Chapter 4: Threat Prevention

Summary: After enduring years and years of abuse for longer than he can remember, Uzumaki Naruto finally decides that he has had enough. He resigns himself to the fate that no matter how hard he tries, he will never be accepted as a human, and that he has no happy ending. Instead, he makes a deal with the demon to become the most powerful shinobi in history and make the village regret all the suffering they have caused him. Konoha wants a demon, oh he'll give them a demon all right. Wind, Fire, & Lightning Affinity Naruto/Fuinjutsu Naruto/Powerful, Smart, & Dark Naruto

Author's Note: Hey guys, another chapter is coming your way. First of all, I want to thank you all for the warm reception I got from last chapter. I got more reviews from that one chapter than the other two combined! Don't stop there though, keep the reviews coming. Now, whereas last chapter was the actual fight between Naruto and Kakashi, this chapter focuses on the reactions and results. Don't worry though, there's a lot of action mixed in as well and next chapter will be the start of the Wave Arc. Enjoy.

"Keep the miso ramen coming, Teuchi-jiji! I haven't even begun to quell my hunger!" yelled Naruto, in between mouthfuls of noodles.

"Hold on there Naruto-kun, I'm cooking as fast as I can. Give it a minute or two and I'll have another bowl out." said Teuchi, in good humor.

Naruto decided to go to Ichiraku Ramen for a hearty lunch after succeeding in completing Kakashi's famed Bell test. The jinchuriki hummed happily while he slurped down bowl after bowl of ramen, basking in the glory of dishing out a royal ass-kicking to one of Konoha's top Jonin.

"I gotta hand it to you, kit. That was a fine can of whoop-ass you opened on that silver-haired scarecrow. I couldn't be more proud." said Kurama, trying to hold back his tears.

"Kurama-sensei, why are you crying? What are you on about now?" asked the blond-haired boy, with a semi-annoyed sigh.

"It's just... I knew you were strong cause I trained you and all, but to manhandle Kakashi like that... it's just so beautiful. On top of that, you can fly kit! I've got the best jinchuriki ever! Suck on that Gyuki!" cried Kurama, bursting in tears.

Said eight-tailed beast, who was slumbering in peace in the mindscape of his jinchuriki somewhere in Kumogakure, sneezed upon Kurama's boast. Startled, the ox-octopus hybrid wondered who in the hell was talking about him of all people.

Meanwhile, the blonde Uzumaki sat in horror as he listened to his master weep.

"... Kurama-sensei… the freakin' Kyubi no Yoko, strongest of the biju and bane of the shinobi world… can cry?" thought Naruto in alarm, while listening to the demon fox's completely unexpected outburst of tears.

"OF COURSE I CAN, DUMBASS!" roared the enraged tailed beast, reverting back to his normal countenance.

"Whew… now that's the Kurama I know!" laughed the Uzumaki, to himself.

"So, what now?" asked Kurama, regaining his composure.

"I'm a bit tired. Even though I didn't have to go all out against Kakashi, he still made me put in effort. I'm just going to walk around for a bit." answered Naruto, before placing money on the counter of the ramen stand to pay for his meal.

Feeling satisfied after downing twenty bowls of Ichiraku ramen, the blonde jinchuriki decided to just wander the streets of Konoha for a while. Ignoring the cold, hateful glares from civilians and shinobi alike, Naruto just tried to enjoy the scenery and clear his mind from today's interesting turn of events.

Meanwhile, the Uchiha everybody loved to hate was trying to locate his blonde teammate, while desperately trying to shake off his number one fangirl: Haruno Sakura. The annoying pink-haired banshee had been hounding him ever since they left the Training Ground, and he seriously wanted to just end her with a Katon: Gokakyu and be done with it.

"Let me find him soon before I do something that I may or may not regret." thought Sasuke, his irritation levels rising.

A few minutes later, upon reaching Konoha's market square, the demon fox's acute olfactory senses picked up a scent through Naruto's nose, several dozen meters ahead.

"Hmm… do you sense that?" asked Kurama.

"Sense what?" asked Naruto, in confusion.

"I sense the rage of a retard with a stick up his ass a few dozen meters ahead. I think it's emo-boy." answered the demon fox.

"Which one? We have a lot of those in this god-forsaken village." said Naruto, wincing at the thought.

"The Uchiha." answered Kurama, bluntly.

"Oh… THAT emo-boy. What does he want?" asked Naruto in annoyance.

"Don't know, but it gets worse. Pinky's with him." replied Kurama.

"That's a disaster waiting to happen. Can we avoid them?" asked Naruto.

"Nope, our change in direction will alert the Uchiha. Could've done so earlier, if I had picked up the scent a couple meters back. But you do realize that you can just kill them, right?" said Kurama, raising an eyebrow at his jinchuriki's hesitation.

"Nah, that won't work… there's hundreds of people here in the area. More specifically, witnesses." answered Naruto, pinching the bridge of his nose in aggravation.

"Does that matter?" asked Kurama.

"Yes… no... maybe? As unfortunate as it is, they're my teammates. And that means I have to keep them alive until we can take the Chunin exams. So, I might as well just deal with it now." replied Naruto, sighing.

