"Change of plans, Numbuh 1", Ike began, keeping an eye out for the other prisoners to make sure they were asleep. "Zerch is enforcing punishments and the rules. I know we said we'd get you out of here tonight, but I highly doubt Hobbs will let you, me and the other three guys off this ship".

"This is just great!", whisper shouted Nigel, rattling the bars. "And to think the whole plan is going to waste! Have you seen Numbuh Infinty around? He said he would help out. If anything he needs some of my questions answered". Nigel could still remember how he found out that Numbuh 74.239 and Numbuh Infinity had planned behind his back that he was drafted into the Galactic Kids Next Door. It was their fault that he was in the scrap he was in. He had forgiven Ike for realizing he was wrong, but he still wanted to give Infinity a piece of his mind.

"Nobody has seen him since the so called "treaty". But don't worry. The plan should go over well tomorrow. I'll have to inform Numbuh 24 million to refuel the escape pod", said Ike. "It's going to be risky, but I think th-".

Torah walked next to Ike and poked him in the chest. "Wait a minute. What do you mean three guys?", she asked, glaring at him, as she always did. "Who are you taking?".

"We discussed this", said Ike, getting annoyed that they were talking about this at the moment. "It's going to be Numbuh 1, me, and Numbuhs' 24 million, 33 million, and 274".

"Uh, Twitch and I are coming, too. We have just as much right as you nerds do", she argued. Ike looked as though he was doing his best not to shout. "You don't want me to go because I'm a girl, right?".

"Of course that's the reason! If we start fighting to get out of here, no one is going to help you if you get caught", he confessed. "You're a girl, you can't take care of yourself", he said smugly.

Torah looked shocked she didn't even care her mouth was hanging open, and stared at Ike with a look of great dislike. "Ike, you are so lucky I'm recording this, because if we do get out of this alive, I'm going to watch what you just said everyday, so that I can do this". She punched him hard on the arm. What people say about girls being the weaker gender is the biggest lie in the world. Ike seemed to realize that when he grabbed his arm and rubbed his hand on the spot where she punched him. "I'm no Mary Sue".

Nigel grunted out of frustration. "Okay you two. Not sure if this is fighting or flirting, but we don't have time for this. Ike, you go to the Moonbase and tell Rachel a few new Operatives are joining the KND".

Still holding his arm, Ike turned back to Nigel. "All this is going to be a lot to take in, don't you think?"

"Better now than never", said Nigel sarcastically, leaning on the bars. "Still not sure Chad should be involved with this".

"Agreed", piped up Torah. "After everything you told me about him, he should stay in his cell for the rest of his life".

Ike scoffed at her comment. "He's one of the best Operatives in the history of the Kids Next Door. Along with Numbuh 9, the Teens Next Door has never improved without 274". Torah didn't answer, but rolled her eyes and glared at an agitated teenager that was staring at her in a way that made her feel uncomfortable. "Tomorrow, we'll give you the signal, Numbuh 1. Make sure you're wearing your boots".

"I always do. Make sure Rachel and 86 get their troops ready for what's going to happen. We can't afford anymore delays. And remember the signal".

Saluting, Ike grinned. "You got it, soldier". He turned to go, spotting the staring showdown the teen and Torah were having. Exasperated, he grabbed Torah's sleeve and pulled her towards the exit. As they got into the hall, the distant sound of footsteps made them freeze.

"At least we know the cameras are off", said Ike.

"Yeah or else we'd get the zappers".

A few minutes later the two gingers made it back to the siblings room. Grabbing the knob, Torah turned to her fellow Operative. "Just so it's clear, Twitch and I are coming with you. Nigel is my friend, and I want him out of here more than anyone".

"You can help us get him out of here, but you're not leaving this ship", said Ike; his voice full of determination.

She yet again, glared at him. "I want off this rust bucket of torture, Ike. I want to see Earth, especially when I've lived here my whole life, you kind of get tired of seeing the same old sight when you look out the windows".

"I'm not going to keep arguing about this, Torah. You've been doing your job, and when we need you again, I'll let you know".

She let out an annoyed sigh, and recognizing the signs that this conversation would keep going on all night, she decided she would be the first one to give in. "Fine. Goodnight, Mister Know It All", she said; even she couldn't stop herself from grinning.

