When she was fourteen, she heads back to Gravity Falls. Her Grunkle Stan is glad to have her back the mystery hack pardon me shack had picked up more tourists lately, so more employees were needed, and preferably Stan didn't want to have to pay them. Just like that Joey learns to become a jack of all trades, she goes from stocking shelves to running the cash, to learning how to scam people and at one point she's even an attraction. It's at the mystery shack that she's called a freak in Gravity Falls for the first time, granted being called a freak isn't exactly new for Joey, in fact, Sheila McCorkle does it on a regular basis along with a few other kids at school. But this is the first time in Gravity Falls; the small town had been her haven since third grade when people started to notice her little oddity, but it seems like all good things come to an end.

It started off as a regular day Joey was stocking shelves when a group of tourists came in Grunkle Stan had given them the tour, and they were now wandering around the gift shop. Soon a teenage boy walked by and noticed her hand taking in her six-fingered glory, grabbing her hand he shouts "Hey look a real freak!" and for a moment, Joey's mind goes blank as the boy starts to take pictures of her hand and he's joined by his friends. The crowd grows, and Joey begins to get overwhelmed the next thing she knows Stan is yelling at them, it's one thing to take her picture when she's in costume but another when she's stocking shelves. She runs to the attic while he has them distracted.

She has been in her attic room for four hours; Soos tried to get her to come down about two hours, but that was the only attempt made so far, and Grunkle Stan has a shop to run so she doesn't expect anything from him until he closes the shack. She spends a lot of time staring at her hands or more specifically her extra fingers, and she decides with all the certainty of a teenager that they have to go.

The Mystery Shack is open for another hour when Johanna sneaks down to the kitchen, keeping half an eye out for Soos as she heads to the knife drawer and pulls one out. Then Joey places the first finger on the edge of the counter; it takes her a while to gather the courage to bring the knife to her finger, and she's barely made the first cut when her wrist is grabbed, and the knife is ripped out of her hand. Joey looks up and sees the enraged face of her Uncle Stan, "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?" Stan shouted throwing the knife in the sink.

"I DIDN'T WANT TO BE A FREAK ANYMORE" Joey shouts back "YOU COULD HAVE KILLED YOURSELF KID! HOW STUPID ARE YOU!" Stan shouts shaking the fourteen-year-old by her shoulders. Tears begin to fall down the teenagers face; she stumbles to the ground as Stan lets her go, Stans' face softens as he sees his niece sobbing on the floor. Stan has never been good with emotions, but he looks at Joey and forces himself to calm down, slowly Stan kneels down on the floor beside her. "This isn't the first time this has happened to you is it? Stan asked Joey shook her head; Stan pulled Joey against him and reached for her hands. "These don't make you a freak" Stan started "they make you special I mean who wants to be normal eh?" he finished awkwardly rubbing her back. They sat in silence for a while before Stan pulled Joey in for a hug "you're not a freak." he told his crying niece. They stayed like that for two hours.