Resigning himself to his fate, the blonde jinchuriki composed himself before walking forward to face the bane of his existence: a prissy Uchiha.

"Dobe!" growled Sasuke, angrily.

"What the hell do you want, Uchiha? I have better things to do than converse with maggots." said Naruto, monotone.

"HEY! Don't talk to Sasuke-kun like that, dead-last!" growled Sakura with a vein popping in her forehead.

Her tough-guy act wasn't very convincing however, since she was hiding behind her crush with quivering legs.

"Call me that again, and no medic in the world will be able to fix what I do to you." snarled the Uzumaki while releasing a little bit of his killing intent.

Feeling the effects almost instantly, the pinkette scampered farther behind the Uchiha, fearing for her health.

"What the hell made you so strong!? You, the dead-last clown that everyone wipes their feet on! The one the Academy instructors give the shittiest kunais to! The one who pulls stupid pranks every day! The one that failed every test! That kind of power doesn't belong to you, an untalented clan-less punk! So why don't you make yourself useful and teach me all those jutsu you used against Kakashi, or else." ranted Sasuke, getting in Naruto's face.

Snorting at the Uchiha's posturing, the Uzumaki faced the raven-haired youth with a glare that surpassed anything Sasuke could ever dream of coming up with.

"Or else, what?" asked Naruto, in a dangerously calm voice.

At first, Sasuke was taken aback by the Uzumaki's display of silent rage, before reminding himself of who he was and what he was after. Then, the Uchiha actually had the audacity to grab the jinchuriki by the collar before giving his threat.

"Or else, I'll go to the council and have them force you. Anything I ask, they'll do for me and even your undeserved strength won't save you." threatened Sasuke.

The Uchiha immediately regretted this action, because a second later he found himself lying on the ground before he could even react. The noise from their argument began to draw the villagers from their daily shopping, and a crowd formed around the three Genin.

"If you want me to finish what Itachi started all those years ago and if you want to be able to go home to whatever shitty little hole you crawled from, you will never... ever… even if the devil possesses you... touch me like that again. Do… you... understand?" growled Naruto, his eyes morphing from cerulean blue to red slits.

The amount of killing intent that the jinchuriki released was so intense, that the crowd and Sakura wisely backed up several steps. The Uchiha tried to pick himself up from the ground, but found his resolve melting away at the sheer intensity of the rage he felt emanating from the Uzumaki.

"I promise you, a spoiled little shit like yourself can never even dream of going through the shit I went through to gain this kind of power. A spoiled little shit like you, would never last a second living a life like mine. I worked my ass off for years, so I can take this sandal and shove it up the ass of anyone who tries to talk to me like you just did ever again. My old self might have taken it, but now? Hmph, now you better be prepared to back up the bullshit you're spouting." finished Naruto.

"Gaki." said Kurama.

"Yeah?" asked Naruto.

"Make him suffer. Death is too easy for him." growled Kurama, baring his fangs.

"Like I said earlier, I'm too tired to be dealing with this crap. No, this little punk doesn't deserve the privilege of wasting anymore of my time than he already has." said the blonde, before picking the Uchiha up from the ground by his collar and lifting him to eye-level.

"P…put me down!" growled Sasuke, regaining his arrogant attitude.

"You want down?" asked Naruto, calmly.

The Uchiha moved to answer, when before he knew it, Naruto was smashing him into the ground left and right like a rag-doll.

"I'll show you down!" snarled Naruto, before throwing the Uchiha into a fence.

The force of the impact caused Sasuke to smash through the wooden barrier, before landing into grove of thorn bushes. The raven-haired youth never stood a chance and quickly fell unconscious.

"HA! The little bastard is gonna be picking thorns from his ass for hours!" roared Kurama in laughter, slamming his fist on the ground repeatedly.

Naruto just shook his head in annoyance and disappointment, the Uchiha conked out way too quickly for him to even get warmed up. Thoroughly pissed off, the blonde Uzumaki decided to leave the scene before he did anything he was going to regret later.

"Sasuke-kun!" screamed Sakura, running to the Uchiha's aid.

While the pinkette rushed as fast as her legs could take her to check up on her crush, the crowd dispersed, disappointed that they weren't going to see their 'prized' Uchiha beat up the 'demon brat'.

"What was that for, you monster?!" yelled Sakura angrily, upon seeing Sasuke's injured state.

The blonde jinchuriki merely stopped moving, not even bothering to face the ant that dared to disturb him.

"If the princess can't take a punch, then he shouldn't be picking fights. Especially when the one he's challenging is a sleeping dragon." answered Naruto, while his eyes changed back to its normal state.

Having said his piece, the jinchuriki disappeared from the scene with a Shunshin.

At around 2:00 pm, the various Jonin of Konoha assembled in the Hokage's office to report the results of their Genin tests. The elite ninja whispered to each other, placing bets and cracking jokes on how long it would take for Kakashi to arrive.

The jokes and laughter were caught in their throats however, when the silver-haired Jonin in question arrived about fifteen minutes late.

The majority of Kakashi's upper body and the bottom half of his face was wrapped in white medical tape, and the man walked into the room with a limp, slight but still noticeable.

