, I want revenge on the Joker for what he did to Danni. She would never tell anyone about my identities, I mean, her friends were HUGE fans and she still didn't tell anyone. But still, maybe I should tell Bruce. He IS THE Batman and he already helped me once with a revenge search, ending up in me becoming the first Robin. Maybe he'll help me again? Ugh! I really need to decide what to do, before it's too late."

They got out of the car without saying a word, Bats locked the car and went to the computers while Rob, acting out of habit, went to his room to change without a word. Bruce kept following Dick through the mansion using the security cameras. When Dick entered his room to change, Bruce stopped watching and went to change for himself.

When Bruce was changed he went to check up on Dick in his room, only to find him not there. A little alarmed, he started to search the mansion, but Dick was still nowhere to be found. As a last resort, he went to check the Batcave.

Once there, he, to his relief, saw Dick sitting in a chair, wearing civilian clothes. Dick had his knees pulled up to his chest and his arms wrapped around them, his head resting on them. He looked so fragile it worried Bruce a lot. Every time Dick looked like this, was at the beginning of a depression week. Bruce was hoping that this was not the case. He needed to know what happed during that fight with the Joker.

"Bruce." Dick suddenly said making Bruce jump ever so slightly in surprise.

"We-we need to talk…A-about what hap-happened...D-during the fight...With the Joker." Dick said, venom dripping off of his voice at the end.

Bruce didn't hesitate to move to the couch close to where Dick was sitting. Bruce patted the empty space next to him, hoping Dick would finally trust him enough to talk about all his problems and come sit next to him. Dick hesitantly crawled out of the chair he was sitting in and sat next to Bruce. He waited patiently as Dick was searching for the right words to say. Dick shifted nervously into a position so that he'd be facing Bruce.

"During that fight he-he said… things that made he lose my concentration. He… he just shocked me enough to lose the upper hand." He said, hoping Bruce would believe him. But, NO, THE UNIVERSE JUST HATES HIM RIGHT NOW!

"Dick, the whole story, the whole truth." Bruce ordered in a soft voice, knowing full and well Dick would probably not tell the truth if he didn't want to.

Dick hesitated again, comparing the pros and cons over and over again in his head. Maybe, maybe he shouldn't tell Bruce. He would just think it was stupid to get distracted by something that could easily have been a lie. But Bruce deserves the truth, he's done so much for him that he couldn't lie. Dick sighted and looked away to avoid eye contact.

"When we started fighting in the swamp, he said that I was 'ours'. I thought that was weird 'cause the Joker would never let anyone else kill me, he'd rather do it himself. Then he said and I quote 'You look so alike, except for the gender and the times she changes, but still very alike. She missed you, you know, when she first came to Gotham to search for you, but not anymore. She doesn't care about you any longer. Not after you abandoned her.' I froze in shock, letting my guard drop and Joker kicked me. I lost my balance and fell, and then you came." He started sobbing, curling back up in a ball. "I can't stop thinking about what he said and the possibility that she really is still alive and with the Joker. I can't shake off the feeling that I failed as her older twin brother." Dick confessed full out crying his eyes out.

To say Bruce was shocked would be an understatement. Learning that Danni's still alive was shocking, but that she also told the Joker their secrets identities, that she stays with him and that they had NO clue was even more shocking. What if she has been a criminal during the year she was 'dead' or that she's been beaten till she told him or that the Joker- no not now. Dick is on the verge of slipping back in a depression week. He had to do something. He pulled Dick into a hug and rubbed his hand in soothing circles.

"We will find her. I promise. You're going to get her back. That, I'm sure off. Maybe what the Joker said was true, but that doesn't mean that everything that he said was true." Bruce said trying his best to sound comforting and reassuring. Dick looked into Bruce's eyes.

"Y-you-you r-really th-think s-so?" he asked sobbing, sounding hopeful but not really convinced.

Bruce looked him in the eye and answer "I may not know Danni as good as you do, but I know her good enough to know she would never do something like telling the Joker all our secrets. It's just not in her nature. She would never betray you on her own free will, she has a big heart, so she wound never say or do something that could end up in you, or anyone else for that matter, getting hurt. You out of all people you should know that. She's your sister and I'm sure that she still has a spot in her heart for her twin brother, you just have to look in the right places."

Dick listened closely to Bruce, his sobbing slowly stopping. Bruce did have a point. Danni would never say something that could lead to him getting hurt. Maybe there was a chance that she wasn't in full control of her actions, and that she needed help getting free. Their help…, his help. Yeah, all she needed was help, and he was going to help her, even if it's the last thing he does. He wiped his tears away and uncurled form his ball and straitened himself a little.

"Yeah, your right. She would never do that unless there was something wrong with her. She needs help and we are going to give it to her. All we need to do is find the Joker and interrogate him. And if that doesn't work, we'll just have to find a lead ourselves. But where would he be? Would he still be in Gotham with her now that we know she's with him, or did they move to someplace we would never look for them? Either way, I'm sure we can find them. There's nothing that can be kept a secret from the Batman and Robin once they get wind of it. Maybe if we question Poison Ivy or another member of the Injustice League, we could find a lead on their whereabouts. What do you think?" He ranted, going into his 'detective mode' as Alfred called it, his determination to find his sister and saving her driving him.

Bruce watched him rant with a victorious, amused and proud smile on his face. Victorious because he prevented Dick going into a depression week, amused because of how quick his ward was thinking of a way to find the Joker and get Danni back, and proud because of how well Dick was doing trying to figure out where the Joker could be and how to get the information they'd need to find them. Bruce chuckled as he saw how late it was getting. Soon it'd be time to go patrolling and it was a school day tomorrow so Dick should go to bed now. "I think you're right, but I also think that it's time for you to go to bed."

"But I'm not tired and it's almost time to go on patrol." Dick whined. He was too concentrated on finding his sister to go to bed now.

"That doesn't matter, it's a school day tomorrow and you know that you're not allowed to patrol on school days."

"But I'm not tired." Dick tried to muffle a yawn behind his hands as he tried to win the discussion, his eyes slowly starting to close.

"Do I have to drag your butt upstairs so that you'd go to bed?" He asked in an overly-amused tone.

"But I'm not" -yawn- "tired."

"I can always call Alfred…" he smirked as Dick paled a teeny tiny little bit, this always convinced him to go to bed, even when he really wasn't tired. When he wants to, Alfred can be one scary butler.

"Y-you wouldn't DARE."

"Ow, but I think that I would."

Dick sighted in defeat and got off the couch. "Fine, I'll go to bed." He mumbled. He really didn't like it when Bruce threatened to call Alfred to get him to bed.

Danni missed the conversation between Bruce and Dick because her duplicate was absorbed back into her a few hours ago, right after she got the Joker out of the presence of the League and the Team. She was too tired to keep any of the duplicates up and she fell asleep the moment she laid her head on her pillow, not knowing that her brother and Bruce began their search for her.

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