Chapter 1: Debut of Konoha's Resident Demon

Summary: After enduring years and years of abuse for longer than he can remember, Uzumaki Naruto finally decides that he has had enough. He resigns himself to the fate that no matter how hard he tries, he will never be accepted as a human, and that he has no happy ending. Instead, he makes a deal with the demon to become the most powerful shinobi in history and make the village regret all the suffering they have caused him. Konoha wants a demon, oh he'll give them a demon all right. Wind, Fire, & Lightning Affinity Naruto/Fuinjutsu Naruto/Powerful, Smart, & Dark Naruto

Author's Note: All right, I just want to get this out of the way so we don't have confusion in this chapter or in later chapters, and state some facts so I don't get flamed.

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Second, Minato and Kushina are not in stasis in Naruto's seal, I thought that was an ass-pull in canon.

Third, in this fanfiction Naruto didn't try and fail the Academy exam three times.

Fourth, And let me make this clear, Naruto is going to be very powerful right off the bat in this story. He has three affinities (Wind, Fire, and Lightning), mastery in a dangerous taijutsu and kenjutsu style as well as fuinjutsu, and he's actually smart. Now, that being said I don't intend to make him a god (or at least right of the bat) and I'll make the fights interesting, but there will be quite a few ROFL-stomps in this story. Naruto in the beginning of this fic is Jonin level or around Kakashi and Guy's tier.

Fifth, There will be some bashing and Naruto will be on Team 7 with Kakashi as a sensei, so you know were that leads to. I won't go overboard but let it be known that I have the utmost contempt for Sakura (pre-shippuden AND shippuden) and I dislike Sasuke's prick attitude (Although, when he's not acting all stuck up he isn't all that bad and I don't mind Sasuke's avenger attitude although I concede it can be a bit much at times). Kakashi will be his normal self, with some changes because Naruto is the strongest Genin in the team instead of Sasuke. I'm still deciding whether I should have Sakura and Sasuke stay the way they are or change, it's up to you guys to convince me of which route before I choose.

Sixth, Naruto is strong, smart, and bad-ass. He will not be pushed around by the Konoha villagers, ninja, his graduating class (in fact he will act viciously towards anything like that) and tsundere characters (he has Sasuke's immunity to getting hit by raging females).

Seventh, this chapter will feature some Naruto fanfiction cliches (Naruto having a crappy childhood, abused, mistreated, yadda, yadda, yadda), but unlike a lot I enjoy them so there in this chapter. I still tried to make it as original as possible.

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A blond-haired child, most likely no older than five, stood idle in utter shock. The child faced the large metal doors of the Konoha orphanage, his supposed shelter, but even if he tried he couldn't force himself to call the establishment home.

This was nothing unusual when you take a look through his depressing life story. The orphanage was staffed with caretakers who absolutely loathed him, and went out of their way to make his existence as miserable as possible, as if it was some kind of sport.

The caretakers segregated him from the other children and forbade him from interacting with them at all. They encouraged the other orphans to mock and bully him, always made him wait last during meals until everyone had their fill and then fed him the scraps, and punished him for trying to complain.

Even still, despite the injustices, he at least had a place to lay his head and cry his heart out in his quiet prison cell of a bedroom, being segregated had its perks for once, he never had to share a room with others.

Until today that is.

October 10th, unknown to him the Kyubi Festival, or better known to him as his birthday, always seemed to make the caretakers more vicious than usual, and after his second birthday he resolved to hide in his bedroom until the day blew over.

The boy was inside of his room, counting the ceiling tiles for the thousandth time and minding his own business, when his door swung open and he was forcefully dragged out of his room and thrown out of the orphanage. The massive, steel doors creaked shut as he groveled on the ground in pain.

Once he picked himself up, he stood there for while staring at his symbol of undeserved oppression, before turning and walking away without a second glance.

The blond-haired boy, now six-years old, was cold, wet, hungry, and in pain both physical and mental.

This, again, was nothing new or abnormal for the boy. The civilians of Konoha would either charge him incredibly outrageous prices for cheap foodstuffs, or just outright deny him entry into their shops.

He was cold and wet from the pouring rain, which seemed to represent his depressing mood. He was hungry because he failed in scrounging up any worthwhile to eat from the dumpsters, and he was in pain because said owner of the dumpster proceeded to pound him for coming near his house.

The boy spotted a ramen stand approximately 100 meters in front of him, and his knees went weak from the delicious aroma that permeated from its walls.

Taking a risk, he approached the establishment to get out of the rain and rest for a bit, silently hoping he wasn't thrown out like so many other occasions. Sitting on the stools, he sighed in relief at being able to rest his aching feet.

"What would you like, kiddo?" asked a middle-aged man, looking at him in clear recognition of his identity.

"Is… is it ok if I just sit here for a bit? Until the storm breaks." asked the young blonde in apprehension, he hoped the man wouldn't throw him out for not ordering anything.

"You sure you don't want anything?" asked the man, concerned because the boy looked like he was going to collapse from malnutrition.