"You too", he said. Watching him walk away, Torah realized she was still smiling and frowned immediately. Quietly, she entered the room, closed the door and locked it.

Walking up he main staircase, Ike saluted the night guards that patrolled the upper floors, made his way to the Docking Bay, spotted his own shuttle, and tried to avoid the Operatives shooting targets, practicing for future missions.

Staring around the enormous white and silver room, watching the bigger shuttles being polished. One of the operatives scrubbing the front of the ship was Bruce a.k.a Numbuh 24, 12 year old boy in charge of making sure the escape pod was up and ready for tomorrow. Making eye contact, Bruce shot Ike a thumbs up, as though he had already been informed on the plan.

Ike made it to his shuttle when he was pulled by his collar and pushed against the sliding doors. "Where do you think you're going, twig?" said a gruff voice. Whoever held him let go so he could turn around only to find Hobbs slithering in front of him, tongue popping in as out of his mouth, so that his hissing could be heard, echoing throughout the room.

"Don't you remember, serpent?", Ike gasped, rubbing his throat. "I have permission from the Commander to go back to Earth".

"Of course. But how do I know you're going back to do your job, and not just running away because you're a coward?". Ike had gotten used to Hobbs' insults and ignored that.

"If you don't believe me, you're wasting your time. Don't you have a job of your own to do? Or are you too busy stuffing your face with a sack of rats?".

Hissing louder than ever, and looking as though he were about to strike, Hobbs quickly regained himself and tried his best to maintain his composure. His long, dark skin shaking from the urge to attack the boy in front of him. "Listen you little tree root, you better hope your disguise lasts long enough or else you'll end up as wood chips for my rats to sleep on". He used his tail to poke Ike in the chest, and with one last hiss, he slithered to make sure his guards were double checking the missiles weren't being tampered with.

Before anyone else could get in his way, Ike got into his shuttle and shut the door behind him. Getting in his chair, he lifted the cover of the console so he could steer the ship. He started the engine, causing the ship to vibrate, and all the buttons on the console to blink uncontrollably. Pulling one lever, caused the platform to rise and the docking door in front of him to open. Making sure the way was clear, he pushed a button, pulled another lever and grabbing the steering wheel, the shuttle had blasted out of the bay door and into the vastness of space.

As he felt the rush fill him up, Ike quickly set the coordinates not for Earth, but or the Kids Next Door Moonbase.

Abby had never flown the SCAMPER by herself before, but she quickly got the hang of it, especially when it was her duty as Leader to learn how to do things by herself if necessary. And flying the SCAMPER solo was one of them.

It didn't take long for her to reach the landing dock of the Moonbase, for when she was getting nearer, she decreased her speed and blinked the lights to signal she was on her way for Numbuh 35 to let her in.

Seeing he got her message, the shuttle bay doors were opened and she was free to land. The minute she got the SCAMPER on the landing pad, she smiled to herself knowing she got one thing down pat. Unbuckling her seatbelt, opening the door, she jumped onto the metal floor, greeted Numbuh 35 and headed towards Numbuh 362's office.

Most of the kids on the Bridge greeted Abby now a days because they seemed to respect her as a new found leader. As she walked through the base, she saw that very few of the new cadets that were being trained were being trained by Numbuh 86, looked exhausted and plain right scared to death. Not because they were in a new place, but because of the fire and the anger that showed in Fanny's eyes and voice. Now that she had been promoted, Fanny was allowed to teach cadets in the Moonbase and not just in the Artic Training Base. She thought it would be a good idea to have them trained somewhere they would be expected to advance in skill. But so far, they only thing they improved on was their hearing, mostly from how loud she was screaming at them.

Reaching her destination, Abby knocked on the door. "Come in", she heard Rachel yell. When she walked in, the first thing Abby noticed was the amount of paper work that piled the desk. "Ah, Numbuh 5! Come and sit down". She did as she was told, while Rachel tried to get the papers under control and formed them into a neater pile than they already were.

"So, uh, what did you wanna see me about, Sir?", asked Abby.

"Right", said Rachel as she cleared her throat. "Well, Numbuh 5, as you know, I'll be turning 13 in a few days", she said, solemnly. Rachel knew a lot of the KND was sad to see her reaching the age of a teenager, but she tried her best to cover that she was distraught by the truth.

