Hello. This epilogue will show the events that happen after the end of the last chapter until the events at the beginning of the Mass Effect saga. I want to thank XXXXXX for being the beta of this epilogue.

The year 2125, Emiya Mansion.

It had been over 25 years since the end of the last grail war and the world has changed so much that the people born 50 years ago will not recognize it anymore, but many would say that it is for the best. Many of the old-world problems had ended and a long peace and prosperity period has come thanks to the new techno-magic that had been developed in those years. Many of those news resources were developed for the people that live in this very Mansion. The Emiya family and they are all gathered in the living room where a big holographic Tv shows a news broadcast that shows a lot of persons in what appears to be a conference room on a government building, that would be normal if the labels on the transmission didn't say "Chaldea HQ in the moon".

But today the announcement of news will be the turning point in human history and will begin the process to prepare the human race for the more brutal and destructive war in all their history.

The entire family minus Kiritsugu was present and that was because he was needed in another place, and that make Shirou the default head of the Emiya family. A family that has grown a lot in these 25 years. Funny, considering that Shirou, Sakura, Rin, Illya, Saber, Semiramis, Rider, look just like they did 25 years ago, not only them but also Kiritsugu, Iris, Aoi, Maya, and Miya.

The only ones that change a little were Tatsuya, Mayumi, Miyuki, and Suzune, because they now look like they were in their middle twenties.

Shirou was nervous and looking around he could see that all the adults were as well, only the younger ones seen to be curious.

Talking about the young ones, Shirou could help to begin to remember how they come to this point after that day 25 years ago, right after the battle of Yokohama.

When the battle was over and the self-defense force arrived, they were escorted to a secret location on an island on the other side of the country. They put them in a big suit with many rooms and a conference room. They didn't bother to try to place them on cells, maybe because Kudou Retsu give the order or because they knew that they could destroy any prison on this planet and because they were Thaumaturgy users the Antinita was useless against them.

They were expecting to be questioned by the authorities, but that took a couple of days for the government to send someone. However, they allow their parents to come as well, it was there that they learn that all the governments of the planet were in a state of chaos while trying to understand that the GAA is gone, with around 90% of their people gone thanks to Morgana.

But believed or not that wasn't the biggest thing that happen that week, because Atlantis, yes, the lost city of Atlantis appeared as well. It was located in the middle of the Bermuda triangle. In there many of the creatures that the people believe that only existed on tales and legends like centaurs, elves, fairies, nymphs, mermaids, dragons, and many others were living in peace, it seen that Atlantis has served as a sanctuary for them after the humans from the past began to hunt them to gain fame.

But now the queen of Tír na nÓg, Titania has come to stand up and speak for residents of Atlantis, revealing that they had known about what will happen in Japan thanks that some of them had the power of premonitions that allow them to see the battle but not the result and that is why they chose to wait and see the result of the battle if the humans would have lost the battle and all life on Earth would have disappears, Atlantis and many other sanctuaries that remain hidden would have the last place for the survivor to had a chance to live, Titania knew that many people would be asking why they didn't warn about the danger, but she answers.

"Atlantis and many other sanctuaries are full of the decedents of the races that were hunted by the humans of the old world, so they are not very happy about the idea of getting involved to help the descendants of those humans, but they all agree that if the humans manage to survive this danger, it will be the proof that they had chance enough so they can open relations with the outside world once more."

Another surprise comes when the CEO of Thunderbird corporation, Philip Brainard, revealed that he was, in reality, Dave Stutler, the man that discover magic in the modern era and that he and his wife Rebecca Barnes are still alive and well even if both of them had over 100 years old.

That should be a big surprise, but when Dave also revealed that he was a descendant of Merlin and that his apprentice, a man named Balthazar Balde found him when he was young and that he was the one that teach him how to use magic.

The entire planet was receiving too much surprise so few times.

"By the way, Merlin is still alive on the Island of Avalon," said Balthazar.

Historians will call this week in the future the revelation week of the week of chaos for the number of revelations that had happened in so short amount of time.

Dave Stutler calls the governments of the world to a meeting with represents of Atlantis and the other sanctuaries to discuss what will happen from not on when he said that the races of those sanctuaries are willing to help to solve one of the biggest problems that they had, the lack of magic teachers that all the governments had.