"Yeah, I'm not really hungry." said the boy, but the loud rumbling of his stomach betrayed his intentions, and he looked at his feet in embarrassment.

"Doesn't seem like it to me. You wait right there kid, I'll get you something to eat." said the man.

"I don't have any money." muttered the blonde, trying to keep monotone. He learned early on that people would use any vulnerability that he showed against him.

"That's quite alright. It's on the house." replied the man. It went against good business sense to give away free food, but looking at the small blonde who seemed to have never smiled a day in his life and clearly hasn't eaten in a long while, made him throw reason to the wind.

The hesitant smile on the young boy's face, although hidden by his lowered head confirmed the his decision as being the right one. A few minutes later, a ten year old girl set down a piping hot bowl of ramen in front of him, the smell of the food making him salivate uncontrollably.

"Hi there, my name is Ayame. What's yours?" asked the girl with a smile.

The blonde looked up at the girl with a confused expression, he wasn't used to others trying to strike up a polite conversation with an introduction.

"Uzumaki… Naruto." answered the boy, warily.

"Nice to meet you, Naruto-kun." said Ayame.

Seven year old Uzumaki Naruto was lying in hospital bed, recovering from the brutal beating he had been subjected to a little more than an hour ago.

He was just minding his own business, when he had the misfortune of walking past a bar where a group of drunken civilians had just exited. The young Uzumaki and the group of grown men exchanged glances for a second, before the boy bolted for safety with the men right on his heels.

Now Naruto was quite fast for age, he probably could outrun most of the kids in the village, but unfortunately a grown man's running stride and physical development trumped his natural ability and they caught up to him soon enough.

Needless to say, the end result was not pretty.

To compound the injustice, the ANBU who was assigned to watch him to make sure he didn't get into trouble, waited until the last second to save him. A half-minute later, and the boy would've been dead.

With a Shunshin (Body Flicker), the elite ninja unceremoniously dumped him into a hospital cot and disappeared, leaving him at the mercy of whichever doctor came to treat him, assuming they did.

A few minutes later, a nurse with an angry and hateful expression on her face approached the boy, holding a syringe in her hand.

Her face contorted into a devious smirk as she injected the syringe's contents into his arm, certain that the demon who took her husband and children from her would finally perish.

As she left the room, the young Uzumaki already began to burn with a fever, his body desperately trying to fight off the foreign substance. Coupled with his grievous injuries, he should have been too weak to fight off the poison, but once again the boy proved that he didn't conform to any expectation.

With a combination of advanced healing, willpower, and insane luck he pulled through, but unfortunately the blonde would only to revive back into hell.

Eight year old Naruto Uzumaki was shivering in his small apartment. He was the only one who lived in the building, as no one would live in the same building as the demon.

It was the middle of winter, and Konoha, although normally having a warm climate, was hit hard with a blizzard, making its temperature plunge into all time lows.

His apartment had no heating and to make it worse all of his apartment's windows were shattered, thanks to some rock-throwing jerk. He would have moved to the other apartments, but each one had at least one broken window due to either robbery or neglect.

The boy shivered uncontrollably, thinking of just what to do to get warm when he felt a tug at the back of his head, like someone was trying to pull him inside his consciousness.

Startled at first, the boy tried to fight back with his force of will, but after that proved to be a futile endeavor, the Uzumaki gave up and decided to see what this was about.

Suddenly, Naruto was standing, shin-deep in water, inside of a massive chamber. Before him stood an enormous cage with a paper tag that had the kanji for seal printed on it. Sitting behind those bars, the young Uzumaki laid eyes on the most powerful of the biju for the first time.

The great beast was… was… MASSIVE.

The biju was roughly the same size of the Hokage Monument, and its slitted red eyes glowed with a wrath that made anything else pale in comparison.

The beast's lower body was of the same structure as a normal fox, but his torso and arms were comparable to that of a muscular human, and its hands had opposable thumbs. Garbed in reddish-orange fur, nine massive tails swayed from its rear inside of the cage.

"W-w-what…. w-w-who are y-you?" asked Naruto, in mixture of fear and awe.

The demon fox pressed its snout as close to the bars of his cage as possible to get a better look at his container.

Yellow hair… check.

Blue eyes… check.

Potent chakra… check.

"Yep. He's resembling my former jinchuriki and that Yondaime bastard more and more with every passing moment." thought the biju with a bit of annoyance.

"Quit your stammering gaki. I am the Kyubi, the nine-tailed demon fox that laid waste to Konoha eleven years ago. Now fear my name and bask in the glory that you have been blessed with my power, Mwahahaha!" gloated the great beast.

Seemingly forgetting his fear, Naruto stood deadpanned for a few moments before replying, "I've never heard of you."

Upon hearing that, the Kyubi instantly charged the boy, but because of the damned cage, all he managed to accomplish was a loud noise and a slight budge of his imprisonment before it shifted back into place.

To at least give some credit to the demon fox, the force of the impact created powerful winds that sent the young Uzumaki tumbling a few feet. The boy rolled backwards for a few seconds, before sliding on the ground like a ragdoll.

"OWW!" whined Naruto.