"Yes, Sir. You were one of the greats", said Abby.

"Thank you. And it's because of this that some changes have to be made. But I assure you, this change, I know for a fact is one of the right ones".

"Yes, Sir?".

"Abby. I would like to make you the new Supreme Leader of the Kids Next Door". The minute she said this, Abby's mouth had gone dry. "What do you think?".

"Well, believe me, Sir, it's, it's an honor you w-want to pick me, but are you sure there aren't others who are better for it?", asked Abby, uncertainly. She knew she had what it took to be in charge of one Sector. But to be in charge of so many children all over the world? She still wasn't sure how Rachel lasted this long.

"There were a few, but Abby, you are the only person I know who has the patience, knowledge and the brains to take care of this. Need I remind you how you were the only one who knew that that horrific Mandy wasn't Numbuh 1?".

"That was common sense! I mean really! I still can't believe everyone fell for that rotten girl in the first place!", shouted Abby.

"Exactly! And you have Cree as an older sister. Even though she's part of your family, you haven't shown the slightest case of even wanting to join her side".

"Well yeah, I can take care of her easily".

Rachel nodded. "Not to mention you alone of Sector V had some of the most successful missions by yourself".

"Just lucky, I guess".

"No, Numbuh 5. You and I know you have what it takes to run this place. Sure there were others who could take this job, but I chose to speak to you first, because I know there is nobody else that I trust more than you. Because I know you could be far better than I could ever been. And who knows, one day you might even become the first of the KND to stay commissioned even when you turn 13. What do ya say, Abby?".

What should she say? What could this mean for her? Could she be like Maurice and stay one of the greats? Or would she end up like her sister and try and destroy the very organization that helped make the person she is today?

Abby looked at Rachel, and before she even opened her mouth, the alarms all over the base began to glow red and blare an obnoxiously loud siren. Rachel immediately stood up, and ran out the door with Abby running by her side. The exact alarm was the warning signal that meant an unfamiliar shuttle was approaching the Base.

As Rachel and Abby ran towards the Bridge to see the spacecraft flying toward them, Fanny and Numbuh 60 joined them, yelling controls into their walkie talkies to the operatives outside of the Base and on the Docks to ready their weapons if the unknown friend or foe was dangerous.

The closer the unidentified ship got, the more anxious every Operative got preparing to shoot the oncoming target. Rachel squinted and raised her arm in the air. Fanny nodded and yelled into her talkie. "OPEN FIRE!".

At that minute, hundreds of different condiments, lazers, and other random objects were directed at the ship and was drawing nearer to the Base. But no harm came to the ship, for it appeared that some type of shield was protecting the very outside surface.

"Numbuh 362! Nothing appears to be working!", shouted Fanny.

"Well we don't have time to try anything else", said Rachel. "BECAUSE IT'S HEADED STRAIGHT FOR US! RUN!". The ship was indeed headed for the Bridge and would smash through the glass. Everyone who didn't want to become target practice, ran out of the way. Most of the bigger kids had helped the cadets get out of harms way and shielded them, all except one cadet who was too scared he didn't think of moving. He was shaking from his bald head to his feet.

Abby, suddenly remembering another time where a bald kid needed her help but was too late to help him, made up her mind that she wouldn't let this kid down. For the exact moment she ran to push the kid out of the way, is the moment the ship crashed through the glass, sending the millions upon millions of shards everywhere, missing Abby who grabbed the little boy and pushed him aside all the while shielding him with her body.

The two landed near other children who were scared and curious at the same time as they watched the ship land on the floor, in the middle of the ruined carpet and pieces of glass. Getting up, Abby pulled the green eyed boy up, and kneeled down to his level. "You okay, kid?".

The boy, obviously shaken, looked up and shook his head yes. "Yes, ma'am". Hearing the ship's doors beginning to open, and the kids who had weapons had them directly pointed at the doors.

Fanny got in front of the crowd. "HOLD YOUR FIRE!". The doors slid open and when the person inside stepped out, there were loud gasps from everyone, shocked to see Numbuh 74.239, walking out as though nothing had really happened.

Ike looked around, and walked over to Rachel, hands in pockets. "Sorry about that Numbuh 362, but I need to talk to you at once. In private. It's about Numbuh 1".

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