That is something that no country could ignore, with the number of people being born as a magician, either as modern magic-user or Thaumaturgy users, the truth is that every country needs as many magic teachers as they can find.

To the rest of the world, it was seen as a diplomatic meeting, but behind closed doors, they were surprised to see not only Titania and Oberon but Merlin as well that for even once in his long life was been serious.

The leaders of the magic races that had been living apart from the humans give a warning to the world leaders.

"In the future, a new danger that is beyond any danger that the habitants of the planet had ever faced will come to this planet, at that moment we will only have two options win a survive or lose and go extinct as long with this planet, we didn't intervene because we need to know that the humans had become strong enough to overcome this danger"

It could be because of the wish of Gaia, but when the world leaders hear about the danger that their planet and race will face in the future, they began to work together as they had never done in all the history of this world.

Knowing that a battle that will define the future of the planet will happen in the future, having the more powerful warriors that they had confined is something crazy so after getting their testimony, they were allowed to go to their home.

Thankfully the reporters couldn't get into the borders of their property because of the barrier that they had against intruders.

When the group arrive, they had two new integrands, Saber and Rider.

They were about to try to explain who they are but by this time the Emiyas were some used to amazing things happening that Iris just said, the more the better.

Even with that attitude of Iris, Saber and Rider explained that they are also former Servants and that not they are as alive as Semiramis.

Just when they were about to try to come to an explanation about the presence of Saber, Rider and Semiramis that has just revel that she has mermaid blood to the world, they received a big shock when Merlin on news conference while explaining how the island of Avalon and Atlantis are real, he just drops the bomb when a reporter asked why they didn't help in the battle of Japan.

"Oh, but we did help, didn't you see how a magician that has mermaid blood rescued all that people, and you saw these two women that appear at the end of the battle and took down Gilgamesh? The one with the black dress and the blond one? These three girls come from one of the magic places that exist, they had human blood mixed with some magic beings."

Well, while mixing lies with trues, it is seen that Merlin had made them a big favor because now the public will accept the explanation about how Semiramis, Saber and Rider are living with the Emiyas. It is seen that they will have to thank him for the next time that they see him.

"By the way, the blond one that used Excalibur is a direct descendant of King Arthur, and has fairly blood in her, that is why Excalibur belongs to her by birthright"- Said Merlin with a big smile.

When Saber hears that she decided that she will first hug her old friend and mentor because she believes that would have never had the chance to see him again, and a second later she will punch him in the face for saying the lied that she is her own descendant.

However, Miya told her how the British government had been all over Japan's prime minister after Shirou used Excalibur the last year, so with a rightful owner this time there is no chance for them to do the same.

What they didn't expect was all the attention that Saber will receive in later days with the royal family and many nobles that will try to court her, something that she rejects in the act.

After that, things began to change so fast that it was hard to keep the peace.

Knowing that they can use the names of Saber and Rider, and because they want to leave their past lives in the past, they chose to find new names for their new lives, Saber chose the name Sabrine and Rider the name of Ana.

About six months after the battle of Yokohama the promised day where Dave Stutler should deliver the result of his mission arrived when he announces that his company will be sending a mission to the moon.

The interesting part was the Shirou was asked to be part of the mission, the reason? Because once he arrives at the moon in theory, he should be able to use his teleportation magic and that will allow him to bring more people and material. So, for the last couple of months, Shirou was forced to live the dream of every kid, become an astronaut.

Their ship, Pioneer 1, was about the same size as a middle size plane, but what make him special was that it uses the new element developed by Dave Stutler to control gravity and produce power. The Flubber.

Thanks to that the flight to the moon with last only five hours, without using its FTL system, the reason why they chose to not use the FTL system is that that tech is too new and even with all the tests that the Thunderbird corporation has made using drones had been a success when they manage to achieve 1.7 light-years per day. They chose to not use it until more tests were done.

That day, Shirou wasn't alone as Dave Stutler and another three astronauts were also with him and after the trip of five hours was done, they finally could see their destination, the moon, it had been over 100 years since the last humans' explorers visit it and now, they will return.

Whoever in the valley where the dark side of the moon and the light side share a mysterious light could be seen and the sensors began to read some high level of energy. Knowing that this must be the reason why that old vampire sends them here, they flew to that place.