"Damn, Kakashi. Did you fall off of a ravine, or what?" asked Sarutobi Asuma, raising an eyebrow at his friend's disheveled appearance.

Kakashi answered him with one of his famous eye-smiles, but he quickly winced in pain from the gesture. His entire body felt like giving out on him, and he would much rather be at home recovering than out in public with his injuries on display.

The Sandaime Hokage's eyes widened slightly at Kakashi's appearance, but he didn't prod because it would probably be revealed with the Jonin's report. Instead, the aging Hokage decided to move the meeting along.

"Ahem. Thank you all for being here today. Starting with the Jonin sensei of team 1, state the status of your team. If your team passed, stay here for further orders, if not then you are dismissed." said Hiruzen, with an authoritative tone.

After the Jonin sensei had reported about the failures of their teams and were dismissed, it was Kakashi's turn.

"Team seven passed." said the silver-haired Jonin.

Asuma and Kurenai, the remaining Jonin in the Hokage's office, stared at the man disbelievingly. It was well known that Kakashi never passed a team, so it seemed that there was more to his injuries than they had thought.

"Team eight passed." said Kurenai, getting out of her shock.

Team nine was still in circulation this year, under the command of Maito Gai, so Asuma went next.

"Team ten passed." said the younger Sarutobi.

"Okay, so that means we have three new teams this year. Very good. Now, you can continue with the overview of your Genin tests." said Hiruzen.

"Ladies first." said Kakashi to Kurenai, who rolled her eyes.

"Alright then, Inuzuka Kiba has a solid foundation in his clan techniques, but he is very brash and thick-headed, constantly charging in without any regard to safety or strategy. I will have to work with him on not rushing headlong into battle without a plan, and figuring out his opponents strengths and weaknesses. He could also use some work on chakra control and genjutsu detection." began Kurenai.

"Aburame Shino needs to increase his chakra reserves to better access his combination attacks with his insects and work on improving his taijutsu skills since he cannot use many ninjutsu without harming his insect colony. However, he has a very firm grasp on strategy and knows how to work on a team. It was his quick thinking and planning that pulled the team through." continued Kurenai.

"Hyuga Hinata needs to overcome the belief that she will fail that has been instilled in her by her clan. If she could do that, then she would be even stronger than she already is. She can utilize her Byakugan at an acceptable level for someone her age, but I have a feeling that something is off with her taijutsu. It doesn't seem to fit her. She has a good grasp on dispelling genjutsu and is very good natured, getting along easily with her teammates." finished Kurenai.

"I see. This team has the potential to become a legendary tracking/infiltration unit. You have a team that consists of three clan heirs who have all had additional training in their clan's techniques. Be creative in how you train them, and if possible have them ready for the Chunin exams in six months. It would look very good on Konoha, if we had some clan heirs participate." said Hiruzen.

"Okay, I guess Kakashi wants to go last since he obviously had a very difficult team." said Asuma, to which the silver-haired Jonin nodded his thanks.

"Nara Shikamaru is your typical, lazy Nara. He worked well with Ino and Chouji, but that is to be expected of an Ino-Shika-Cho trio. Shikamaru needs to get motivated. His techniques are okay, he has mastery of the Academy jutsu, and he used one of his clan's secret techniques to capture me in the test. However, his taijutsu skills and just plain physical abilities are pathetic through and through." began Asuma.

"Akimichi Chouji followed Shikamaru's plan to complete the mission with the least amount of work. He was in a supportive role, which is bad for an Ino-Shika-Cho trio because the Akimichi is supposed to be the powerhouse close-combat fighter. He needs to expand his ninjutsu arsenal, improve the holes in his taijutsu, learn how to dispel genjutsu, and increase his speed." continued Asuma.

"Yamanaka Ino is a problem, no matter how you look at it. While she co-operated with her teammates, she constantly complained about not being on a team with Uchiha Sasuke and about the lack of motivation of her teammates. Her physical abilities are abysmal, even worse than Shikamaru's, and her stamina levels are almost non-existent. The only way she helped with the test was when Shikamaru caught me with his Shadow Possession jutsu, she took over my body with her clan's mind transfer technique. Besides that, all she had were the Academy techniques, which she didn't utilize well." finished Asuma.

"Hmm, well it seems that you've got your work cut out for you then. Alright, get your team in gear. You have the same directions as Kurenai, which also hold true for Kakashi. The Chunin exams. Get their individual skills up to par with the standards, although it's good that you have worked with Naras and Akimichis before, since you know how to handle them. You will have them do at least one D-rank mission a week so they can get used to each other, and come together as a unit. This generation has a lot of shinobi with the potential to become something great. Okay Kakashi, your report is up next." said Hiruzen.

The other remaining Jonin stared at their silver-haired colleague with interest, they had finally gotten to the climax of the meeting.

"I will start with Haruno Sakura. It seems that only Kurenai didn't get a fangirl on her team. But your fangirl Asuma, despite her various faults, at least has some form of competency and a willingness to work with both her teammates. Sakura is weak, there is no other way to say it. She doesn't have any individual skills other than the ones she learned at the Academy, and she accomplished absolutely nothing on my Genin test. She only chased after Sasuke wherever he went, following the Uchiha like a lovesick puppy. The reports at the Academy told me that she had an aptitude for genjutsu, yet she fainted after I cast a simple D-rank one on her." began Kakashi.

