I've been thinking it over for a few years now an while I'd like to continue this fic for those who wanted to read it, it's just not going to be easy. The reason is the last few chapters probably need to be rewriten but I have no idea how I'll do that, as a result this fic is going to remain on hiatus for quite some time. That said, I have decided to try again with another frontier crossover fic, this one however will not be a crossover with adventure or any of the other animes, but instead with one of the games, Digimon World DS. To avoid a repeat of the current problem the new fic is going to be a sequal instead of a retelling, it's also going to have made up non-digimon creatures, and while there will be OCs (as I'll be using the "so and so's children" approach again), they will be taking a back seat this time while the fic focuses on the frontier characters, also I've already got the plot planed in detail from begining to end, there are also currently no plans for romance and I'm thinking of keeping it that way at least as far as OCs are conserned (I'm not completely ruling out Takuya and Zoe even if romance really isn't my strong suit, I can still find a way to hint at it). The most difficult thing will probably be that I'm going to try to keep the game's protagonist's name and gender ambiguous through out the fic. I've already got a lot down in the first chapter, though it's a bit rushed becuase I didn't want to wright a lot about the human world and there's a bit of a silly situation that probably could have been left out but I just couldn't resist. The plot slightly resembles this fic with the OC children and the digital world having a hidden past, but it's much more thought out. I'm thinking of naming it " Relic of Despair" but I only came up with that just now so my mind may change, but this seems like a good name for it. If your thinking of reading it I must give one warning though, the OC creatures were desined with the idea of revoltion in mind, though I don't actually think they're that bad, some of them might disturb some people. People that like shim megami tensei and god eater games should be fine, they're nowhere near as bad as that, though a few ideas came while thinking of those. Also, I initially wanted to avoid it but there might be some miscellaneous digimon deaths, no important characters or anything, just a potential death count here and there to set the tone.