What they found was a big surprise as they found an unknown structure in the form of a dome, in one of the sides they could see what was seen to be a landing track with marked light on both sides.

"This has never been seen before, not in all the pictures and studies that were done in the past," said Dave.

Using the landing tract, they could see how a big gate that led them inside the dome was open and the Pioneer 1 was moved by an invisible force inside it, once they were inside, they could see a big hangar, the sensors inside Pioneer one shows that there is oxygen inside, but still decide to go in their spacesuits.

What they saw was one surprise after another as the entire installation seen to have been built for humans, the architecture was beautiful and they could see plants and fountains, all in perfect state.

Is in that moment that they saw it, a humanoid figure, they could see that it was a hologram because they could see through it, but they also could see that it has a human female silhouette, the entire hologram was golden, but to Shirou, for some reason, it remainders him Rin when she was in high school.

That hologram didn't say anything just began to walk, understanding that whatever this is wanted to be followed, they decided to do it.

What they found was something that they didn't expect. In the deepest part of this structure was a big crystal, but that crystal was something more.

"It is a computer," said Dave.

In the that he said those words a holographic scream appeared before them, revealing the name of this computer.

" .PH"

"Welcome explores and heroes from the Terra homeworld, I had waited for you for millenniums for your arrival, I am .PH and my mission are to store the collective knowledge of this version of the human race as well to see the alternative versions that exist all to provide advice to prevent events and dangers that could cause the extinction of the human race. However, I can only provide advice to people that have great compatibility with the system and only the basics, the rest will depend on the people of this era"

What happened next was that all the best science of the world began to travel to the moon in the next weeks to try to understand its secrets.

Later they discover that this .PH has a lot of records with all the stories of the human race, but not only this human race but others that had moved into different ways. Some were more advanced, others not so much.

With all the resources needed for this project and considering the mission of .PH, it was decided to create an organization in charge of protecting all life on Earth and advance the power and prosperity of its habitants, the name decided to this organization was Chaldea and they will use this place as their base.

Some of the people asked to take a look at this computer were of course the seats of Avalon, the more interesting thing about this was that Sabrine (Saber) and Ana (Rider) were also able to help with the research. That was something that surprise their old friends, later they explained when their Grial war ended and they returned to their throne of heroes, they found themselves in a strange but similar version of the throne of heroes that they know, the more interesting part was that they found others versions of themselves there as well, it is seen that while they were the same person, the origin of their story and life decisions were different, creating different versions of them.

In the case of Ana (Rider), she was surprised to see a version of herself that was a priestess, but the biggest surprise was for Sabrine (Saber) as she found a Caster Artoria.

Over time they become friends and soon they realize that had what the other needed, in the case of Ana (Rider) and Sabrine (Saber) they could fight and had high resistance against magic, but they couldn't use it.

On the other part Caster Artoria and Rider priestess were very good at magic but they were weak at close combat.

That is when Caster Artoria come with an idea, considering that they were the same persons then it should be possible to share the skills that they had with the other version, something similar to what the Grail system does when they summon a servant and provide them all the knowledge that they need to act in that era.

So, they make a pact that allows them to share the skill they had with their counterpart. And that is how Ana (Rider) and Sabrine (Saber) receive the skill of magic and Caster Artoria and Rider priestess receive the skill to fight.

When Shirou and the girls learn about this they were very surprised and after a while, they saw that their skill and knowledge of magic were real to the point that they could join the seats of Avalon and they even joked about giving them a nickname like the ones that they had, when Shirou suggested the Queen of Avalon, lest just said that Sabrine (Saber) didn't like the joke and she shows it with her dark look.

In the end, Sabrine (Saber) agrees with the nickname of Knight of Avalon, while Ana (Rider) chose the Chain of Avalon.

The reason for the nickname was to ensure their privacy and to stop idiots that could come and try to kidnap them, something that they knew will be impossible but still it will be a bother. With the entire world learning about their identities there was no more reason for them to use them, but somehow the idea of being granted the place in the seats of Avalon was something that all the magic researchers dream of and they understood that to inspire others to advance the knowledge of magic for the good of the people of Earth, the titles of the seats of Avalon must continue.

