She grinned at him. "Well, who did you think it was," she laughed and kissed him on the cheek. "Great Ra, Atem, you have no idea how long I've been waiting for this!" She squeezed him tight again and then her grip abruptly loosened. She took a step back and Atem looked at her. Purple eyes were fixed on the crowd of people behind him.

"Aziza," the pharaoh started, trying to reach out and stop her, but his wife was too quick for him. And so he watched with a faint smile as Yugi was hoisted into the air and spun around by a jubilant Aziza.

"I can't believe it, her kids survived!" Aziza said once she set Yugi down and hugged him again. "Ra, you look just like her." Then her arms let go and she stood back, inspecting him. "Let me guess, you're the one who pulls everyone together and makes them like each other, even though they're really different."

The shorter boy blinked up at her. "Um, yes, I guess. But how did you know?"

"That is exactly what my sister was like. One could say it was a family trait from Hathor." Yugi still looked confused, but she smiled at him. "Thank you for taking care of my husband, grandnephew." That last word had been completely unexpected and flooded Yugi with a strength and warmth all the way down to his toes.

"Hey, miss? If you could leggo of mah friend, that'd be great."

Aziza stiffened and said with barely contained laughter, "Don't tell me. You managed to find the descendant of Joey."

Now Atem was smiling too. "And Duke, Tea, Shimon, and Set."

She whipped around and stared at him before turning back to the crowd of people. "You're kidding." She looked closer. "No you're not. Gods, Atem, how did you manage that?"

Joey was not pleased with the implications. "Hey, I knew Yug before da pharaoh ever showed up. He didn't find me, he just happened to have the pleasure of knowin' me."

To his surprise that just made Aziza double over in laughter. "Oh gods, he's exactly like him! And Duke too, it looks like." Then she paused. "Wait, you said Tea too." Her eyes scanned the group and pinned the taller brunette in place. Tea squirmed slightly under the intense gaze as the queen walked towards her and began to circle her. Several of the others, including the Ishtars, held their breath. It hit Joey and Tristen then that this woman might not be a duelist, but that didn't mean she couldn't hurt them. She was a god's daughter, after all. Finally, Aziza stopped so she faced Tea and looked up into her eyes, querying. "You had a crush on my husband, didn't you?"

Tea turned pink and frantically shook her head. "No, not at all. I mean, in the beginning, before I really knew him, I may have, sort of, but I like Yugi now and-" she clapped a hand over her mouth when she realized what she'd just said and her blush deepened. Yugi also started blushing, but not nearly as red.

Aziza cocked her head, nodded briskly, and said, "Well, you'll have a better chance with him anyway. I wish you luck. But if you're as self-absorbed as the girl I knew…"

"She's not," Yugi interjected. "Tea's pulled us together many times, since the very beginning."

Atem also nodded. "Indeed. She is a far better person than the priestess you saved me from. I call her a friend."

Then Seto decided he'd had enough of this nonsense and asked, "Who are you? I suppose you're another believer in this whole hocus pocus. "Ever the sceptic, Seth."

The taller boy scowled harder. "My name is Seto Kaiba."

The young queen narrowly avoided rolling her eyes. "Seto, then. And yes, I do believe in it, seeing as I just stepped out of the afterlife to ensure my husband knows that should he win this duel, his son will be very disappointed." Despite Atem looking like he'd just been punched in the gut by Celtic Guardian, Aziza turned to Yugi. "Please defeat him, grandnephew. I've waited long enough to have him back." Then she kissed a still stunned Atem, and slipped back through the doors with a Mona Lisa smile leaving the group of friends somewhat stunned and one dead pharaoh happily reeling slightly from the knowledge that he had not just his queen, but his son waiting for him.

Atem has someone amazing waiting for him, even after five thousand years, Yugi realized. That knowledge solidified something inside him that he hadn't realized was wavering. I had him with me for a long time, and he's made me a better person. But it's time for him to be with the ones who really love him. He activated his duel disk and stepped up onto the platform. I will beat him!

There you have it, the end of my epilogue. I had the first half of this written for a long time, and finally finished it for all of you. This story is now officially completed.