To the Past

Summary:I just received an email on my phone while I was dancing with the song 'Talk dirty' on the street. Long story short I've been hit by a truck. I died,but what I didn't know is that I have been the sister of friggin' Elena the lover of Daemon Spade.

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The...white light...

Is this it?

Am I going to-WHAT THE FUGDE IS THAT?! Someone help me! someone's grabbing me! help me! someone! Harey! George! Carey! Lucy! Samantha! I don't even know who this people are but HELP-is that a doctor?

I tried to speak but it only came out as a gurgle "arlu~"

WHATTHEFU-SONOVACOCONUT! my hands! my big hands shrunk!...wait don't tell me...I'M A BABY?!

"Aww~ the other one is so cute~" says a beautiful woman.

"Yes she is." says a -dayum- man. You know, if I'm not a baby I might be hitting on him now.

"What do we name her?" The woman ask."Hmm...Gretta?" I cried in disapproval,GOSH they are bad at naming people!

"She doesn't like it,..Ana...Anabella!" I started giggling.I like that name better."She likes it! from now on you will be known as Anabella"

Well If I'm reborn then there might be a possibility that I'm reborn in an anime! like in the fanfictions where I'm-

"Elena,would you like to carry your new sorella?"


why do I feel like I know that Elena?...wait I wanted to be reborn in Bleach! This Elena might just be a coincidence since many people have the same na-

I suddenly gap at the 2 year old girl holding me.







Well shit.


...Well so much for wishing to be reborn in Bleach since I'm pretty sure that the Elena who's holding me right Daemon's future lover.I hate that melon.I'm still angry on what he did to my dear Google Chrome. Melonie MOTHAFAKA...

"Hello piccolo sorella" Elena said while cradling me in her arms.