Judy noticed how much Nick likes to dig holes. She got the hint when they went to visit her parent's farms. Judy and Nick arrived in the middle of summer, just in time to harvest most of the vegetables, like corn and snap peas. They were going to spend the weekend with her family to help out with picking and planting the new crops. Nick was actually not to happy to be working while on vacation from the ZPD. He had on a foul mood the whole train ride to Bunny Burrows.

"Aw come on, Nick!" Judy smiled as she gently pat his knee. She sat beside him on the train, with their suitcases on the ground. Nick had his arms crossed, his brows furrowed and his mouth in a scowl.

"When you said we were going to spend the weekend in the country, I expected "Cabin" and "Fireplace" and "Alone-time", not visiting your parents and actually working." He said with a frown. Judy gave him a smile and grabbed his arm, giving him a hug. Immediately, his grumpy mood soften when she gave his back a friendly pat.

"You know my mom just gave birth, I thought it would be nice to help out a little."

Nick let out a sigh and chuckled. "You are always so happy to help, Carrots."

"Plus, it will be fun! My family loves you! And I promise next time when we have some free time we can go to the watering hole and hang out at the resort there."

Nick gave her a grin and brought her closer to his side. "Now that's a trade!"

Judy was glad that his mood changed by the time they arrived at her family's farm. Judy had to tear her little brothers and sisters off of Nick when they tackled him. Even though Nick almost suffocated under a pile of fluff, he was happy enough to give most of them piggy back rides when they walked back to the farm.

Judy and Nick were immediately put to work by her father. Judy was dressed in a sun hat and overalls. They even managed to find Nick a pair of jeans and work shirt. Their job for the day was to go into an empty field and plant new seeds for next season's harvest. They weren't alone in doing this, since the field was the size of three football fields. There was at least fifty bunnies working in teams of two, each will take an aisle and there will be a digger and a planter.

"Hey if I hurt my back doing this, will you give me a massage?" Nick said giving Judy a wink. She blushed lightly and gently pushed him back.

"In your dreams-"

"In my dreams, you do." He said wiggling his eyebrows at her. She laughed softly and turned him away from her.

"Stop fooling around, these seeds won't plant themselves." She said, gesturing to her satchel bag, which were filled with wheat seeds.

"Alright, alright…." Nick turned around and bent down. "Battle-axe." He muttered.

"I heard that." Judy snickered. Nick gave her a sleepy gaze and swiftly dug a small hole, before hopping a half a foot forward. Judy placed a handful of seeds into the hole and buried it. By the time she looked up, Nick had already gone up three feet away from her, rapidly digging holes. "Hey Nick, wait for me!" She called out as she quickly began throwing seeds into each hole. But once Nick started, he wasn't slowing down. Something about digging activated something primal inside of him. Judy was even struggling to keep up. She was even hearing Nick panting happily with each new hole.

By the time he made it to the end, Judy was still lagging behind. She was half-way up the field, still struggling to plant the seeds.

Judy was drenched in sweat when she finally made it to Nick, who dusted off his dirty paws.

He had on a large grin and happily exclaimed.

"You were right, whiskers, that was fun!"

She wiped her forehead and when she turned around, the other bunnies weren't even halfway done. From that day on, all Nick wanted to do was keep digging.

Dedicated to the combat engineer