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Warnings: Badly written news articles, almost no knowledge of what happens at award shows and conventions as well as general ignorance. Be warned.

Summary: The crowd goes wild over the newest up-and-coming star of the big screen, a mysterious actor known only as KID. KID's identity is concealed in the shadows and their many personas are as impressive as their acting. What happens when this fledgling actor meets a professional detective with a fondness for their movies? Love, that's what. Although, it may be a problem when one of them turns out to be blind…



by: Reiss Hudson | January 22

Everybody knows about the highly talented actor or actress (See: KID's Identity, Who Is This Person?) KID who has seemingly appeared from nowhere on the big screen and went on to win their very first Golden Globe that same year. The relative rookie has stolen the breath -and hearts- of many young girls and boys and has gained a considerable fanbase through their debut work 'Case Files: Criminal 1412' where he was casted as the main lead of the film, the high-profile jewel thief, Criminal 1412. Other popular works include the recently released 'Once Upon A Full Moon' and the modern rendition of the popular classic 'The Extraordinary Adventures Of Arsene Lupin: Gentleman Burglar'.

Recently, the results of nominations for this year's Academy Awards has been released and surprisingly (or unsurprisingly), KID has made it into the list of Oscar nominees. Rumor has it that…

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Kaito picked at the fraying threads of his coat, shifting uncomfortably on two-inch heels. Yes, heels. He grimaced and tugged at the way too fluffy skirt and adjusted the masquerade mask pressing sharply and uncomfortably against the bridge of his nose. A grimace seemed to be permanently engraved on his face and he unwrapped a piece of gum, popping it into his mouth in an attempt to distract himself from his nerves. The tapping of footsteps sounded out from behind him and he heard the door to his hotel room in opening and closing quietly with a click. He tilted his head and let out an agonized groan before turning around.


"Kuroba, what are you still doing here? The chartered limousine is already waiting for you by the curb and you need to be out there and in the car in fifteen minutes. You need to be on the red carpet in two hours and even though I'm your manager, I can't do everything for you. Don't give me that 'but I'm blind!' excuse either to try and justify your slowness, both you and I know that you are perfectly capable of getting around on your own."

Kaito rubbed his palms on his dress in distress, scrunching his eyes shut even further even as he emitted a low, panicked whine and seemingly shrunk into himself.

"But Hakubaaaaa! I can't do this, it's the freaking Oscars, not VidCon! What if I mess up or trip or something? Oh God what if I trip? Why do I need to wear this dress and this mask? There's really no reason for me to hide my identity is there?"

Hakuba's eyes softened though he knew Kaito couldn't see it. He breathed out a weary sigh and strode forward to put a hand on Kaito's shoulder and steering him out of his room, adjusting the wig on Kaito's head so that it flowed properly down his shoulders.

"You know the reason why, it's all for publicity. A versatile actor who can emulate any character, whose identity is hidden and one that nobody knows about. Of course everyone is going to go crazy. Just breathe, you're a good actor, you know that since high school that you've a flair for performing, you can do this."

Kaito felt a surprised expression slip on his face even as he was steered into the limousine, it wasn't everyday that Hakuba spoke such comforting words, he must've seemed more nervous than he thought. A smile played on the edges of his lips. It was a testament to how far their friendship had come, they had gone from a bitter rivalry to tentative friendship and now friend for life.

The ride was brief but comfortable and Kaito sipped at a glass of cider -he had never really liked alcoholic drinks after all, and he was barely legal to drink anyway- as he relaxed against the leather seats and felt himself be lulled into a daze by the smooth sway of the car. The music was a soft jazz and he felt his nerves uncoiling. Faint clicking sounds came from his right and he deciphered that to be the sound of Hakuba tapping on his phone. It was reassuring and familiar even from way back in college when Hakuba had offered him a ride home in his car.

The car pulled up outside the Hollywood Dolby Theater to the cheers of those who were lucky enough to score a seat in the bleachers. As he stepped out of the car, hand clasped on Hakuba's arm with Hakuba surreptitiously nudging him in the right direction. Usually Kaito would rely on his hearing and cane to travel around but the loud noises and KID supposedly not being blind basically ruled that out, the only way he would be able to move around was to rely on Hakuba's aid.