Another event that happens a year later was the union of the two biggest companies in the world, Avalon tech, and the Thunderbird corporation. Changing their name to Thunder of Avalon. And the CEO Dave Stutler also receive his nickname and become the Bird of Avalon.

Many question the reason why those two companies decide to become one, but for the few that knew of the danger that will happen in the future, the answer was simple, to get ready for that battle.

Any doubt about if the union of these two companies was a good idea ended thanks to Rin.

After she got access to the secrets of the Flubber that was developed by Dave Stutler. While she was impressed by what that strange green substance can do, she didn't like the fact that is hard to control, look like hair gel, and has so a childish name.

One night while they were all working to try to improve the Flubber, Rin finally said.

"Why this thing can be like a jewel? I cannot understand this hair gel structure"- Rin.

"I manage to develop the Flubber by accident" – Dave

"I am not an expert but I know that we are limited if our best FTL drive is limited to 1.7 light-years per day, we need to find a way to improve its performance" - Tatsuya.

"What about if we take a break? I will bring some tea so you can all rest for a while, in special you sister, I know that you want to resolve this so you can adapt it to your magic, but that will need time, I mean it is not like you can turn that Flubber into a jewel?" – Said Sakura to cheer her up.

However, at that moment Rin's head turn so fast to her that by one moment Sakura believed that had said something wrong to her.

"Sakura you are a genius!"- said Rin surprising everyone.

"Turn the Flubber into a jewel, had anyone try to crystallize that thing?" said Rin with emotion.

What follow was an improvement of over ten times over its former performance, the former 1.7 light-years per day become 17 light-years per day, it also become more stable and produce more energy.

However, this time Rin made sure that this thing will have a better name than Flubber, considering its green color and the fact that now it was a crystal, she decides to name it Emerald crystal.

But they didn't stop there, using the emerald crystal as a base and mixing it with other elements they manage to find that the purple crystal can adsorb head and electricity and store it as energy, that the white one had superconductivities properties that can be used form computers, and so many others things, over the next decades more research will be made and these crystals base tech will be improved.

All these events had happened in the next two years after the battle of Yokohama. And they were planning to keep working but Zelretch and Merlin come to visit them and also to give them some advice.

"You need to rest for the next couple of years" – Melin.

"What are you talking about? With the upcoming war we need to use this time to get ready" – Shirou.

"That is why you need to rest if you are the only ones working, the world will become dependent on you and that is something wrong in the long term, you need to allow them to do their part"- Zelretch.

"Besides we are not saying that you should completely stop and not get involved, we are only saying that you need to take a couple of years to rest and life your lives, you had earned that" – Merlin.

In the end, they all agree with that and decide to take a long vacation.

But even with these vacations Shirou still had some duties to attend and that increase with the arrival of Saber and Rider.

Shirou still could remember how the first night when they returned to the Emiya Mansion and Saber and Rider were invited to their private chamber, how in less than a second the girls were chained and Shirou tied to the bed, they knew that they weren't on danger because there was no killing intent and besides, they knew them.

"Saber, Rider, what are you doing?" asked Sakura from her position chained against the wall.

"Did you know that for the last years we had seen all of you from the throne of heroes," said Rider.

"It must be something that that old vampire did" added Saber.

"We were happy to see you been alive and well in your new lives, but then that happen" – Rider.

"What happened?" asked Illya.

"Your relationship becomes more, how can I say it? intimate" – Saber.

"You saw that!?" said Sakura.

"We did something more than see it, we could feel it"- said Rider.

"It is seen that what happened to Semiramis happened to us, and for a very, very long time we had been seeing and feeling how you express your love and your relationship become stronger and now it is our turn"- Saber.

"So, enjoy the show" – Rider.

The next morning Shirou feel even more tired than after the battle of Yokohama because after Saber and Rider had their way, they release the others and they also asked for their turn. To the people that want a description of what happened between Shirou, Saber, and Rider, lest just said that it has the same content as an adult manga.

For the next few weeks, they were enjoying a normal life, but then the news on the tv attract the attention of the girls, it was a wedding, some famous actor got married and it was all over the news.

It was nothing special, but Shirou could see the look on the girl's faces.

"You want to have one? A wedding"- asked Shirou.

"I am very happy with our relationship as it is" – said Sakura looking away.

"Besides it is like we can have a real wedding ceremony that includes all of us"- added Illya.

