So I've read a lot of Koji/oc fics and I reasontly had an idea to make it flow smother so I thought I'd try it out. This will be a fruntier AU, because it's too much of a pain to read/write what everyone already knows just adding in an oc. Naturally this is an adventureXfrontier fic because they're my faves if you haven't figured that out yet and I love the idea of bringing them together. The reason I'm interested in Koji/oc fics to begin with is because I can't separate Takuya and Zoe, that's why. I made the OC the daughter of Izzy and Mimi because fruntier doesn't have a computer brainiac and I love Mimi/Izzy. To name them I just used Google translate to come up with a Japanese word that sounds normal enough and means something cool. So that's why the oc's name is Kiryoku, which according to google translate, means willpower. But since I don't like typing I shortened it to Kiry.

Kiry was typing away at her computer when suddenly she intercepted a strange signal coming from nearby.

Then suddenly her phone rang, when she answered it a voice rang out, "Kiryoku Izumi, daughter of Izzy, or Koushiro Izumi, and Mimi Tachikawa, it's time to decide your destiny." They said and on her screen it said "do you want to start? Yes/No"

Her eyes widened in shock, though supprisingly not at the speakers words but rather at the voice it's self.

Ordinarily, she would have written it up as a phone scam and hit No, but something about the voice struck a cord with her, like it was one she'd heard and known a long, long time ago, from her childhood or a long distant dream perhaps.

She didn't know why she did it, almost didn't even know she had done it, but she had, she pressed yes, there was something about that voice she just couldn't leave alone.

What it said next really gave her a shock as she stared at it with wide eyes.

"Follow the signal on your computer and take the south bound train that awaits you." The voice said. (She's close to the station where they transfered trains.)

She didn't even know what was going on when her computer intersepted that, how in the world did they know about it?

She packed up her stuff and started tracking the signal.

The signal lead her to a nearby station just as the voice had said it would.

She purchased a ticket and took an elevator to the southbound trains.

She was surprised when the doors opened to reveal five trains surrounded by a bunch of kids.

She stepped to the side, dodging the crowd and got on a blue empty train that seemed to have gone largly unnoticed by the others.

Taking a seat, she pulled out her computer again and continued to track the signal on her computer.

The address it was picking up was in some strange code that looked somehow very framilier, but just like before with the voice she was coming up completely blank.

Then all of the sudden she lost the signal all together.

Giving up she sighed and closed the computer.

Laying back, her thoughts drifted once again back to the framilier voice as she vaguely recognized that the train had already started moving while she was preoccupied.

Just then there was a click as the door opened and a black haired boy waring a blue and yellow jacket and bandana with grey pants walked through.

He started at the girl before him for a wile, while she raised an eyebrow as she stared back at him. She had dark golden eyes, with long, wavy deep red hair, that was tied back in a ponitail, with a light apricot flower barrette on the front left side. She wore a light orchid blouse on top of a light khaki camisole with lilac luster jeans that cut off just above the knees, a thick bracelet made of bunched up, small red beads of varying shades, with lavender mist splashed on lavender grey boots.

( en. wiki/List_of_colors_(compact) )

They stared at each other in silence for a wile until eventually he dropped his gaze and went to sit down, not paying her any further mind. Then she too lost interest and looked away, going into deep thought.

They sat there in silence for a while until the boy decided to ask her something.

"So do you know anything about the person who sent that message?" The boy asked.

Snapping out of her thoughts, Kiry turned to him and frowned as she thought about it. The voice, the code, the way they knew even her father's nickname, how they knew the laptop had intercepted the call even when she had no clue how it did it, could she really say for sure she didn't know them?

"What did your message say?" She found herself asking instead, thinking that very little of her own could be applied to anyone else.

He raised an eyebrow at the question but answered anyway.

"Something about my destiny and directions to take the north bound train from Shibuya Station then transfer to the southbound. Dose that mean yours said something different?" He asked sceptically.

Kiry frowned, unsure how to answer him. Her message had obviously been more personal and that was starting to make her feel uncomfortable, so she wasn't exactly eager to share the information.

"Hn.." Was all she said as she turned away.

He narrowed his eyes before turning away as well, taking that as a yes.

Then suddenly the train lurched, Kiry quickly shielded her laptop but her phone slipped out of her pocket and went flying.

She darted to catch it but doing so left most all her weight in middair and she began to fall.

She quickly turned to save her laptop and braced for impact.

Just as she was about to hit the floor she hit something else instead.

The boy must have actually been a gentleman or something, for he'd dove in to cushion her fall.

Looking up at him she said thanks before getting off him.

"Are you alright?" She asked as she watched him wince as he tryed to get up.

"You sure are reckless, doing all that for a laptop and a cell phone." He said smirking to try to cover his wince.

"Your one to talk, doing all that for stranger." She scoffed, not failing to notice he'd changed the topic.

"Hn." He stubornly grunted as he turned away.

