Chapter 7

6th of July; New York City; Graveyard; 7:03 AM; 3rd person POV

The rain poured on the gathering crowd that swirled around a casket that was being lowered. Majority had umbrellas in anticipation of the rain that was forecasted earlier the night before. They all wore black clothes and held flowers to be put on the grave once it has been covered. To the naked eye, it would seem like the person being buried was loved by many and would be missed by many, however that was not the case and so far Danny was one of the few people in the gathering that realized that.

He actually recognized a couple of the people there from the countless charities and galas that Chris had dragged him to—quite literally, he hated having to socialize with people who he knows are there just for their own selfish benefit, then again that meant he hated the majority of the people on this planet. He hated being used, and he hated having to deal with people that want to use him just because he now had authority over two major research and manufacture institutions, and if it was not for that, these people wouldn't even consider walking up to him to talk or even try to put up the nice act when interacting with him.

Danny was brought out of his thoughts when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked up to find Dick greeting him and offering his condolences. He then remembered that Mr. Wayne and Dick had flown in for the funeral and, to be honest, Danny felt like out of everyone here they both treated him more like a friend that a business partner.

Dick and Danny stood there for a while. Danny noticed that it was not as awkward as his other run ins with people. For the very first time since Sam and Tucker died, he finally felt that he actually had a friendship close to that. Chris never counted as a friend; she was more like a worrying mother/sister than anything, and for that time she was what Danny needed to get back up from his grieving (read: Sulking) and back to working on Fenton Works and trying to not turn into his evil future self. She helped him through a lot and never really pushed him into anything, anything he did was of his own conviction and choice. She was always there to support him. And so for the past day or so, he had been thinking about she now can't be there for him and therefor he would have to start putting himself out there to make friends again. That thought led him to send invites to Dick, Wally and Roy since they were the only ones in age(ish) group which he knew and actually talked to.

Dick and Wally had accepted on a whim and come to comfort their friend-to-be, however he never heard from Roy. Danny didn't look too deep into the lack of reply though, since everyone had their reasons for doing , or in this case not doing, things.

So here he was standing beside a new friend, while another was roaming around looking for his uncle for one reason or another, reminiscing about the past couple of years that he spent with Chris. While thinking of that he was brought back to the day between the CADMUS incident and the present. He had found a few things that jus-

Danny shook the thought train off. He did not need to think about that right now, he can do that later. Now he had to focus on not blowing his cover or showing weakness in this pack of lions.

When he looked up, he saw that a couple of people had already went ahead to leave their roses and leave the graveyard. Danny had almost forgoten how unsettling graveyards were to other people…

"Hey Danny, you okay to go?" Wally said as he waved his hand in front of Danny's vision to grab his attention.

Danny looked at his watch mumbling, "is it over already?". He realised that he had zoned out for the past fifteen minutes, which was enough time for most other people to leave.

"Ya, Yeah i'm good, let's go" Danny said nervously as he, Wally and Dick went ahead and put the flowers on the grave.

Danny lingered a bit, if only to moderate the memory of a human being's death even if he didn't technically know the soul of the person that was currently six feet under.

He then turned around, clutching the handle of his black umbrella and walked beside his two friends. They had both wanted to spend time with him to help him grieve, however Danny had respectfully declined saying he was really exhausted and had a ton of work to shift through. Even with that the two still decided to escort him back to the AASTRC, which was where he was headed, with Dick's butler, Alfred. When he had asked if Mr. Wayne was joining them, Dick told him that he was busy catching up with some people.

The ride in general was okay, Danny was way too exhausted to even try to keep up with the two other teens and their conversation on games and various new technologies that were coming out to aid with the gameplay. Alfred was quiet and had an air of wisdom around him, and that to Danny spoke more than a million words. He kinda reminded Danny of Clockwork, only without the time puns and questionable motive.

When they finally arrived at the foot of the building, Danny opened the door before Alfred could bother and stand up to open it for him. He waved at Wally and Dick, vaguely hearing them telling him to take care and to call him if he needed anything.

Danny nodded and waved for them as they drove down the road. Once they were out of sight, he went into the building and greeted the secretary, walking past to get to the elevator and going to the top floor where Chris- well now it was technically his- office was.

