"The jury has reached a decision in the case of Dogbert v. A Big Corporation."

"Why is the company called A Big, anyway?" said Asok.

"That was its logo," said Wally. "Back when it was a start-up, old Goodenrich used to put big A's on all the merchandise – for success, you know. So he was going to call it the Big A Corporation; then his wife pointed out that, if he reversed it, he'd be at the top of his listings in the Yellow Pages."

"Oh." Asok digested this. "And it's been that way ever since?"

"Just about," said Wally. "Except for the period in '96 when they briefly renamed it Quality of Ring Brown."

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Note: Will X and an anonymous guest inform me that, according to the TV series, the company has quite a different name from what I've said here. I thank them for sharing this fact with me; my reasons for putting it in Qoheleth's Pile of Perpetual Ignorage can be found on my profile, under "Oft-Neglected Principles", item #2.