"Which one?" asked Kurenai.

Serving as Konoha's resident Genjutsu specialist since the desertion of Uchiha Itachi, the female Jonin had a good idea on the level of genjutsu that a freshly graduated Academy student should be able to break out of.

"Magen: Narakumi no Jutsu. (Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique)" answered Kakashi, with an embarrassed sigh.

"What? But that is a standard one that should have been used at the Academy to train students in detecting and dispelling genjutsu." said Kurenai, in utter disbelief.

"I know, that was the reason I used it. I wanted to see if the Academy reports were correct. I have the impression that they are not. I would advise you to check up on the teaching that the Academy instructors did this school year. The only Genin that passed were those of clan heritage, and Sakura because her team pulled her through. I have a suspicion that the teachers in their attempt to sabotage my student Uzumaki Naruto, did more damage than we initially thought." said Kakashi.

The Hokage nodded in agreement. This was troubling news indeed. Normally, a handful of students of civilian background passed the Genin test, but now because of sabotage in the learning institutions there was going to be a shortage in manpower if something wasn't done.

"Next up is Uchiha Sasuke. The boy is very skilled for a fresh out of the Academy Genin, and in my opinion he's already close to the strength barrier for Chunin. Sasuke possesses sound tactical skills, mastery of the Academy ninjutsu, well-developed physical attributes and intermediate proficiency in the Uchiha interceptor taijutsu, and at least one C-rank Katon ninjutsu. However, he has a serious attitude problem. His obsession with defeating Itachi, led him to completely disregard his teammates. He tried to get the bells from me on his own, and even after failing he didn't make an effort to try and formulate a plan with anyone of his teammates." continued Kakashi.

"Then we have my third student, Uzumaki Naruto. To answer all your questions about why I look like I had a run-in with a missing nin, Naruto is the reason for my injuries. The majority of the bell test was spent between the two of us duking it out, which ended in my loss. And unfortunately, despite all of my efforts to disprove it, I have come to the conclusion that Naruto was holding back." finished Kakashi.

The three other ninja present, gaped at the silver-haired Jonin like he was telling them that Konoha would be destroyed by a meteor tomorrow.

"Wait, wait, wait. Let me get this straight. Naruto, a GENIN and a freshly graduated one at that, is the reason why you look like a pathetic excuse for a mummy." said Asuma, with wide unbelieving eyes.

"Yes." answered Kakashi, feeling his pride dropping rapidly by the second.

"But, how is that even possible? The last time we had an Academy graduate with Jonin-level skill was with Itachi. And since the disaster with him, we eased up with the Academy curriculum so we wouldn't have such a disparity within our ranks. If Naruto is as good as you say, then why didn't he try to graduate earlier?" asked Kurenai, trying to wrap her head around Kakashi's report.

The Hokage didn't say anything at the moment, but he nodded for the silver-haired Jonin to continue with his report.

"Alright, this is going to be a doozy, but hold your questions for the end of my report. After first hand experience with Naruto's capabilities… *Shivers in remembrance of the horrid memory*... I believe that quite frankly, Naruto is the most powerful shinobi of Konoha, barring the Hokage of course. Though I believe, given a few years time, that won't be the case at all. The Uzumaki possesses high Jonin level taijutsu skills that are similar to the Inuzuka clan and physical abilities that puts him even above Gai. He also wields high Jonin level kenjutsu skills that most likely surpasses Asuma's, an immunity to Genjutsu, immense strategic and tactical knowledge as well as exceptional awareness of his surroundings, advanced knowledge and application of combat fuinjutsu, and above Kage-level reserves that allows him to utilize powerful and draining ninjutsu with impunity. I also believe him to be an advanced sensor-type shinobi." began Kakashi.

"This would sound great and all, as it seems we have a shinobi with the skills to lead the next generation, but it's not the case at all. Naruto hates… no despises all of Konoha to the highest degree. His introduction to the team was, and I quote, "Uzumaki Naruto, twelve years old. My likes are training, the Ichirakus, and a certain person. I hate the rest of Konoha's population. My ambition, to become the strongest this world has ever seen and stick a middle finger to this shithole of a village in the process." Naruto has most likely suffered needless abuse from the civilian population, neglect from the shinobi population, and sabotage in the Academy. Because of this, the boy is a major flight risk, and the funny thing is that with all of his strength he could have successfully evaded the ANBU ages ago. Yet, he's still here for some unknown reason." continued Kakashi.