"YOU WANNA SAY THAT AGAIN, GAKI?!" asked the Kyubi, angrily.

"I'm sorry, but I've really never heard of you before." said Naruto, rubbing his sore back.

The Kyubi paused for a second, before silently fuming in its mind.

"That damned old fart! He must have passed a law that forbids those who remember my attack on the village from telling the younger generations. Still, why doesn't Naruto at least know about me, or the fact that I am inside of him?" thought the Kyubi.

"Um… Kyubi? Are you still there?" asked Naruto.

"Well, it looks like I'll have to break the truth to him. In the end, it works out for me, more anger means me having more influence on him and then maybe I can get out of this seal." thought the Kyubi with a smirk.

"Naruto. Would you like to know of your parents and why the people of Konoha hate you?" asked the Kyubi, trying to hide the smug look on his face. All he needed was the kid to bite, and the steps to his freedom would assured.

"What! You know my parents?! You know why I'm hated?! Tell me! TELL ME!" yelled Naruto.

"Alright, hold your horses. First off, do you know what a jinchuriki is?" asked the Kyubi.

"Jinchuriki?" asked Naruto, not understanding in the least.

"I'll take that as a no. To explain, jinchuriki means 'power of human sacrifice'. The term came into being when Hashirama Senju, the Shodai (First) Hokage, went about defeating and collecting my brethren and I, and handing us out as spoils of war to the other major shinobi villages. To control us, they created a method…" began the Kyubi, remembering the memories with distaste.

"What method?" asked Naruto, intrigued by the tale.

"The shinobi sealed us within their own using fuinjutsu, so they could control our powerful combat abilities without running the risk with letting us roam free." answered the Kyubi.

"Why?" asked Naruto, not understanding the point of it all.

"What can I say? Humanity is a species of war-mongers and murderers. They seek ways to impose superiority on others by finding or making bigger weapons to use on themselves. Unfortunately, we biju were those bigger weapons." said the Kyubi with barely repressed hatred.

"Ok… but what does that have to do with me?" asked Naruto.

The Kyubi sighed, before trying to explain.

"During the period that humans had yet to perfect their method to seal us within themselves, my brethren and I wreaked havoc and devastation upon the shinobi and their pathetic villages. We killed their families. We torched their homes. We turned life into hell. Because of this, the humans carried anger and resentment towards us, and over the years they began to see the jinchuriki, not as heroes for holding the bijus at bay, but as the demons that are sealed within them." explained the Kyubi.

"What?" asked Naruto, beginning to connect the dots.

"Konoha's history with the biju, more specifically me, isn't a pleasant one. I attacked Konoha twice, both times under the control of the Mangekyo Sharingan, and nearly destroyed the village in the process. In the second attempt, I killed a tenth of Konoha's population and at the head of the casualties list was the Yondaime and his wife, who sacrificed their lives to seal me once again… into you." continued the Kyubi.

"No… no… no…" repeated Naruto, tears dripping from his eyes.

"The Yondaime (Fourth) Hokage, Namikaze Minato, as much as I hate him for denying me my freedom, was a respectable man. My chakra is so powerful that he could only seal me within a newborn baby with undeveloped chakra coils. But his conscience would never allow him to ask someone to make a sacrifice that he himself couldn't do. His wife, Uzumaki Kushina, had just given birth to her firstborn, you, but unfortunately had died due to me being released by the rogue Uchiha, after already being weakened by said childbirth. Grieving, the man sacrificed himself using the Death Reaper seal to seal me within you, leaving Uzumaki-Namikaze Naruto without parents and in the middle of Konoha's greatest tragedy." finished the Kyubi.

Naruto couldn't even say anything, he could only fall on his knees while tears flowed uncontrollably from his eyes.

"Jiji… no... the Sandaime (Third) lied to me... he lied to me all my fucking life! He always told me that he never knew my parents and never explained why the villagers hated me! My father, my hero, the Fourth Hokage, doomed me to a fate worse than death! The villagers… why can't they see me as a normal human being! I am an eight year old boy, not a 100 foot tall demon!" thought Naruto in anguish.

"So that's why. The stares, the negligence, the beatings, the death threats… it's all because they think I'm you, huh?" asked Naruto, in an emotionless whisper.

"Yes, even though the Sandaime passed a law that forbids those from speaking about me to try and let you and your generation grow up without the knowledge of the tragedy, that law didn't stop them from making your life hell and spreading their prejudice to their children, even if the kids themselves didn't know the reason. For all jinchuriki, this is how they live… as outcasts." growled the Kyubi.

"I… I see, well-" began Naruto with his head lowered, before he was interrupted.

"But we don't have to let that stop us." said the Kyubi, with a glint in his eye.

"What do you mean?" asked Naruto, whipping his head up to face the Kyubi. The boy was ready to give up at this point, all the hatred he endured wasn't in position to disappear as it had been entrenched in the villagers' minds long before he was born.

