Hello readers, this is Nwandu225. I first and foremost want to apologize to my followers for my long absence from writing, it came abruptly and I gave no warning. Anyway, there were a few reasons why I was gone for so long. First of all, the long and terrible hell that is the college application process. I'm currently a senior in high school (I turned 18 in January) and for the past year or so I've been "facing my books" as my Nigerian parents say, so I could get good test scores on my standardized tests, at the end of it all I took 2 Old SATs, 2 ACTs, and 6 SAT subject tests (US History (1), Chemistry (1), Math I (1), and Physics (3)). It sucked a lot, but now I've finished all of that and turned in my college applications on Common App. I'm looking to go into Operations Research and Financial Engineering and I applied to a couple of Ivy Leagues so cross your fingers for me!

The next reason was that I wanted to take a break from writing to improve my skills and storytelling, so I spent all of my "free time" (I say this quotations because there wasn't a lot) from last school year until now reading as much as I could and learning from the better writers on the site as well as planning out a story that I would eventually write, tweaking it here and there. As you can see with my track history, I have the problem of starting a story and stopping because I run out of interesting ideas and therefore inspiration. But now that has changed as the story I am now writing has been planned out pretty thoroughly and a couple of my close friends are helping me with ideas and editing, so I should be good with getting a lot of content out. To those who are currently following this fanfic and my other older stories, I'm sorry to tell you that I'm dropping them all. But don't fret, my new fanfic is heavily inspired by my two most recent stories (Wrath of an Insurgent Dragon Slayer and Uzumaki Naruto: Jinchuriki of the Cataclysms) and takes a lot of ideas and themes from them. So if you loved those two stories, my newest one will have most of the things you liked in it.

Fair warning, my new story is a Naruto/Fairy Tail Crossover, but to those don't feel interested I ask you to give it a chance. My writing skills have improved tremendously from when I stopped writing to now, and I promise you that it's superior to whatever I've written in the past. It's also much, much longer, the story content reaching over 12,000 words long, which is almost double what my longest chapter prior this is. I plan on making A LOT of changes to the Naruto and Fairy Tail Universes, most of the changes occurring in the FT-verse due to the fact that its the main setting of the story. I also plan on introducing OCs (If you've read my Fairy Tail fanfics, you know that's common for me) but the overall main characters will be Naruto and Sasuke. So please, check it out and review, it helps me progress so much as a writer. As for my update schedule, I'm going to try (emphasis on the word try) to update biweekly or every two weeks. I'll tweak this promise in future as I learn what I can handle.

Thank you for your patience and I hope to hear from you in a review in my newest fanfic: Catastrophe