"Then what if we make our wedding ceremony, even if is not official we still can have our special day, just family and friends," said Shirou trying to cheer them up.

"That is a wonderful idea, but why not make a real one," said a new voice from behind them. It was Titania, the queen of Tír na nÓg, walking next to Iris.

Over time, she has become good friends with Iris and Miya and from time to time she comes here to spend time with them and complain about her husband.

"What do you mean?" – asked Sakura.

"The laws do not allow that one man to marry more than one at the same time" – added Rin.

"You mean that the laws of the human world do not allow a man to marry more than one, but that does not affect the world of fae, if you ever want to have a wedding as amazing as the one that you hear on fairy tales, just let me know, it will be my pleasure to help you"- said Titania.

"That sounds wonderful, I had to go and tell Kiritsugu-kun about this, so we can have a big ceremony," said a happy Iris.

"But Okasan, you are already married to dad"- said Illya.

"I know but Aoi, Miya and Maya aren't, every woman dream to has their special day and now they will have theirs"- said Iris as she and Titania leave the room beginning with the plans.

Ever since they began to live in the Emiya mansion, the Yotsuba twins quit their position on the Yotsuba clan to start a new life, even if the outsiders to their relationship considered them as concubines, just like Aoi, they didn't care because for the first time in their lives they are happy.

So, Iris's idea had a deep meaning, it means that they will be official members of their family.

Looking around Shirou saw that they were all present here. And deciding that he has waited too long he knees before them.

"Shirou?" all the girls said at the same time.

"I had waited too long and I do not want to wait any longer, the last battle and challenges that await us in the future, shows me that you are more important to me than anything else, so now on my knees I ask you, will you marry me?"- Said Shirou with a big blush on his face.

All the girls look around them, surprised that Shirou did this, but smiling they form a circle around him.

"Senpai, for the longest I had been in love with you and you are the only man that I know that I will love even if I live for a thousand years, so my answer is yes." – Sakura.

"You are helpless without me, but that is part of your charm, besides you make a better person than I was before, but more importantly because I love you my answer is yes." – Rin.

"You are the love of my life and I knew that this will happen sooner or later so my answer is yes" – Illya.

"You receive me, even knowing my past and give me the real experience of happiness and feeling that I am human, well at less part of me, in my first wedding I was forced and never had the chance to refuse because that king will kill the parents that adopt me and love, but now for the first time I on my own free will said I do accept to become your wife and that I love you" – Semiramis.

"You are a force of good that help the people around, in the past, I saw how you help others and how you keep doing it even know, you accept me for how I was and support me in my difficulties and for that, I grew too fell in love with you as well because you are the key that gives me a family so my answer is yes," said Rider.

"When I meet you I was looking for a way to erase my past, but it was that past that brought me to you and now I will not change a single thing for anything in the world, even now you had given the opportunity not only me to all of us to start a new life with a new family, so my answer is that yes, please make me your wife and that I love you" said Saber.

At that moment the history was already defined, this one will have a happy ending.

Iris had just managed to convince Kiritsugu about this wedding ceremony on Atlantis and when Shirou and his girls also told them that will be having one as well.

When Mayumi, Miyuki and Suzune hear that, they all looked at Tatsuya, for their surprise Tatsuya told them that he was planning to ask them to marry him the next weekend when they were planning to have a romantic time. But now it was as good a time as ever and he ask them to marry him, of course, they were happy and accept.

With all of them agreeing to do this, the plans to have their wedding began, they all agreed that will be a combined ceremony on the same day, and they chose that the ceremony will be on Avalon the island of legends.

They all ask for a private and smell ceremony with only friends and family. But when a certain ancient mage that is famous to cause trouble had a little fun, you know that something else will happen.

For the next six months, the soon to Mrs. Emiyas were having the time of their lives as they began to choose their wedding dress and make all kinds of plans for their special day.

When the big day finally arrive. They were happy to see friends, coworkers, former classmates and former students that come here to participate in their special day.

What they didn't were too happy to see was a big news crew there taking life videos of what was happening on the legendary island of Avalon. They never had the intention to hide what they were planning to do and considering that they were the much famous people on the planet it will be impossible to do it anyway.