"Gaki, whether we like it or not we're stuck together for now, and that means the whole world is against us. But that shouldn't matter to us. If you can't change the opinions of the trash who live in this village, then they aren't worth the effort. Screw them, I say. You should live your life like you're sticking a middle finger to their sorry asses. They want to kill you? Get stronger so no one can touch you. They want you to fail? Destroy every obstacle in your path. They want to exile you? Hehehe, Naruto you're the heir of the Namikaze and Uzumaki clans, the amount of capital that you've inherited would be enough to ruin Konoha financially should you decide to leave. They want to deny you your inheritance? Become a Jonin, and the Konoha council will be legally obligated to give it to you. Naruto, what I want for you more than anything is for you to live for yourself. It doesn't matter what people think of you. You are your own man, gaki. You should live your life the way you want and make them regret ever hurting you. Now, are we gonna do this or not... partner?" asked the Kyubi, with a devious smirk.

"You want to be partners… with me?" asked Naruto, almost expecting the Kyubi to turn around and betray him like all the others.

But then again, no one had helped him as much as the demon fox. The Kyubi had answered two questions that he would have given anything to figure out, why he was hated and the identity of his parents. Although the story with his parents was bittersweet at best.

"Of course, like me you know what it means to suffer. For people to only try to take advantage of you, and to be caged though it's a bit more figurative for you than me. So what do you say?" said the Kyubi.

To prove his point, the biju pressed his fist against the cage waiting for the boy to cement their brotherhood.

"I'm done letting the hatred and abuse of the village get me down. Screw them, I'll soon show them who they're messing with. No more chasing after that foolish position of Hokage to gain the recognition of those hypocrites. Instead, my goal will be to end the oppression against the jinchuriki. I'm going to make it so that the jinchuriki of the present and the future will be revered, honored, and hailed as the heroes that they should be. Even if I have to destroy this world to accomplish it." said Naruto, before raising his fist as well and bumping it with the Kyubi's.

And with that, the most powerful duo in history was born.

"Ok kit, training will start tomorrow. There's no turning back now, so prepare yourself to go through hell and back to gain the power that you crave." said the Kyubi with a warning tone.

The young Uzumaki simply nodded his head before closing his eyes and entering some kind of concentration trance.

After a few seconds had passed, Naruto broke the silence.

"Hey Kyubi…" began the blonde.

"Yeah?" answered the demon fox.

Almost immediately after the demon fox spoke, the biju froze in stunned disbelief as the oppressive cage that held it hostage for eight long years disappeared.

After the cage was gone, the leaky sewer landscape seemed to shimmer and morph until it became a large and wide open expanse.

The Kyubi now stood on a massive grassy field, that seemed to extend for miles upon miles. There was a large forest to the east that led into a horizon filled with mountains. On the west, the ground elevated for hundreds of meters until it became a rocky-ledge. The sky which used to be a bleary grey, was now a bright cerulean-blue with white wispy clouds, a roaring yellow sun, and an expansive rainbow.

The demon fox walked over to the edge of the cliff-side and looked down in amazement at the Uzumaki's imaginative genius.

A massive waterfall billowed downwards, pooling into a sizeable lake that thinned out into a long river which extended into the horizon. A multitude of animal species grazed on the grass that grew on the banks of the water formation.

Finally, a necklace with a paper tag that had the kanji for seal printed on it appeared on the Kyubi's neck, signifying the end of Naruto's landscaping.

"Oi, kit. What is all this?" asked the Kyubi in amazement. It had been so long since the biju had seen the open world, even if wasn't complete reality.

"This is my thanks, Kyubi-sensei. Unfortunately, I don't know how to undo the seal that tethers you to me, but I still want you to be comfortable. I know I'd hate to be stuck inside of a cage. You are the first to have truly given me hope for the future. Pretty ironic that humanity sees you as a demon when you're one of the only ones to show me kindness." answered Naruto with a wide grin, something he hadn't done since he created a bond with the Ichirakus.

The Kyubi looked at the boy with utter disbelief, all of his notions towards humans where they were nothing but self-serving maggots who never did anything worthwhile without expecting something in return were shattered by this child.

The two had already made an agreement to work together, so for the boy to do this for him was unnecessary.

Yet he still did it. And it made him feel guilty for trying to manipulate the boy into gaining his freedom.

"Well, I'll see you tomorrow for training sensei. I'm going to get some sleep, today has been quite the revelation." said Naruto.

Before the Uzumaki could exit the mindscape, a large furry tail wrapped around him.

"Wait, kit." said the Kyubi.

"Hai Kyubi-sensei?" asked Naruto.

"Kurama." said the biju.

"What?" asked Naruto, in confusion.

"My real name is Kurama. 'Kyubi' is only a title that the humans gave me because none of them have been worthy to know my true name, well except you." explained Kurama.

"Ok then, it's very nice to know more about you, Kurama-sensei." said Naruto with a smile, before finally exiting the mindscape.

Kurama stared at the space that the Uzumaki had inhabited a second ago before looking up to the sky with a sigh.

"Rikudo-jiji, is this what you meant all those centuries ago?" thought the Kyubi, with an understanding expression.

The biju shook his head, before moving along to explore his new accommodations.

Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Sandaime Hokage, had survived through three shinobi world wars and accomplished monumental feats. He trained a team of genin who later turned into the Densetsu no Sannin (Three Legendary Ninja), a trio of Kage level ninja, had mastered all five nature transformations and all of Konoha's jutsu, earning him the moniker Kami no Shinobi (God of Shinobi) and the Professor.

However, the man was facing an enemy that no Hokage in the past had trumped before.


"I will beat you one day, foul beast!" thought the elderly Hokage, angrily.

Just as the man was about to make headway, his secretary had brought in another large stack of documents that needed to read over and approved by the end of the week, much to his chagrin.

"But that day isn't today." thought the man in defeat, comical tears streaming down his face.

"Oh, speaking of which Hokage-sama, the Genin team placements for this year's Academy graduates has been finalized, and is at the top of the pile of documents. If you could, please fill that out first and get it to Iruka-san by tomorrow." said the secretary, giving the Hokage a look of sympathy before she headed out.

Grumbling, Hiruzen dropped his pen and read over the document.

Going through the list of Academy graduates in order of placement, he finally reached the object of his interest, Uzumaki Naruto.

Thinking of the boy, Hiruzen could only sigh in sadness. The two used to be so close, even seeing the Uzumaki as a second grandson.

But around the time Naruto was eight, he suddenly became distant. His visits became fewer and shorter in length, only coming to see him to receive his monthly stipend allotted to orphans.

What hurt the most however was when Naruto stopped calling him 'Jiji' and now only referred to him as Hokage-sama.

Now for most, this would be a moment of joy, but for Hiruzen it was troubling. The man had tried several times to strike up a conversation with the lad to find out the problem, but all he received was a glare mixed with anger and betrayal, before the Uzumaki brushed him off.

The boy's budding distrust of him was compounded by the sabotage that he suffered in the Academy. The abuse of the civilians were one thing, his jurisdiction didn't extend far into the affair of the villagers, but the Academy was supposed to be under his direct control.

Alas, it wasn't as straightforward as it sounded. There were very few shinobi who were qualified and/or willing to teach, and even fewer who didn't have a jaded view against Naruto. Constantly replacing Academy teachers because they disliked Naruto wouldn't solve the problem and would also get him in hot water with the council because he was showing favoritism.

The council was another problem that he had no idea how to combat.

A shinobi village, theoretically, was a military dictatorship under the Hokage, his word was supposed to be law. And in most, if not all of the other shinobi villages, there was no such thing as a civilian side of the council.

However, the Nidaime Hokage for some reason made a series of laws to restrict the powers of future Hokage in case they began to abuse their power to the detriment of the village. He also created the civilian council to give the normal villagers more say in how Konoha was run, especially in matters concerning them.

Honestly, Hiruzen spent many sleepless nights wondering what the fuck Tobirama was smoking when he thought of these ideas.

Getting back to his original thoughts, Sarutobi, even though he was saddened by the distant behavior, was happy that he passed the Academy exam, even if he was the dead last.

Now that he was a shinobi, he could finally begin to correct some of the wrongs in the boy's life, and hopefully reconnect with the young Uzumaki.

A young man clad in black and red dashed through the shadows of one house to another. Nobody noticed anything, because the figure was moving way too fast. The intention of said person. If identified, there would be massive repercussions against him, and he wasn't in the mood to deal with the infuriating Konoha council. The empty streets of the village of Konohagakure, he refused to ever call this hellish shithole on Earth his home, was working well for his plans. Finally in a dark, abandoned alley, the young man reached his destination.

Inside of a large, emptied out dumpster that was bolted to the floor, there was a bunker entrance, hidden and silenced by fuinjutsu seals that the person now released. Oh, the wonders of fuinjutsu. Once he jumped inside the hole, he closed the lid and re-applied the seals, allowing the entrance to fade into obscurity once more.

The young man activated some lanterns, powered by fuinjutsu, illuminating the bunker and the revealing the man's features. Standing at 5ft 4in, he was a little bit small for a grown man. But, that's because he's not a man, but a boy, about to enter teenagehood. In that case, he was quite well-developed for someone his age. Throwing his hooded trenchcoat into a nearby couch, the pre-teen revealed a lean and sinewy, but no less powerful musculature.

The boy wore a black, skin-tight, sleeveless muscle-shirt, red and black ANBU combat pants, black and red forearm guards, black finger-less combat gloves with a metal back-plate, and black shinobi sandals. Strapped to his back were two sheathed dual-wield katanas. On his left shoulder there was a white tattoo that printed the kanji symbol for Cataclysm. At the top of his head, spiky blond hair was revealed, along with three whisker-like birthmarks on his cheeks.

The pre-teen walked to the large, curved table in the center of the bunker and undid a sealing scroll that he removed from one of the pockets on his pants, releasing its contents. Hundreds of kunai and shuriken, four windmill shuriken, a chain sickle, a container full of senbon, three katanas, and several daggers fell out of the scroll, before being sorted and organized in a various shelves. Observing the bunker with attention to detail, you could see there dozens of shelves in various locations, each with a sign that designated what it held.