"Well, in any case, I guess this means I owe you. I never forget a debt until it's payed. I'm Kiryoku Izumi, though I go by Kiry. And you?" Kiry asked offering a hand to help the boy up.

"Koji Minomoto." He replied, reluctantly taking the hand.

As he stood she noticed something strange.

"What's that in your hand?" She asked curiously, it looked framilier but some how off.

"You mean my cell phone?" He asked as he eyed her strangely, then his eyes widened as he looked down at what was not his cell phone but some strange device instead.

"What the?" Koji gapped.

Just then she suddenly became aware that the cell in her own hand felt strangely different.

Looking down she found she held yet another strange device, this one looked really different from Koji's though, it looked even more framilier, though still off somehow. (It should look like a bulkier, pink version of 01's or something)

Suddenly she heard that framilier voice again, this time coming from Koji's device.

"Welcome to the digital world Koji, this is your D-tector." The voice said.

At the words 'digital world' Kiry felt her heart jump, something about those words sent her reeling and she had to hold her head. Those words were so framilier it hurt not to remember them. It was like there was something in her head, kicking and screaming to be let out.

"You ok?" Koji asked, raising an eyebrow at her.

Once the pain subsided a little she nodded her head weakly.

He didn't look too convinced and she really didn't blame him, but just then the train stopped and someone yelled that they had arrived.

As they walked out, Kiry was surprised, though strangely not shocked, to hear the train talking. Her attention was quickly drawn away however, when Koji's D-tector, again, started talking.

"Find the spirit." Koji's D-tector said, and Kiry found herself falling into another daze as she stared at it, the framilier voice once again stricking her as she tried to remember where she'd heard it before. But again she was unsuccessful. It felt as though she was grasping at air.

Noticing her stare, Koji was starting to get a little weirded out. The look on her face was one he could only describe as strange, like a little kid trying to understand some complex concept.

He'd thought she knew something about the voice but he didn't know what kind of information whould make a person react like that.

He snapped a finger in front of her face until she looked at him, at first confused, then embarrassed as she relized she'd been gawking.

"Sorry about that Koji-" she started to say but he cut her off.

"That was no normal reaction. You said you owe me, so how about you tell me what you know about that voice and we'll call it even." He pressed, folding his arms.

Considering it, Kiry shifted her gaze to her feet before she slowly made her way to the edge of the platform, sat down, and then lifted her gaze up to the sky with a deep sigh.

"It's not really what your thinking it is. I'm actually trying to figure out that very thing myself. All I know is that every time I hear it I get this feeling that I should know who it is, like it's on the tip of my tung but I just keep coming up blank. The signal I tracked died when we left the station." She said.

"You tracked the call?" Koji's eyes widened in supprise as he followed her over till he was only a couple feet or so away.

"Yeah, the voice told me to, no idea how it knew the computer had intercepted it when I don't even know how it happened, but the signal took me to the station just like it said it would, I'm almost positive it was only coming through the station though." She shrugged.

"Could you maybe track it again from here?" He asked.

"Hm... I'm not sure, I guess I could try it out but it might take a wile..." She said, giving it some thought.

"Alright, then how about you work on tracking down that signal and tell me what you find? then we can call it even." He suggested.

She thought it over then smiled.

"Koji, you have yourself a deal." She agreed then opened up her computer.

Suddenly she noticed something she normally overlooked and her eyes widdened.

"It can't be..." She muttered to herself as she clicked on a particular application belonging to the computers previous owner.

"What?" Koji asked as he looked over her shoulder to see a window opening with a picture of the train they'd just been on.

On the screen it read:

Digimon Database:

Trailmon: the trail monster

Level: Champion

Attribute: Data

Type: Machine

"What is this?" Koji asked as he gapped at the screen infront of them.

Kiry shook her head a bit in disbelief as she tried to get over her initial shock before responding.

"This was my father's computer... It isn't very clear... But I think I just remembered that when I was little my parents used to tell me stories about strange creatures... I only remembered just now between when the voice mentioned them, the train talking, and seeing that icon on the screen..." Kiry explained, her voice shaking.

"The voice mentioned your parents? It didn't say anything about mine... Maybe you really do know them?" Koji suggested.

"N-no way... That can't be... It can't!" She declared in panic, now shaking her head frantically in disbelief.

Koji rested a hand on the girl's shoulder in attempts to get her to calm down. He had to admit, that was petty weird. His message hadden't been very personal at all apart from using his full name.

In any case it seemed she did have some answers, though they wouldn't be easy access if the way she was so freaked out right now was any indication.

He took a deep sigh before speaking up.

"Look, how about you try to see about tracking that signal while I go look for that spirit thing that voice talked about, then I'll come back later to see how it's going?" Koji suggested as he stood up, keeping his attention on the panicing girl in front of him

She looked up at him then closed her eyes and took a deep breath before she nodded.

"Right." She agreed looking up again with determined eyes.

With that he left and she began typing away at her laptop.

A wile later Kiry held up her arms and groaned in frustration as she fell backwards, onto the ground behind her.