But unlike Atlantis that has become the place where the ancient and mystical races had open relationships with the human world, The island of Avalon still has its doors closed and considering that the cover story for (Sabrine) Saber and Ana (Rider) was that they were there all time and make contact with the Emiya family to offer help and support and that is how they feel in love with Shirou.

After the events of the battle of Yokohama, tell them that they were the real King Arthur and Medusa, it will be too much, besides Saber and Rider want to leave their past behind.

So, when they ask why is the media here, Oberon just answer. "Merlin".

It seems that the time to open the doors of the island of Avalon to the world has come and what better way than on the same day of a wedding ceremony, the one that has not been seen since the era of the myths. That was the excuse of the trouble maker sorcerer.

But even with that nothing will stop their happy day, and if the rest of the world wants to see their happiness, they had no trouble with that.

The place of the wedding was in a beautiful place, in a garden that has a big tower in the middle, there they could see some of the more beautiful flowers that they could imagine, but that is not all, centaurs, fairies, nymphs, elves, dragons, minotaurs and various other fantasy creatures were present to witness the wedding.

As the elves began to sign they all knew that the wedding was about to start. The arrangement was simple but beautiful, at the base of the tower was the altar and there were three different paths, each group will come using one of them.

From the right, we could see how Kiritsugu, Iris, Aoi, Miya and Maya began their Wedding March.

In the left Tatsuya, Miyuki, Mayumi and Suzune do the same.

And in the middle, we can see how the biggest group of Shirou, Sakura, Saber, Rin, Illya, Semiramis, and Rider were getting closer.

Their wedding dress was out of this world with the elegance and beauty that you can only find in fairy tales, something that was appropriated because all the world could see how small fairies were caring for the bridal veil of the future wives.

However, the biggest surprise of the day was that cupid, the real one was the one performing the ceremony. At the end of the ceremony, Cupid took golden three arrows and place them before them.

"There three arrows had been blessed by the power of my mother Aphrodite, if you form a circle and touch the arrows at the same time, your love will receive a blessing never used since the era of the gods and you will become soul mates, destined to love each other's for not only for this life but even after you had died and reborn in this world your souls will find each other's to begin your never-ending love story".

Mone of them needed a second to think about that as they make a circle, each one in their group and then they touch the golden arrows. Each group was surrounded in a magic circle and after a few moments, it was gone.

"The ceremony is complete, you are now soul mates for the rest of the eternity as well as husband and wives, the husband may kiss their brides"- Cupid.

And so, one by one the new husbands kiss their wives one by one.

After that day many people wanted to get married on the Island of Avalon, however, Cupid told them that that blessing could only be used to people that were meant to be married for the rest of their lives on their own will, so about 70% of the couples were rejected.

The now big Emiya family enjoy the new married life for a couple of years before one by one the woman of the family began to give them the same news.

"I am pregnant"

That is how the Emiya family, become the very big Emiya clan.

"Father, are you ok?" asked a blond boy with blue eyes.

"I am fine Arthur, just thinking about the past." Said Shirou as he looks at his son, that because he didn't age much in the last 25 years, the people could believe that they are brothers.

That is when Shirou began to look at all the faces that are waiting for the news broadcast to happen.

Arthur (Fate prototype) and Monica (Mordred) were the children that he has with Sabrine (Saber), they were twins. When Saber saw Mordred for some reason, she could recognize her and she cry tears of happiness.

"I failed her as a father in the past, now as her mother, I will make sure that she has a happy life," said Sabrine (Saber).

The surprise with the other twin was that he has the same magic circuits as her like it was a copy, it was at that moment that Zelretch told them that he was an alternative version where the legends were correct and the King Arthur was a man, that is why he has her same magic circuits. He will also inform them about the origin of all the children born in the Emiya family.

"It sure is taking time, maybe we should have gotten some popcorn," said Monica (Mordred).

"Come on big sis, we will eat something after this is done" – said a new voice.

That new voice belongs to Chloe (Kuro), the elder daughter that he has with Illya, she looks a lot like Illya but her skin color was like Archers and her hair color was light pink. She was one of the only two children that he has with his wives that inherit his powers. He also has a son with Illya that is one year younger than Chole. Sieg, for some reason, has the same magic circuits as Siegfried, even if he didn't look like him, but in the end that did not matter, he is his son and part of his family and he will support him.