"For why Naruto didn't graduate earlier, it's because he was smart enough to realize how deep the hatred for him ran through. If I were him, I'd be probably think, "Hmm… if I graduate now, when I'm only at Genin level strength and I get a Jonin-sensei who hates my guts, he'll probably fail my team just out of spite and since I'm not strong enough to do anything about it, I'm right back where I started. And now back as an Academy student, I'm under the jurisdiction of the civilian council once again, who will now take steps to curb my growth because I'm stronger than what is allowed. So, I think I'll just continue to hide my strength and pretend to be stupid, until I gain enough strength where I can pass my Genin test, regardless of whether my Jonin-sensei hates me or not." Hokage-sama, I don't mean to be rude, but we are dealing with a ticking time bomb right now. If the right steps aren't taken, then Naruto will run, and I fear nothing will save us from the wrath of an enraged jinchuriki, especially one of the Kyubi." finished Kakashi, sweating at the implications of his gathered info.

"Oh my god…" gasped Hiruzen, deathly pale.

The aged Hokage staggered backwards, before flopping on his chair with his head hidden in his face.

This was just so horribly wrong on so many different levels.

With the boy's heritage, Naruto shouldn't even think of running. Then, there's the fact that Naruto COULD have run all these years if he wanted to! And to despise all of Konoha, including him? It took all of the Hokage's might to not have a heart attack, right then and there.

"Oi Kakashi, please tell me that this is a joke." said Asuma, laughing nervously.

The silver-haired Jonin in question gave a frightened eye-smile, but he did not refute his claim.

"Crap, you're actually serious. Kami save us all." said Asuma, beginning to sweat buckets.

Kurenai on the other hand was too stunned to even say anything. While, she didn't outright despise Naruto, she didn't like him either. Even though she understood the intricacies of fuinjutsu and realized that Naruto was not the Kyubi, it was still hard for her to like the boy when he housed the demon that killed her father.

But now she was hearing that said jinchuriki could mop the floor with anyone of them, even on a bad day, and that her prized art of genjutsu was worthless on him.

Not the best of news to tell anybody.

"We have to do something, Hokage-sama!" yelled Kurenai, regaining her voice.

"And what do you suppose I do, Kurenai?" asked Hiruzen, his voice in a defeatist tone.

The poor man was so tired, just so tired. He had already served his term as Hokage and fought in several wars, he should have been enjoying his retirement with his wife Biwako. But instead the heavens had cursed him, and he as a widower was stuck leading a weakened village that was traumatized by an immense death toll which included the Yondaime Hokage himself.

Then, this had to happen.

Hiruzen swore to himself, it was times like this that really tried him and made him vulnerable enough to actually consider giving the Hokage hat to Danzo.

"We should bring Naruto into the T&I department (Torture and Investigation) and scan him to see if he's mentally fit to resume active duty. He's way too dangerous to be left unchecked!" pleaded Kurenai, trying hard to sound like the voice of reason.

"Are you insane?! Did you not listen to the report I just gave you?! Antagonize Naruto, and this whole thing blows up in our face! As I said, Naruto was HOLDING BACK against me when we fought! If there is any possibility that Naruto could access the Kyubi's chakra, which I suspect seeing how well he trained himself, would you actually want to fight against that?!" asked Kakashi incredulously.

"Well, what do you suppose we do then? Promote him to Jonin?" asked Kurenai, with a heated glare.

"Did I say that? The best way to deal with this is keep him as a Genin and try to open Naruto up to his classmates. Promoting him now is not the way to go, seeing how he disregards authority. When the Chunin exams come up, we can observe his changes and promote him accordingly." answered Kakashi, matching Kurenai's glare.

"That's nice and all, but you are forgetting one thing Kakashi. Keeping Naruto as a Genin screws up the balance of the Genin teams horrendously. You already have Sasuke, the Rookie of the Year, adding Naruto to that mix makes your team ridiculously overpowered. That isn't fair to our teams and the other countries who participate in our Chunin exams would call foul play, believing Naruto to be a Jonin in disguise to make us look better." said Asuma, adding his input.

As the three Jonin bickered among themselves like spoiled children not getting their way, Hiruzen tried to think of how to resolve the situation.

Kurenai had some valid points, and if he were anyone else, he would have agreed wholeheartedly. But unlike most, the aged Hokage actually cared for Naruto, even if the jinchuriki didn't trust him anymore.

He could understand Naruto's anger at the village and the Uzumaki's newfound distrust of him. He was the Hokage of all of Konoha, and while he cared for the jinchuriki, he had to represent the wants of the village, which unfortunately meant hurting the boy in the process.

Hurting Naruto even more by trying to effectively end his shinobi career before it even started however, was a line that he was not willing to cross. Konoha was built on the ideals that they would never leave a man behind, no matter what. Ruining someone's life just because they might be a threat in the future betrayed that.

Kakashi's proposal of keeping Naruto as a Genin and then trying to endear him to at least his classmates was the most appealing to him. While Asuma raised a great point about the teams being unbalanced, promoting Naruto now would only bolster the boy's rebellious streak and that would be disastrous.

"Enough. I have made my decision, so cease your arguing at once." growled Hiruzen, re-entering his Hokage mode.

The three arguing Jonin froze like they were caught with their hands in the cookie jar, before about facing in embarrassment.

