Chapter 1

New York City; June 25th; Around midnight...

It was the quietest night that the city has ever seen in all of its history. That's saying something since said city is New York City. However, considering all the attacks from aliens to ghosts to mad scientists, it was still nosy.

This unsettled the white haired teen who was standing on top of a random building. It was a fruitless night, no muggings, no heists, no diabolical plan playing under the city's guardian. He knew that he shouldn't want something to happen, but right now, he was itching to get to action.

He sighed, but no mist appeared reminding him that he had the power-restraining bracelet his partner had made. Speaking of his partner, who was the equivalent of a third sister, she turned on her comm link to speak to him.

"The PRD(Power restraining device)holding up okay?" She asked, obviously concerned.

He had started needing power restraints since he defeated Pariah Dark. He was automatically the king of the Ghost Zone, but for him to be able to claim his throne; he would have to reach the age of twenty-two. Which would be six years from this point of time.

Since the battle, his powers where constantly having unpredictable outbursts that would either destroy anything in a five-mile radius, or burn his body to smithereens. He called in an old family friend, who owned a huge company and was extremely talented in building pretty much everything.

"Its doing fine. But if no one shows up soon, it might burn from the overload. And we need to get a better name for it." He replied looking at the street below him, "How are the papers coming along? You know the whole thing with your company?"

She paused a little before replying "Technicalities. We will eventually find the right name. And it is crazy. Honestly, who keeps standing on roofs so much, that they left dents in so many places all over the city?" She paused as if realizing something, "Ummm. Legacy?"

"Yes?" He replied, stretching his answer.

"Where are you right now?" She asked, her voice dripping with concern. He had a feeling that it wasn't for his safety.

He looked at the building, and then realization hit him. He got in position to start running any second.

"I'm on top of Argyris Advanced Scientific and Technological Research Corporation. The one closest to the Empire State Building." He hesitantly replied.

There was a long pause. The longest one yet.

"Legacy. You know that I love you like the older brother I never had. But please get off of my roof. Like now. Or I'll send security over." She said pleading with him

Legacy smiled. He childishly replied, "But Relic-" He was cut off by a siren from a police car. "Wait. Can you intersect the police comm line? So that I'll be off of you stupid roof"

"They are heading to a robbery in a jewelry store. And my roof isn't stupid! Not as stupid as someone who misses a robbery three blocks away from him. While he is on one of the highest and most fabulous and famous buildings in the city that never sleeps," She ranted, somehow not losing her breath.

"We will discuss that when the night is done. I'll call you later" He cut the connection and flew through the city.

He was at the store before the police made it there. There were five robbers. They were holding hostages. Legacy turned invisible and intangible. He went behind the first one and knocked him out, drawing attention when his body fell to the floor.

As the three others approached, he froze the ground, making the ice crawl up to their knees. The last one had a look of horror on his face. He was backing away. What he failed to acknowladge is that Legacy had moved behind him. He punched him and the man; he dropped to the ground unconscious.

Legacy zoomed out of the store just before the police came in. He flew around the city once before he went home. When he got home, he landed in the garage. He then proceeded to go to the secret underground base. His outfit had changed since he left Amity Park. The Hazmat suite reminded him too much of his dead parents. They had died defending the city along with his friends and two sisters. Vlad masters died right after the battle ended, he died returning the city to the living world. Danny never liked to talk about it.

He took off his hood and mask as he changed back to his human form, then proceeded to go up to the actual house. It was a small house that Chris got ownership over on her birthday, the one just before her parents had died. He found Chris waiting in the kitchenette they had. Looking about ready to scold him for something.

"Danny" She said. Her voice was not angry. It was more so concerned. "First of all, why did you close the comm on me? That robbery could have been a distraction or a trap; you would not have known it. Second, why were you on my roof? Do you have any idea how hard it is to change those panels? Third, something was up with that robbery, right? It was a bit too normal for my liking," She ranted.

Again, Danny was baffled by her ability to rant without taking a breath. She has Asthma! How could she do it? He was brought out of his thoughts by something moving in front of his eyes. It was Chris's hand. It That was one of her habits. Whenever anyone seemed lost, she would walk up tot them, and wave her hand. If that fails to get their attention, she kicks their leg. With her metal-plated shoes.

