Here is the beginning of one of my favorite old movies! Seven Brides for Seven Brothers! Bless your beautiful Hide! Love that movie! Now there is only one pairing that I disliked and it was the pairing for Sarah and Frank. I did not like the actress who played Sarah, her eyebrows and smile creeped me out. Frank was a good looking brother and I wanted one of the brothers to have a relationship that was not so complicated. Plus, I love Tommy Rall! I based my OC character off of the disney character Belle. I love how she doesn't judge based on others around her and judge on actions. I want there to be a character that isn't so biased like the others were in the movie.

I do not own the song "I wonder" from Sleeping Beauty. The song belongs to disney. And I do not own Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. The movie belongs to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer or the author Stephen Vincent Benet.


A young woman of 22 was walking through a field of beautiful wildflowers in the time of 1850 in Oregon Territory. She had light brown hair that flowed to her mid-back in beautiful waves. Her hair was held half up in a lovely cobalt blue ribbon (Look at a picture of Anastasia with her hair down and in a ribbon or a picture of Ariel with her hair in a ribbon with similar bangs.) Her brown eyes sparkled as she looked at the sun, her lashes long. Unlike most of the women in town, whose lips are red, this woman had light pink lips. Her skin was fair and had a lovely blush. Her dress was long and very lady like. The dress matched the same shade as her ribbon and had a white collar that went to the top of her neck with a dark blue gem as it would like as a necklace. Her sleeves were slim but had a poof at the end with cuffs that buttoned to her wrists so they are tight. Her skirt moves freely as she walks through the fields and the wind making her skirts move, her skirt reaching her feet.

She picked up a marigold flower in her hand and smiled as she heard two blue birds flying above her. She opened her mouth and a beautiful sound came from her.

I wonder, I wonder,

I wonder why each little bird has a someone

To sing to, sweet things to,

A gay little love melody

I wonder, I wonder,

I wonder if my heart keeps singing,

Will my song go winging

To someone, who'll find me

And bring back a love song to me.

The woman smiled to the mountains. She couldn't help but look towards the mountains. There was just something about them that called out to her. Sometimes, well most of the time, she wished she could run away to the mountains and escape from the town that try to change her. They all want her to marry and be a housewife and follow her husband. But her father, while he may be ill, he wanted his daughter to marry for love and remain independent; just like her deceased mother was.

The one, who goes by the name of Mary, wants to marry a man who is just as independent as she is and would love her as she is; a school teacher who loves to get her hands dirty, does things her own way.

Mary knows that kind of man is out there somewhere, but just maybe not in this town. Perhaps he's out there, in the mountains that Mary so often looks at.

That is the end of this chapter! I hope you all liked it! I'm sorry it was so short! But I think this was a good start! Trust me, you will like this story! And if you want, watch the movie! It is awesome! Please review!