"Kurenai, you have made valid points but your idea poses the risk of antagonizing Naruto, a risk I am not willing to take. Kakashi, I trust your judgement on this and since Naruto is your student I will adopt your positioning on this. Asuma, your concerns are noted but I believe Kakashi's idea to be the best way forward. If the idea of the teams being unbalanced bothers you so much still, well at least you have your inspiration for building up your team for the Chunin exams. Remember, even though Team 7 is stronger by far, they're all still Konoha ninja so the probability of Naruto attacking your team just to advance aren't as high as you think." said Hiruzen, his judgment final.

Kurenai and Asuma sighed but nodded in acceptance, while Kakashi gave an eye-smile in thanks.

"However, and it pains me to say so, we must prepare for the possibility of Naruto ever turning on us. So Kakashi, while you primary goal is to bring the light out of Naruto, your secondary goal is to gather intel on his strengths, weakness, and abilities while you're still his sensei. So using the data you gained from your fight, how would you describe Naruto's fighting style and what are his abilities?" asked Hiruzen.

The silver-haired Jonin paused for a moment to collect his thoughts, before answering.

"Taking into consideration all of Uzumaki Naruto's strengths, I would classify Naruto right now as a ninjutsu specialist. However, that could change because as I said before, he held back against me and probably didn't showcase all of his techniques. He is an exceptionally aggressive fighter, relentlessly attacking his opponent and not giving them an inch of breathing space. His immense chakra reserves and ridiculous levels of stamina allows him to utilize this method to the maximum. Naruto obviously has mastery of the Academy techniques, save for the Bunshin jutsu because of his chakra reserves, and he knows Shunshin. He's also knowledgeable of the Ninpo: Kage Bunshin and Ninpo: Kage Buki techniques, and can most likely perform the Taju and Daibakuha variants." began Kakashi, to which Hiruzen nodded.

"Naruto made extensive use of Futon (Wind Release) nature change ninjutsu in the latter parts of our fight, using it in various ways such as launching piercing bullets, enhancing his Kage Bunshin, releasing massive blasts of buffeting winds, and even maneuvering in the air for prolonged periods of time. However, I was able to deduce with the Sharingan that Naruto is in possession of not one, but three elemental affinities." said Kakashi, before he was interrupted by Kurenai.

"How were you able to figure that out?" asked the genjutsu specialist.

"The Sharingan is able to see chakra with the naked eye as different colors. While the Sharingan doesn't see the chakra network as precisely as the Byakugan does, there is a reason why the Sharingan allows someone to deduce what kind of ninjutsu someone uses, before copying it. There are five primary colors of chakra seen by the Sharingan, White for Futon (Wind Release), Red for Katon (Fire Release), Yellow for Raiton (Lightning Release), Blue for Suiton (Water Release), and Brown for Doton (Earth Release). Each person's chakra is either one or a fusion of these colors, depending on the strength and mastery of their elemental affinities. Naruto's chakra was approximately 50 percent white giving him a primary Futon affinity, 30 percent red giving him a secondary Katon affinity, and 20 percent yellow giving him a tertiary Raiton affinity." answered Kakashi.

"Three elemental affinities at the age of 12? Damn, that kid is going places." said Asuma, lightheartedly.

"Yes, and let's hope that when he's 'going places', he doing it for Konoha's sake. Alright, keep up the good work Kakashi. Report to me at the end of every week for updates on Naruto's mental condition, his progress with befriending others, and any new techniques he displays. Dismissed." said Hiruzen, before grabbing his pipe and lighting it.

A few weeks had soon passed in Konoha, and Naruto experienced his trial by fire of what it means to be a shinobi… by doing chores.

The blonde jinchuriki sighed in annoyance, as he reminisced information that he read about Konoha's mission system. It was one of the few useful pieces of information that he ever received from an Academy textbook, most of the things that were taught in the Academy's curriculum he already knew or were worthless theoretical jargon.

In the organised society of the Elemental Countries and some of the surrounding nations, shinobi were given missions depending on their rank. The missions are categorized in five ranks, based on the mission's possible danger or level of importance.

D-rank missions, the lowest level tasks available to shinobi village, were usually created within the village and are assigned to Genin fresh from the Academy. D-ranks posed almost no risk to the shinobi's life and they usually consisted of odd jobs like farming and babysitting work. The reward for a D-rank mission was between five thousand and fifty thousand ryo.

C-rank missions were usually assigned to more experienced Genin and/or Chunin level shinobi. These missions had very little to no chance of combat against other shinobi. These kinds of missions included guarding people against bandits and/or highwaymen, background investigations, eliminating or capturing bandits or thieves, and capturing or suppressing wild animals. The reward for a C-rank mission was between fifty thousand and 100 thousand ryo.

B-rank missions were usually assigned to experienced Chunin, Tokubetsu Jonin, or inexperienced ANBU. These kinds of missions were anticipated to involve combat with other ninja. Examples included escorting government officials, espionage, or just plain combat missions. The reward for a B-rank mission was between 100 thousand and 200 thousand ryo.

A-rank missions were only assigned to Jonin and regular ANBU, and these types of missions only included village or state level matters and trends. These missions included guarding VIPs or suppressing ninja forces. The reward for an A-rank mission was between two hundred thousand and a million ryo.

Then there were S-rank missions, assigned only to experienced Jonin, the ANBU Black Ops, and even the Kage themselves, the elite of the elite within a shinobi village. Examples included assassinating VIPs, and transporting highly classified documents. The reward for an S-rank mission easily went into the millions of ryo.