Danny entered the room which had several plants and flowers—all wall decorations—in addition to a desk with a chair behind it and two smaller chairs in front of it, two couches and one chair surrounding a table, and a fridge at the very corner of the room. Behind the desk were huge blinds which Danny proceeded with closing down. He then sat on one of the chairs in front of the desk, he would not sit behind it just yet, it would feel wrong. He also wanted to just remember the last time he sat in this seat while watching Chris working on one thing or another. He remembered her scolding him whenever he played his music too high, complaining about how he would have a sixty year old' hearing before he would inherit the throne in the Ghost Zone.

Danny stood up and walked behind the desk, turning on the computer and waiting for it to start. When it finally opened, he put in the password and then plugged the flash drive that Chris gave to him back in CADMUS in. Programs started randomly opening on the screen and strings of code showing up all over. When it was finally done, there was one new program added to the computer named "XSIRH ZITBIRH". Danny had no idea why the name was like that but he clicked it anyway and threw himself on the chair, causing it to spin a little.

A couple of more programs ran on the screen and when they were finally some Danny said, "Ever went to a funeral and had to pretend to be sad for the death of someone because you know they are still alive?"

"What's that Danny? I couldn't hear you over all the sarcasm" a feminine voice shot back at him. The screen showed an audio file so he couldn't really see her, but he was sure she had a broad grin on her face and a triumphant glint in her eyes.

Danny laughed and replied with: "It's good to hear from you Chris, even though a few more years of silence and peace would have been nice"

"Awww does that mean you didn't want me? I'm hurt! Maybe I should have just let you think I was dead for the rest of your life so you will fall into despair and become evil while taking over the world and killing everyone. How does that sound?"

"Very sarcastic and very evil. You sure you are not the one who is turning to the dark side?" Danny said, looking up at the ceiling as a smile made its way into his expression.

"Nah, I'm sure that had happened in another dimension. But it shouldn't be too much trouble since when secondary branch dimensions are destroyed they don't have too big of an effect on the other dimensions around them. The ones that have a really big effect are usually the main or secondary dimensions… any way that was off topic. Kinda" she started slipping into an awkward and sheepish tone," but imagine the confusion that would have caused what with the note and all the other pointers and hints I left on my computer back in Gotham?"

Danny thought about it for a second before replying "Yah. I'm glad I don't have to deal with that. That would be one mess that would be hard to clean up. But seriously though, did you ever have to fake mourning before? Like I'm not sure I even convinced myself that I was grieving!"

There was a long silence in the other side and Danny had to look down at the screen to make sure that the program was still running.

"Hey Chris, you still there" he said with a twinge of worry.

After a couple of more minutes he got a reply: "Yah. Just, ya know, coughing my guts out and having mosquitoes in my eyes" she said with a rough voice that tells him that she had, indeed, been coughing excessively.

Danny sighed in relieve though, at least he got a reply.

"Oh ya I almost forgot to ask about how your health is after that dimensional-bomb thingy," Danny said, "then again, even before that you were the image of poor health in the dictionary"

"Oh wow you are so nice to me" she said with sarcasm dripping from her voice. She paused for a little before continuing: "We all made it back fine at first but after a couple of hours I started coughing up blood-again- and I was hauled off to the infirmary and checked over. According to Amulet I was cutting in real close with my time limit in your dimension. I told her that according to the calculations that I had gotten at the beginning of the mission, I had at least a couple of more days to go before side effects would even start. And from there they tried to find out who did the calculation but they couldn't 'cause, guess what," There was a pause before Danny realized he was supposed to guess.

"Umm, I don't know. He died?"

Chris burst to laughter descending into another fit of coughing before she replied "Oh I wish, no the person was actually MIA. He disappeared a couple of days after I started my mission and guess what his alias was?" She paused before continuing, "Danny you are horrible at this and you are taking the fun out of explaining this. It was Charles A."

"You mean the dude that we caught back at CADMUS? What a coincidence! Not" he said sarcastically.

