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Mabel had heard it all: Dipper had agreed to become Great Uncle Ford's apprentice. She couldn't believe it though. Hadn't they agreed that they wouldn't end up like Ford and Stan? And he was already trying to leave her?

She couldn't take it. Grabbing the backpack with the party supplies and the walkie talkie, she rushed out into the woods, in the direction where Ford had said they'd be going.

Dipper can't leave me! She thought as she ran. They think I can survive on my own... but I can't! I've never been without Dipper for a long time, and I don't think I can. She ran harder. Have to tell him that. She ran harder and harder and faster until she was about 100 feet away from where the uncle and nephew were located.

"Great Uncle Ford..."

"Yes, nephew?"

"Can I try out the magnet gun again? I want to make sure I can use it... last time was m-mostly just luck."

"Sure thing, apprentice."

"Ugh... how do you get this thing to work again?"

"You just pull this lever... good. Now aim at the shuttle."

"Erg...this isn't working! How do I get this stupid thing to work?!"

"Calm down, Dipper, and aim."

"...Oops. I really hope that didn't hit anything..."



"What was that?"

"Clam down, Dipper! It's, fine. We all make mistakes. I'm sure you just hit a piece of junk metal lying around."

"...Great Uncle Ford! This is NOT a random piece of metal! What do I do? What do I do? MAAABELLL!"

Ninety yards away, the shock had warn off, and Mabel was left with the cold, hard fact that something had just ripped her braces right out of her mouth.

Trying not to hyperventilate too much, Mabel held her hands over her profusely bleeding mouth. Oh crap, oh crap! Poop, heck, darn! What's happening?! What happened?! Her mouth was deep but the opening wasn't wide, so some of the braces had ripped through her cheek, and two of her looser teeth were missing. Mabel fell to her knees with pain, beginning to sob silently.


Mabel wanted nothing more than to call out to her twin, but her mouth was hardly even a mouth anymore. Even if she could open it, she still wouldn't be able to talk because of all the blood.

Unable to really think of anything but the pain and getting relief from the pain, Mabel didn't notice the presence of two more people until she felt a pair of arms around her shoulder. Looking up, she saw Dipper sitting next to her with and arm over her shoulder and Ford a short distance away.

"Mabel... I'm so sorry..." Dipper looked so sad right then, so guilty, and Mabel hated seeing her brother that way. So even if she had no idea what had happened, and even if all she wanted was to get rid of the pain, oh please get rid of this pain, she took one of her hands, the one that was slightly less bloody, and put it on top of Dipper's... a universal sign of comfort.

"Mabel, Dipper, we need to get back to the... erm... Mystery Shack. I have supplies there that can help Mabel."

Dipper helped Mabel up, and they made their way back to the tourist trap. For Mabel and Dipper both it seemed the trip back was a million times longer than the trip out.

Dipper was lost in his thoughts. Or rather, thought. So sorry, all my fault, so sorry Mabel. So sorry, all my fault...

Mabel was just trying to keep the pain at bay. Don't think, just do. Get back, get better.

At the rear of the trio, This shouldn't have happened. She shouldn't have been here. I'm sorry Mabel... I'm sorry Dipper. But now I need to stop thinking. I need to do. I need to help fix this mess I've caused.

And the Mystery Shack came into sight.