"Coffee and donuts"

Once the sun comes out, so does the donuts. The sweet smell of warm glaze drizzled onto hot dough is enough to make any animal salivate in Zootopia. Keeping in the spirit of diversity, Glaze, is not the only option you can have. For mammals who are vegetarian they can have it topped with grass, hay, anything that grows from the ground- it's on donuts. Carnivores on the other paw-(hoof,claw etc.) can have anything from bacon to fish, but for a fox like Nick Wilde? He preferred the glaze.

With a brown bag in paw and two styrofoam cups of coffee in the other. Holding a sleepy eye gaze and a small smirk he swiftly moved through the growing crowd of animals. His tail swayed as he made his way to the last place he thought he ever be, The Police District.

Nick Wilde was a con-artist at heart and he never would have thought that a loose shirt like him, would be ever working "with" the police.

The glass doors swung open as he made himself inside heading down the hall as he saw many police officers hard at work. The police business is a very hearty place to be and only the toughest animals could be in it, not to mention, large. He was a fraction of the size to most of them but he never felt small. Making a sharp turn he finds the working stations where officers answers phones and go to duty and at the far end of the room, hard at work and wrangling through paper work was an animal much smaller than him. A bunny named, Judy Hopps.

One ring from the phone and she answers it excitedly. "Police station, what is your problem?...yes...your burrow was robbed?" She immediately grabs a pen and paper. "Yes sir I'm on the case! What's your address?"

Her ears suddenly dropped. "Oh-what kind of animal I am?...w-well I'm a...a bunny?" She answered with a cringed and immediately she let out a frown. "I...I understand, I'll transfer you to one of our own "experienced" officers." With a sigh, she clicks on a small dial and hangs up.

"Tough day, whiskers?"

Her ears twitch as she turned her head to the fox sitting smugly on her desk. She crossed her arms as she leaned back at her chair.

"No..." She answered holding a hard frown. "And how many times do I need to tell you to get off my work station?" She said motioning him to get off. He did not.

"Wow-" he said with long droll. "You really aren't a morning animal and to think I wasted my time getting you breakfast."

He shook the items in front of her, immediately the smell of the donuts made her nose wiggle.

"Guess I have to eat these donuts all-" he reached in taking a donut out of the bag. "By..." He inched the hot bread towards his muzzle. "Myself..."

Judy reached for the bag, desperate to snatch it, only to fall short by Nick's fast hands, one of his many gifts of being a scam-artist. He let out a chuckle as her cheeks grew a shade of pink.

"Aw-does the whittle bunny want a donut?" He mocked shaking the bag above his head.

"Nick!" She growled as she lifted herself out of the chair reaching for the bag. Holding his sleepy gaze he moves the bag away from her short reach back and forth. Judy placed her paws on her hips and tapped her foot impatiently.

He let out a small snort of laughter.

"Aw come on, jump for it-you want a donut right?" He snickered only for him to shout out in pain as a wave of electricity hit his side. Losing his grip on the bag, Judy caught the bag as Nick fell off of her desk. He let out a soft groan watching her put her taser back at its holster.

She let out a confident smile as she takes out a donut. He rolled his eyes and dusted himself off.

"Isn't that misuse of police equipment or something?" He muttered, rubbing at his sore side.

"No-you were withholding evidence." She answered with a smile, taking a satisfying bite out of her meal.

He let out a soft smile and gives her one of the cups of coffee.

"All right Robo-cop, here's your decaf."

"Thanks Nick-" she smiled taking a small sip. She let out a sigh, her ears drooping. He frowned slightly as she turned back to her work station, sadly staring at the phone in front of her.

He bit the inside of his cheek. "Hey...I'm sure someone would take ya."

"I need a case, Nick-a tough one! Or anything really..."

"You'll get one soon, doll...maybe we can sniff out some real low lives huh?" He said punching through the air. Judy gave him a small smile followed by a laugh.

"I think you mean, me, myself and I...you just go and hide like always."

"No! I'll help!...I find and track these guys and... you do the rest, you are the one with the taser."

"And you just have what?...your charming good looks?"

His ears moved back as he let out a toothy grin. "Ah-you think I'm charming, Whiskers?" He said as he leaned towards her, loosening his neck tie. She let out a scoff and pushed his face back.

"Don't read so much into it, Foxy."

"Whoa hoe! Someone's being flirty today-I knew bringing donuts was a good idea."

"Stop!" She said playfully, giving him a swift punch in the arm. "You're going to get me in trouble with the chief with that type of talk-"

He rubbed his arm. "If you keep hitting me-I'm sueing your district."