Talking with each other there are his twin girl Ishtar and Ereshkigal, they are the girls that he and Rin had, Ishtar was like a clone of Rin while Ereshkigal while looking like Rin and Ishtar, has blonde hair, they also had a boy one year older, when he and Rin saw him, they knew who he was, he was Archer, the one that sacrifices his left arm to safe Shirou life and gives him the tools to save Sakura and for that they were thankful.

At this moment Archer was in the kitchen preparing something for all of them.

This time they will give them a happy life.

"It sure is taking long," said another voice.

"You need to have a little more patience," said a boy's voice.

Kanna and Muramasa are his children with Sakura, even if Muramasa looks like a clone of his he didn't have the same magic, his is unique, he is also very mature, in fact, he sometimes gets the feeling that he is talking with an old man, but that earned him the admiration of his sister Kanna.

Next to them were Karuna and Serenity, the children that he has with Semiramis, just like Chole and Archer, Serenity's skin color was darker than the others, but that does not change that she is part of the family.

Looking to the other side he sees the twin girls that he has with Rider. Euryale and Stheno. Why he has so many twins is a mystery, maybe twins run in the blood, once again Rider was able to recognize them as someone from her past life, they were her sisters, the ones that she believes will never see again, but this time with tears of happiness just like Saber, she promises that she will give them a happy life, even if is strange to be the biological mother of her sister of the past.

Looking around he found his new brothers and sisters.

Hercules and Keiron were the sons of Kiritsugu and Iris, when Illya learned that now she will be the big sister of her Berserker she was really happy and promise that she will repay him all that he did for her in the past, of course that also goes for her new brother Keiron, by the way for some reason just like Muramasa, he is very mature for his age and he gives the feeling that they are talking with a teacher.

Aquiles and Atalanta are the children of Kiritsugu and Miya, the bond that they share is very strong, so Shirou believes that they may be brothers in their past lives, it is also interesting how they follow all that Kairon said.

Another surprise comes with Medea and Leonidas, the children of Aoi and Kiritsugu, when Rin, Sakura and Saber recognize her they were surprised but promise that this time she will have a happy life and that they will be the best sisters possible.

Talking about surprises, Miyu y Ushiwakamaru, the children of Maya and Kiritsugu, not because they recognize them but because they were the long-awaited children of Maya, a woman that once believe will never be able to become a mother. Another interesting thing is that Miyu ever since she was young was very close to her brother Shirou and Tatsuya, she will always come to using animal pajamas asking them to comb her hair and when they couldn't do it at that moment, she will puff out her cheeks and throw a little tantrum, that it was cute. Miyu and Ushiwakamaru were Miya treasures and the gods had mercy on the souls of anyone fool enough to try to hurt them because the queen of the night will not have any.

Tomoe and Ulysses are the children of Tatsuya and Miyuki, you can say that they are very different from each other but at the same time, they are very close to each other.

Tamamo and Robin are the children of Tatsuya and Mayumi and if there is something that you can say about them is that they are full of energy, when they play hide and seek, you can see Tamamo jumping from the roofs of the mansion to the trees on the garden while looking for her brother. The first time all the adults got scared when they saw her make her jumps the first time and they even used their magic to make sure that she was fine, but as time past they see that is pointless as she is natural at these activities, by the way about her brother Robin, so far, she has never been able to find him, even the adults can't.

Cú Chulainn and Leona (Leonardo da Vinci) are the children of Tatsuya and Suzune, they happened to be very close to their mother.

They all are in the first magic high school in different levels and the world had changed a lot since the time of their parents there.

The prejudice against the Thaumaturgy users was a thing of the past because after the world saw the true power of the Thaumaturgy users, they no longer dare to call them weak.

Another factor that helps to make this change possible was that Mayumi, Miyuki, Suzune, Maya and Miya were modern magic-users but they saw them use Thaumaturgy, so when the people ask them about how that was possible, they tell them about the procedure of the artificial relic.

Of course, when the magicians learn about this, they also wanted to receive the same procedure because it will open to the modern magic-user the possibility to use Thaumaturgy and the Thaumaturgy users will be able to use modern magic.