No matter how hard she tried she just couldn't figure out how the computer had intercepted that signal. She was going to have to find another method.

Glancing at the strange device her phone had turned into, she got up desiding she might as well take a look at it.

So she began taking it apart.

It was impressive she had to admit. Most the data was in that same framilier code, she was beginning to think she may be able to decode it, even if she couldn't remember it, it would take time though.

Sadly she couldn't determine much of what it was for by simply looking at the parts.

She started piecing it back together, saving the code for another time.

She had just been finishing up when Koji got back.

"Any luck?" He asked.

She shook her head. "It's like looking for a needle in a haystack without actually knowing what a needle is. I'm going to have to try some other approach." She sighed.

"I see." he said with a nod.

"How about you? Did you find that thing?" She asked.

He only nodded.

"Well, at least that's some good news, what is it anyways?" She wondered.

Not seeing any harm in it, he showed her by temporarily spirit evealving.

"Lobomon, huh? Look's pretty strong." She observed as he changed back.

"So what will you do now?" Kiry asked.

"The voice told me to go to some place called the forest terminal." Koji replied and Kiry frowned as another wave of framiliarity without answer came to her.

"Why can't I remember?" She sighed, laying back.

"Just how far back are you trying to remember anyways?" Koji wondered.

Kiry pursed her lips at that as she thought about it.

"I'm not really sure, my memory has been kind of fuzzy since I was 9, I rarely remember things unless they come up, though I've never had this much trouble bringing a memory back before. Well, exept for the time around when my parents went missing, that would be the only time I've had trouble recalling up till now." Kiry contemplated.

"Missing?" Koji questioned.

Kiry looked over at him confused before realizing what she'd just revealed. She relaxed and gave a long sigh before she continuded.

"I don't remember it well, but when I was about 9 my parents and some of their friends disappeared. My memory of that time and everything before it's been pretty fuzzy ever since." She explained as she stared at the stars.

She hadn't even noticed it was night till now. She smiled as she remembered how her father would hack into satellite telescopes to look at stars and then her mother would throw a fit about how he spent way too much time on the computer, insisting he take her shopping instead.

"Sorry..." Koji muttered sinserly, feeling bad.

She shook her head.

"It's okay, you didn't know. It does hurt to talk about their disappearance, but it still feels good to talk about them." She smiled honestly, though a bit sadly.

"So what were they like?" Koji asked.

"Mmm? Well, my dad was a computer genus and mom was something of a fashion deva," Kiry laughed.

"How's that happen?" Koji laughed in amusement as he tried to imagine what such a couple might be like.

Kiry suddenly bit her lip and pouted.

"... I don't... remember..." She reluctantly admitted, but then she quickly returned to smiling as she continuded to talk about them.

"But II do remember that they were really cute together. Dad would get really wraped up in his work, he probably wouldn't notice if you drew on his face wile he worked, and then mom would throw a fit, she could be really stubborn, and then we'd all go out to eat together or something. They could both be seriously single minded, dad with his work and mom with her tantrums," she'd gone on.

Koji smiled as he listened to her speak of her parents so fondly even though they had been gone for years and all her memories of them were hazy and unclear. It made him think and wonder about his mom again.

He also gathered that she was a pretty strange girl, one second she'd talk about going clothes shopping and doing karioky with her mom, the next she talked about programing and taking stuff apart, then putting it back together with her dad, and her eyes were practically glowing the whole time.

Beside her sat her father's computer, he now understood why she'd tried so hard to protect it back on the train.

'With her parents gone it must be her tresure...' He thought.

Thinking back though, if she really did know that voice, if that voice knew her parents, if her parents had been connected to the digimon, to this world, there was a good possibility this place, the digimon that reside here, may be connected to her parents disappearince. It occurred to him now that her break down earlier seemed to be almost in denial of this fact. The fact that her memories were so hazy too, seemed to suggest some sort of trauma.

That wasn't all, he'd checked with the other kids about their messages before he left them, theirs had all been like his, for some reason the person that had brought them all here had personalized only the message that had been sent to her. Could they had named her parents to lour her in maybe? But why bother, from what she'd told him she came to learn about the voice it's self, not her parents. More over, that wouldn't make sence, why give them the spirits then? And she was just a normal girl, well, normal for a fashionista computer genus, he supposed, why would anyone be trying lour her out?

Additionally, though the voice had contacted him and the others, it hadn't contacted her since that first message, what's with that?

Not to mention that her device was different from his and what he saw of the other kids'.

Just what was going on? He wondered.

In any case, if her parents disappearince does have something to do with the digimon, then chances are things could get ugly. She might even have enemy's she's not aware of.

He wondered, not for the first time if he should stick with her or avoid her.

She had gone silent for a wile now and he got the feeling she was thinking something along the same lines.

Or so he thought, till she rolled over and grumbled about being hungry. At that point he realized with a smirk that a good portion of her personally came from a combination of those of the parents she'd just been telling him about.

He figured he might as well stick it out to see what happens.