As a freshly graduated Genin shinobi, he was stuck doing those glorified chores that were called 'D-rank missions', until they had done enough in requirement for the Chunin exams. Team 7 had already completed two dozen of these, and he felt like smashing his brains out on a brick wall.

Chopping wood for farming families...

Walking dogs for the Inuzuka clan...

Weeding gardens for elderly couples...

Painting fences for the village of Konoha...

Capturing and recapturing that DAMN CAT!

Well, at least he wasn't the one doing the missions, but a Kage Bunshin. The Uzumaki had known about the horrible tales of D-rank missions from his observations of Genin cells in the past. Already several steps ahead of his unknowing classmates, he sent a grumbling Kage Bunshin to deal with his team and their assigned chores.

Speaking of his team, Naruto could only snort in amusement at what he had to deal with, or rather what his clone had to deal with, whenever he met up with Team 7.

He would arrive at Training Ground 7, or what was left of it after his fight with Kakashi, and spend between 30 minutes and two hours waiting for his 'sensei'. No matter what he tried, he couldn't predict Kakashi's schedule, and never wanting to be late, he always arrived too early for the silver-haired Jonin.

While he waited for Kakashi, he would also have to listen to Sasuke's aggravating rants about 'Uchiha pride this' and 'clan-less dobes that' and demands that he fork over his jutsus, before he got fed up and put the bastard in his place. Then, after Sakura had assaulted his ears with her banshee shriek, she would rush over to the unconscious Uchiha and try to rouse the arrogant brat from his stupor.

Seriously, why couldn't those two imbeciles learn?

What was even more annoying was when Kakashi did arrive, he would use every chance he could get to try and learn more about him and strike up a conversation. Most likely, Kakashi reported about their fight to the Hokage, who promptly had a heart attack before telling the Jonin to try to befriend him so he didn't kill them all.

Well, it was too late for that… twelve years too late for that.

If he ever went on a killing spree, the only people he would avert his wrath from would be the Ichirakus.

Everyone else could go to hell, for all he cared.

"Well, since my Kage Bunshin is done for the day, it's safe to go outside and not risk someone seeing two of me." thought Naruto, before getting up from the couch in the bedroom of his bunker.

"Oi, kit. What are you up to now?" asked Kurama, getting up from one of his afternoon naps.

"I'm heading to the Forest of Death. I have some new techniques that I want to try out. How was your nap?" asked Naruto, mentally.

"Meh, it was alright. Right now, I'm in the mood to destroy things. Think I'm going to go practice my Bijudama for a bit." answered Kurama, before moving to a suitable area within Naruto's mindscape.

"Cool. Tell me what you come up with when you're done." said Naruto, while exiting the entrance to his bunker.

Once the blonde jinchuriki was fully situated above ground, he disappeared with a Shunshin en route to Konoha's most notorious Training Ground.

The blonde jinchuriki re-appeared in front the massive metallic gates of Training Ground 44, also known as 'The Forest of Death'. Serving as the largest and furthest out of Konoha's training grounds, the land was also used as the stage two arena for whenever Konoha hosted the Chunin exams.

The massive metallic fence that surrounded the training field's perimeter had 44 gates equally spaced around it; these were probably where the shinobi who participated in the Chunin exams would enter from. Inside of the training field was a river, the forest itself, and a tower located in the center, all amounting to the forest's radius of about ten kilometers. Within the forest are several large and deadly creatures such as leeches, tigers, and bears.

A dangerous place, which was the kind of place that he liked.

"Futon: Ugoki. (Wind Release: Motion)" said Naruto, before a gust of wind erupted from his soles and he was blasted upwards.

The Uzumaki leaped over the man-made barrier like it was no great feat, before landing on the ground on the other side.

"Now that that's done with." thought Naruto, before he began to sway his arms back and forth, like he was handling whips.

That soon became the case however, when flames erupted from the blonde jinchuriki's hands and morphed into a ten-meter long form of said weapon.

"Katon: Ressho. (Fire Release: Laceration)" said Naruto, before lashing out with his whips and bifurcating two trees in a single blow.

Naruto continued to swing his flame whips about in some kind of fluid dance, felling trees and splitting boulders that were unfortunate enough to be in his path.

Moving on, the Uzumaki swung his whips upward and severed several massive branches that could easily crush a human from their tree trunks. Naruto smirked as he saw the branches descend on him, before clasping his hands together to summon his chakra and then placing them on the ground.

"Katon: Sokui Hashira! (Fire Release: Heavenward Tower)" roared Naruto, before an arc of flames appeared around him, swelling in size rapidly.

After several seconds of expanding in width, the arc of flames erupted upwards like an active volcano. The falling branches were no match, and were quickly incinerated from the ferocity of the jutsu.

Then, Naruto slid into a horse stance and placed his right fist in his left palm, before fire-natured chakra began to swirl around the conjoined appendages at a quickening pace.

"First, concentrate all latent chakra into my fist." said Naruto to himself, deep in concentration.