The roars erupted when the fans caught sight of KID's trademark mask and Kaito felt his fear draining from him. Instantly he straightened his body, plastered an enigmatic(ugh) smile on his face and walked forward confidently down the famous red carpet. Hakuba constantly whispered to him subtly of the situation and he turned his head to face the cameras according to Hakuba's directions. His feet were aching and he would be more than eager to reach his seat.


Exhaling a sigh of relief, Kaito separated from Hakuba at the seats after a brief instruction -"Stage is 7 steps to the left of your seat, 16 steps down the aisle and up five stairs of height 20cm each."- and plopped down in his seat in the second row, close to the aisle. Beside him, the chattering of celebrities and famous stars filtered into his ears and he drummed his fingers on the arm rest. Several people tried to strike up a conversation with the mysterious KID, wanting to pry his identity or private information from him. Kaito scoffed inwardly but forced an amiable smile onto his face and drawing on his well honed skills of manipulation to redirect the conversation from the more confidential topics.


Oh my God.

Oh my God.

He had not just been called to receive an Oscar.

Kaito inhaled sharply and pressed his hands to his mouth, the red lipstick liberally spread over his lips rubbing off slightly on his hands. Claps resounded as he wobbled his way onto the stage, feeling like the stars had come down and showered their grace and holiness upon him because ohwowwhatthiscan'tbehappeningcanit? He grinned, large and bright and sharp and distinctly Kaito though they wouldn't know who Kuroba Kaito was. The announcers congratulated him and the instant that his fingers grazed over the cool metal of the statue was absolutely wonderful.

He clutched the microphone between shaking fingers and felt a breath shakily leave his lungs. Once upon a time, he had thought that being a world famous magician would be the best thing to happen but right now he couldn't imagine any better feeling. Clearing his throat, he mentally readied himself before pitching his voice into a distinctly feminine one and recited the speech that he never thought he would ever be able to say.


Shinichi stepped into his house from his quick trip to the nearby cafe to grab dinner and a coffee before the Oscars began. Leaving his keys on the side table, he settled the plastic bag of food and the coffee on his coffee table and unwound his scarf, flinging it over the back of his couch, flicking on the television and settling himself comfortably into an armchair before switching the channel to the Oscars. Normally he wouldn't watch award shows but KID was one of the nominees and he sort of maybe really liked the person. He clutched a large takeout cup of coffee -black, no sugar, no cream- in his hands and watched the screen raptly.

It was no secret among his friends that he was a mild, sort of, really big fangirl

(or rather fanboy) of KID. It was really odd, usually he was a calm and stoic young detective of twenty eight years, logical and rational but ever since he had watched 'Case Files: Criminal 1412' and discovered the actor/tress. Their acting had enraptured him from the first scene, the passion that KID put into his acting showed that they were someone who really loved their job and made all effort to really become the character. It was mesmerizing.

Okay that was creepy.

His eyes zeroed in on KID's thin figure and he leaned forward as they walked up the stage -was it just him or did KID look like they didn't know where to go?- and accepted the statuette. Their speech showed their humility -that was another thing that Shinichi really liked about the person, they weren't arrogant or snobbish like many other actors and actresses- and their emotions were palpable, disbelief and ecstasy was visible in the set of their shoulders and the tremble in their fingers. Shinichi cheered inwardly, they deserved the award, their acting was moving and beautiful.

As KID stepped off the stage, he settled back into the squishy backing of his chair and mused, even as the next winner went on stage.

Who exactly is KID?


Kaito heaved a sigh of relief as he stepped off the plane, the incoming rush of Japanese swamping him, a welcome change after weeks of rapid fire English in America. He tapped the cane lightly along his path, eyes concealed behind a pair of dark sunglasses and heard shuffling as people moved out of his way to give him an easier path to walk, multiple airport workers approaching him and asking if he needed help. Those offers he declined, having previously already received directions from Hakuba on the exact route to take. Combined with a few directions here and there from random strangers, he managed to make his way to the taxi stand. Hakuba was still in America settling final issues and had told Kaito to head back to Japan first and take a well-deserved break for the next few weeks before he had to fly off to Britain to a film site at the Big Ben. Kaito's suitcases would be brought back to Japan by Hakuba the next day or so and that made Kaito's job much easier without having to worry about picking up his suitcase. He didn't really appreciate being treated as a useless person though and he grimaced at the memory of their conversation.

