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Rosalie's P.O.V.

I sigh as I run my fingers though my beautiful girls long chestnut hair that I noticed had streaks of black and white mixed in. I'm trying to patiently wait for her to wake up, but the suspense is threatening to kill me. I really just need to know that she's okay.

Luckily Carlisle was able to repair her lung before it completely collapsed. He was also able to reset her bones, but some of them had to be re-broken and set properly. The only good thing is that she is still out cold so she didn't really feel a thing. Now her arm and leg are protected in a temporary cast.

"You know staring at her isn't going to wake her up. You heard what Carlisle said." I turn around to see Emmett standing in the doorway with Edward close behind him. Now I'm really glad that I placed a blanket over my girl once Carlisle left.

"I know, but I can't really leave her side. She sounded so helpless when I found her, and when she wakes up I want her to know that she's not alone." I say softly as I turn back to took at my beautiful girl.

"Rosalie do you seriously think that she's your mate?" Edward asks me softly causing me to smile as I nod slowly. I hear my beautiful girl sigh as she tries to shift around to turn on her bad side.

"No, baby girl, you can't lie on that side right now. I don't want you accidently popping one of your stitches." I whisper gently as I quickly press my hand down on her shoulder so she can't move.

She tries a few more times to roll over before she finally settles back down giving up. "Well she seems to respond to you rather well. Why don't you lie down with her?" Edward asks as he looks at my girl almost like she's a science experiment. I growl softly to get his attention.

"I would appreciate it if you didn't like at her like she was experiment for you to study. Now to answer your question I refuse to potentially make her uncomfortable when she's clearly been through enough as is." I say as I gently run my finger along her cheek.

"He didn't mean to offend you Rosalie. You know Edward can be a bit of a scientist at heart. Plus I think he just wants to know how Bella will respond to more contact with you. We're hoping that Bella is your mate. You deserve to finally be happy Rose." Emmett says as he reaches back to lace his fingers with Edward's.

"I understand that, but even if she is my mate I'm going to take things slow. I want us to have a chance to learn how to trust each other because we want too not just because a pre-destined bond tells us too." I couldn't resist running my fingers through her luxurious hair.

"I can't read her mind." Edward says seemingly out of nowhere. I turn my head to look at him in disbelief before I look back at my beautiful girl.

"Do you think it's because of the drugs Carlisle gave her or…?" I trail off as I stand up looking down at her in confusion. She truly is amazing.

"I was unable to hear her thoughts when you two arrived." I heard Edward say with fascination in his tone.

"Why did you not say anything before now?" Emmett asks as I continue to gently trace the lines of her face as she continues to sleep peacefully.

"I didn't want to run the risk of distracting Carlisle before he was finished patching her up. I'm positive Rosalie would have had my head." Awe he knows me so well.

"That was very smart of you love, but what are we going to call her? I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate all of us calling her beautiful." I growl again just at the thought of it.

"Woah! No need to get all protective, I was simply pointing out a fact." Emmett says as he and Edward hold up their hands showing that they meant no harm.

"I know, I know I'm sorry. It's just difficult because I'm not quite sure what to call her either. I mean I could continue calling her beautiful because she is, but I would like to at least know her name." I sigh starting to feel a bit frustrated.

"Rosalie, it's only been a few hours. Just give it time and you'll get all of the answers you seek." Edward says with a soft smile as he slowly puts his hands down.

"I just really wish she would wake up so I know that she's okay." I sigh deeply as I try to understand how somebody could possibly harm such a beautiful and innocent creature.

I slowly hear her heartbeat increases as she tries to roll over again groaning softly. I gently press down on her shoulder again to keep her still and she immediately begins to calm down again.

A few minutes later we all watch in silence as her beautiful baby blue eyes begin to open. Our eyes lock as I hear her gasp softly.

"Hello beautiful, I'm happy to see that you're finally awake." I sigh softly in relief as I gently stroke her cheek.

Unfortunately our brief moment is cut short as I watch her stiffen. I follow her gaze to see the whole family standing around the door watching us closely.

I turn my focus back to my beautiful girl as I feel her starting to move as far away from me as the bed will allow. I can't help but growl as I see her eyes fill with fear.

"All of you get out. NOW!" I shout as I feel my eyes turn pitch black. How dare they frighten my mate!

"We're sorry Rosalie we just wanted to see how she's doing now that she's awake. We didn't mean to frighten her." Esme says gently as they all continue to just stand there.

"As you can see she's awake now leave before she hurts herself trying to get away from all of you." I growl as I slowly crouch down ready to attack if needed.

"Call us if you need anything Rose." Alice says as she starts ushering everybody out of the room closing the door behind her. I wait until I'm sure all of them are an acceptable distance from the house before I relax.

I her my girl shift behind me gently before I feel a soft tap on my shoulder. I slowly turn around to face her and see that she's looking at me in confusion.

"I'm really sorry about them. They're not usually that…..weird I guess you could say." I say with an awkward chuckle as I run my fingers through my hair trying not to shift under her intense gaze. I watch as she open and closes her mouth as though she's trying to find the right words.

"It's okay. You don't have to say anything if you're not ready." I say softly as I take a step back to give her more space. I hear her release a soft whimper as I begin to take another step back.

"Is something wrong? Are you in pain?" I ask as she quickly shakes her head no, I'm heavily confused right now.

"I'm sorry," she whispers painfully as she bows her head. I take this as a sign that it's okay to move closer and take a seat on the edge of the bed.

"Please don't apologize beautiful. My family should have known better than to surround you especially since you don't know any of us." I say trying to put her at ease.

"Bella," she whispers so softly that I almost didn't hear her.