The fire chakra seemed to respond to Naruto's will, because after it molded itself into an orb it quickly expanded until it was about half the size of the jinchuriki.

"Second, condense the chakra as much as possible." continued Naruto.

Following his command, the orb of flame condensed until it only surrounded Naruto's fist. The resulting opposite force created from the endeavor was so great, that the ground cracked underneath the jinchuriki's sandals.

"Third, send the enemy into oblivion! Katon: Ryuoken! (Fire Release: Dragon King Fist)" roared Naruto, before launching a massive column of flames from his fist.

The powerful column of flames, shaped as the head of the dragon, plowed through a large portion of the forest, either knocking aside or incinerating anything in its path before it finally detonated.

An explosion equal in intensity to that caused by Naruto's Futon: Kamikaze Gekido brought the Training Ground to its knees, and only a barren crater was left in its wake.

"Not a bad test run." thought Naruto, as a he jumped onto a tree branch that was untouched by the explosion.

After surveying the destruction caused by his latest technique, the blonde jinchuriki made to leave the scene when he heard the familiar sound of a kunai flying in the air.

A kunai that was flying at him.

"BEHIND YOU, KIT!" roared Kurama, noticing the incoming projectile as well.

Needing no further warning, the blonde Uzumaki quickly side-stepped and grabbed the kunai before it could sail past him.

"Who has the balls…" began Naruto in annoyance, turning towards the source.

The jinchuriki's inner ranting was interrupted when a barrage of kunai and shuriken headed towards him. Growling, Naruto drew one of his katanas from his back before proceeding to deflect the projectiles with ease.

However, he was forced to Shunshin away to a nearby tree-branch when the unknown attacker threw two kunai with exploding tags at his previous location.

Avoiding the concurring explosion, Naruto spotted movement within a series of trees about a hundred meters ahead of him. The blonde Uzumaki smirked, before using the Futon: Ugoki to propel himself forward at mach speed and tackle his unlucky attacker.

The two shinobi tumbled and rolled down tree-branches as they struggled for dominance, before breaking apart from each other to land gracefully on the ground.

Now that his life wasn't in immediate danger, the Uzumaki was given enough breathing space to discern the identity of his attacker.

The enemy shinobi who Naruto had presumed to be a he was actually a she.

And damn… she was quite the sight to behold.

The kunoichi was garbed in a rather provocative netted bodysuit that revealed enough skin to be deemed as rather obscene. Over that indecent garment, she wore a short leather skirt that at least managed to obscure her most private places, a beige trenchcoat that reached her shins, and a hitai-ate on her forehead. The young woman's irises were a very distinctive yellowish brown with no visible pupils.

Still, whatever allure she might have possessed was overshadowed by her audacity to attack him in an uninhabited forest.

"Not too shabby, brat. It seems the rumors about you were somewhat true after all." said the kunoichi with a smirk.

"Mitarashi Anko. Tell me, what madness has possessed you to attack me in the middle of nowhere? Do you have a death wish?" asked Naruto, not at all amused.

The kunoichi gave the jinchuriki a serpentine grin that would have unnerved any lesser man, before vanishing in the blink of an eye and pressing a kunai to his throat with practiced ease.

"Now, now gaki. You might be good, but don't get arrogant. You're not at the top of the food chain yet. I highly doubt that all of the fuss that the Hokage made about you is true. You have some skills, but nothing a Jonin that would actually take you seriously can't handle." mocked Anko, whispering in his ear.

"Well, sorry to break it to you. But you 'serious Jonin' aren't anything special." said a voice from behind her.

Shocked beyond all recognition, Anko tried to turn around to face the speaker when the tables turned and she felt the blade of a katana at her neck.

"Don't move." replied Naruto with a bored yawn, despite the fact that he held Anko's life within the palm of his hand.

The 'Naruto' that she had a kunai pressed against turned to face her and gave her a shit-eating grin, before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

"Well, well, it looks like you've got me. What are you going to do to me now?" asked Anko, in a sultry voice.

"You can't distract me with sexual innuendo. Tell me what it is that you want, or else." said Naruto, unperturbed by the older kunoichi's mind games.

"Man, you're no fun. If you must know, the Forest of Death is a restricted training ground that few have access to on a regular basis. Catching you here, I decided to mess around a bit to see if the rumors were true." answered Anko.

Detecting no change in heartbeat or any other phenomenon that would prove deception, the blonde jinchuriki removed the blade from Anko's neck.

"I would recommend that you not try that again. You're lucky that I decided to talk first rather than pulverize." said Naruto, releasing a portion of his killing intent for good measure.

Said 'portion' of Naruto's killing was actually so powerful, that it knocked anything the kunoichi had felt in her life out of the ballpark. Sweating a little in seldom showed fear, Anko nodded slowly in confirmation.

Satisfied that he got his point across, the blonde jinchuriki made his way out of the forest, wondering to himself how what was supposed to be a simple training exercise had turned into this.

"I really hope that I don't have to deal with this bullshit everytime I come across a Jonin." thought Naruto.

"With your shitty luck, I wouldn't hold my breath." said Kurama, coming out of his silence.

Naruto grumbled in aggravation, but he did not refute his biju's claim.