One shelf had a sign that said Wind, the one to the left of it stated Fire, the one to the right said Lightning, another said Taijutsu, and going down line you saw, Non-elemental Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Bukijutsu, Kenjutsu, Fuinjutsu, Geography, Politics/Clans, Wilderness Survival, Tactics and Strategy, Medical, etc. As expected, all of the shelves were filled with multitudes of scrolls. Seriously, the amount of scrolls that the secret vaults and clans of Konoha leave in the trash when they re-copy the info on newer scrolls was insane. The blonde shook his head at the wastefulness but then smirked because it worked to his satisfaction, information was life but if they didn't want them he would gladly help himself.

In one corner of the bunker, there was a safe. The boy walked over to the metal contraption and entered a long and complicated password, before it opened. Taking a wad of cash out of another of his pants' pockets, he threw it in the safe, before closing it once more, depriving the world the knowledge of its contents.

"Good haul, kit. Those Chunin Exams are such a convenient means of getting new supplies." complimented a demonic voice.

"Thanks, Kurama-sensei. And it makes me happier that Konoha has been deprived of the chance to gain these valuable items." mentally replied the pre-teen.

With all that taken care of, the blonde stretched and yawned before retiring himself to his bedroom. His bedroom consisted of a queen-size bed, a desk with an arm-chair, a small leather couch, a dresser with a mirror, a shelf that seemed to be a personal library of some sorts, a walk-in closet, and the bathroom was right before the entrance of the bedroom. Cozy and comfortable but not too fancy. Of course all of these items were purchased under a transformation Henge or retrieved from the trash and fixed up.

Nobody, not even the Hokage, knew of the hideout. While it was deep underground and received no natural light, it was safe. The only place safe for him in this goddamn village, least of all his "official" residence. Oh well, if anyone needed him, a shadow clone was sleeping inside his apartment, pretending to be him. It was really an absolute stroke of luck that he found that jutsu, when he was observing Konoha's Genin tests on Kurama's advice.

Three-years ago, when he was nine, he watched a jonin with gravity-defying silver hair and a black face-mask, not that he could criticize because of his hairstyle, testing a group of Genin hopefuls. When the man utilized the jutsu, he thought that it was the normal Bunshin (Clone) that was taught at the Academy, but he quickly saw during the test that they were real-life clones that could fight. Once he escaped to his bunker, he began to train the jutsu.

The Kage Bunshin (Shadow Clone) jutsu quickly became one of his favorite, most versatile, and most used jutsus. He even made several variants for it, either by inspiration, practice, and application, or by accident. There were so many advantages to the jutsu. First, he could overwhelm an opponent by striking their blind spots, or just attacking furiously at different angles. Second, when training some combination taijutsu techniques, he learned that the memories of his clones, once dispelled, transferred to him. This had helped him immensely. With his insane chakra levels, he could spam hundreds of clones, and receives hundreds of times, if not thousands of times more experience in training a single technique once than other people.

Uzumaki-Namikaze Naruto had learned early in life that the world was against him, and would do everything in its power to create obstacles to slow him down. There only three people that he could think of that never had any malicious intent towards him, the Ichirakus and this shy Hyuga girl from the Academy. He couldn't count how many times he had to visit the hospital because of the periodic beatings he received from the civilians. All of the abuse and negligence he suffered during his early childhood had shattered all of his dreams and aspirations to be acknowledged by others as one of them and to become Hokage.

He remembered vividly that fateful day when he was eight years old, the day he met Kurama-sensei and realized that there was nothing he could ever do that would change the opinion of others, and therefore he stopped trying. Once the boy had cemented his partnership with the titanic demon fox, he quickly delved into a near-suicidal training regime to become stronger, the most powerful shinobi that this world had ever seen.

The past four years had been quite an adventure for the young Uzumaki. The boy, determined to never let the villagers push him around again, trained himself into the ground both day and night without a single day's break. The near-instant regeneration that he gained from Kurama being sealed inside of him made sure that he didn't permanently damage himself, and that he would only come out of his injuries stronger than before.

The pre-teen had an advantage that most training-savvy shinobi would drool at, a private virtual reality mindscape in which he could utilize his imagination to create any training equipment or environment he could possibly desire. Free from those who would spy on him to learn his secrets or those who would try to discourage him at every turn. Kurama quickly laid out all of the areas in the shinobi arts that he needed to work on, which was just about everything thanks to the sabotage in the Academy, and Naruto took to it like fish in water.

Naruto's physical condition in the beginning was good in the stamina department, average in the dexterity (agility and flexibility) and speed areas, and pathetic in strength and durability. Unfortunately, this was caused once again by the villagers constantly overcharging Naruto on even the most basic of food, leaving the boy only able to buy cup ramen because it was cheap and in bulk, or sabotage at the Academy. This left him terribly malnourished and if it weren't for Kurama's chakra, Naruto would have keeled over from starvation years ago.

Using his incredible stealth abilities gained from his pranking experience, Naruto frequently slipped out of Konoha to hunt for game and gather edible plants and berries. Making sure to never disappear for too long so he wouldn't be missed, the boy was soon able to gain the necessary calories to sustain him during his training.