"A beautiful name for a beautiful girl." I say as I watch a faint blush creep along her neck as she tries to hide her face.

"Thank you," she whispers as I watch her begin to move around in discomfort.

"Bella, are you in pain?" I ask in concern as I without thinking grab her hand and lace our fingers together.

"Everything hurts," she whispers softly as she gently pulls on my hand trying to pull me closer. I hate seeing my mate in so much pain.

"When I found you in the woods you were in really bad shape." I resist the urge to ask who did this to her.

"Wait, you were the one who found me?" She asks me in genuine confusion.

"Do you not remember? I found you while you were still in your tiger form and carried you here. Luckily we got here in time." I say gritting my teeth fighting back a growl.

"All I remember is a blonde goddess being really nice. Wait, you also carried me here? That means you're either incredible strong human or you're a vampire. Except you don't have blood red eyes or smell terrible." Bella says with an adorable head tilt like a confused puppy or well kitten in her case.

"My family and I live off an all animal diet so our eyes are gold instead of red. Oh and just so you know you don't smell terrible either." I say with a cheeky smile finally getting her to smile for me. God her smile is gorgeous.

"Should I be concerned?" She says with a faint smile trying to make a joke.

"You're bigger than the usual animals we hunt. Plus you're a gorgeous white tiger so I do believe you're safe here." I watch as another blush starts to crawl up her neck.

"Shouldn't we hate each other though?" Bella asks softly looking at me with uncertainty.

"Bella, if I hated you it wouldn't make much sense saving you now would it?" I watch as she nods silently looking around kind of lost.

"No, you're right. I'm sorry." She whispers softly as she tries to pull her knees up to her chest, but I quickly place my hand on her knee stopping her. She looks up at me in confusion.

"I don't want you to pop any of your stitches beautiful. You have a few broken ribs that Carlisle was able to set, but one of them did puncture one of your lungs so you need to be mindful of that." I watch as she slowly lifts her arm to inspect the area around her stitches.

"I should be fine within the next few days, but if you would like I could leave now." Bella asks as I look at her as though she had grown a second head.

"Where the hell could you go with your whole right side injured? Do you have anybody to even take care of you?" I ask louder and with more aggression than I intended. I couldn't help but feel hurt at the fact that my mate doesn't want to stay here with me.

"I don't want to be a bother to you and your family more than I already have." Bella says softly as she looks at everything but me.

"You're not a bother Bella. Besides if you left I would worry about you constantly. Do you have anybody to take care of you?" In my head I'm truly hoping that she says no as terrible as that sounds.

She shakes her head silently as she looks down at the blanket lying in her lap. "Do you even want to leave?" I ask softly as I run the back of my hand along her cheek.

She looks up at me with sad eyes. "No," she says with a slow head shake.

"Then don't leave, I want you to stay here." I have to resist the urge to continue and say with me. I don't want to scare her especially when she already seems so unsure.

"Will your family be okay with me staying?" She asks.

"If they're not then I'll make them. I want you here and they'll learn to accept that." I say with a happy smile.

"Are you really going to make them?" Bella asks with a soft nervous smile.

"If I have to I will, but I highly doubt I'll actually have too. My family is really accepting plus they were worried about you as well while you were out. That's why they all tried to crowd you when you woke up." I watch as Bella slowly nods her head as she considers what I said.

"Would it be okay it they didn't do that? I'm not used to being around that many people at once and it's a little overwhelming." Bella says with a new wave of sadness.

"Then I'll be sure to let them know that they can't crowd you." I say softly as I watch a wave of darkness creep into her eyes.

"Why do you care so much?" Bella asks as she looks up at me with sad eyes. She looks like she has the weight of the world is resting on her shoulders.

"Based on how many scars I saw on you when I found you it looks like you haven't had somebody to care about you in a while. If you would let me I would like to try and change that." I say with a gentle smile.

I watch as she nods her head slowly as though she's thinking through everything I just said to her. I watch as her eyes start to get distant as though she's being pulled into one of the many thoughts swirling that mind of hers.

"Bella, please try not to overthink it right now. How about we get you cleaned up and into some comfortable clothes?" I suggest thinking that changing the subject will help her.

"Okay," she whispers softly as she tries to stand up clearly forgetting that her whole right side is basically useless for the time being.

"Bella, please stop before you hurt yourself." I say as I stand up and gently place my hand on her shoulder forcing her back into the bed before she can do any damage. "Is it okay if I carry you to the bathroom?" I ask as I start to pick her up but stop. I don't want to push her or make her uncomfortable, but I can't but help to want to naturally take care of her.

"I can't do anything on my own until I heal correct?" She sighs as I see the dejected look on her face.

"Probably not but if it makes you feel any better I'll just carry you to the bathroom and get everything set up for you with a change of clothes and you can take it from there. I don't want to make you uncomfortable or anything." I say as I start to fidget with my hands. This whole mating thing is more difficult than I thought it would be.

"Okay," she whispers softly as she holds her good arm out to let me know that I can pick her up. As quickly and gently as I can I pick her up bridal style and walk us into my en suite bathroom and set her down on the counter.

I make quick work of running warm water in the sink for her. I find her a washcloth and a towel just in case. I grab my shower gel since that's all I have and quickly raid my room for some clothes that I think for fit her. As I place all of them next to her I turn off the water as soon as the sinks full and take a step back. "If there's anything else you need or you need help please feel free to call me. I'll be downstairs making you something to eat so you can take some pain pills and get some more sleep."

I quickly turn and start walking out of the bathroom when Bella's voice stops me. "Thank you Rosalie….for everything."

"My pleasure Bella." I say as I continue out the bathroom with a faint smile closing the door behind me.

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