Kaito settled himself on the edge of his bed, rubbing off the makeup on his face and yanking off the latex mask, exposing his real and very much masculine face to the air for the first time in hours. He picked off the leftover pieces of spirit gum stuck to his face and felt along the wall for the toilet light switch, clothes gathered in his arms as he entered the bathroom, shut the door and enjoyed a well deserved shower. Upon exiting, he sensed the presence of another person in his room and tensed before relaxing once he realised that it was only Hakuba.

"Kuroba, you will be going back to Japan first."

"I know, Hakuba."

"I will be heading back later after settling some matters first. I'll bring your suitcase to your house when I return so you don't have to worry about that."

"What?! Hakuba, let me do it myself, I'm not an invalid!"

"No, you're not, but you are blind and no matter how capable you are, it's still going to be difficult even for you."


"No, Kuroba."

Huffing, Kaito flung himself onto his bed in a fit of childishness that Hakuba would call 'unbefitting of a twenty eight year old actor' and pouted. He recognised from Hakuba's tone of voice that it wouldn't really do him much good to argue and acquiesced.

Kaito reluctantly requested someone to help him hail a taxi and shuffled in, the kindly middle-aged man helpfully shutting the door behind him and he rattled off his address to the taxi driver, soothed by the hum of the engines as the taxi drove off.

He paid and stepped out of the taxi, overwhelmed slightly by vertigo and stumbling up to his apartment block. He felt around for the elevator buttons in the lobby, fingers tracing over the braille script imprinted on the button and finding the right one. The door chimed open and he stepped in, pressing the button for the fifth floor and humming to himself as he hoisted the bag higher on his shoulders and felt around for his keys before finally finding them and unlocking his front door. He flung the bag on his couch and exited his house with a bounce to his step. He was in need of mocha and dango.

Strolling down the street, he relished in the crisp morning air and the complete lack of fangirls assaulting him or trying to steal his shirt (that had been a rather frightening experience). If there was anything good about his identity being withheld from the public, it would be that nobody recognised him as KID and he was able to walk down the street unharassed. Nobody would bother you if you weren't anybody worth bothering afterall.

His cane click-clacked rhythmically along the pavement and he felt the stress of travelling melt from his bones. He was nearing the cafe that he absolutely loved and hastened his footsteps, eager to get there. All of a sudden, he crashed heavily into a solid object which stumbled backwards and he tumbled heavily to the ground. His cane flew out of his hand and he let out a cry of shock, barely aware of the startled gasp coming from whoever he had bumped into.

His eyes flew open when he realised that his sunglasses had flown off his face and lay cracked on the floor, completely unusable. Sighing deeply, he patted the floor for his cane and starting when someone tapped his shoulder and place the cane in his lap. A voice sounded out from somewhere in front of and above him and he reflexively looked up, nose bumping into a warm hand.

"Oh, I'm so sorry! Do you need help?"


Shinichi was having a bad day.

Besides being suffocated and buried to his neck in casework, he woke up with an ache in his neck and a crick in his back that just wouldn't go away. He had fumbled around for a few minutes before staggering into his kitchen and finding out that he had run out of coffee. Perfect.

He shrugged on a coat and collected his keys, wallet and phone, determined to get his coffee even if he had to go outside of his warm and comfortable home to do so.

The sun was shining brightly though it was terribly cold and Shinichi found himself shivering even with his coat. There were people milling around, enjoying the day and he spotted his neighbour with his crazy inventions and waved. Hurrying down the street, he spied the cafe from a distance and sighed in relief. Preoccupied as he was, he failed to notice someone walking in the same direction as he was and crashed into them, sending the person flying to the floor, cane clattering a few meters away.

Oh, he's blind.

Shinichi blinked in surprise before flushing slightly at having caused a blind man to fall down due to his own inattentiveness. The man's eyes flew open and Shinichi was assaulted by unfocused amethyst, glimmering bright in the sunlight. He soon realised that it was because the man's sunglasses had fallen to the ground and was broken by the impact. Wincing slightly, Shinichi placed the cane in the man's grasping hands as a sort of apology before holding out his hand and inquiring if the man needed help.

The man was silent for a moment before he reached out and took the offered hand, being yanked up by Shinichi and leaning slightly against the cane. Shinichi tried to convey as much sheepish guilt in his voice as possible as he apologised to the stranger. What he had not expected was for the stranger to chuckle and wave it off.

"Don't worry about it, nice to meet you, my name is Kaito."

"Shinichi, nice to meet you too."


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