The girls explained to the people that this procedure is like being bilingual, you had 100% of understanding and control over your mother language and how much proficient you are with your second language will depend on how much effort you put into practice it. With the type of magic that you are born with being your native language and the new type of magic that you receive after the procedure being the one that you need to learn.

Over the next years, all the magicians of the world receive this procedure.

"Look dad that on the TV" said Miyu as she point to the holographic Tv scream.

Turning around they see a group of persons walking into the conference room and seating at the table that was prepared for them.

Kiritsugu is one of them, a member of the security council of Chaldea. It was his duty to be there.

At that moment the leader of Chaldea comes and stands right in from of the podium.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the first spoken of Chaldea, Merlin" said a member of the staff.

For all the present seeing merlin in this situation was something that make them smile, you see when Chaldea was created, they needed a leader able to join the human world and the many mystical races that lived on the sanctuaries, and when Merlin was about to suggest Arturia for that job he was silent by Excalibur placed right in front of his face, but she didn't remove her sword from that position, instead she smile and said.

"I propose Merlin for that position, he is well known in the Fae world and is well respected in this modern age of magic"

"Wait a minute, you can't expect me to do that," said Merlin in panic.

"This time is your turn to lead, besides Vivian, if Merlin is busy with all that hard work, he will not have time to play with waitresses" – said Saber.

"The term of each administration is of 10 years because now the people live longer and they can be reelected for a second period" added Rin with a dark smile as she see Merlin.

"Wait a minute, can you tell me why I should accept that?"

All the present point their weapons and strongest spells against him, but the one that give him no room to say no was Vivian.

"Congratulation on your new job, darling, I can't wait to see the work that you will do, I am sure that you will make me proud." Putting more power into those worlds, Merlin knew that for the next 20 years he will have to deal with that job.

Back in the present.

"For the last 20 years the world has become a better place, the problems of pollution, war, hungry and diseases had disappeared from our new society, and we had begun a new era of exploration that will open the doors to our expansion in the sea of stars, a prove of that is that five years ago the people of this planet set foot on the planet Mars" said Merlin attracting the attention of all the people as he talks of one of the biggest achievements on the history.

"Sadly, instead of the promises of new knowledge and prosperity we found a terrible truth," said Merlin as the scream show some ruins on Mars. "These ruins were found on Mars by one of the first exploratory teams, they are different from the ones in the moon that were built by a very advance human society that send .PH installations to multiple realities to ensure the survival of our race and planet. These ruins on Mars were built not by humans' hands but by aliens"

The scream changed to show a strange alien with four eyes.

"These aliens are, no were known as the Protheans and they left us a terrible warning," said Merlin as the record of that alien began to speak, it was an unknown language but thanks to a translation program, worlds began to appear in the scream in English, showing a terrible message. It said.

"Beware of the reapers"

That is, it, at less, for now, do not worry because you will know how this story ends in the sequel. But I must tell you that this time the sequel will be short, from 7 to 10 chapters. But you know that I write long chapters.

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Some explanations.

The Flubber: When Robin Willians died, the Tv stations began to play many of his movies, I happened to be seeing the movie Flubber when I was writing one of these chapters, and I got the idea to use it to replace the Zero element in the human tech, if you know the movie you will know that it can control the gravity, produce energy and repeal kinetic energy I am surprised that no one else had that idea and use it.

Dave Stutler, Titania: I explained their role in the story in chapters 26 and 27.

This is the list of the children and their parents.

Shirou harem

Shirou and Illya. = Kuro (Chloe) and Sieg (Siegfried).

Shirou and Rin = Ereshkigal, Ishtar and Archer.

Shirou and Rider = Euryale and Stheno.

Shirou and Sakura. = Kama and Muramasa.

Shirou and Saber. = Mordred and Arthur

Shirou and Semiramis = Karuna and Serenity

Tatsuya harem

Tatsuya and Miyuki = Tomoe Gozen and Ulysses (Odysseus)

Tatsuya and Mayumi = Tamamo and Robin (Hood)

Tatsuya and Suzune = Cú Chulainn and Leona (Leonardo da Vinci)

Kiritsugu harem

Kiritsugu and Iris. = Hercules and Keiron

Kiritsugu and Maya. = Miyu and Ushiwakamaru

Kiritsugu and Miya = Aquiles and Atalanta

Kiritsugu and Aoi = Medea and Leonidas

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