Thanks to his improved diet, on Kurama's orders, the insane physical conditioning exercises that he did, and the greater allocation of Kurama's chakra to developing his body rather than sustaining him did miracles for his figure. The Uzumaki daily completed feats such as running scores of miles with boulders tied to his waist, while Kurama chucked projectiles at him. Arms, legs, and core exercises with massive amounts of weights over burning beds of coal, ponds full of crocodiles, and pits full of earthen spikes to discourage failure. Or completing obstacle courses while wearing weighted training clothes with lethal traps waiting at every corner.

The next thing Naruto had to work meticulously on was his taijutsu and bukijutsu skills. Once again, the bigoted instructors sabotaged him by teaching him incorrect forms which threw his body off balance, left him wide open to counter attacks, or screwed up his aim with throwing weapons.

Kurama decided to start from scratch in taijutsu and taught the young Uzumaki his own tailor-brand taijutsu form, the Kitsune-ken Taijutsu (Fox-fist Style Hand-to-Hand Combat). The taijutsu form was very aggressive and relied on overwhelming the opponent with unpredictable acrobatic maneuvers and speed. Spear-hand jabs, Claw swipes, Palm-thrusts and grabs and Kicks formed the majority of the katas. The style was also similar to the Inuzuka taijutsu form in the sense that Naruto could move on all-fours if he needed an extra-boost of speed and could augment his body with chakra, either his own or Kurama's, to give him animal-like instincts, sensory abilities, and reflexes.

During Naruto's bukijutsu training to fix the incorrect throwing positions that were taught to him in the Academy, Kurama saw fit to teach the boy kenjutsu because the Uzumaki were masters in the art along with fuinjutsu and it would be useful against an opponent he couldn't touch directly or for the longer reach. Naruto was ecstatic to learn the Uzumaki style of kenjutsu from Kurama because he felt connected to his ancestors, even if the clan had been destroyed and scattered to the winds.

Naruto's biggest problem in training was chakra control, which hampered his ability to use ninjutsu. Kurama explained to the boy early on that because of their chakras continually mixing with each other over the years, it gave him an insanely massive chakra pool even bigger than most Jonin, but the cost was initially terrible chakra control. Not letting that stop him however, Naruto worked hard at it to be able to reign in control of his chakra.

The boy first started with the leaf concentration skill, and once he was able to make it hover steadily over his head and rotate either clockwise or counterclockwise for five minutes, he trained to be able to control and manipulate a leaf on each of his fingertips like he did on his forehead.

After accomplishing that, Naruto moved on to the tree climbing technique. Kurama wouldn't accept the skill mastered unless Naruto could fight on a tree for several hours without thinking about it. After the boy gained the ability to walk up and down the tree or upside down on the branches without any prior momentum from running, he practiced his taijutsu and kenjutsu katas on the tree until the hours flew by without him noticing. Thanks to all his practice in chakra control, Naruto was able to perform the Kawarimi (Substitution) and Henge (Transformation) jutsus seal-less with ease. However, mastery of the Bunshin (Clone) jutsu still alluded him.

That was soon fixed however with his discovery of the Kage Bunshin (Shadow Clone) jutsu, upon seeing it at that Genin bell test. And the technique helped the boy push his training to new heights.

Knowledgeable of the ability to receive memories and experience from dispelled clones, Naruto used scores of Kage Bunshin to master the water walking technique. The chakra control techniques also became easier and easier for Naruto, because the advanced exercises were leaning more on building up chakra pools and mastering using high amounts of chakra for longer periods of time rather than being able reduce the waste of chakra in ninjutsu like in the leaf concentration and tree walking exercises. Once he had mastered water-walking, his newly mastered chakra reserves were Kage level, but that didn't make the young Uzumaki complacent, he just kept pushing the boundaries.

Naruto also worked on being able to recognize and dispel Genjutsu. Kurama told Naruto flatly that it was almost impossible for jinchuriki to use normal Genjutsu because of their enormous chakra reserves and not proficient enough control. This wasn't a disappointment to Naruto because he had no intentions of going down the path of a Genjutsu specialist. Once the boy mastered the ability to flush his chakra to expel opposing genjutsu and Kurama's special technique of condensing your chakra flow to not allow genjutsu to stick to your coils, Naruto moved on to the more practical disciplines.

Unlike all the other ninja disciplines that Naruto had to struggle and persevere in to correct his flaws, Naruto was a prodigy in fuinjutsu just like his parents and the Uzumaki clan. Raiding the library under a Henge, and the scroll trash-piles of the various clans of Konoha, Naruto learned as much as he could about the dying art. He practiced his calligraphy and penmanship to an acceptable point before moving on.

Naruto read several textbooks on fuinjutsu theory and its practical uses, some of them written by his father. After that, the budding fuinjutsu practitioner began to create simple seals like storage scrolls, enhancement seals, and weight seals, before he moved on to explosive tags, barrier seals, gravity seals, chakra storage seals, chakra suppression seals, and custom designed seals.