"Ya I know and still there is more. Remember the other project that you found files on in CADMUS? Project AA? Well those were plans on a multi dimensional invasion. At least that is what the coders here got when I gave them the things I extracted from the CADMUS mainframe. But they still don't know who to fully decide it since it's in an alien language, so they put it on hold for me to decipher when I'm back in the game" she said excitedly and followed with an echoing "OW!" Which prompted Danny to ask.

"Hey Chris, I'll probably regret asking this but, where are you right now?"

"...I'm in the air vents"

" Chris, why would you be in the air vents?"

"... running away from the infirmary…"

Danny face palmed loud enough for her to hear.

"You can't blame me! I was bored and there is nothing there to do! They wouldn't even let me answer this call if I was still there. And the food was HORRIBLE! Honestly wherever you go the hospital food is always the same! I hate it! Besides I'm a busy person! I don't have time to 'sit still and heal' as some of my subordinates here want me to! I have some codes to kill and people to crack! Or the other way around but whatever!" She paused for a little while there was some noise in the background. All Danny could make out was "She is in the vents!" and "GET HER" but he might have been wrong since the connection was starting to get some static.

"It seems I'm running out of time with you, but you can use this program at any time to contact me, only problem would be whether I will pick up or not since I have quite a bit of running to do right no-" she was cut off with an 'OW' and a badump sound which told Danny that she just fell from the vents. She continued talking between pants, most like due to her running, "I gotta go, I'll call you if I find anything out. And good luck with meeting the JLA" that was the last thing she said before the program shut down.

Danny paused for a moment, glaring at the screen in front of him but smiled nonetheless. His friend/sister was okay and that was what mattered for now. Besides he had bigger fish to fry at the moment…

2 hours later; Mt. Justice

The justice league members gathered with their protégés in their old hideout inside the mountain. They were all displeased that their charges had went ahead without asking help from them and expressed that valiantly. However the three had stood together and showed their mentors that they want to learn and grow more and her they were waiting the new blood which they had picked and/or invited to the newly formed team.

The team was being introduced to others that they will be working with. Robin, Kid Flash, Superboy, and Aqualad were all in civilian clothes- with robin having to put sunglasses to maintain his cover- and were waiting for the new arrivals.

The first to arrive was Miss Martian who came with Martian Manhunter. They all greeted her warmly and Kidflash proceeded with trying to hit on her. Martian Manhunter explained that he brought her so that she can experience life on earth and because she nagged a lot.

The older heroes seemed to be waiting for one more member, but before any of the proteges could ask, a Zeta beam lit up and the computer made the announcement "Recognized. Green Arrow XXA" Green Arrow came out and typed a little on the control panel.

The Zeta beam lit up once more and the computer announced: "Recognized. Legacy XXB"

"Hello! Sorry for being late, had to deal with a couple of things before getting here and then had trouble finding green arrow an-"

"It's alright, things happen" Superman said as he continues to bluntly ignore Superboy but indulged every one else.

"Now that everyone is here, we wanna say that we are not happy with what you did in CADMUS. You should have called one of us at least. However, we see the effort that you put into this and we know that we can either help you or leave you and you do whatever you want regardless of the consequences" Batman said as e regarded the teens in front of him, "Incidents like Cadmus show that villains are getting smarter, and they might be coming from dimensions other than our own. Keeping that in mind, this team will be assembled for recon missions. Minimize combat at any opportunity and avoid it if possible. The older heroes can handle the combat but in this age, information might be more valuable than raw power or intellect. From now on you are a team, you all take the responsibility for each of your actions. And you will all have to face consequences of those actions. So do yourselves proud as the next generation of heroes" and with that he walks away with the other older heroes following him.

"So, does anyone has a story or something?" Wally said as he tries to break the tension.

Legacy looked hesitant, but said "Anyone wanna hear the story of how interdimensional fleets might end the whole existence of the universe?"

The five proteges waited for him to break a joke but when he didn't, they all burst out laughing.

"Subtlety isn't really your thing is it?" Robin said with a smile.

"No I guess not" Legacy replied as the five heroes sat down and began listening.

This would not be the last time they would sit like this, but it was the first time that Legacy- Danny- felt like he might be able to open up to people again and start calling them friends.

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