"Yah, that robbery was too normal. We never get normal robberies around here." He said as he opened the refrigerator and got out a can of coke. "Five perpetrator, hostages, it was too normal. It's like someone set it up like that so that I would show up"

"Exactly, it was way too-" She paused to try to find the right word "unsettling. Maybe we should move. Like for a temporary vacation." She paused. "It has been quiet, and you need to blow off steam or I won't be able to make the restraints as fast as you break them."

She put a hand over her head as if she was trying to ease a headach. Danny frowned deeply. Chryssa 'Chris' Argyris, head of Argyris Advanced Scientific and technological Research Corporation, member of the Ancients, NEVER asked for a vacation. It just was not done.

"Is something wrong?" Danny asked.

She sighed "Yah, The Ancients sent me a letter" She said. Danny motioned for her to keep going. "They want us to be the participants in the Justice league's Celebration On the fourth of July. They said it has to be us because we are the youngest and because we are the closest to Gotham"

"Why Gotham? Whom will they set up to protect the city while we are gone? Isn't it a little early for Independence day? It's June twenty-fifth," Danny asked, not liking the assignment already.

"We are supposed to go to Gotham to help the Batman for a few weeks before attending the meeting. They said they will send some people to look after the city while we are gone."

"When are our flights? "He asked, knowing that the Ancients had already booked the plane tickets.

"June twenty-sixth. That's tomorrow, So stat packing your stuff. I am tiered. I am going to bed." She said, turning around and saying:

"Honestly? I think you and bat man will get along just fine"

"And why is that?" He asked.

"Because you both like standing on roof tops. Why else?" She asked as she began running away from a raving Danny.

A. : OOOOKAy! so up till now this is just a one shot. I am Not sure if I will continue. It all depends on whether anyone will actually read this and/or give me any ideas. This was literally written in 2 hours with no editing or proof reading what so ever. I will explain some background here(it will be underlined so that everyone will see it) because I am sure a lot of people might be confused by some stuff. I might be asking for OCs latter but as of now, Chris is the only OC and I am not planning on keeping her around that lone(except if people ask for her to stay, then she will reappear according to the demand). SOO, hope you liked it. I would love to hear anyone's ideas and thoughts of this, so dont be afraid to share your thoughts as long as they are in a polite manner.


1-The Ancients : they are a group of people that work in the dark to make sure that dimensions, space and time don't fall apart. Their members are the most powerful and most influencing people on the planet, or in some instances people who are talented enough to find out they exist. Every century(100yrs) , there are 25 new members. Exceptions are made accordingly. (They are Basically like Multi-verse Illuminate. Sorta).

2-Chris Argyris: is my OC. Many of her actions are based on mine from the real world. She probably will not stay for ever. She is absolutely NOT a love interest of any one. This is NOT a romance story.I want to make her like a side character, not the main one because main character Ocs tend to be way OP for my liking. Danny knows her through their parents making a deal Between Fenton Works and Argyris Advanced Scientific and technological Research Corporation(AASTR CORP). She has blonde hair, green eyes, 14 years old, finished college when she was 12, right before Danny came to her for help. She was in the Ancients at that time, and she dragged Danny into the organization as an honorary member with her so she won't have to hide as many things from him(HINT HINT).

3- Danny Phantom, King of The ghost Zone: So this is a twist on the episode with Pariah Dark. So instead of Vlad Freeing him, he was always free, he sent half the ghosts that attacked the human world. Then he wanted to conquer it. Danny and the Ghosts went to stop him while the Fentons, Vlad, Sam, Tucker and Dani were holding down the fort. After Danny beat Paraiah, he gained a marking on his back that sealed his powers until he was 22. However, he still had many outbursts. When he was back in the living plane, the whole town was empty, no survivors. That is because of the sword's defence mechanism, it was pariah's last doing. He then Moved with Chris, who helped him deal with his loss and new powers. they have been living with each other for almost two years.

4- Argyris Advanced Scientific and technological Research Corporation: random name I made up while watching the Flash. I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING IN THE REAL WORLD WITH THIS NAME OR A NAME CLOSE TO IT.

5- Other stuff: This is the second version of this story. the first version, I could not decide on a prologue( I wrote 4 of those XD). Danny and chris were bad guys and all that stuff. I am honestly content leaving this as a oneshot. but if you people like it, i shall continue. However updates are not scheduled. I do chapters in one sitting, so as soon as an idea comes, it is written and published.

That is all I have for now.

Eirena Gaia