Besides fuinjutsu in which Naruto continued to hone and think of new ideas for seals, Naruto more or less mastered his Kitsune-ken taijutsu form, bukijutsu skills and Uzumaki kenjutsu form, academy ninjutsu and the Kage Bunshin, and genjutsu resistance abilities within two years. Once the blonde reached his eleventh birthday, he was ready to learn nature and shape manipulation.

Another awesome advantage about having a biju sealed in your gut was that since they were essentially giant masses of chakra, they could read the chakra of living things. That meant Kurama could determine his chakra affinities without using chakra paper, and after enough practice that ability would be his too.

Naruto was pleasantly surprised when Kurama told him that he had three chakra affinities but understood with the tailed beast's explanation. Kurama, his father, and his mother all had dominant Wind affinities, giving him a very powerful Wind nature as his primary chakra affinity. Kurama's chakra which continuously mixed with Naruto's, gave the Uzumaki the biju's other affinity, fire, as a secondary. Finally, his father had a strong secondary lightning affinity which influenced his chakra enough to leave its impact as a tertiary chakra nature.

While most people would be overwhelmed by having to train three different chakra natures, that was never a problem for Naruto as long as he had shadow clones. Dispatching three groups of 1000 shadow clones, he was able to get 20 years of chakra nature training for each group of shadow clones with only a week's worth of actual training.

For his Wind nature training, Naruto worked on cutting a leaf by sharpening his chakra as much as possible to create a blade. Once that was finished, he moved on to splitting the waterflow of a river with his wind chakra. After that, it was to accomplish the same thing but on a massive waterfall. Then when that was mastered, Naruto tried to split a rock using his wind chakra before Kurama dubbed him ready to learn Wind Release ninjutsu.

For his Fire nature training, the Uzumaki tried to augment the flames from a candle using his chakra. Once he could make the flame expand and contract as much as and as fast as he pleased, he moved on to trying to create a spark while only using his chakra and then igniting a leaf. When he accomplished that, Naruto worked on maintaining an orb of flame in his hands, constantly increasing the size and the length of time when the task became too easy before he was ready to move on to learning Fire Release ninjutsu.

For his Lightning nature training, Naruto began by working to light up his body like a blue flashlight using his chakra. Once he did that, then he took some metal wire and streamed his chakra through it to work on his power output. Then, he used his chakra to create strings of lightning attached to his fingers and slowly moved them apart, improving his control and maintenance of lightning chakra before he could move on to learning Lightning Release ninjutsu.

After a month of elemental nature training, Naruto was eager for elemental jutsus. However, even with all of his acquiring of scrolls and books on the shinobi disciplines, getting scrolls on elemental jutsu was difficult. Also, since Kurama was a biju, he wasn't the best person to ask about using hand-seal techniques when he just destroyed people with his tails, claws, or chakra blasts. He could only scrounge up a couple C-Rank and below elemental techniques, for some reason Konoha stored those ones well even though anything else was practically fair game for anyone smart enough to look for it. Never letting any obstacle get to him though, the boy rationed that if he couldn't learn jutsu, he'd make his own.

Using his recently-acquired knowledge on hand-seals, jutsu theory, chakra molding, elemental natures, and the few elemental jutsus he had in his possession, Naruto tried to create his own jutsu by building off of what someone would expect an elemental jutsu to do.

If it was Wind, it should either cut or forcefully buffet.

If it was Fire, it should burn and suffocate.

If it was Lightning, it should shock and stun.

And with that in mind and the support of thousands of clones, Naruto got to it. For the first couple of months it was slow going, having trouble molding the chakra into the forms that he wished. But eventually he got the hang of it and things began to speed up. A year had produced dozens of effective jutsu in all three of his chakra natures that would serve him well. But the best thing was that these were his jutsu, and he had all rights to them.

In the first year of his training, Naruto would have to cram in all of his training after a terrible day at the Academy. But once he learnt the Kage Bunshin, he simply sent a shadow clone in his stead. During all of this, Naruto made sure to cover his tracks and make sure that no one knew of his activities. He needed to be strong enough and a legally-recognized shinobi, so he couldn't be hampered by the civilian council. Unfortunately, that meant hiding his true abilities and acting like an idiot prankster in public and the Academy.

It was a tough pill to swallow, but the dream of one day becoming a Genin and being able to show off and rub it in all of their faces that he pulled the wool over the village's eyes made it worth it. He consistently made sure that he scored dead last every year to not draw attention to himself, even though that by the time he was ten, he could been the Rookie of Year by far and have wiped the floor with even his Chunin-ranked Academy instructors.

Thankfully that was all over now. He had passed the Academy exam even with all of the instructors attempts at failing him, well except for Iruka. The scar-faced chunin didn't go out of his way to torment him. Iruka didn't like the boy no doubt, but he was professional enough to at least teach Naruto fairly, and that gained him some semblance of respect from the Uzumaki. Regardless, that was over now and he was ready to make his true self known to Konoha, and then the shinobi world.

Watch out Konoha, you wanted a demon, well you've got yourself a demon.